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  1. A sturdy gift box containing an icing gun with four nozzles, specially designed cupcake cases and an Usborne book which contains illustrated, step-by-step cake recipes, and instructions for lots of different ways to decorate cakes. Suitable for complete beginners.

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  2. Cake Boss 10 Piece Fondant Gum Paste Decorating Modeling Kit

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  3. All the hand tools required for making all sorts of wonderful cakes at your fingertips. The amazing Cake Boss Fondant Modelling Kit.html_special_charsstip_tags

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  4. Disney Princess Cupcake Decoration Kit (contains 24 Cupcake Cups & Picks) - Each

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  5. Student basics cake decorating kit, perfect for anyone who's new to the art of cake decorating! This convenient kit includes everything you'll need to get started! INCLUDES: - 12 decorating tips (round 1, 3, 12; star 16, 18, 21; open star 1M, petal 104; leaf 352; bismarck 230; drop flower 2D; specialty 233) - 4 standard couplers - 12 disposable decorating bags - 6 parchment triangles (15in.) - 1 flower nail (1.5in.) - 1 decorator brush - 12 flower template stickers - 1 spatula (9in.) - Practice board with stand and practice sheets

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  6. With Six Different Decorating Nozzles And A Plastic-Coated Cotton Bag, This Seven Piece Set Allows You To Creatively Decorate Baked Goods With Flowers, Stars And Lettering.Brbrplastic Coated Cotton Bag That Prevents Leakingbr6 Different Decorating Nozzles Allow You To Create Flowers, Stars And Letteringbrdishwasher Safe

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  1. Cake decorating is creative, fun and easy to learn, and this book proves that you shouldn’t save your cake decorating ideas just for christenings and weddings! Over 30 designs for cakes, cupcakes, minicakes and cookies allow you to make sweet treats for friends and family all year round; the featured cake decorating techniques suit all skill levels. Step-by-step illustrated instructions guide even the most novice decorator through the stages, from baking the cake to adding the finishing touches. Casual lifestyle photography and a cookery-book feel take the fear out of sugarcraft and encourage beginners.

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  2. Cake Decorating Set contains Melinda Cakebread wearing a special dress with an apron for baking, along with beautiful cakes and decoration parts. The set includes Toy Poodle figure, cake, cut cake, strawberry, decoration (plate), decoration (chocolate), cake mould, cake server and more accessories. Age: 3 yrs+

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  3. Fabulous stencil designs to decorate cakes in a flash. Using the same format as Stencil 101 Decor, Cake Stencils contains 8 food-safe reusable stencils in a sturdy pocket. Each stencil has a different, beautiful design suitable foralmost any celebration. The designs can be used for cupcakes, round cakes, and square or rectangular sheet cakes. Text includes 6 recipes (2 for cakes and 4 assorted icings) and instructions for using the stencils along with simple ideas for embellishing cakes even further. Ten photographs show the gorgeous results.

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  4. If you have always wanted to decorate cakes like a professional or are looking to take up a new hobby, the Cake Decorating Beginners Guide is an excellent starting point.Features:- 15 cake ideas- Guide to bake and ice perfect cakes- Tips on how to mix any colour icing- How to create rosettes, drop flowers and stars to name a few.

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  5. Learn how to create breathtakingly beautiful lace cakes for weddings and romantic occasions with this definitive guide to lace cake decorating techniques from international cake decorating guru Zoe Clark. In Elegant Lace Cakes, Zoe takes you step-by-step through creating her signature style cake designs, which feature delicate and detailed sugar lace on cakes using a range of sugarcraft techniques. Through 12 stunning cake decorating projects, Zoe explores innovative new products such as Sugarveil and Cake Lace, as well as more established techniques for creating lace effects on cakes including applique with fondant icing, and piping and brushwork with royal icing. The sensational lace cake designs included range from classic whites and pretty pastels to bolder Burlesque-inspired colourways. Each main cake is presented alongside a smaller spin-off idea, showing you how the effects can also be applied to cookies, mini cakes and fondant fancies to complement the theme.Not only does Zoe show you how to recreate the designs in the book, she also reveals how to take your own piece of lace and recreate it in sugar, as well as all the basic techniques you need to bake, level, and cover your cakes for a perfectly polished professional finish.

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  6. Wow your friends with your excellent cake decorating skills by using this decorating tip to create stars. How you created them remains a secret with us. Through great baking, Wilton has been helping families celebrate milestone moments and holidays for 80 years. They have been the industry leader in quality bakeware and other such cake-decorating and food-crafting supplies, allowing you to serve something special and express your unique style. Whether you're creating cakes, cookies, cupcakes or candies, Wilton can help make your event or any day all the more wonderful.

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  7. Over 100 recipes – all illustrated – of cake decorating in the classic Alan Dunn style. Allan Dunn’s Ultimate Collection of Cake Decorating includes everything you need to create stunning and impressive cakes for every occasion. Each decoration is illustrated from beginning to end and all the equipment you need is detailed. As well as tropical and exotic cakes, flowers, fruit and nuts, celebration cakes and arrangements, you will find techniques and recipes for your cakes. It delivers joy to the baker and sugar crafter, with impressive creations to those lucky enough to be offered the end results.

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  8. Free Delivery Worldwide : First Cake Decorating : Paperback : PAVILION BOOKS : 9781909397170 : 1909397172 : 03 Apr 2014 : Why buy a cake when it's so easy to create something special yourself? Designed especially for the first-time decorator, this handy book reveals the secrets of producing an amazing baked masterpiece. Before you know it, you'll be molding animals and figures, modeling with sugar paste and marzipan, working with chocolate and sugar, and making your very own beautiful cakes!

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  9. Use this turntable to keep your cake steady as you decorate with a single flick on the lever and when you're ready to turn it to the next section simply release the brake by flicking the lever the other way. Leave unbraked for free turning and simply wipe or hand wash clean between uses. This 30cm Cake Decorating Turntable is marked with diameter measurements for your cakes so you will always be able to find the centre for even decorating.

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  10. The ultimate cake decorating and sugarcraft techniques book, from best-selling author Lindy Smith. Covers every must-know technique, starting with basic tools and ingredients and finishing with advanced modelling and decorating – essential for both beginner and experienced cake decorators. Step-by-step illustrated instructions cover every stage, from cake baking to adding the finishing touches.

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  11. For each technique, there is an overview of the tools and materials used and complete instructions with photos. The organisation provides easy access to information with step-by-step directions and 600 full-colour photos for clear understanding. Easy projects allow the reader to try the techniques in each section. Galleries of decorated cakes by various artists offer the reader examples and inspiration to pursue the hobby for themselves.

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  12. Free Delivery Worldwide : Cake Decorating Basics : Hardback : IMM Lifestyle Books : 9781845375188 : 1845375181 : 28 Apr 2007 : Cake decorating is a skill that anyone can master with a little guidance. This book aims to give answers to the basic questions that beginners often ask, such as: how do you use a frame; how do you level off a domed cake; how do you cut a dowel and how do you get a modelled figure to sit.

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  13. Delicate, tiny, cake decorations require the right tools. Wilton have the ideal remedy. By using this decorating tip, you will have simple yet stunning dots and balls on your cake. Sometimes it's the little details that count...All decorating tips fit standard piping bags and couplers.

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  14. This is how you take your cake decorating to that much-talked-about next level. When you start weaving the icing onto the cake, you know you're in the big leagues.

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