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  1. NBCP2L BATTERY PACK FOR CANON SELPHY CP 790, 780, 770, 750, 510,710,730,600,330,300,100

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  2. Battery Pack to suit ES1

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  3. Convergent Design Odyssey Battery Plate for Canon BP-9x Series Batteries Only from Rubber Monkey

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  4. Teradek 7.2V Replacement Battery for Canon BP945/970G Batteries Only from Rubber Monkey

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  5. Canon LC-E6E Battery Charger for LP-E6 Batteries Looking for a replacement to your Canon battery charger LC-e6e for the Canon LP-E6? The Canon LC-e6e is for the Canon lp-e6 battery. This is the unit you are looking for. We a

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  6. Cameras Direct USB Canon LC-E6E Battery Charger for LP-E6 + 2 Compatible Batteries 2 x Compatible LP-E6 Batteries (full coded version) for Canon with Dual USB Charger High energy density, high recycle

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  7. The Odyssey Battery Plate for Canon BP&9x Series Batteries from Convergent Design mounts on the back of the Odyssey 7 or 7Q monitor and allows you to attach a Canon BP&9x Series battery. Four mounting screws are included. The plate adds only 2 oz to your Odyssey.

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  8. Battery adaptor allowing Canon 5D mk III batteries to be used by the atomos recorders

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  9. Canon PowerShot SX60 HS Battery Replacement

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  10. Works with 2 x LP-E5 batteries or 6 x AA batteriesShutter controlsSame functions as the original battery grip

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  11. The Canon BP-808 Lithium-Ion Battery is a rechargeable 890mAh, 7.4V battery

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  12. The Canon BP-955 7.4V Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (5200mAh) is designed for use with the Canon XF series of professional camcorders. The BP-955 sends remaining battery life and data back to the camcorder to prevent untimely power loss. The four LED lamps on the battery also let you view remaining battery life.

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  13. Canon LP-E4N Rechargeable Camera Battery Only from Camera-Warehouse

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  14. Hahnel Canon LP-E8 Li-Ion Battery Only from Camera-Warehouse

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  15. Far from just a more powerful power supply, this new battery teams up with the camera in new ways to give photographers a precise outlook on remaining strength of a battery, as well as managing multiple batteries.

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  16. Hahnel HL-E8 for Canon Digital Cameras Capacity 1120mAh, 7.2V, 8.1Wh Lithium Ion Replacement for Canon LP-E8

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  17. ProMaster Canon LP-E6 N Battery

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  18. The Canon battery grip for the newly announced Canon EOS 6D Mark II digital SLR Camera.

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  19. The external Canon CP-E4N Compact Battery Pack for select Canon Speedlites improves flash recycle times significantly and increases the number of firings before batteries need to be replaced. Like its predecessor, the updated Compact Battery Pack CP-E4N holds 8 x AA-size batteries, either alkaline or rechargeable Ni-MH type. It uses the same type of connector to the high-voltage input socket on Canon’s 500- and 600-series speedlites, so it can be used with not only the latest Speedlite 600EX II-RT, but the previous 600EX-RT, 580EX II, 580EX, and even the long-discontinued Speedlite 550EX. The Canon CP-E4N is designed to be a best-match external battery pack to use with the latest Speedlite 600EX II-RT. Among the biggest changes in the updated speedlite are the increased number of continuous flashes that can be fired, and increased reliability in terms of heat resistance. The CP-E4N battery pack mirrors those refinements, offering demanding flash shooters a battery pack that’s designed to match the continuous shooting performance of this latest speedlite. Re-designed, heat-resistant circuitry within the battery pack, to minimize internal heat build-up during rapid, continuous flash firing and recycling Internal temperature sensors to detect dangerous levels of heat, and prevent circuitry from damage during continuous, high-demand shooting Special external power supply detection circuit, which can be read by Speedlite 600EX II-RT - this allows the speedlite to take full advantage of CP-E4N battery pack’s additional continuous shooting capability. (If the 600EX II-RT does not receive this new signal, such as if it’s used with the older Compact Battery Pack CP-E4, the number of continuous flashes is controlled to minimise risk of heat build-up within the external battery pack.) Flame-retardant, higher-grade exterior housing and battery compartment cover, to further resist both short-term and long-term risk of damage to battery pack from internal heat Both ends of the co

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  20. The Canon BP-727 is a rechargeable li-ion battery designed to power select Canon LEGRIA camcorders. It is an Intelligent Lithium-ion Battery, which can accurately indicate remaining battery time down to the minute.

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A plethora of camera accessories are available in the market today for anyone who wants to go from being an average photographer to a great one. These accessories are mostly for camera maintenance, protection and for in-camera effects. Camera accessories range from the simple lens hood and cap, to the batteries and charges available from camera manufacturers like Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Sony. Some of the most essential accessories are the camera bag (of course), the tripod or monopod kits, remote or cable shutter releases, various lens filters, camera and sensor cleaners and flash equipment. Myriad companies manufacture different accessories, and most will offer some very good deals.
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