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  1. The Roll'n Clean Litter Box makes cleaning cat litter simple & easy. The enclosed cat litter box uses gravity to do the messy work for you. Simply roll and clean to easily dispose of used cat litter while keeping all the fresh litter in the box!

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  2. The CatGenie Self-Cleaning, Self-Washing Cat Litter Box is designed so that you NEVER have to worry about cat litter ever again. The CatGenie automatically removes all cat waste out of your home for good!

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  3. poowee-cat-litter-tray

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  4. petface-cat-litter-tray-liner-drawstring

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  5. Cat's Best Oko Plus Clumping Cat Litter is a natural litter option for you and your cat. Made from organic plant fibres, this litter absorbs more than 700%, trapping smells and maitinaing a cleaner and more hygeinic litter tray. The materials are sources from renewable and sustainable resources and…

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  6. The Moderna Flip Cat Corner, hooded litter tray is a great solution to protect your home from the me ss caused by conventional litter trays. Its triangular design allows it to be positioned in the corner to take up less space, while still being spacious and easily accessed. With the hooded cover…

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  7. Cat Litter Box & Feeding Bundle - 30% off Regular Price Package Contents 1 x Large Cat Litter Box 1 x 6 Litre Pet Food Container 2 x 350ml Feeding Bowls 1 x 1.5 Litre Food or Water Dispenser Product Features Litter Box Stylish design with cratch & UV-proof print Includes one scoop and a charcoal…

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  8. Kitter cat litter is made from highly absorbent wood pellets making this a fantastic eco friendly choice for your home. Kitter cat litter provides excellent odour control with a pine fresh scent to neutralise odour helping to keep your home smelling fresh. This fast acting, high quality cat litter…

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  9. Create a fresh environment for your cat’s litter box with Natures Miracle Disposable Cat Litter Box 3 pack. This three pack offers easy clean-up, superior odour control for a fresh clean litter box your cat will enjoy. The breathable material enhances airflow through our disposable pan to keep…

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  10. Fussy Cat Litter Attapulgite pet litter is 100% Natural with no added chemicals, fragrances or clumping agents. Unlike other pet litters that are crystals, clumping clay, paper and corn/wheat based products, This product can be used for indoor pets such as cats, small dogs, birds and guinea pigs. -…

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  11. Max Cat Litter All Natural/Garden friend Max's Cat Litter is made from natural ingredients, does not contain any harmful chemicals and is completely organic and biodegradable. It also contains useful nutrients and trace elements, making it an ideal garden compost with the ability to improve soil…

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  12. Kramar Cat Hooded Litter Box Kramar Cat Hooded Litter Box gives your cat privacy when they need to do their business. The hooded design helps to contain scattered litter to keep your floors clean. The handle on top helps to move the cat litter box . Product Specification - Hood Minimises Litter…

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  13. Cat Mate Sieve Cat Litter Tray The Catmate Litter Tray Beige contains a two piece sieve litter tray which helps your litter last longer as well as lowering maintenance time. Simply shake the tray so particles absorbed with liquid fall through to the base where they can be easily disposed of daily…

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  14. Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Clay Litter 24/7 Perfomance For Cats 6.35kg

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  15. Kitter Wood Pellet Cat Litter 15kg

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  16. United Pets Minu Covered Cat Litter Box Blue The��United Pets Minu Covered Cat Litter Box Blue is a stylish, covered cat litter tray that neatly stores in any home. Made from polypropylene, this stylishly designed cat litter tray is great for your cat and easier for you. The key features of…

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  17. Rufus And Coco Cat Litter Scoop The Rufus And Coco Cat Litter Scoop hooks securely onto your litter tray to make litter clean up that little bit easier. The key features of the��Rufus And Coco Cat Litter Scoop include: Allows you to keep your scoop in one spot, so it's always ready when you need…

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  18. Breeders Choice Cat Litter 30 litres

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  19. MAXIMUM 4 BOXES PER ORDER We humans don’t fancy sitting on a wet toilet seat and neither do our feline family members. Cara Pet Cat Litter Crystals are ultra-absorbent, trapping both moisture and odour. They’re non-toxic and dust-free, and one 2kg box will last for up to four weeks. Dry litter =…

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  20. MAXIMUM 4 BOXES PER ORDER We know your feline family member is the King or Queen of the household, and you want all the finest things for them. It might be a stretch to spring for the gold-plated litter box, but we think they will still be pretty chuffed with these Lavender scented litter crystals!…

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