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  1. Slice with precision every time when using the Kyoto Chef Knife, 18cm from Cookut. Made from fine ceramic, the blade is based on the high-tech material zirconium oxide, making the knife a durable item backed by exceptional performance. The Chef Knife features a unique mirror finish black blade and showcases a soft-grip ergonomic handle. Features:Dishwasher safeFrench designLight and easy to useNon-oxidation blade making it hygienic & stableMade from ceramicNon-slip, soft grip handleBlack blade18cm

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  2. Slice with precision every time when using the Kyoto Paring Knife, 8cm from Cookut. Made from fine ceramic, the blade is based on the high-tech material zirconium oxide, making the knife a durable item backed by exceptional performance. The Paring Knife features a unique mirror finish black blade and showcases a soft-grip ergonomic handle. Features:Dishwasher safeFrench designLight and easy to useNon-oxidation blade making it hygienic & stableMade from strong ceramicNon-slip, soft grip handleBlack mirror blade

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  3. The Baccarat Cuisine Pro Diamond Ceramic Knife Sharpener will ensure that your kitchen knife collection is always kept in top condition with razor sharp blades, ready to slice and dice at a moments notice. The Baccarat Cuisine Pro Diamond Ceramic Knife Sharpener has two options, one for coarse sharpening and one for fine; the coarse sharpening repairs and sharpens dull blade edges and the fine side will add a refined edge to a coarse sharpened blade. Also featuring non-slip rubber feet for sturdiness and an ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable grip and full control, the Baccarat Cuisine Pro Diamond Ceramic Knife Sharpener is a must have for every kitchen!

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  4. The Global G Series is a classic collection of larger longer bladed knives with weighted hollow handles balanced to perfection. Knives from the G Series are an excellent choice for the discerning home cook or professional chef.

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  5. Made from stainless steel material (CROMOVA 18 stainless steel) Ice tempered, rust, stain and corrosion resistant Ceramic sharpeners Slip-resistant handle Replaceable rod

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  6. Wide slot accepts almost all knives except for heavy bolstered, one-sided blades, and specialty knives Especially designed for precise sharpening of Global Knives Consistent edge angle of about 18 degrees. Has a 2 stage coarse/fine ceramic wheel sharpening system

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  7. Designed specifically for use with ceramic knife blades, this double-sided sharpener allows for coarse sharpening (600grit) or fine sharpening (1000 grit). The cradle has non-slip feet for safety and

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  8. Made from zirconium oxide (also call zirconia), the Kyocera Advanced Ceramics cutting blades are harder than steel and will breeze through your food preparation. The white blades of the Red Kyocera Ce

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  9. Sustain the sharpness of your prized blades with this Global 2-stage Knife Sharpener. Maintaining the edge of your delicate knives could not get any easier as this device utilizes a simple back and forth motion for sharpening. Key Features* This Global 2-stage Knife Sharpener features a 2-stage colour-coded sharpening system that allows for a coarse or medium level of grinding.* The ergonomically designed handle of this kitchen tool is intended for a firm full hand grip; ideal for preventing accidental slips and cuts.* Dimensions: 24.5 cm x 9 cm x 6.5 cm.

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  10. Fast, Same Day Dispatch. Free 365 Day Returns. 2000+ Amazing Gifts!

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  11. Shop now at Zanui.com.au, Australia's online destination for furniture & homewares. Now get $10* OFF your next purchase when you Sign Up to our newsletter. Stay tuned for latest home decor trends & exclusive offers.

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  12. Bright, delicate flowers in bloom, the delightfully earthy smells of the outdoors and the fluttering wings of insects.Step into a traditional English garden, with Portmeirion's Botanic Garden dinnerware collection. Beautifully crafted from crisp white ceramic, brought to life in spectacular detail, the Botanic Garden range will bring all of the colours and life of the outdoors inside with you.and onto your dining table. Botanic Garden is decorated with enchanting illustrations that are reminiscent of spring in full bloom. Among the brightly-coloured petals and lush, green leaves, you can spot butterflies, bees and dragonflies, fluttering by, and if you close your eyes you may even smell the scent of freshly-turned soil lingering in the air. Botanic Garden Cheese Knife & Spreader Set features: Designed in England by Susan Williams-Ellis. Made from stainless steel, with ceramic handles. Hand wash recommended. Presented as a set of in a Portmeirion gift box. Set Contains: Cheese Knife - 20cm (l). 6 x Spreaders - 12cm (l).

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  13. Let's be blunt - a blunt knife is just no good! But if you're using your knives everyday, they can slowly start to lose their sharp edge if you don't care for them.So if you want your knives to work as well as the day you first bought them (ahhh, how easily you sliced through those tomatoes!) then you need a great knife sharpener. The MinoSharp Three Wheel Ceramic Knife Sharpener is the best way to not only care for your knives, but to ensure they stay sharp slice after chop after cut.The Sharpener features three individually colour-coded ceramic whetstones for coarse, medium and fine sharpening. When used together, the oblique angles of these wheels are able to restore a razor sharp edge to your knives, so they'll feel as good as new!If you want a leading edge in the kitchen, you've got to choose a knife sharpener that makes the cut. With the MinoSharp Three Wheel Ceramic Knife Sharpener, you'll always be looking sharp!MinoSharp Three Wheel Ceramic Knife Sharpener features: Made from durable plastic. Contains three ceramic whetstones for coarse, medium and fine sharpening. Whetstones feature oblique angles that restore razor sharp edges to knives. Water compartment ensures whetstones stay cool for superior sharpening. Ideal for use with Global knives. Features a non-slip handle and non-slip grips on the base.Length: 23cm.

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  14. The LifeSpring Juicer is more advanced and easier to use than any slow juicer youve seen before. The only slow juicer on the market with stunning light-up LED buttons that are also water-proof and leak-proof, the LifeSpring has been designed not only to look aesthetically pleasing on your kitchen benchtop, but also easy to use and highly efficient for daily juicing. Made to the highest standards in Korea, the LifeSpring juicer boasts a more powerful motor, attractive design, quieter operation and improved juicing and unique squeezing mechanism that produces a higher yield of juice. State-of-the-art cold press juicer with more advanced, sexier features than your average slow juicer. Everythings always better when its done slowly.

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  15. Why is antibacterial important? Regular chopping boards Antibacterial chopping boards Room temperature exposure, Exponential growth! After 6hours a million times growth. Antibacteria! Must Keep it!! Antibacteria of food contact Never pass over!! What’s different between antibacterial and sterilization? Antibacterial chopping boards WELLOS chopping boards Sterilization has to be necessary in antibacterial chopping boards Germs still exist on chopping boards till extinct. Simply and Comfortably Just Microwave for 1 minute! 99.9% Sterilization!

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  16. This Cara Ceramic Knife set is the perfect accessory for your kitchen. Cara Knife Set will not lose its sharpness as the ceramic material is the second hardest material next to diamond. Ceramic Knives prevent odours transferring between foods. This Cara Ceramic Knife Set is the perfect accessory for your Kuvings Juicer. Specifications Made from ceramic the second hardest material to diamond, keeping your knife sharp 3 Knife Set, 10 cm, 12.5 cm, 15 cm. Stops odours transferring from one food to another Sanitary ? much cleaner than your ordinary metal knife Lightweight Sizes: 6 inch , 5 inch , 4 inch

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  17. The Wusthof knife sharpener for quick and easy edge maintenance. Two ceramic wheels for sharpening blades evenly along the entire length at the optimum angle. Durable casing acts as the perfect hand guard. Special non-slip rubber feet hold it in place on any kitchen surface. For left and right-handed use. Lifetime warranty. Made in Germany.

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  18. Ceramic Paring/Vegetable Knife Vegetable Peeler Ergonomic Grip Zirconium Oxide Blade Anti Bacterial Blade Nano Technology Cut Blade Hygienic, Non-Allergenic Non-Oxidizing Specifications Type: Ceramic Knife / Peeler Blade: Nano Cut Ceramic Handle: ABS Plastic Hygiene Standard: Anti-Bacterial, Easy to Clean Knife: Paring / Vegetable Knife Peeler: Blade Peeler Dimensions (W x H x D) Paring – 160mm x 22mm x 18mm Peeler – 132mm x 80mm x 22mm Package Contents Contents: Paring Knife, Vegetable Peeler

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  19. Mastrad of Paris 10cm Ceramic Blade Paring Knife in Raspberry Mastrad's award winning ceramic paring knife is 4 inches / 10cm long and has a folding protective handle. Perfect for slicing, cutting, and chopping to help you perfect your recipe. Mastrad F22210 Features: 10cm / 4 Inch Long Blade Tough ceramic blade Folding protective handle Raspberry Colour

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  20. Mastrad of Paris Orka 10cm Zirconium Blade Ceramic Paring Knife Recently awarded the Design Plus 2010 prize, Mastrad's paring knives will make you forget your classics Size: 10cm Blade Presented in a beautiful gift box Zirconium ceramic blade; stronger and lighter than hardened steel Foldable handle protects blade Does not darken food Ergonomic non-slip handle Does not rust, will stay sharp for years SEE MASTRAD CERAMIC KNIVES IN ACTION BELOW

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