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  1. tasty-bone-gourmet-chicken-cordon-bleu

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  2. demonstrate everything you need to know to create dozens of fabulous

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  3. For the first time, the chefs and instructors of the world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu cooking schools have written a cookbook that will teach anyone, from novices with a sweet tooth to expert bakers, how to prepare beautiful and delicious desserts at home. Hundreds of techniques are explained in step-by-step detail, with more than one thousand color photographs illustrating the experts methods for success.Even if you've never made a sugar syrup or rolled out a piecrust before, this is the book for you. The simplest of techniques, typically left out of most cookbooks, are covered in the greatest detail. When you've mastered the basics, "Le Cordon Bleu Dessert Techniques" will challenge you to make increasingly difficult recipes on your way to preparing dazzling desserts. For example, upon mastering the basics of grating, chopping, melting, tempering and piping choclate, you'll want to try your hand at creating choclate ribbons and culs, marbleized chocolate slabs, and lacy chocolate cups for truly spectacular presentation. Once you've reviewed the techniquws for baking perfect cake layers, you'll be reday to creat a Chocolate Chestnut Roulade or the classic and decadent Sachertorte.After learning from the experts, you'll be piping meringue, whipping up chocolate mousse, and preparing Pots de Creme with ease before you know it.

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  4. From the Cordon Bleu kitchens in Paris... delicate and exquisite Rose Petal Preserve.

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  5. Whether you are a newcomer to cooking, or an experienced cook, you need to know how to make the most of what's available - both in your kitchen and on the supermarket shelves - as well as how to follow recipes successfully. This new book from the chefs of Le Cordon Bleu, the legendary cooking academy, covers an extensive range of familiar and exotic ingredients and the most effective ways of preparing and cooking them. It demonstrates all the tools and techniques necessary, and gives excellent buying advice. There's a wide range of useful charts and tables detailing cooking times and methods, yield to serving ratios and volume equivalents plus sidebars that provide nutritional and storing information. Hundreds of specially taken photographs serve as a visual pictorial glossary that will inspire readers to make the most of what the world has to offer. About the Contributor Le Cordon Bleu is the world's most famous culinary academy. For over 100 years, Le Cordon Bleu has taught home cooks and culinary professionals to master cuisine and pastry techniques through the many courses given at its schools and its associated cookery books. Once Le Cordon Bleu skills are mastered, even the beginning cook can successfully prepare any recipe from the world's cuisine and present it attractively. The London branch of Le Cordon Bleu has trained some of the world's best-known cooks.

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  6. BIA Cordon Bleu Camembert Baker, Cow's Head Design

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  7. BIA Cordon Bleu Decorated Camembert Baker & Cover

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  8. A rich and satisfying Cognac, Martell Cordon Bleu is among the best you can find. Its individual taste sets it aside from the more 'standard' Cognacs.

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  9. Handbook of basic French recipes for lab use. Each recipe begins with learning objectives that highlight the cooking or preparation technique they are using to complete the recipe, mise en place, methodology, variation, and derivative recipes.

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  10. BIA Cordon Bleu Set of 4 Camembert Design Side or Cheese Plates 20cm

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  11. BIA Cordon Bleu Camembert Baker and Serving Platter Gift Set

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  12. BIA Cordon Bleu Maison de Picardie Fleur De Lis Camembert Baker

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  13. BIA Cordon Bleu Maison de Picardie 20cm Side Plates, Set of 4

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  14. BIA Cordon Bleu Camembert Baker and 4 Canape Plates

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  15. Quake City Jug Band - Cordon Bleu [CD]

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  16. Weber Baby Q 50060224 Q1000 BBQ Grill

    Weber barbeques are renowned for their quality and versatility, and the Weber Baby Q adds portability to the mix, making it perfect for camping. Use this compact barbeque for grilling or roasting and enjoy meals that you wouldn’t be able to prepare on any other barbeque. A variety of accessories are also available for the Weber Baby Q, allowing you to fully customise your cooking experience.

    $316 - $319
  17. Weber Family Q3100 BBQ Grill

    Weber barbeques are renowned for their quality and versatility, and the Weber Family Q is no exception. Use this barbeque for grilling or roasting and enjoy meals that you wouldn’t be able to prepare on any other barbeque. A variety of accessories are also available for the Weber Family Q, allowing you to fully customise your cooking experience.

    $699 - $709
  18. BeefEater Clubman 4 Burner BD16640 BBQ Grills

    Need to cook up a storm for the kids at soccer practice or cook for a cast of thousands at your next club event? No problem. The freedom is yours wth the new BeefEater Clubman. This mobile wonder with convenient folding legs is great for any occassion both near and far. Its practical, robust design and massive cooking area is sure to cook up a feast at any function or event.

    $764 - $827
  19. Beefeater Signature BSH156SA BBQ Grill

    Cast furnishings for consistently even cooking.​Commercial grade stainless steel components.​Optional barbecue extras available.​Intensive cleaning cycle.​Superior oil management system.​Intuitive controls with power level indicator.​Cast Hotplate.​Six powerful burners for even heat distribution.​Made for style and durability.

  20. BeefEater BUGG BB49924 BBQ Grill

    BeefEater Outdoor BBQ,Compact Type of BBQ,Mobile Stand,Heavy duty wheels.Powerful Performance.Extra large cooking surface with versatile plate grill.Easy clean Vitreous Enamel coated hood with spring assist.Alloy diecast handle and Integrated thermometer.Heat Control Without Flare-Ups.Easy To Clean And Pack Away.Easy to store and carry, BUGG is lightweight and durable enough to travel anywhere. No spills or mess with the locked-in grease tray. The smart wheel lock and balance mechanism ensure extra stability.

    $549 - $643
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