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  1. Joby GorillaPod 5K Kit Black Joby Australia has offered us a superb cost price on this Joby GorillaPod 5K Kit (The 5K Kit being the 5K Gorillapod Legs and 5K Ballhead as a bundle) so we are able to pass on the savings. Simple really. We might be small and budget but that doesn't stop us offering us a great deal and so you can save a bundle. Check out our other deals too on the Joby GorillaPod 3K Kit and Joby GorillaPod 1K Kit. Would you hang your Canon 5d Mark IV off of a tree? No? Probably a good decision, unless you have this 5K in your kit. Joby Gorillapods have been around now for a decade or more. The concept hasn't changed over the years with the bendy twisty legs being the brands known feature. What has changed in my opinion is the build quality and the overall look to being the Joby Gorillapod range (which includes a 3K and 1K model also) into the 21st century. We have never had a Gorillapod returned to us for warranty but if that was to happen, Joby Australia would be our go too for the repair or replacement. Replacing and improving upon the Joby Gorillapod Focus with Ballhead X has taken some time but Joby has finally released the better and cheaper Joby 5K range. This listing for for the "burger with the lot" it is both the 5K legs (aka Stand in Joby speak) and the 5k Ballhead ... Vlogging is not a fad and not going away anytime soon. With the rush to better video quality, many top-end vloggers are running cameras and lens such as the Canon 5d Mark IV with a Canon 24-70mm f2.8 lens. These are not light in fact they demand a seriously rigid tripod. Enter the Joby 5k Gorillapod Kit. There are a bunch of intro videos covering the pre-release version and the follow is one of them. The top choice of leading journalists and vloggers, the Joby GorillaPod 5K Kit sets the standard for mobile content creation worldwide. The strong, flexible GorillaPod 5K Stand operates in 3 modes: grip for interviews and selfies, tripod or wrapping mount. We’ve paired this fl

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  2. Joby GripTight PRO TelePod The newest Joby Griptight (February 2018) is the Joby GripTight PRO TelePod. The Telepod is an attempt to bring Blue Tooth technology into the Joby Gorillapod range. This blue tooth function is only just one of the features to justify the price. It is VERY worth noting that Joby has used stainless steel in the tripod mount and a metal cold shoe mount so you can add a microphone or a light. This is clearly going to be popular with vloggers. I can't help wondering though is a motorised gimbal such as the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 or the Zhiyun Smooth Q. Check them out as well. Elevate your creativity! Meet the FIRST telescoping tripod from the makers of GorillaPod. The latest addition to JOBY's line-up of pro-content creation tools, this handheld tripod/vlogging stick works in 4 modes for maximum versatility: Hand Grip, Extended Grip, Tabletop Tripod and Elevated Tripod. Secure any smartphone in the pro-grade, locking GripTight™ mount and 4 modes of operation. Easily adjust tilt and landscape-to-portrait mode for live streaming, vlogging, Snapchat and Instagram stories Mount mirrorless, point & shoot, 360, action cam or video light weighing up to 1 kg (2.2 lbs) via ¼”-20 connection Built with durable fiberglass reinforced composite, tripod telescopes from 34-79 cm (13.5 - 31 inches) for extended reach Adjustable legs click-set into 3 positions for stability on uneven surfaces - flatten to a max of 36 cm (14 inches) diameter for added stability in wind Includes Cold Shoe PRO, Pin Joint Mount and long thumbscrew for versatile setup options Capture shots from a distance with Bluetooth® Impulse remote shutter The Joby GripTight PRO TelePod comes with a full Australian warranty from Joby Australia. #Joby #JobyGriptight #JobyGriptightProTelepod

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  3. Lowepro Camera Bag S&F Slim Lens Pouch 55 AW The Lowepro Street and Field Slim Lens Pouch 55 AW will hold most wide angle and standard zoom lenses, similar to a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. With the All Weather cover your gear will be protected from the elements. When it is not in use you can flatten it for easy packing, and it has the SlipLock attachment so you can easily hook it up to your other Lowepro gear. Not sure which bag to get? Check out the Lowepro Bag Finder to help you choose! This Lowepro S&F Slim Lens Pouch 55 AW comes with a full Lowepro Australia Warranty. Order now for fast delivery.

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  4. Lowepro Inverse 100 AW This incredibly comfortable belt pack supports its weight with a padded, ergonomic lumbar belt and customisable adjustment straps.

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  5. The TTsims TT140 is the latest flip mobile phone from TTfone. The TTsims TT140 is one of our cheapest mobile flip phone yet. The TTsims TT140 is durable, sturdy, affordable and looks great. If you need phone for texting and making calls then the simple easy to use TT140 is for you. Great for everyday use the economy and reliability of this phone will amaze you. Enjoy clearer conversations thanks to good sound quality and loud volume. A classic clamshell flip design that will allow you to answer and end calls with just a flip and will help stop accidental pocket dials The TT140 even comes with a camera to capture those precious moments, a full colour clear display, an FM radio and a torch function that is very handy when looking for things in the dark. The TT140 comes with a USB charging cable in the box which can be used in any PC or Laptop. You can use any existing USB charger plug that you already have at home just simply plug in the included USB cable. You can also purchase a USB mains plug charger if you wish to. Overall, TT140 is another simple to use and a very handy pocket sized phone and the perfect phone for those who need a basic mobile phone with Bluetooth and a Camera. Dimension: 95*48.2*18.5mm Talk time: about 3 hours Standy time: 4-5 days phone factory: weight: 73g phone factory: if without battery: 54g Bluetooth SMS Text Messaging VGA Camera Video Recording Torch Light Function FM Radio MP3 Player GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Micro SD Memory card slot (not included) 1.77 Colour Screen Hands-free Speaker Alarm Sound recorder Calculator Please note this phone does not come with a mains charger - this is sold separately Unlocked Sim Free - Works on all networks apart from Three Box Contains GSM Handset, battery, User manual, usb cable

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  6. Photographing interiors is not as easy as you might think, and it takes a lot of practice to produce consistently strong, high-impact compositions for your clients. Still, there is money to be made in this field, and whether you're looking to work as a full-time real estate photographer or develop a side-line business, you'll need to arm yourself to produce client-pleasing photographs. In this book, Ron Castle (Del Rio, Texas) introduces you to the skills you need to succeed in real estate photography.

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  7. Manfrotto MHXPRO-BHQ2 Ball Head This Manfrotto MHXPRO-BHQ2 Ball Head is one very serious ballhead, let's leave the official specifications for later and take a look at the actual product in the follow video. The new XPRO Ball Head is the perfect union between innovative technical solutions and design. The triple locking system guarantees precision avoiding drifting Polymer rings allow change position accuracy The magnesium body ensures payload performance and lightness Leveling bubbles for precise framing Quick release with 200PL for easy and completely safe set up The Ball Head features a new triple locking system which guarantees camera position stability, avoiding drifting thanks to three wedges which enclose and block the sphere. Its friction control helps the user balance the weight of camera equipment and, thanks to the two leveling bubbles, fine adjustments can be made with the locking knobs open. Moreover, its new polymer rings have substituted that unpleasant, messy grease, ensuring smooth, accurate and less jerky camera movement. XPRO Ball Head is extremely portable, lightweight and reliable thanks to its magnesium body: it weighs only 0.5 kg and can support up to 10 kg of payload. The new MHXPRO-BHQ2 comes with the Manfrotto 200 pl plate, the most widespread photographic plate. The Manfrotto MHXPRO-BHQ2 Ball Head comes with a full Australian warranty #ManfrottoMHXProBHQ2

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  8. Joby GorillaPod 1K Kit Black Idea... For some reason, I had always thought of the Joby Gorillapod range as being only for cameras. What about LED lights or Microphones, just for example. This Joby Gorillapod 1k will hold up to 1 kg of weight and that's one hell of a microphone so get innovative. If the 1kg weight capacity is a big iffy, take a look at the Joby GorillaPod 3K options on our site or if you have a monster of a camera and lens combo or a big light or similar take a look at the Joby GorillaPod 5K Kits / legs / ballheads. Kicking off the Joby lineup of larger GorillaPod solutions, the Joby GorillaPod 1K Kit is capable of holding up to 1kg of mirrorless camera, flash, speaker, video light or any other device with a ¼”-20 tripod mount. We’ve paired the stand with the Joby BallHead 1K, featuring 360° panning and ±90° tilt for easy transition from landscape to portrait. Grip it, wrap it or stand it, the GorillaPod 1K Kit will keep your equipment supported at any angle. Perfect for still photography, vlogging or live streaming. GorillaPod 1K Stand Flexible: Flexible legs wrap around objects for unlimited angles and precise composition control Versatile: Mount mirrorless cameras, flashes, speakers, video lights or any device weighing less than 2.2lbs with a ¼”-20 tripod mount Overachiever: Can be configured for still photography, videography, vlogging or live streaming in 3 modes: grip, wrap or stand Portable: Compact & lightweight for easy transport, handbag or backpack Strong: Holds devices weighing up to 1kg (2.2 lbs) Stable: Rubberized ring and foot grips provide enhanced stability in difficult terrain Durable: Over 100 plastic compounds tested to identify the best material for optimal feel and reliability Patented: Often copied, never duplicated BallHead 1K Precise: 360° panning bed and ±90° tilt for optimal position control Versatile: Mount pro-level mirrorless cameras, 360 cameras, strobes, flash or video lighting, microphone, Pico p

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  9. Joby GorillaPod 3K Kit Black Joby Australia has come to the party and given us a great deal on the Joby GorillaPod 3K Kit. Being small and budget orientated we can move quickly with deals and so you can to save on this great 3kg Gorillapod legs and 3K ballhead combo. Get in whilst stocks last. Also check out the Joby GorillaPod 5K Kit and Joby GorillaPod 1K Kit. This is the new Joby Gorillapod 3k kit that has replaced the Gorillapod Focus. This unit comes with both the Legs (Joby call them a Stand) and the 3k Ballhead. Check out the following video for the good oil. Joby GorillaPod 3K Kit is perfect for devices that weigh less than 3kg (6.6lbs). The Joby GorillaPod 3K Kit easily adapts to support compact DSLR, mirrorless cameras or heavier flashes and is robust enough to hold multiple video lights or microphone with Joby’s accessory kit or mounts For devices that weigh less than 3kg, the Joby GorillaPod 3K Kit easily adapts to support compact DSLR, mirrorless cameras or heavier flashes and is robust enough to hold multiple video lights or microphone with Joby’s accessory kit or mounts. We’ve paired the stand with our pro grade BallHead 3K, featuring separate pan joint for precise positioning. It’s larger size makes this pair ideal as a grip for vlogging or live streaming. Replaces: Joby GorillaPod SLR-Zoom + Ballhead SLR-Zoom GorillaPod 3K Stand Flexible: Wrappable legs allow you to secure professional camera equipment to virtually any surface Versatile: Mount compact DSLR cameras, flashes, video lights or any device weighing less than 6.6 lbs with a ¼”-20 tripod mount Overachiever: Can be configured for still photography, videography, vlogging or live streaming in 3 modes: grip, wrap or stand Strong: Holds devices weighing up to 3kg (6.6 lbs) Stable: Rubberized grip rings and foot grips provide enhanced stability in difficult terrain Durable: Japanese medical-grade ABS plastic and German TPE for firm, secure joints Patented: Often copi

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  10. Joby GripTight Micro Stand for Smartphones Joby Australia has thankfully agreed to continue to bring in this Joby Tripod Stand for Smartphones. For some odd reason, they had previously elected to stop offering this stand. We suggest that you get one quickly before they change there mind again. Should an alternative become available we will be sure to let you know here. The Joby Micro Tripod comes in this size for the standard sized smartphones and another for the big phones like iPhone 6 plus and the Samsung Galaxy. Our Video review shows you how to use these little tripods. Because you bring your phone everywhere and saltshakers don't make good smartphone stands, we created the GripTight Micro Stand - a sleek, ultra-portable smartphone stand that fits almost any phone with any case and fits in your pocket. GripTight Micro Stand lets you take a mini entertainment system wherever you go. Watch Netflix sitting back in your chair instead of hunched over your screen. Facetime or Skype at your desk without your arm aching. Stop craning your neck to check out the cover art on Spotify. We wanted to build a smartphone stand that you could always carry with you but would still be sturdy and dependable out in the field. Designed with durable zinc alloy legs and a machined mini ballhead, the GripTight Micro Stand is super lightweight & compact. Unlike the protrusions or unwieldy size of most smartphone tripods, ours was designed to be carried easily in your pocket or on your key chain. GripTight Micro Regular is a tiny 3.2 in | 81 mm long when folded! Fits all best-selling smartphones! Adjustable grip fits all iPhones, Android & Windows smartphones with or without a case between 2.1-2.8 in | 54-72 mm wide for GripTight Regular and 2.7-3.9 in | 69-99 mm for GripTight XL Grips your smartphone safely and securely Internal steel springs allow the mount to expand to the size of your smartphone and grip it securely. Reliable rubber grip pads keep your phone in place, even wh

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  11. Manfrotto 155RC Tilt-Top Head with Quick Plate The Manfrotto 155RC2 Tilt-Top Head with Quick Plate is not only a tripod head, but it can also be a very versatile camera support for compact or 35mm cameras when used in conjunction with Super Clamp 035. The Manfrotto 155RC2 Tilt-Top Head with Quick Plate comes with a quick release camera plate and secondary safety lock. /p> This Manfrotto 155RC Tilt-Top Head with Quick Plate comes with a full warranty in Australia.

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  12. Joby GorillaPod Mobile Rig It is such an exciting time to be a Vlogger with all the cool gadgets and tools to make it easy for you to shoot pro video with great audio and lighting. Joby Gorillapods are part of the story and now with the Mobile Rig that mounts your phone and allows for lights and a Rode Microphone to be attached on a cold shoe above the phone, it's brilliant on every level. You will find links to LED lights and Rode microphone options on this page. Use them in conjunction with your Joby Rig for Mobile and shoot like a pro. The first of the Gorillapod Rigs to talk about is the cheapest too. The Gorillapod Mobile Rig is as the name suggests for your mobile BUT as the push into video and vlogging goes into hyper-space, we all need to add lighting and a microphone to an easy to use, small and lightweight tripod. Add to all of this the versatility of the Gorillapod twisty legs and this is the best solution on the market. Create the best YouTube videos with a camera rig for smartphones plus mic and lights. Description: Lights, Camera, GorillaPod! Create pro-grade videos, vlogs and YouTube® content with this smartphone rig designed for content creators. Flexible, portable and easy to use, the new GorillaPod Mobile Rig securely mounts your smartphone, lights and mics. Features: Grip it. Wrap it. Stand it. Patented GorillaPod ball and socket design with rubberized grips provides endless flexibility and quick adjustability Secure any smartphone in the pro-grade, locking GripTight™ mount Easily adjust tilt and landscape-to-portrait mode as needed for live streaming, vlogging, Snapchat and Instagram stories Add up to 3 additional devices like mics, lights and action cameras via ¼"-20 connections Includes two 6-socket GorillaPod arms with ¼"-20 connections, plus 2 Cold Shoe mounts and 1 GoPro® mount GorillaPod™ creates the perfect vlogging rig for hand-held shots. GorillaPod holds to branches & more for unlimited angles and unique perspectives. Gori

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  13. Nikon D3400 Digital Camera

    A compact and light body, ease of use and reliable picture quality makes the Nikon D3400 a great choice for anyone starting out with a DSLR for the first time. It’s a fine performer with a pretty decent battery life, making it perfect for carrying along to a festival, road trip or overseas holiday. What are the camera’s main features? Nikon’s SnapBridge app makes it easy to keep the camera connected to a compatible smartphone via Bluetooth, giving you the opportunity to share your memories with the rest of the world instantly. It’s boasts a pretty wide sensitivity range of between ISO 100-25,600, and Nikon's Expeed 4 processing engine gives it the power for burst shooting at 5fps and capturing full HD video at 60p. Plus Nikon’s Picture Controls are easily accessible via the mode dial, giving the beginner plenty of options right at the fingertips. The most impressive part about the camera would be its 1,200-shot battery life. Is the camera easy to use? For someone just…

    $438.85 - $649
  14. Nikon D3300 Digital Camera

    The Nikon D3300 will surprise you with stunning images that inspire creativity at the next level. Featuring the latest EXPEED 4 image-processing engine, 24.2 effective megapixels, Picture Control and 13 special effects modes in a lightweight, compact body that goes everywhere you do – the D3300 gives you the freedom to explore like never before. Capture everything you see A 24.2-effective megapixel sensor without an optical low-pass filter combined with the new EXPEED 4 processing engine produces stunning images, with exceptional sharpness and detail effortlessly. Picture Control allows you to manage every aspect of your images for total control in every shooting situation. Small size, big performance Weighing a mere 460g, the lightweight, compact body of the Nikon D3300 is designed to travel. To match the camera’s extreme portability, the ISO range has been extended (100 – 12800), so whether shooting at home or trekking through a mountain, you will always capture exceptional images…

  15. Sony Alpha A6000 Digital Camera

    The Sony Alpha A6000 is a compact mirrorless camera with a rich feature-set and a wide range of compatible E-Mount lenses to choose from, making it perfect for the enthusiast and professional alike. A small size, excellent viewfinder, and modern functionality and connectivity make it a deceptively powerful workhorse given its tiny size. Just how small is it? Weighing only 285g for the body, the Sony Alpha A600 will feel light in the hand and easy to wield, handy for avoiding fatigue and allowing you to work the weight of the camera with the attached lens rather than the body. The dimensions are compact without making things feel cramped, with just enough space for the attached lens and a grip on the front, and a viewfinder on the rear. How’s the viewfinder and display? The A6000 features an excellent electronic viewfinder that allows you to see the image as it will be taken and any relevant guides and information along with it. You’ll also be able to view your shots with…

    $665 - $999
  16. Pentax K70 Digital Camera

    Never let the extreme conditions stop you with the PENTAX K-70. This compact, lightweight, DSLR features the PRIME MII engine with a newly designed Accelerator Unit and a 24.24 megapixel AA-filter-less APS-C CMOS sensor for high definition images. Enjoy faster readout with 6 frames per second shooting of 14-bit RAW image data.Minimize camera shake with in-body SR (shake reduction) to assure sharp, blur-free images, even in demanding situations. Built for the toughest of shooters, this dustproof and weather-resistant camera is constructed with 100 different weather seals of protection, guarding it from the harsh environments of travel, landscape and nature photography.Built with the photographer in mind, the PENTAX K-70 offers a vari-angle LCD to facilitate creative compositions. Astronomy photographers will rejoice with the addition of a Night Vision Red Light LCD to enhance those low light situations. In addition to standard interval shooting, the PENTAX K-70 also features ultra high…

    $789 - $1199
  17. Canon EOS 80D Digital Camera

    Challenge your creative potential with the Canon EOS 80D Body Only. The EOS 80D is a powerful and fully equipped DSLR providing you with everything you need at your fingertips to advance your photography and video skills. Combining leading imaging technologies, including a new 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor and DIGIC 6 processor, alongside a new 45 all cross-type point AF system and fast responsive 7 fps shooting rate, the EOS 80D is a versatile camera for capturing striking stills and Full HD movies.

    $1064 - $2192
A plethora of camera accessories are available in the market today for anyone who wants to go from being an average photographer to a great one. These accessories are mostly for camera maintenance, protection and for in-camera effects. Camera accessories range from the simple lens hood and cap, to the batteries and charges available from camera manufacturers like Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Sony. Some of the most essential accessories are the camera bag (of course), the tripod or monopod kits, remote or cable shutter releases, various lens filters, camera and sensor cleaners and flash equipment. Myriad companies manufacture different accessories, and most will offer some very good deals.
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