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  1. Features:- Reliable temperature measurements of your stores - Monitor the temperature in your stores with the AGRETO temperature probe. This allows timely interventionand prevents storage losses because of insects and fungi.- Robust measuring instrument for everyday use - The lance and handle are made from stainless steel, the temperature sensor and cabling are situated inthe stainless steel tube.- For flexible use up to 110C - The AGRETO temperature probe can be used for checking temperatures in compost, hay, straw, grains, wood chips, compostand many other bulk materials.Specifications:- Lance length: 1.5 m- Lance diameter 16 mm- Stainless steel lance and handle- Electronic temperature display on the handle- LCD display with 10 mm high digits- Temperature sensor in the lance tip- Measurement range -50 to +110 C- Accuracy +/- 1 C- Continuous display of the measured value- Power supply through battery (1x LR44)

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  2. Easy and clean to use 100% organic microbe solution Made in Australia 500ml refill pack

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  3. Easy and clean to use 100% organic microbe solution Made in Australia 1000ml refill pack

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  4. 160L compost tumbler bin Two chamber design for continuous composting Easy to turn barrel Removable sliding lids Built in churner mix materials when rotated Vents for maximum airflow Optimised aeration Heavy duty sturdy steel frame Space efficient Made from 100% recycled plastic

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  5. Green living just became easier with the uber practical Chef'n EcoCrock Compost Bin! Designed to sit on your kitchen benchtop, the attractive ceramic pot with its sprout handle is a tidy receptac

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  6. Great for the environment, economical and sure to breathe life in to your gardens, composting is a fantastic way to make use of your leftovers! Kitchen Craft's 5L Stainless Steel Compost Bin is s

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  7. Many gardeners give up making backyard compost in frustration–the compost pile smells, it requires too much work to turn the heap, and the process requires too many ingredients and too much attention. Gardeners who have used compost barrels or kits know that their experience ends in one way: a smelly barrel that, after months of care, produces only a tiny amount of compost. What to do? Return to the way that compost has been made for centuries–in shallow pits. With this method, the compost never needs to be turned, never smells, and is ready in half the time. Any backyard gardener can make volumes of sustainable compost without any work. Shallow pit composting works with Mother Nature, letting her do the work!

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  8. In recent times, people have become much more ecologically aware and also more keen to minimize their carbon footprint. This, coupled with the pressure from governments to recycle household waste, means that creating and using garden compost is becoming almost essential knowledge.This guide gives gardeners all the information they need about starting to make their own compost, storing it and using it. Information on different types of compost - what they consist of, what they are good for and how they are best stored - is given, before moving on to explore in detail how to create your own compost. Guidance is also given for those who wish to construct their own compost bin. There are specific chapters explaining wormeries and green manuring, as well as a wealth of information on seed and potting composts.This is a really thorough guide for anyone wanting to make and use their own compost.

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  9. Let this 190L Compost Tumbler help you convert your organic rubbish into nourishment for your lawn and garden. The a large twist-off lid makes filling and emptying this bin simple and ensures your waste is secure as you effortlessly spin the barrel. With a capacity of 190L a sturdy steel frame and two wheels on the back this tumbling composter makes it easy to spread your fresh compost evenly and easily over your lawn. Save money on expensive manure reduce your kitchen waste and have the best looking yard on the street with this easy-to-use rotating compost bin.

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  10. Give your garden soil the supplement it deserves with this Greenfingers Composter. Its twin chamber 160-litre capacity design ensures continuous composting to create nutrient-rich humus. Operating it is also easy with two removable sliding lids easy-to-turn barrel and a built-in churner to mix the materials thoroughly.Vents ensure maximum air flow and optimised aeration to accelerate composting while the uneven interior prevents gaseous build-ups. Not least the entire composter is made from 100 recycled plastic and mounted onto a strong and sturdy steel frame.

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  11. Renew Compostable Waste Bags

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  12. This universal charcoal carbon filter can be used in any kitchen compost bin Measures 19cm in diameter Can be cut smaller to size if needed

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  13. With this iron and brass compost bin, composting has never been easier or more stylish. The bin comes with a removable bucket and a carbon filter for removing offensive odours. Composting is a great way to reduce waste while also creating top-notch fertilizer for flower beds and vegetable gardens. This Stephanie Alexander Galvanised Compost Bin is perfect for collecting compostable scraps throughout the day. It's stylish and contains a carbon filter to keep...

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  14. Nowadays, there are so many techno-gadgetry doohickies that make cooking a breeze, but somehow they don't quite cut to the heart of the skill that is food preparation. It is still important to remember that while your microwave can probably be programmed by your phone these days, so many aspects require a more personal touch - and the tools can be much harder to find than an infra-red can opener. Regency provides a wide range of unique and practical additions to your kitchen, without taking up another power board in your kitchen. Regency offer an environmentally friendly way to compost with the Natural Compost Bucket Liners. Regency, here to help. Compost Bucket Liners features: Made in the USA. Compost bucket liners. Keeping you bin clean and odor free. Hold up to 6 litres. Certified compostable. Decomposes in 10-40 days in home or commercial compost settings. GMO and Polyethelene free. Presented as a pack of 40 Dimensions: 35.5cm x 35.5cm.

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  15. From a family of designers, Sophie Conran always had an eye for design herself. She became a celebrated chef and food writer while perfecting the art of living at home - with a unique design sensibility. So it's no surprise that when Sophie Conran ventures into design, she creates from an unmatched sense of what works. and what looks beautiful. Merging her love of gardening with her design expertise, Sophie's created a stunning collection of tools to help you take care of your garden. She's teamed up with Burgon & Ball and the result is positively splendid. Designed to fit ergonomically in more delicate hands, these tools bring a touch of elegance and style to your gardening. The natural waxed beechwood Sophie's chosen, feels wonderful and over time, will mould itself to the shape of your hand. A truly beautiful way to love your gardening, as much as you love your garden. Gardening Compost Scoop features: Designed in England by Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball. Made from mirror polished stainless steel, with a solid brass centre and a natural waxed beechwood handle. Ideal for potting without mess. Wipe down after use. Beautifully presented in a Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball gift box. Dimensions: 28 x 7cm.

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  16. This Conditioner helps neutralise acidity and balance the pH levels in your worm farm or compost bin. Your worms will be able to digest larger quantities of food waste faster.When used in compost bins and tumbling bins, the conditioner helps soil bacteria preserve essential nutrients and increases the availability of nutrients for plants.Features and BenefitsSpecially selected blend of natural mineralsBalances pH levels in your worm farm and Compost BinNeutralises acidityHelps worms digest larger quantities of food wasteHelps reduce odoursAssists in the control of pest infestationsShaker top plastic bottle230mm height x 70mm diameter850g net

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  17. A revolutionary fermentation process that turns your kitchen waste into a nutrient rich soil conditioner.The Bokashi One™ Bucket is a hygienic and convenient alternative for transforming kitchen left-overs and waste. This unique composting system uses the revolutionary Effective Micro-Organisms in the Bokashi One Mix to create the ideal conditions for airtight (anaerobic) composting. Great for apartments and houses, the eco-friendly Bokashi One Bucket and Bokashi One Mix together eliminate the odors and unpleasantness associated with putrefaction and decay and can be used right in the Kitchen.Available in your choice of Black, Tan or White.

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  18. Shop now at, Australia's online destination for furniture & homewares. Now get $10* OFF your next purchase when you Sign Up to our newsletter. Stay tuned for latest home decor trends & exclusive offers.

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