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  1. If You Care certifed compostable kitchen waste bags are made from GMO-free potato starch. Completely free of polyethelyne and plasticisers. Convenient flap handle ties. Box of 30 x 11.4L bags packaged in a recycled chlorine-free box.

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  2. EnsoPet is an innovative system designed to easily and hygienically compost pet waste. Keep your yard clean & reduce landfill whilst enriching and rebuilding your garden soil. See our EnsoPet blog post for more information>

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  3. Keep a pack of 50 (IW2)-4 litre liners on hand for use in your Intelligent Waste caddy and show you care for the environment and the world your children will inherit. Safe for use in your home compos

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  4. FREE Delivery & Removal as well as Price Matching*! Best value is guaranteed when you buy the Insinkerator Model 46 Food Waste Disposer from Appliances Online. Trusted by over 350000 customers - Appliances Online Legendary Service!

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  5. FREE Delivery & Removal as well as Price Matching*! Best value is guaranteed when you buy the InSinkErator 200 Evolution® Food Waste Disposer from Appliances Online. Trusted by over 350000 customers - Appliances Online Legendary Service!

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  6. Renew Compostable Waste Bags

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  7. Anyone who raises livestock or keeps horses must deal with manure. This Storey BASICS® guide shows you how to make this process manageable, useful, and even profitable. Organic dairy farmer and soil scientist Mark Kopecky explains the fundamentals of storing, composting, and spreading manure; the nutritional content of manure from various animals; and how to handle, transport, and market manure for additional income. You'll soon discover that your farm's waste may be its biggest asset.

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  8. RE-ISSUE Learn how to keep your plants strong and healthy, how to produce beautiful fruit, vegetables and flowers, and how to keep your patio and house plants healthy. The book guides your through all the stages, from why you should compost, what you can compost, building a simple heap and containers, to how to use your compost, supplementing your compost with green manures, and how to retain water. Beautifully illustrated, with step-by-step photographs and illustrations throughout, the pages are packed with practical advice and helpful information.

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  9. This innovative inground composting system transforms your pet waste into a healthier more carbon rich soil for your garden.Easily and hygienically clean up Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Guinea Pig and other pet waste, keeping your yard waste free and looking better than ever.The EnsoPet System comes complete withEnsoPet composting unitEnsoPet starter (1 kg bag)TongsInstructionsFeatures and BenefitsSystem helps rebuild soil at a microbial levelReturns carbon to the soilBottomless unit is burried in a 40cm hole with only a discrete lid visibleEasily assembled unit made from moulded re-cycled plasticCan be placed in a garden or even lawnHoles in the side provide easy access for water and wormsUse the tongs provided to clean up and sprinkle on some starterEnsoPet Starter conatins mico organisms that helpaccelerate breakdown of the wasteeliminate smellhelp remdiate any pathogens in the wasteWith continuous composting your unit may never fill but if it does you can simply move it

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  10. InSinkErator Sink Accessories

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  11. Insinkerator Food Waste Disposal Model 66 Only from Bathroom Supplies Online

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  12. 1-Stage grind technology High-torque Dura-drive induction motor Standard grind chamber Continuous feed Overload protection Quick Lock mounting assembly for faster, easier installation Basic sound reduction technology 0.55 hp Plastic stopper Large capacity (980ml) grinding chamber Polished flange 2 Year warranty Made in USA Air switch accessory available stip_tags

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  13. 1-Stage grind technology High-torque Dura-Drive induction motor Stainless steel grind element Continuous feed Overload protection Qucik Lock mounting assembly for faster, easier installation Built-in air switch in chrome and brushed steel Cast lugs Standard sound reduction technology 0.55 hp Plastic stopper Large capacity (980ml) grinding chamber Removeable easy-clean sound baffle Polished flange Made in USA 3 Year warrantystip_tags

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  14. Innovation and design of pond equipment in UK since 1981 This pond cleaner easily removes fish manure and food waste from the floor of Koi Carp ponds. Ideal for architectural water features & small leaf-free ponds. The Hozelock Pond Vac is the preferred choice for: Sydney Taronga Zoo - ponds for the Herpitofauna (reptile & amphibian) division Western Sydney University - ponds for research into the Bellinger River Snapping Turtle (Myuchelys georgesi) Quick & easy to set-up, to use and to store away. No big barrels to lumber around. Great customer feedback. For use in ponds but requires a minimum operating depth to work of 200mm. A compact and lightweight, continuous running, pond vacuum cleaner for quickly cleaning and removing thin layers of sludge waste from smaller garden ponds and architectural water features with a minimum of effort. Please Note Limitations: It will not lift pine tree nettles or needles, leaves or sticks. They will simply clog it. For further limitations, see note below. Ideal for rainwater tank sludge removal from the floor, for up to 2.1m high tanks with a top access opening of minimum 150mm diameter. The tank must have water in it. Duct tape a waterproof battery torch to the handle to see where you are going as you work through the top opening. Waste the sludge & water directly onto the garden or recycle the water as described below. Allows you to easily recycle the pond water. Simply waste the vacuumed pond water & sludge into a large tub or wheelie bin. Let it settle for an hour to clear. Return the solids-free, now clear, water back into the pond with the Pond Vac, effectively meaning zero water loss. Place the remaining solids from the vessel into the garden as superb fertilizer. Alternative: Tie a large laundry netting bag to the end of the waste pipe. Hang it over the edge of the pond. When the bag is full, spread the waste on the garden. A review from UK "This vac is great, I use it also in my 15 foot above ground s

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  15. 0.55 hp Dura-Drive® induction motor1-stage grind technologyLarge capacity (980ml) grinding chamberBasic sound reduction technology1 stage galvanized steel grinding systemContinuous feedOverload protectionQuick Lock® mounting assemblyPlastic stopperPolished flangeMade in USAAir switch accessory availableType of Feed: ContinuousOn/Off Control: Wall SwitchMotor: Single PhaseTime Rating: Intermittent

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  16. 0.75 hp Dura-Drive® induction motorQuiet sound reduction technology1 stage stainless steel grinding systemBuilt-in air switchOne piece stainless steel stopperLarge capacity (980ml) grinding chamberRemovable easy-clean sound baffleContinuous feedOverload protectionQuick Lock® mounting assemblyCast lugsRemovable sound bafflePolished flangeMade in USAType of Feed: ContinuousOn/Off Control: Built-In Air Switch

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  17. Hygienically dispose of your food scraps from the kitchen sink with the Insinkerator Model 46 Food Waste Disposer. This entry-level Insinkerator model 46 is suitable for lighter use and ideal for disposing of fruit and veggie scraps accumulated from food preparations and left-overs. It's simple to use, just deposit your scraps down the sink and within seconds they'll be transformed into finely ground particles, without the use of any blades. The particles are safely sent through your plumbing system to the sewerage plant, so your scraps won't end up sitting in landfill. Plus, by eliminating decomposing food scraps in the household bins your kitchen environment will be free of odour, bacteria and pesky insects. This food waste disposer is incredibly convenient, requiring little to no maintenance; as its contents don't need to be emptied, limiting your trips to the outdoor bin. This system has basic Sound Reduction Technology so any noise is practically eliminated, causing minimal disruption to your household. Turn to the Insinkerator Model 46 for a modern-kitchen waste disposal solution.

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  18. Maintain a hygienic, clean and odour-free kitchen with the Insinkerator Model 66 Food Waste Disposer. This model is the most powerful of the standard Insinkerator waste disposer series and is perfect for handling a large amount of food waste produced from a large family. This stainless steel waste disposal makes keeping your kitchen clean easy. Just place your food scraps into the kitchen sink for instant disposal, reducing the need for a food waste bin that attracts bacteria and insects. It works by grinding the food scraps into fine particles and passing them through the septic system, instead of being sent to landfill. It's extremely quiet to operate being designed with advanced Sound Reduction Technology, so you can enjoy an undisrupted household. It features a quick access air-switch and is virtually maintenance-free. Make waste disposal quick and easy with the Food Waste Disposer 66.

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  19. Certified compostable 9.5L biodegradable food waste bags that are breathable, strong and will break down in a natural compost environment. Compatible with the Fresh Air compost collector. 25 x 9.5L bags per box.

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