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  2. Naturopathica Fatblaster Collagen Detox Beauty Drink 750ml

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  3. This new formula CollaFlex Drink tastes great. It also provides more collagen per scoop and dissolves more easily than our previous drink. What better way to feed our joints, tendons, ligaments, bones and skin with collagen? Collagen is found not only in our joints (cartilage), tendons, ligaments and bones, but also supports and firms our skin. Unfortunately, we lose about 1.5% of our body's collagen every year after the age of about 30, and this is not easily replaced from food. Higher Nature's CollaFlex Drink provides pure marine collagen, hydrolysed for easy absorption, as a nutritional support for joints. While most collagen products on the market are made from pork or chicken, ours is sourced from fish, including tilapia and nile perch. This collagen drink dissolves easily in fruit or vegetable juice (works well with orange or pineapple). One scoop typically provides: 6100mg hydrolysed collagen (marine, non-5hark) providing hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine in combination with other amino acids to a 90% minimum protein content. Suggested intake: Add 1 scoop of granules to fruit or vegetable juice, once a day. A daily vitamin C intake is also recommended for optimum collagen function. Ingredients Hydrolysed collagen (from fish, including tilapia, Pangasus and Ictaluridae).

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  1. Joint Collagen by Cyborg Sports - Joint Support! Now stocked at Genesis, Cyborg Sport's Joint Collagen is a unique combination of high purity bioactive collagen peptides. The effectiveness of this product has been clinically proven to stimulate cell growth in joint cartilge and restore flexibility to joints. Collagen makes up around 30% of the many different types of proteins that exist in the human body and it is particularly abundant in the skin, hair, joints, and bone. Around the age of 25 collagen production begins to decrease which results in noticeable changes in the elasticity and softness of the skin, the vibrancy of hair, and the cushioning and lubrication of joints. Heavy use from extreme activity such as weight training or running get also contribute to joint deterioration. Key Points: Treats the causes of joint problems not just the symptoms Stimulates the growth of new joint cartilage cells Counteracts wear-and-tear on joints brought about by aging and mechanical stress Clinical studies performed at Tufts Medical Centre and Harvard Medical School Our Thoughts: Joint Collagen is a form of collagen peptides from bovine origin that have had their molecular weight modified to match that of collagen in human joint tissue. This means that when taken it will actively target joints and regenerate the collagen within them. When taking Cyborg Sport's Joint Collagen is it common to notice skin softness improvements within days however for successful joint relief the product should be taken daily on a continuous basis. Directions: Genesis Nutrition recommends: Take 2 scoops (5g) daily mixed in a drink. Best results are achieved in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program. Consult the label before use. To ensure the best consistency possible mix together using one of our Protein Shakers

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  2. Collagen is nothing new; it is the most frequently occurring protein in humans and is the most important building block for the skin, tendons, bone, cartilage, and all other connective tissues. It is vital for maintaining skin, hair, nails, muscles and bones. Our bodies naturally produce collagen, however production slows in our mid twenties, dwindles in our thirties and by our fifties and sixties, it disappeared altogether. This, combined with sun damage, harsh environments, poor diet and toxins, results in what we know as ageing: fragile, sagging and severely wrinkled skin. By replacing our body's natural collagen with Mother Nature's pure marine collagen, we can start to get back the years. The richer the food is in terms of building blocks such as collagen, then better the skin will be able to defend itself against ageing and prolong its youthful appearance. The right protein is the key to looking vibrant, and the better those building blocks, the better your skin will maintain its elasticity and youthfulness; and your hair and nails will be stronger and healthier. Containing unique amino acids found in the ocean, ProPlenish Marine Collagen is made up of complex nutrients that allow the body to maintain a natural glow for a prolonged youthfulness. You can fool anyone into thinking that you're years younger. ProPlenish Collagen contains specially manufactured low molecular weight hydrolysed Marine Collagen that makes it easier for our bodies to absorb and digest. It has no serious intolerance reactions. Recognised by the US authority Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Proplenish Collagen is Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS). The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medicinal Products have also accorded hydrolysed collagen with the highest possible safety status. Servings per package: 30 Serving size: 1 sachet - 3g DIRECTIONS 1-3 Sachets per day. Mix with water or your favourite drink. ProPlenish Marine Collagen is heat stable and can also be added to hot drinks or food such as tea, coffee and soups. DOSAGE Level 1: Maintenance of healthy skin, hair and nails: 1 sachet per day Level 2: Mild wrinkles, weak nails and fine hair: 1-2 sachets per day Level 3: Moderate to severe wrinkles and ageing, weak and brittle nails and very fine hair: 2-3 sachets per day.

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  3. Burn with Svetol Children's Calci Car Collagen Gold by Herbs of Gold Supports collagen production Supports collagen formation Antioxidant protection With marine collagen Children's immune health Children's Health Iodine for brain development With tooth friendly Xylitol Vanilla-berry flavour Fish shaped squirts Natural relief of pain and inflammation Anxiety & Stress Support Anxiety management Relieves nervous tension Clinically trialled* KSM-66 Healthy mood & memory Acetyl L-Carnitine is a source of carnitine, a naturally occurring amino acid. - See more at: Key Indications: Collagen is the body's most abundant protein, representing approximately 30% of total body protein. Collagen is a major structural component of connective tissue found in the body; in skin, hair, nails, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, teeth and bone. Collagen provides tensile strength and firmness to connective tissues around the body. Marine collagen is sourced from deep sea fish supplied by Aroma (NZ). Aroma NZ marine collagen is tested by independent, accredited laboratories and is licenced by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority which complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Aroma NZ provides complete traceability of raw materials as part of their quality assurance system, right through to the finished product. Aroma NZ marine collagen is rich in essential and non-essential amino acids and contains a minimum of 90% protein from marine collagen and 8% hydroxyproline (responsible for collagen stability) in each serve. Collagen Gold contains type I collagen, the most abundant collagen type found in the body; predominantly found in the skin, tendons, ligaments and bone. A specially selected superfood blend containing Yangmei (Yumberry), Pomegranate, Acai and Acerola berries provides a rich source of natural vitamin C for antioxidant protection and is essential in a number of steps for collagen production and helping to prevent the breakdown of collagen. Guava provides natural zinc, important for protein synthesis and skin structure. Collagen Gold helps to promote collagen production and replenishes lost or declining levels of collagen, slowing down visible signs of ageing including fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and helps to stabilise and strengthen joints by preventing collagen breakdown. Directions: Mix 1.5 rounded teaspoons (6g) with water, juice, or your favourite milk daily. WARNINGS Marine collagen is derived from fish. Marine collagen is derived from fish. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner. - See more at: Adults only Take 2 tablets, twice a day, with food, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. - See more at: Children 2-4 years Twist or snip off the tail from the capsule, then squeeze the fish oil straight into your child's mouth or onto your child's favourite food. Take 1 capsule daily. Children 5-8 years Chew 1 capsule daily. Children 9-13 years Chew 2 capsules daily. Or take as directed by your healthcare practitioner. f Ingredients: Nutrition information: Servings per 180g: 30 Serving size: 6g Avg qty per serving Avg qty per 100g Collagen 600mg 10.0g Energy 91kJ 1518kJ 22Cal 363Cal Protein 0.6g 10.0g Carbohydrate 4.6g 77.2g - sugars 0.9g 15.7g Fat, total <0.1g <1.0g - saturated 0g 0g Sodium 4.6mg 77.2mg Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) 56.1mg (140% RDI^) 935mg Zinc 3mg (25.1% RDI^) 50.2mg Silica 163mg 2.7g Does not contain added wheat, gluten, milk, lactos

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  4. 3 x Beauty Formulas Collagen Essence Facial Mask 1pk Only $4.98 from Catch

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  5. THIRST-AID STATION Sunnylife Drink Dispenser Party Kit – Rainbow!As the weather heats up prepare to cool down in style with the Sunnylife range of drinkware. Hydrate before it’s too late with the Rainbow Drink Dispenser Party Kit.Sunnylife Drink Dispenser Party Kit – Rainbow features:Capacity 3.8LComplete party kit includes x 12 paper cups, x 12 straws and x 20 napkins.Not microwave safe.BPA FreeReusable drink dispenserProduct Information:19 x 15 x 28 cmMaterial/s: PET, PP, Paper  

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  6. Home-made sausages are simply the best and there is no end to the range of flavour ideas and healthy ingredients you can mix into your signature snag. A favourite with the whole family, you can leave those expensive specialty sausages at the shops and save money while knowing exactly what your kids are eating. This pack of 2 x 10m (approx) collagen casings are easy to use and full instructions are included. Each roll makes 3 batches of sausages from 1kg of minced meat.If you are making small batches and have left over, unused casings, they can be stored in an air tight container, away from direct sunlight and used within 3 months.

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  7. Ever woken up worrying that you said the wrong thing at work drinks the night before? Felt annoyed with yourself for polishing off the entire bottle of wine when you only intended to have one glass with dinner? Mindful Drinking: How Cutting Down Will Change Your Life is here to help the 64% of Brits who want to drink less, and cultivate a new, healthy and more mindful relationship with alcohol.Journalist Rosamund Dean combines scientific expertise with practical advice in a game-changing three step guide: The Problem, The Incentive, and The Plan. Drinking less will improve your mood, your skin, your sex-drive and your body as well as reduce stress and anxiety.Whether you are sober-curious, or just want to cut down – Mindful Drinking: How Cutting Down Will Change Your Life shows not only why you should, but also how you can, in a way that will change your life forever.

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  8. 2 x Dr. Lewinn's Reversaderm Tri-Collagen Accelerating Serum 30mL Only $39.98 from Catch

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  9. THIRST-AID STATION Sunnylife Drink Dispenser Party Kit – Watermelon!As the weather heats up prepare to cool down in style with the Sunnylife range of drinkware. Hydrate before it’s too late with the Watermelon Drink Dispenser Party Kit.Sunnylife Drink Dispenser Party Kit – Watermelon features:Capacity 3.8LComplete party kit includes x 12 paper cups, x 12 straws and x 20 napkins.Not microwave safe.BPA FreeReusable drink dispenserProduct Information:19 x 15 x 28 cmMaterial/s: PET, PP, Paper  

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  10. Features: -Drinks cabinet.-Constructed of mahogany Glass panels, a hinged door with brass handle and a removable drinks tray on top .-Finish: Dark Wood.-Style: Traditional.-Table Top Material: Wood & Timber.-Matching Mirror: No.-Enclosed Storage: Yes.-Distressed: No.Dimensions: -Overall 80cm H x 37cm W x 37cm D.-Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 80.-Overall Width - Side to Side: 37.-Overall Depth - Front to Back: 37.

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  11. Features: Contains a rich snail secretion filtrate, rich in collagen and skin care essence Add skin moisture, relieve dry skin, prevent wrinkles Snail mucus and butter and other natural extracts of fruit trees, mild care of the skin Easy to absorb, nourish tender skin Description: Item Type: Snail Essence Smoothing Cream Brand: BIOAQUA Net Weight: 60g Weight: 175g Origin: China Ingredients: Water, glycerol, glycerol polymethacrylate, propylene glycol, glycosyl trehalose, nicotinamide, yeast extract, sodium hyaluronate, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, snail secretion filtrate Package Included: 1 x BIOAQUA Snail Face Cream Usage: After cleaning the facial skin, apply proper amount of the product onto the face evenly and gently pat until absorbed. Use it twice a day.

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  12. Liven up the party with this heady collection of drinking games! Choose from brain-boggling classics such as Fuzzy Duck and Twenty-One or dizzying games of pure chance like `TV Drinking’ and `Vodka Roulette’ – whichever you play, you’re guaranteed to be gleeful and giggly by the end!

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  13. Free Delivery Worldwide : Fibrous Proteins: Coiled-Coils, Collagen and Elastomers: Volume 70 : Hardback : Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc : 9780120342709 : 0120342707 : 18 May 2005 : First of a three-part series on Fibrous Proteins, this book is based on a workshop in Alpbach, Austria on this topic that gave rise to the award winning issue of Journal of Structural Biology. It reveals structural and functional aspects of fibrous proteins.

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  14. Features: -Drinks cabinet.-Constructed of mahogany.-Finish: Dark Wood.-Style: Traditional.-Table Top Material: Wood & Timber.-Matching Mirror: No.-Enclosed Storage: Yes.-Distressed: No.Specifications: - Glass panels, a hinged door with brass handle and a removable drinks tray on top..Dimensions: -Overall 79cm H x 74cm W x 50cm D.-Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 79.-Overall Width - Side to Side: 74.-Overall Depth - Front to Back: 50.

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  15. Features: Style: Drink Bottle Colour: Marble Green Material: Stainless Steel Double insulated Keeps water cold for up to 24 hours and liquids warm for up to 12 hours Simple sleek design allows for easy cleaning and will not leak Size Guide: Capacity: 750ml Height: 28.5cm Diameter: 6.5cm

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  16. 2 x Re Pure Vitamin C Serum Collagen Booster 30mL Only $24.98 from Catch

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