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  1. Reprint. Originally published: New York: Collier Books, c1986.

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  2. The Silent Female Scream teaches how to believe that as a woman you have the right to be heard, valued and respected, and to know that anything less is just not okay. Through case studies and discussion, the author exposes that women's sense of self-worth and entitlement to speak their needs,…

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  3. An elite, but socially-stunted gamer finds himself in another world, inhabiting the body of his character Diablo! But despite his powers, his awkwardness keeps getting in the way - so he decides to pretend to be a Demon Lord and soon finds himself with a pair of slaves: a well-endowed elf and a cat…

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  4. An elite but socially-stunted gamer finds himself in another world, inhabiting the body of his character Diablo! But despite his powers, his awkwardness keeps getting in the way - so he decides to pretend to be a Demon Lord and soon finds himself with a pair of slaves: a well-endowed elf and a cat…

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  5. Avoid retirement and stay alive is the simple message behind this potentially life-changing book. The authors' basic premise is that retirement is notion to be banished from all sensible conversation and promotes the idea that no one should retire and no one should want to retire. Quite apart from…

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  6. In the sink or swim world of planners, strategists and their clients, now more than ever, there is a need for a practical handbook to guide us through all the main parts of the process. And thanks to Les Binet and Sarah Carter at AdamandeveDDB we now have just that. The original inspiration for the…

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  7. No, It's Not OK deals with the bully/victim problems in New Zealand and outlines effective ways of counteracting and preventing such problems. Bullying is one of the biggest challenges for a child to deal with and extends past the boundaries of school into their home lives. With the advances in…

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  8. WHEN THIS DOCTOR TALKS, YOU SHOULD LISTEN. Thousands of people make an early exit each year and arrive on medical examiner Jan Garavaglia s table. What is particularly sad about this is that many of these deaths could easily have been prevented. Although Dr. Garavaglia, or Dr. G, as she s known to…

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  9. Here are Mrs Ross' handy tips on every aspect of household management: skincare, fashion and beauty, children, dealing with blackened ovenware, leftovers, and freezing. And here is useful advice on how to get a 'lifestyle' if you suspect you don't have a proper one. Some people have fabulous bodies…

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  10. The average American household throws away more than $1500 worth of food every year in scraps, ends, and other unusable ingredients. Waste Not - the first book on full-use cooking that covers all types of food - shows readers how to turn what often ends up in the trash into delicious meals. Curated…

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  11. We all have a crotchety old man in our lives. Maybe he's your father, your grandfather, your brother, your husband-or, though you'd never admit it, even you! Now, from the author of How Not to Become a Little Old Lady comes its companion, How Not to Become a Crotchety Old Man, a lighthearted…

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  12. We can't stop the aging process, but with the help of How Not to Become a Little Old Lady, we can at least not act older than our age. Author Mary McHugh offers up more than 100 pointers of things not to do to stave off little old ladyhood. Illustrated with the humorous line art of Adrienne…

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  13. THE NUMBER ONE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER RULES FOR BEING A MAN Don't Cry; Love Sport; Play Rough; Drink Beer; Don't Talk About Feelings But Robert Webb has been wondering for some time now: are those rules actually any use? To anyone? Looking back over his life, from schoolboy crushes (on girls and…

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  14. Fit not Healthy is the story of how one woman's determination to be lean, fit and healthy took her to the brink of infertility and death and how she pulled back just in time to regain her health and perspective and start a family. Vanessa Alford was obsessed with becoming one of Australia's top…

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  15. Balancing your hormones can save your marriage, as well as your husband's life. Maybe you don't care? Chances are that you are angry, frustrated, tired and just over it. That's your perspective and it's real and probably justified - hell who wants to be a perfect superwoman and mum and wife at the…

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  16. Writing a medical paper, or any other scientific text, is full of pitfalls which make it difficult to get it accepted for publication. This unique book gives practical advice on how one can circumvent these dangers. It is richly filled with examples, predominantly negative ones. which exhibit how…

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  17. Health starts in the gut, your second brain If you have digestive issues such as bloating, indigestion or heartburn after meals, or tend towards constipation or IBS - or you simply don't feel energised by your food - Improve Your Digestion will show you how to tune up your gut. It offers an…

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  18. Have you realised you care way too much about what other people think about you? Do you often worry about making controversial decisions and bold statements for fear of judgement? Are you fed up of living your life within the confines of what everybody around you thinks is normal? Then you need to…

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  19. In England, newly pregnant seventeen-year-old Hattie and her gin-drinking great-aunt Gloria, who is in the early stages of dementia, set out togethere on a road trip of self-discovery--Gloria to finally confront the secrets of her past before they are wiped from her memory forever and Hattie to…

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  20. When the term ageism was coined in 1969, many problems of exclusion seemed resolved by government programs like Social Security and Medicare. As people live longer lives, today's great demotions of older people cut deeper into their self-worth and human relations, beyond the reach of law or public…

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