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  1. Bergsala Lightweight Hello Kitty And The Apron Of Magic Rhythm Cooking Nintendo 3DS Game

    Get ready to cook up a storm, because Hello Kitty is back with an all new rhythm action experience on Nintendo 3DS family consoles one that's really packed with flavour Join Hello Kitty and her friends in the kitchen in this fun packed cookery caper, jammed with mini games designed especially with young players in mind. Learn the joy of cooking and the power of rhythm simultaneously, making new friends and coming up with tasty treats to the beat.

  2. Majesco Cooking Mama 2 Dinner With Friends Nintendo DS Game

    In Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends, players use the stylus as the ultimate kitchen utensil in 150 different cooking mini-games across 80 new recipes that range from cultural delicacies like shark fin soup to the all-American apple pie. However, this time around players actually have hungry mouths to feed since nine finicky dinner friends will be tasting and judging each meal. A new Challenge Mode lets up to four friends compete in a wireless cook off with only one game card, while players can customize their kitchen--and even Mama--in the fresh Decoration Mode. Four gameplay modes. Improved graphics and real-time effects. Earn bronze, silver, and gold medals from Mama based on the quality of your cooking. Keep a diary of your best creations and add earned seals to dress it up and share with in-game friends. Use the stylus as your ultimate cooking utensil to chop, grate, slice, stir, spread, sprinkle, roll, and much more in 150 different mini-games. Create 80 new recipes…

  3. Majesco Cooking Mama 3 Shop and Chop Nintendo DS Game

    Fresh from the harvest in Gardening Mama, Mama’s heading back to her culinary roots with Cooking Mama 3: Shop and Chop. Packed with six game modes--including two new to the game franchise--all new recipes, ingredient shopping, dish combinations and multiplayer cooking challenges, Cooking Mama 3: Shop and Chop lets players explore their inner creative chef with everyone’s favorite kitchen cutie at their side. Like all Cooking Mama releases, Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop is a collection of frantic mini-games designed to test the players skill in the kitchen. Shop & Chop's tally of these mini-games weighs in at a whopping 200+, and cover every aspect of meal preparation, including mixing, frying, chopping, baking, slicing, grilling and more. Inputs during these are mostly registered by using the DS/DSi stylus, or the user's finger on the touchscreen, with some dishes only requiring the completion of a single mini-game, while others consist of several. Along the way Mama will always be…

  4. Majesco Cooking Mama Nintendo DS Game

    This cute cooking game uses the touchscreen of the Nintendo DS to let you cook meals. Playing as a female chef, you have to prepare the food (slicing the vegetables, slicing the meat), then cook it on the stove. Use the stylus as their master kitchen tool to chop, slice, pan fry, knead, grate, mash, peel and more. With touchscreen play, you can do things such as shake the skillet for an omelet and dip tempura in the oil. Share recipes with up to 4 other people or transfer a saved game to a friend via the DS wireless link. Knead, great, mash, tenderize, mix, peel, carve, roll and more once your dish is ready, you can even use the stylus to prepare the final layout of your meal; cool food down by blowing into the Nintendo DS microphone; combine recipes to create more advanced dishes; share recipes with up to 4 other people or transfer a saved game to a friend via the DS wireless link; earn bronze, silver and gold medals based on the quality of your Cooking; practice mode lets you…

  5. Ubisoft My Healthy Cooking Coach Nintendo DS Game

    Features: - Try out over 200 healthy recipes created by top chefs and learn more about their health benefits thanks to useful nutritional tips - Use the Virtual Refigerator to find recipes using only ingredients in your kitchen or search for dishes by budget, preparation time or food preferences - Keep your eyes on the job with the voice-activated audio guide and use the handy tools included to create shopping lists and convert measurements

  6. Nintendo Personal Trainer Cooking Nintendo DS Game

    Part of a series of non-game tools for the Nintendo DS, this is a portable cooking guide. In creating this product, Nintendo has made use of voice technology from Sharp to give the game synthesized voices. In addition to being spoken to, users can also use their own voice to navigate the software, allowing the user to concentrate on their cooking and not on the DS. Nintendo also allows users to input the contents of their refrigerator to get recipe ideas and have the DS display handy ingredient lists while users are out shopping. Cooking Guide includes more than 200 recipes from around the world. Each recipe contains step-by-step directions and photos to make it possible to prepare dishes you’ve never tried before. Use the stylus or simple voice commands to “turn the page.” A tap of the touch screen lets you adjust the serving size automatically, and users can write and save cooking notes, just as they would in a paper recipe book. The Cooking Guide chef talks you through the…

  7. 2K Play Dora Cooking Club Nintendo DS Game

    Its time to get cooking as Dora helps the Cooking Club get ready for the Favorite Foods Festival! Use math, matching, and of course your super cooking skills to follow the recipes and create a variety of delicious dishes. Features: - Prepare favorite foods such as enchiladas, pizza, salad and more. - Chop, slice, stir and sprinkle your way through over 30 mini-games. - Features Pre-K and Kindergarten math based curriculum: counting, sorting, and simple fractions. - Ability for parents to track child’s progress.

  8. If you don’t know what to do with game and are rather apprehensive about cooking it, or if you are already a game cook and wish to expand your knowledge, then you will find this comprehensive book of enormous interest. As the authors point out in the Introduction, ‘Cook Game takes the cook back to basics one minute and is mouth-wateringly adventurous the next.’

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  9. GAME OF SCONES COOK BOOKCompete with comrades for succession to the iron throne of the seven kingdoms while the other noble families fight independence from it. The hierarchy waits for not one man, or doughnut, muffin or scone for that matter! Create and cook real replicas of your favourite Game of Thrones characters, you can finally nibble on Jon Snow! Tyrion’s shortbread, unsullied soldiers or maybe you could bake a 3-eyed raven pie. Arya hungry? Because dinner is coming.FEATURES By blood and dough, scones are your birth right Jam, sugar and death to the king Kings, Queens and appetisers are rising SPECIFICATIONS 117 pages included Length 14.5cms Width 1.5cms Height 19.5cms

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  10. Eat Vegan on $4.00 A Day : A Game Plan for the Budget Conscious Cook

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  11. Buy My Cooking Coach Prepare Healthy Meals DS Game from DVDLand. My Cooking Coach is an interactive tool that helps you cooking healthier by providing healthy recipes and a great variety of meals. KEY FEATURES: Create a personalized profile to set your preferences such as the budget allowed, the time constraint or ingredient preferences, etc. Daily suggestions will show up depending on your profile. Browse through 250 healthy and delicious recipes developed by chefs. Learn more about each recipe with the nutritional tips provided by a certified nutritionist.

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  12. Discusses smokers you can build or purchase and gives tips on how to run them for optimum results. Various fuels to use are mentioned as well. There is also a chapter on brines and seasonings, and several chapters on how to smoke different foods, including turkey, cheese, sausage, fish, beef, nuts, wild game, and much more.

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  13. Written with the most exotic wild game and fish in mind, this unusual collection features delicious, original recipes designed to please any meat lover's palate, including: Deer, wild boar, buffalo, and bearPheasant, quail, and partridgeSaltwater and freshwater catchRubs, relishes, and marinadesTrimmings and dessertsExpert author Karen Eagle also reveals the secrets of cooking wild game, from the various techniques for preparing it (such as roasting and smoking) to substitutions that really work. With "The Everything Wild Game Cookbook," it's not just "same-old, same-old" for supper any more

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  14. Discusses smokers you can build or purchase and gives tips on how to run them for optimum results. Various fuels to use are mentioned as well. There is also a chapter on brines and seasonings, and several chapters on how to smoke different foods, including turkey, cheese, sausage, fish, beef, nuts, wild game, and much more.

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  15. The tempting recipes and expert advice in this book put game firmly back on the menu. Popular TV chef Phil Vickery and award-winning butcher Simon Boddy demystify the subject by showing you how to prepare and cook a whole range of wildfowl, fish, feathered and furred game at home. Phil's inventive and internationally influenced dishes cover everything from Pot Roast Coconut Stuffed Partridge and Spiced Pigeon with Green Lentils to Thai Quail Salad, Japanese Mirin Salmon and Pan-Fried Sea Trout with Warm Tomato Sauce Sauce, while Simon guides you through the skills and techniques needed to create everything from Hot Smoked Partridge and Spiced Hare and Chocolate Salami to Venison Bresaola. There are even recipes for more unusual game such as ostrich and squirrel.

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  16. Turn Play Time into Profit TimeAre you inventive? Fun? Have you been called a kid at heart? If so, let us introduce you to an up-and-coming, fresh-faced market with unbelievable purchasing power-meet today's kidsAn ever-growing market, kids offer a world of business possibilities for inspired entrepreneurs like you From party planning and gift products to cooking classes and clothing, Entrepreneur covers the hottest businesses within the flourishing kid-focused industry. Providing insider advice, tips and tricks along the way, our experts take you step by step and show you how to discover your specialty, legally and financially establish your business, manage day-to-day operations and so much moreLearn how to: Discover your specialty within one of five hot areas of interest-party planning, cooking classes, gift and bath products, plus-sized clothing, educational toys and games Choose the best location and sales avenues to effectively reach your consumers Efficiently manage inventory and supplies for easy order fulfillment Create a support staff who help you succeed Use effective marketing and advertising tools to gain exposure and get the word out Build positive customer and vendor relationships Plan for future growthKids are spending record amounts of their own money-grab your share of this multi-billion-dollar market today

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  17. There's nothing like the satisfaction of bringing home freshly caught fish or magnificent wild game. With the help of this cookbook, that satisfaction will reach everyone who's lucky enough to join you for the meal. Cooking Fish & Game offers almost a hundred different ways to prepare mouthwatering meals, from shore lunches to gourmet dinners. With many decades' worth of tested, tasted and re-tested recipes, this book provides a multitude of delicious options for turning your fresh catch into an exquisite meal. Once you try these dishes, you'll be hooked. And once you serve them, everyone will be game for more!

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  18. Recipes are only as good as their ingredients, especially when it comes to meat. That's why having a good understanding of how to select, cut, and cook meat makes all of the difference in the final taste. Written by Ruby & White, one of Britain's leading butcher shops, Great Meat debunks myths and misinformation around selecting and cooking meat and offers up valuable information to meat lovers and serious home cooks who want to learn new and different preparation techniques. This go-to guide to meat takes you through the technical aspects of meat, while providing recipes along the way that will help you try out your newfound techniques. Learn how to identify and use different cuts, why and when free-range and grass-fed is better, the basics of home butchery, and much more. Great Meat is filled with photos and diagrams showing where different cuts of meat come from, their corresponding preparation techniques, and recipes from the leading chefs and restaurants in Britain.

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  19. Young chefs will enjoy this 9 piece play cookware set and find that it's just the right size for them to stir up some fun. It's the perfect companion to #13 Wooden Cooktop. Set contains oven mitt, pot holder, whisk, measuring spoon set, wooden spoon, saute pan, 4 1/2" pot with lid and sauce pan.Includes an oven mitt, pot holder, whisk, measuring spoon set and moreAll components of this set are washableKids love pretending to cook alongside their parentsKids will love the red and white potholders and using the tools just like mom doesRecommended for children age 3 and up

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