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  1. Bond No. 9 Cooper Square 100ml EDP Unisex Cologne

    This Fall (2010), Bond No. 9 launches two eaux de parfum - Cooper Square and Washington Square. "For a century and a half, it’s modestly served as the front yard to Cooper Union, that world-famous architecture and engineering institution, and as a strategically located sliver of a park where traffic barreling down from uptown swerves and merges to form the start of uber-Downtown, otherwise known as the Bowery. But today, Cooper Square itself is in motion, zooming into the 21st century—and acquiring a new image as the latest New York hot-spot". (press release) This is a contemporary warm and intense eau de parfum with the lightest notes of juniper berry and vetiver. The key notes are: Cognac, lavender, patchouli, and an ambery, feral Mediterranean flowering plant called ciste labdanum.

  2. Bond No 9 Bond No 9 Cooper Square 100ml EDP Women's Perfume

    The Cooper Square fragrance available as Eau De Parfum from the perfume house of Bond No. 9 was launched in 2010. It is a pleasant departure from the fruity sweet fragrances and will appeal to women desiring a more deep and intense fragrance.

    $151.88 - $411
  3. SCE Sly Cooper Thieves in Time PS3 Playstation 3 Game

    Sly Cooper and his mischievous cohorts, Bentley and Murray, return in a brand new epic, time-traveling adventure in Sly Cooper Thieves in Time.After completing their latest heist, Sly carries on with a case of alleged amnesia and dances off with gal pal Carmelita, leaving Bentley as the keeper of the treasured Thievius Raccoonus, The Cooper family’s ancient book of master thievery. When Bentley discovers that pages of the book have begun to disappear in front of his eyes, he must round up the gang and save the Cooper Clan legacy from being destroyed forever. Leveraging the processing power and technology of PS3, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time marks the franchise’s biggest and most ambitious game yet with completely re-designed characters, worlds two times the size of those in previous Sly games, more vibrant and dense environments, and real-world physics allowing for a realistic gameplay experience. Staying true to the franchise’s signature gampelay style of blending stealth, thievery,…

  4. 205 55 16 Tyre. Michelin Primacy 3 is a superb premium touring vehicle tyre that features as an Original Equipment (OE) for leading luxury car manufacturers including Mercedes, Audi and BMW. Its four wide lateral groove design enables enhanced performance with improved handling and braking capability in both wet and dry driving conditions. Combining this with optimised tread stiffness, Primacy 3 delivers a smooth and comfortable ride.

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  5. 265 65 17 Tyre. The Toyo Open Country A/T 2 is an all terrain light truck tyre with high on and off-road performance levels. Toyo utilises a rugged tread design that delivers confidently on wet, dry, snow or mud covered surfaces by integrating polygonal tread blocks and zigzag sipes that work together for maximum traction. The result is superb quality driving with all-season ability and handling.

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  6. 265 65 17 Tyre. Whether you want to ride the highways in comfort, or go for an off-road adventure, the multi-purpose Michelin Latitude Cross is the premium fit for your SUV. It offers the off-road performance of an all-terrain tyre, thanks to the Mud Catcher tread pattern, so you will feel secure on any surface. And, on the highway, you will have the comfort and ride of an on-road tyre. Plus, the Terrain-Proof tread compound is highly resistant to cuts and tears, providing longer mileage in multi-purpose use and with loaded vehicles.

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  7. 215 60 16 Tyre. The Michelin Primacy HP is a quiet, comfortable tyre engineered for luxury touring sedans. It provides precise dry handling and shorter stopping distances in wet conditions thanks to its unique rubber compounds. This also ensures increased sport handling for overall performance on wet surfaces. The reinforced sidewalls and Zero Pressure Technology allow the car to be driven up to 80kms with no air pressure, while the Comfort Control Technology reduces vibrations and road noise for a quieter ride. The Michelin Primacy HP is fitted as original equipment on luxury sedans like the Lexus GS 430, Mercedes E-Class and Audi A6.

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  8. Flat tyres can really a good outing or make you very late for work! With this handy portable air compressor whether you are off on a camping trip, taking off off-road or just need some reassurance handy in the garage you will always have the air you need to pump up those tyres or other inflatable devices. The powerful 12V compressor pumps 85L per minute and comes with its own pressure gauge, air hose and deflation and inflation valves. Easy to operate and fast. This unit will pump a standard 4WD tyre in under 1.5 minutes! Don't be caught out on your next road trip, take this compressor along for added peace of mind. Features Double Alloy steel cylinder blocks Inflates flat 4WD tyre to full in less than 90 secs Black cushion grip handle Heavy duty on/off switch Chrome Plated Connector (From the handle). Good Quality PU Coiled Hose (pipe) with Pressure Gauge, including Air hose Chrome Plated Covered Pressure Deflation valve measures PSI & BAR Equipped with a bleed valve to protect the air compressor Specifications Voltage: DC 12V Max. Air Flow: 85L/min Max. Pressure: 150PSI Air hose length (black): 25cm Coiled Air hose length (orange): approx. 0.3m~5m Safety fused 3m power cord and in-line fuse (30AMP) Dimensions: 24.5 x 9.5 x 19cm Product Content 1 x Air Compressor 1 x Coiled Air Hose (orange) 1 x Air Hose (black) 2 x Battery Clamps 3 x Nozzle Adaptors 1 x Deflation valve 1 set x Tyre Plug Kit 1 x User manual 1 x Quick Connect

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  9. Alloy Body Overfill Release Button Moulded Grip BSP Style Inlet Plug Easy to Read Gauge Flexible Hose Ideal for automoble tyres, farm equipment, bicyle tyres andamp; most other inflation applications

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  10. 265 70 15 Tyre. The Michelin LTX All Terrain is a light truck tyre that offers amazing fuel efficiency an elongated tread life.

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  11. This really is a must for all vehicle, motorbike and bike owners. A powerful yet compact 12V air compressor that can top up the air in your tyres in seconds. With plenty of 'grunt' behind it, this 540W motor really packs a punch. Comes with built in power overload protection, an accurate dual pressure gauge and precise deflation valve for all your inflation and deflation presets. This air compressor also features a bonus tyre plug kit for easy and immediate tyre repairs and 3 multi purpose heads to attach to your bike, car or truck tyre. Great to leave in the shed, at work or on the road for whenever you need air pressure fast. Features Heavy duty 2M power cord with safety fuse Convenient handle design for easy transportation Top quality NPT fittings; leakage free Accurate dual pressure gauge Power overload protection Smart and easy snap on air outlet Auto reset thermal protection Precise deflation valve for inflation and deflation pre-setting Comes with 3 additional multi-purpose head attachments Comes with a durable carry bag Bonus 1 x tyre plug kit for handy tyre repair Specifications Motor type: Permanent magnetic Power: 540W Max. air flow: 200L/min Voltage: 12-13.8V Max. amperage draw: 45A Working pressure: 10BAR/150PSI Max. restart pressure: 200PSI Max. ambient temp: 60°C Min. ambient temp: -55°C Hose fittings: 1/4" NPT Hose length: 7.5m Colour: Golden Size: 34.5x14x19cm Recommended duty cycle: 30 min @ 2.8 BAR (40psi) @ 24°C (72°F) Product Content 1 x GIANTZ Premium Air Compressor 2 x Alligator Clamp 3 x Bonus Head Attachment 1 x Deflation Valve 1 x Tyre Plug Kit 1 x Carry Bag 1 x User Manual

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  12. 265 70 17 Tyre. Combining toughness, durability and traction, this All-Terrain 4WD tyre will give you the confidence to take on the harshest challenges. The BFGoodrich T/A KO2 is the toughest All-Terrain tyre ever and provides enhanced grip in mud, snow and rocky conditions thanks to the ‘Side-Biter’ lugs and ‘Mud-Buster’ bars. And, with a serrated shoulder design, plenty of manoeuverability in soft soil and deep snow. The tough sidewalls lower the chances of cuts and tears, ensuring protection in all terrain. The advanced tread design also guarantees a longer tyre-life both on and off-road.

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  13. 285 65 17 Tyre. Thinking of braving Australia’s harsh outback? This is the ultimate 4WD all-terrain tyre for the job. The Bridgestone Dueler A/T 697 provides plenty of off-road grip, thanks to the aggressive tread pattern, as well as long tyre-life in the most demanding of conditions. And, the light truck construction and large tread blocks ensure good protection from cuts and tears when out on the trail, as well as protection from punctures on-road. With its tough construction and improved heat endurance, the A/T 697 is fit for all terrain adventuring. Designed to withstand even Australia’s harshest outback conditions, Dueler is tough enough to bring you back.

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  14. 265 75 16 Tyre. For cruising the roads or losing yourself on the trail, the all-terrain all-season 4X4 Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10 combines a durable tread design and block structure to overcome any obstacle. With reinforced under-tread gauge, thick sidewalls and reinforced carcass, this all-terrain tyre provides plenty of protection against cuts and tears, both on and off the road. And, the rugged ATM RF10 always ensures superior grip, especially in muddy or snowy conditions. The jointless bead wire also stops bead separation when driving off-road on low air pressure.

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  15. 205 55 16 Tyre. Specified as original equipment on the Mercedes B Class and Mazda6 (among other prestige vehicles), the Turanza T001 is the perfect tyre for drivers who enjoy luxury touring. The Turanza T001 combines a unique tread design with noise reduction technology, without compromising performance and a quiet, comfortable ride. Thanks to the Nano Pro-Tech tread compound, the T001 delivers unmatched performance in wet weather and its good rolling resistance means better fuel efficiency. With superior grip and braking, high speed stability and long wear-life, The Turanza T001 is a great fit for your prestige ride.

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  16. 225 65 17 Tyre. MICHELIN Primacy SUV tyres are engineered to give all-round performance and safety to your choice SUV. Together with an optimised rubber compound and precision arrangement of tread sipes it delivers impressive wet road handling and maximum wet road grip. Its tread pattern incorporates wider grooves within the shoulder block and a reinforced centre rib for better stability and handling resulting in a high performance drive.

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  17. 215 60 16 Tyre. Goodyear’s Assurance Triple Max is ‘triple’ by name and ‘triple’ by nature – packing three key features into one tyre. Here’s a tyre that offers long tyre life, Goodyear’s fuel-saving technology and the Hydro-Grip system for better handling and braking. The Assurance Triple Max can improve braking by up to two metres in wet weather driving, and is available in a wide range of sizes.

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  18. 315 35 20 Tyre. The Bridgestone A001 is a premium tyre designed for urban driving sedans. The tyre has exceptional all year round performance - with good steering response, excellent traction on wet and dry roads and increased fuel efficiency.

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  19. 175 65 15 Tyre. Combining long mileage and great fuel efficiency, this economical tyre – for small to medium cars – is for everyday motorists who care about the environment and also want to save their money for the finer things in life. The Yokohama BluEarth AE01 uses low rolling resistance technology to take drivers up to 8% further on a tank of petrol on highways, and a whopping 10% further in urban environments. The five-pitch variation tread design also provides low tyre and cabin noise, ensuring you have a quiet and comfortable ride. The ‘Orange Oil’ technology provides plenty of grip in wet conditions, while also guaranteeing long mileage. The earth-friendly BluEarth AE01 is the wise, caring tyre choice for your vehicle.

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