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  1. :Pre-Brush Rinse Noticeably Whitens Teeth Fights Plaque Build-up Controls Tarter

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  2. :Supreme Klean Saliva Mouthwash effectively cleanses toxins from your mouth. Easy to use. Just swish and spit. This mouthwash is highly effective. Place in mouth and swish for 2-3 minutes. Your mouth will now be coated with solution and saliva will be clean of toxins for approximately 30-40…

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  3. :Zinda Black Oil is an oral pulling oil based on the 5000-year old Ayurvedic tradition of oil pulling (swishing between your teeth), infused with the power of activated charcoal for a stronger “pulling” effect. Plus, we've infused naturally sweet xylitol for the extra benefit of plaque control and…

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  4. :Introducing CloSYS Silver, a specifically designed rinse to help the changing and care needs of adults. As we age we become more vulnerable to chronic diseases and more sensitive oral care conditions. CloSYS Silver uses a gentle non-irritating formula to help adults 55 and over deal with these…

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  5. This natural mouthwash contains a potent Ayurvedic Formula with 23 herbal extracts and 9 essential oils, with Neem and Peelu. It’s rich in botanical extracts and essential oils that are full of beneficial properties for teeth and gums.

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  6. Prevents nflammation of the gums caused by plaque bacteria, which are deposited at the gum line and can lead to gingivitis. Use daily to prevent gum problems. Parodontax ® mouthwash contains the antibacterial agent chlorhexidine in a form suitable for the daily care of concentration, which has been…

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  7. Antiseptic/disinfectant Oral Hygiene

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  8. Solimo Oral Care helps improve overall oral hygiene and leaves your mouth with a clean, fresh feeling. Whether you're looking for an alcohol-free rinse, anticavity protection, or dry mouth relief, Solimo Oral Care has the mouthwash that meets your needs. Use as directed every day for a fresher,…

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  9. :Dr Organic Aloe Vera Mouthwash

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  10. VITIS is the widest and most specialised range of toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouthwashes and dental floss and tape. An oral hygiene brand that offers specific and personalised care for everyone. VITIS offers an extensive selection of products with features that make them ideal for deep cleaning of…

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  11. :Mouthwash for those taking or using homoeopathic treatments. It provides anti-bacteria and antimicrobial action, fights against cavities and reduces gum bleeding. It also offers protection from gingivitis and periodontitis. The mouthwash does not contain substances that counteract homoeopathic…

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  12. :This concentrated mouthwash Spearmint Flavoured fresh and many effects not only your breath and ensures a clean feeling in their mouth, but it also provides for a better removal of Plaque from the teeth alleine. each bottle is enough for up to 100 applications.

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  13. :4PACK Now you no longer have to worry about having bad breath. CB12 is a safe breath rinse that neutralises the formation of the substances that cause bad breath. Simply rinse your mouth with CB12 in the morning and you will have a safe breath for 12 hours. Bad breath - a very common problem Bad…

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  14. For the most up to date information, we recommend you visit the manufacturer website for the best product details, including ingredients, hazards, directions and warnings. This product offering is for 3 Retail Package

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  15. :From the makers of Sensodyne. Moisturising mouthwash for a dry mouth. Moisturises your mouth. Locks in moisture. Helps protect from dryness. Tri hydra technology. Oasis moisturising mouthwash offers the benefits of a regular mouthwash in a gentle alcohol-free formulation. Rather than containing…

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