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  1. Polyester/Cotton Full elastic waist with drawstring 2 Side & 1 back pocket Open cuff Emb

    + Shipping: $10.00
  2. Our Cougars microfiber track pants are fully lined, making them a great option for the cooler weather. With a comfort waistband with drawstring, straight leg cut and side pockets these pants make a perfect addition to any winter wardrobe.

    + Shipping: $10.00
  3. Cougar MX330 Computer Case

    The transparent window acts like a portal into your gaming PC. It not only allows you to enjoy the lighting effects, but also provides you with a remarkable visual experience. This is a case you will not hesitate to show off to others. MX330 has 7 PCI slots for supporting up to 350mm multiple graphics cards which allows you to install all the computing power you need. You have the ability to host up to two 2.5inch SSD and two 3.5inch HDD for all your storage needs. With the ability to support up to a 240mm radiator on the front panel and an additional 5 fans. The MX330 X takes it one step further and supports up to 6 fans. MX330 brings you an excellent cooling solution. This case will allow you to build the computer of your dreams. Easy cleanable and detachable dust filters on the front, top, and bottom cover which will help you keep the computer of your dreams clean.

    $49 - $55
  4. Cougar Panzer Computer Case

    Cougar Panzer has been designed to embody everything a gaming case would need. It follows the original design elements of the Panzer Max utilizing a powerful design including two fully transparent tempered glass side covers, support for up to four radiators, eight fans, and three graphics cards with a max length of 425mm The Panzer will house the gaming system of your dreams. The fully transparent tempered glass side acts like a portal into your gaming PC. They not only allow you to enjoy the lighting effects, but also provide you with a remarkable visual experience. When you want to show your amazing build to others, you do not have to remove any covers as you can already see everything.

  5. Cougar MG110 Computer Case

    COUGAR MG110-W is a compact micro case with a transparent acrylic side window design, which provides you enough space for high end hardware and expansion to showcase your powerful systems directly. In addition, it supports up to 240mm water cooling radiator and 5 fans for superior cooling performance. MG110-W micro case provides you customization and powerful gaming system. The transparent window acts like a portal into your gaming PC. It not only allows you to enjoy the lighting effects, but also provides you with a remarkable visual experience. If you are proud of your amazing builds, do not hesitate to show it off.

    $48 - $99
  6. Cougar QBX Computer Case

    The most advanced compact case of the market is here. COUGAR QBX comes here to conquer the world with three big weapons within its compact body Its dimensions, its expansion potential and its unrivaled cooling. Gamers no longer need enormous desks with lots of space to install high end gaming components in order to enjoy new generation games. To prevent this, QBX supports enormous amounts of storage so that you can put all your games, music, movies and whatever you want inside it.

    $79 - $79
  7. Cougar Panzer Max Computer Case

    PANZER MAX is a full tower gaming case that has been designed with gamers, overclockers, modders and professional level computer lovers in mind.It provides you with unprecedented levels of freedom when designing your system by giving you maximum capacity in choosing components, superb cooling capabilities, and sporting an attractive yet professional looking design that will enhance any area you put it in. Panzer MAX brings you unprecedented levels of freedom when designing your system. Its support for six different motherboard form factors and up to four double slot 390mm graphics cards allows you to install all the computing power you need, while the possibility to host up to six storage devices will provide plenty of space for your files.

    $149 - $149
  8. Cougar Archon V Computer Case

    The Cougar Archon V Mid Tower Case features a unique black orange interior coating along with a transparent side window so that you can show off your build. It supports up to 5 fans, advanced USB 3.0, support for high end graphics cards up to 310mm in length, a 500W Cougar power supply, easy to clean detachable air filters, advanced cable management and more. With the ability to house a Micro ATX or ATX motherboard, the Archon V is a great mid tower case for your next gaming build.

    $59 - $89
  9. Cougar Conquer Aluminium Computer Case

    Conquer is based on COUGAR’s outstanding and consistent design DNA with truss aesthetics, aluminum framing and military style. Through the innovative aluminum alloy frame to forge an all new ultimate and stylish masterpiece. Based on outstanding and consistent with COUGAR military design DNA and truss aesthetics. All the aluminum alloy frame is made meticulously with CNC mill for refining every design detail. The open frame concept composed of strengthened aluminum alloy frame with two 5mm thick tempered glass side panels to be the most stylish design.

    $319 - $349
  10. Cougar Panzer G Computer Case

    Looking for an attractive, modern looking case that manages to house all the high end components you need for gaming. Look no further you have it in Panzer G. With Panzer G, COUGAR is driving the evolution of mid tower cases towards a more modern, elegant and attractive direction that shall become the new standard for this format in the following years.Combining a tall body that can enclose all the components a gamer needs while keeping a slim shape, four massive tempered glass covers and three of the new Vortex LED fans with circular lighting, Panzer G stands above all other cases. Build your dream PC on this future proof case that will guarantee your ability to keep upgrading your components in the future. With support for four motherboard form factors, seven expansion slots for up to three double slot graphics cards and plenty of room for storage, Panzer G is both 4K and VR ready.

    $139 - $139
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