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  1. NEW Bed Buddy Cramp Relief Pack is re-usable and delivers incredible pain relief. Simply microwave and let the Therma-Therapy moist heat deeply penetrate your aches and pains. Can be applied directly to skin or over clothes. Calming and soothing aromatherapy with eucalyptus, clove and cinnamon will…

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  2. Help reduce the frequency of muscle cramps.

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  3. :About the Product: This is an orthotic device for improving your feet health.These Orthotic Foot Support Cushions help reduce heel, arch, ball of foot, knee, hip, lower back pain. It provides support and comfort to tired achy feet by providing compression and shock absorbing technology to and…

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  4. Game Changing Graduated Compression Kick shin splints, chronic leg fatigue and poor circulation to the curb with Rikedom Sports True Graduated Compression Calf sleeve. With a true game-changing compression level of 20 – 25 mmHg, you will feel the difference it makes to improve performance and…

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  5. THE PUREST UNDERGROUND MAGNESIUM FLAKES: You may not be able to go back 300 million years to soak among the healing Permian waters, but you've found the closest thing. Extracted at a depth of 2,650m from an untouched watershed, Seven Minerals Magnesium Chloride Flakes contain no toxic heavy metals,…

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  6. :THE RESTLESS LEG REMEDY THAT ACTUALLY WORKS Enjoy Peaceful Nights Looking to put a stop to the throbbing leg pain whenever you take a break or lie down to catch some sleep. Then your safest bet is to supplement with magnesium; and this all-natural magnesium oil spray is the best restless leg…

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  7. HomeGym 4U Massage Roller Stick (Foam Rollers' Baby Cousin) If you have ever used the infamous foam roller for muscles, then you know how effective they can be. However, the massage stick is more portable and makes it easier to massage specific muscle groups such as the neck, inner thigh muscles,…

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  8. RELIEVE PAIN, CORRECT THE ISSUE WITH OUR GEL TOE SEPARATORSThe pain and discomfort that come from toe issues can control your entire day. Whether you're dealing with bunions, hammer toe, claw toes, corns, or cramping, a product that realigns the toes and provides separating cushion can offer the…

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  9. :Take your training to the next level With its' superior blend of 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex, the X31 Sports Calf Compression Sleeve promotes improved blood circulation to muscles, and helps regulate and maintain body temperature. Athletes report reduced calf cramps and lessened fatigue while…

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  10. Crampeze FORTE Night Cramps contains natural ingredients that provide:• Relief from the symptoms of night cramps• Relief from the symptoms of muscle cramps and spasms, tired, aching and restless legs• Magnesium supplementationMagnesium: Helps to maintain proper muscle function and may help relieve…

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