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  1. LEKON HSC86 - 4 WXC8 6 - 4 Self-adjustable Crimping Tool

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  2. 3 in 1 Automatic Wire Stripper Crimping Pliers for Cutting

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  3. BOOTLACE CRIMPER 0.25 - 6MM RATCHET FERRULE CRIMPING TOOL Make sure you have a dependable tool for your cable and wire crimping needs. This sturdy and durable tool is a must-have in the toolboxes of electricians, cable installers and other professionals who have occasion to make quick and clean cable and wire crimps. This crimper is designed to attach bootlace ferrules to wires, quickly and easily. This high-quality tool gets it done right the first time, every time! The crimping range is 1 slot for 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2.5, 4 and 6mm² bootlace ferrule terminals - for maximum flexibility. The length of this crimper is approximately 19cm and it features rugged plastic handles for a comfortable grip. Use the right tool for the job when you want it done right! Purchase your own Bootlace Ferrule Crimper today. FEATURES Dieless head Ideal for attaching bootlace ferrule terminals Crimping range: 0.25 to 6mm² 1 slot for 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2.5, 4 and 6mm² bootlace ferrule terminals. Rugged plastic handles Approximate length: 180mm Approximate weight: 0.4kg PACKAGE CONTENTS 1 X Bootlace Crimper 0.25 - 6mm Ratchet Ferrule Crimping Tool

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  4. Parallel mechanism for precise crimping Compound action requires 30-50% less pressure Plier releases once correct pressure is obtained Insulated Terminals 0.5mm2 - 6mm2 (22-10 AWG) Open Barrel Connectors N/I 0.5mm2 - 6mm2 (22-10 AWG) Non Insulated Terminals 0.5mm2 - 10mm2 (22-8 AWG) Coaxial Connectors RG58, RG59, RG62 - Hex, 6.8mm, 5.41mm, 1.73mm Coaxial Connectors RG59, RG-6 - Hex, 8.89mm, 8.13mm, 6.48mm Modular Connectors RJ45, CAT5e - CAT6

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  5. Combination wire stripper and crimper for pre-insulated terminals Ratchet controlled crimp for consistent results Complete crimp with one hand Cast from chrome molybdenum steel and fully heat treated Polypropylene handle grips resist chipping and cracking Crimping Capacity: 1.5, 2.5 & 6.0m pre-insulated terminals

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  6. Highlights HANLONG Crimping Tool for RG-58 / RG-59 / RG-6 Dimensions: 29cm x 2.5cm x 12cm Weight: 1.0kg

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  7. Highlights Coax Cable Crimp and Strip Tool Kit Dimensions: 6.7cm x 22.8cm x 30.4cm Weight: 1.5kg

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  8. Professional CRIMP TOOL FOR RJ11, RJ12, RJ45 - 06CT468-1

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  9. Fibre Crimp Tool (suit Foxconn)

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  10. This high-quality hydraulic crimping tool is a crimper made to crimp cable lugs from 10 mm?. A handy carrying case is included for easy transportation and safe storing.

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  11. The ceramic Crimp N Curl can be used as a hair curling wand to form bouncy looking curls or as a wave barrel to fold your hair into short crimp waves. The digital temperature allows you to control the heat up to 230°c. This tool is finished with an anodized coating to help protect your hair so it remains healthy. Simple, fast and easy to use the ultimate 2 in 1 tool to quickly add the professional touch to your hair. * 12 months warranty * Dual Voltage * Worldwide Use * 360° Swivel cord * Suitable For all hair types

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  12. Pro'sKit PK-CP376K Professional Modular Crimps Strips & Cuts Tool (205mm)

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  13. Alogic MMDP11 Professional Multi Modular Ratcheted Crimping Tool

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  14. This ratchet type crimping tool allows you to cut and strip network cables for situations that require custom length cables. It easily crimps the connectors into place and supports 8 pin RJ-45, 6 pin RJ-12 and 4 pin RJ-11 connectors.

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  15. Astrotek 8 pins RJ-45 6 pins RJ-12 4 pins RJ-11 Crimper Cut Strip Crimping Tool Kit with Ratchet Orange Colour Hood RoHS

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  16. Add volume & soft texture or create a dynamic crimped look.

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  17. Highlights HANLONG RJ-45/ RJ12/RJ11 Modular Crimping Tool – Professional Series Supplied with bundled StrippingTool Dimensions: 3CM x 27CM x 11CM Weight: 0.5KG

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  18. Highlights Dynamix RJ-45/ RJ12/RJ11/DEC Modular RJ-45/ RJ12/RJ11/DEC Modular Crimping Tool – Professional Series Includes Stripping function Dimensions: 29cm x 12cm x 3cm Weight: 0.6kg

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  19. Terminal Wire Crimper tool for Servo Connectors

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