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  1. Daikin FTXS85L Air Conditioner

    A Daikin Split System will air condition one room or area of your home. Daikin reverse cycle inverter air conditioners can efficiently keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Dimensions (H x W x D) Outdoor (mm) 990x940x320 Indoor (mm) 340x1200x240 Weight Outdoor (kg) 80 Indoor (kg) 17

    $2399 - $2490
  2. Set FAQ71C-AV Daikin Sky Air Wall Mounted System air conditoner 7.1kw Cooling, 8.0kw Heating Capacity. Indoor FAQ71CVEA - Controller BRC1E62 - Outdoor RZQS71AV1 / R410A refrigerant

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  3. Set FAQ100C-AV Daikin Sky Air Wall Mounted System Air Conditioner 10.0kw Cooling - 11.2kw Heating Capacity. Indoor FAQ100CVEA - Controller BRC1E62 - Outdoor RZQS100AV1 / R410A refrigerant

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  4. Set FAQ100C-AY Daikin Sky Air Wall Mounted System air conditioner 10.0kw Cooling - 11.2kw Heating Capacity. Indoor FAQ100CVEA - Controller BRC1E62 - Outdoor RZQS100AY1 / R410A refrigerant

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  5. Panasonic Inverter Deluxe Split System 1 Air Conditioner

    THE PERFECTENERGY SAVING MATCHECONAVI and INVERTER intelligently work together, adapting to the way you live and optimizing operation accordingly to save energy. 5 energy saving features monitor activity and room conditions to detect where energy is normally wasted. Varies compressor speed according to ECONAVI sensor data. Achieves precise temperature control. By combining the abilities of these two innovations, you can achieve up to 65% energy savings.

  6. Kogan 18000 Split System Air Conditioner

    Kogan 18000 Split System Air Conditioner With a 5.1 kW system, this split system works efficiently even for rooms up to 35sqm in size. So whether you have a mid sized room or a large lounge area, this reverse cycle air conditioner is your perfect choice. These machines are faster and reach the perfect temperature far quicker than non-inverter air conditioners bringing you big savings in terms of energy and money.

  7. Kogan 9000 Split System Air Conditioner

    Kogan 9000 Split System Air Conditioner The quality of installation of your system decides the efficiency, safety, and long-term reliability of your air conditioner. When you arrange your installation through us, we guarantee the services of a licensed installer who specialises in air conditioner installations.

  8. Manufacturer SKU: GES103R212035 Reliable power with intelligent energy-saving features As part of Deltas highly regarded Amplon line, the Amplon RT series is an up-to-10kVA rackmount UPS with double conversion on-line technology. Offering advanced performance for servers, data centers, networking, VoIP and telecommunications, the Amplon RT series of UPSs (uninterruptible power supplies) makes an excellent choice for servers with high power density and input power factor. Its advanced architecture provides low current harmonics. UPS units in the series can keep power flowing under adverse circumstances, offering full-time rackmount solutions and protection for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with true online double-conversion topology. With a 1+1 parallel redundancy function, the Amplon RT series provide higher reliability for rackmount solutions. In engineering, redundancy is the duplication of critical components or functions to increase systems reliability. By incorporating multiple copies of a systems most critical components into the overall design, the system is prepared to continue to operate in the event of a power event, or of a failure by one of those components. In the case of an uninterruptible power supply, redundancy is the extra power it can offer as a stand-by during a power outage, until either the main power supply returns, or a generator begins to offer another source of power. UPS power can also keep a system running temporarily so that it can be powered down in an optimal way, which is the safest course of action to protect the hardware and the data. Designed in a rack or tower configuration with an LCD display, the Amplon RT series can include an optional external battery pack to extend power for an even longer period of time, for optimized protection of protect critical applications. Processors and memory use more power than any other components within a server, and their demands for energy can significantly increase a companys operational e

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  9. Manufacturer SKU: 01200679 Liebert ITA Series is a full featured scalable UPS designed to provide long backup time for small computer rooms and network equipment. Using true on-line double conversion UPS technology, Liebert ITA Series provides high efficiency and reliability with 0.9/0.8 output power factor that can power 10-30% more load than other ordinary UPS. This UPS offers flexibility with parallelable configuration and extended backup time with external battery cabinets. Features Best-in-class Efficiency ? Supports parallel operation up to 4 units N+X configuration ? Backup time can be prolonged through cascaded connection or use of large capacity battery bank ? Outstanding energy-saving performance with 92%-94% efficiency ? Input power factor of up to 0.99 with high electric energy utility rate ? Extra-wide input voltage / frequency range effectively reduces the discharging period of battery. Thus, prolonging battery life ? Compatible with 1-phase and 3-phase input power Highly Reliable ? Double-conversion online design that ensures continuous power even when the mains AC fails ? Supports N+X redundant mode up to 4 units for increased system reliability ? DSP full-digital control with high output voltage precision ? Uses state-of-the-art technology and components to withstand fluctuation of input main voltage ? Provides latest USB monitoring interface ? Optional WEB / SNMP card for remote management ? Available in standard and long backup for 4 to 8 hours runtime. External charger is also available ? Strong charging capability effectively reduces battery recharging time

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  10. Auto & manual operation; 24 hour timer; Auto restart; Blue shield corrosion; protection; Climate control; Inverter compressor technology; Ambient temperature range -15°C to 50°C; 2-way auto air swing; Sleep mode; HEPA filter and negative ion filter; Digital display; Remote control

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  11. Features Power supply with 10 plugs to power up to 10 Resilinx modulator devices at once. Can be used on HD-1600/ 1600L/ 1603/ RL-DM1102M etc. Perfect to be used with ZC10pk Specifications Input Voltage 100-240VAC Input Current ≤1.5 Arms ar 100 to 240 VAC input Output Capacity 96.00W max Output Voltage And Current 8A + 12.00 VDC Frenquency 50Hz-60Hz Hold Up Time 10ms min 115VAC input 20ms min 230VAC input Turn On Delay Time 3s max 100 VAC to 20VAC input with Max.load output Operating Temperature -40°C-45°C Storage Temperature -20°C-80°C Operating Humidity 10%-90% RH(Condensation: not required) Storage Humidity 5%-95% RH(Condensation: not required)

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  12. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Split Air Conditioners SRK71ZRA-W Reverse Cycle Inverter Wall Mount Split System Air Conditioner Indoor SRK71ZRA-W Outdoor SRC71ZRA-W / 7.1kW Cooling Capacity - 8.0kW Heating Capacity Long airflow of 17 metres

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  13. 16.0kW Cooling Capacity - 18.0kW Heating Capacity. DAIKIN Set FDYQ160LBAV Inverter R410A. Indoor FDYQ160LAV1 - Outdoor RZQS160AV1 Single Phase - Controller BRC1E62.

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  14. set FDYQN125LA-LV Inverter R410A. Indoor FDYQN125LAV1 - Outdoor RZQ125LV1 Single Phase / 12.5kW Cooling Capacity - 15.0kW Heating Capacity. Include Zone Controller BRC230Z4 up to 4 zones.

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  15. Set FDYQ180LB-AY Inverter R410A. Indoor FDYQ180LBV1 - Outdoor RZQS180AY1 Three Phase / 18.0kW Cooling Capacity - 20.0kW Heating Capacity / Zone Controller BRC230Z4 (230-240Volt damper motors) for up to 4 zones.

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  16. FVXG50K2V1B Super Multi NX and VRV IV-S Multi system Reverse Cycle. FLOOR STANDING - NEXURA 5.0kW - R410A Refrigerant. Indoor Only

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  17. Set FDYQN200LB-LY Inverter R410A. Indoor FDYQN200LBV1 - Outdoor RZQ200LY1 - 20.0kW Cooling Capacity - 22.4kW Heating Capacity /Inc Zone Controller BRC230Z4 up to 4 zones, 230-240 Volt damper motors.

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  18. FFQ60BV1B9 DAIKIN Super Multi NX and VRV IV-S Multi system Reverse Cycle. Compact Cassette 6.0kW Indoor Only. Fascia BYFQ60B3W1 and Wired wall controller BRC1E62

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  19. DAIKIN FFQ25BV1B9 Super Multi NX and VRV IV-S Multi system Reverse Cycle. Compact Cassette 2.5kW Indoor Only. Fascia BYFQ60B3W1 and Wired wall controller BRC1E62.

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  20. Set FDYQ160LB-AV Inverter R410A. Indoor FDYQ160LAV1 - Outdoor RZQS160AV1 Single Phase / 16.0kW Cooling Capacity - 18.0kW Heating Capacity / Zone Controller BRC230Z8 (230-240Volt damper motors) for up to 8 zones

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With global warming and the changing weather patterns, air conditioners have become an important appliance, providing cooling and heating to moderate temperatures of an indoor space, be it commercial or residential. There are essentially two types of air conditioners — refrigerative ACs provide only a cooling service, while reverse cycle air conditioners have both cooling and heating capabilities. For domestic and commercial use, there are split system units (or non-ducted) commonly used in households, multi-split systems that have multiple indoor units, ducted systems, wall units and portable air conditioners — each with their own energy rating. Panasonic air conditioners have the best Canstar ratings, while Fujitsu, Daikin and Kelvinator are the other top-selling brands, followed by LG, Mitsubishi and Samsung, and they all offer some great deals from time to time.
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