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  1. Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight Reels For Sale Despite everything, modern, touchy feely, society tries to tell us, sometimes there is just no substitute for size. The Daiwa Dogfight fishing reel is where big is joined in marriage to technological brilliance. The Dogfight allows you to tackle our fiercest, most belligerent fish species, whether you do it from land or aboard your favourite vessel. The inclusions in the Dogfight are second to none. Daíwa’s best and most famous technology including MagSeal, Twistbuster II, Tough Air Bail and ABS II, make the Daiwa Dogfight a force to be reckoned with in any application. Casting prowess is outstanding. You’ll find the Saltiga Dogfight absolutely perfect on the rocks and for punching well out to the last line of breakers on a windy beach. Boaties will also enjoy casting their lures well away from the fish spooking hull. There are two model options with the Saltiga Dogfight. The 8000 is built for cranking. Perfect for bottom bouncing and pulling monsters up from the deep. The 8000H is your ideal weapon from casting big slices, minnows and poopers at super-fast pelagic species such as tuna or GT Giant Trevally. Whatever your application, you have the newest of Daiwa drag technology in the ATD, or Automatic Tournament Drag. This technology gives you the smoothest possible drag from the moment of strike. The drag starts very smoothly, and in just seconds, defers to the pre-set drag strength, all but eliminating bust ups from the moment of strike. It is technology like ATD that puts the Saltiga Dogfight fishing reel at the pinnacle of large spin reel performance. There really is nothing to compare. When you want big, when you want refined performance, you need to get the Saltiga Dogfight, there is no equal. Features and Specifications Choose from 8000 or 8000H When ordering (8000H is high speed) Gear Ratio: 8000/4.3:1 or 8000H/5.6:1 Ball Bearings: 13+1 Weight: 850 grams Max Drag: 30KG Braid Line Capacity: PE 6 (appro

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  2. Daiwa Sensor Surf IZM Rod Price varies per model - Please Select a size to view price from our ordering menu The new Daiwa Sensor Surf Rods IZM models are your solution to unrivalled beach prowess, regardless of your target species. Be it the delicious Whiting, bone crunching Tailor or Mulloway the size of which you could never carry back to your car unassisted, the Daiwa Sensor Surf IZM Fishing Rods has one in the range to suit you perfectly. There is no need to argue the point. Surf fishing is an incredibly harsh environment when it comes to your fishing equipment. Before you even point your fishing rod at the water the elements are attacking your favourite gear as if determined to destroy it all. Sand and salt, your 4WD, the trip over rock and dune, through She Oak forest, creek and swamp. Your beach rod is exposed to serious challenges, and you haven’t even rigged up yet. You want durability. You want reliability. You want hard wearing strength and endurance. You don’t however, want to sacrifice one ounce of finesse or refined technology. You want it all in one package. The Daiwa Sensor Surf IZM rods are your solution. Read on, but look no further. You’ve found exactly what you need. The Daiwa Sensor Surf Rod is the perfect marriage of the traditional to cutting edge technology. Daiwa HVF carbon blanks maintain power and strength while stripping the weight. Weight in your rig is the bane of all surf anglers, causing aching wrists and forearms. Daiwa has addressed this with style where even the Fuji Alconite K series runners provide 30% less weight and 50% more strength but on top of this Fuji K Guides are basically tangle free so if you’re a fisho that loves to use braided line then these sensor surf rods are ideal. Whether you are casting big live or dead baits to the back of the breakers or searching the gutters close to shore with a blood worm there is a rod for you in the Daiwa Sensor Surf IZM range. We have a few on our list to choos

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  3. In every coastal town in Australia, there’s a bait shop and a boat ramp,and, in garages around the country, fishing rods are strung up waiting for theirnext outing. Many of us have a special fishing spot, and families pass on tipsfrom generation to generation and exchange fishy tales of amazing catches andnear misses. Bringing her personal passion for throwing in a line, author Anna Clark celebratesthe enduring pleasure of fishing in TheCatch: The Story of Fishing in Australia. This book charts the history offishing, from the first known accounts of Indigenous fishing and early Europeanencounters with Australia’s waters, to the latest fishing fads; from the introductionof trout and fly fishing to the challenges of balancing needs of commercial andrecreational fishers. “I just couldn’t put it down … my best fishing read to date” ~ Rob Paxevanos, host of Fishing Australia (TV) Read the review in the Sydney Morning Herald here.

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  4. Australia’s extensive coastline has a rich and diverse maritime history. In Search of Fish and Fortune celebrates the history of fishing and pearling as some of the first commercial trades established following European settlement on the western coastline of Australia, offering an insight into the evolution of design, craftsmanship, skills, and technology of fishing craft. The development of the fishing and pearling industries and the means by which fishers and boat-builders plied their trade is told through the stories of 15 significant vessels from Western Australia’s five principle fishing areas. Stretching as far back as 1875, these stories are about the grassroots fisher folk and the builders of their unique watercraft that took on the many challenges inherent in Australia’s western seas and rivers, to help pioneer the diverse and prosperous fisheries that exist today. Showcasing over 60 magnificent line drawings executed with inimitable precision and beauty by master heritage shipwright Bill Leonard, In Search of Fish and Fortune features maps and classic photographs that illustrate the stories of the vessels and the generations of boat-builders, shipwrights, and fishermen that constructed, owned, and sailed them.

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  5. This book traces the discovery of Australia's fishes from the earliest days of taxonomy to the first part of the 20th century. It provides a unique insight into the diverse pathways by which Australia's fish were discovered and outlines the history of early maritime explorations in Australia that collected natural history specimens. The book covers the life and work of each of the most important discoverers, and assesses their accomplishments and the limitations of their work.

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  6. A guide for the diver, traveller, fishing enthusiast, or layperson, which aims to provide easy identification of the 222 species of fish covered. Photographs and distribution maps accompany each description, and some show juvenile and adult, or sex variations.

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  7. Covering almost 1,100 species, often with multiple images for important life stages, this field guide represents the most comprehensive collectionof the tropical fishes found on Australian reefs, including the Great Barrier Reef, Coral Sea, Ningaloo Reef, Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island.Many of the species covered are also found widely throughout the Indo- Pacific, from the Red Sea, up to Japan and across to French Polynesia, and travellers will also find this book handy, particularly for popular tropical South Pacific destinations.About the AuthorAuthors Rick Stuart-Smith, Graham Edgar, Andrew Green and Ian Shaw have decades worth of collective experience studying andphotographing reef fishes around the world, especially through their contributions to the Reef Life Survey program (www.reeflifesurvey.com).

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  8. GPS Handbook is the invaluable companion to the novice or experienced GPS using angler alike, or to the travelling angler who wants a head start on unfamiliar waters "GPS Handbook is the invaluable companion to the novice or experienced GPS using angler alike, or to the travelling angler who wants a head start on unfamiliar waters. Containing over 2000 GPS marks for destinations all around Australia this updated edition will also tell you how to get the best from your GPS unit. It will become an automatic addition to your fishing kit!"

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  9. Made in Melbourne, EcoPet rolls are a healthy and natural diet for your pets. Benefits: herbal anti-allergy additive herbal aid to digestion helps with skin problems helps with intestinal problems natural wormer helps with flatulence veterinary recommendation and usage reduces breath problems helps with oral hygiene firmer stoolseasier to clean up high energy yield per kilofeed less Other Features: all ingredients processed fresh daily sealed then cooked to retain maximum food value slow and gentle cooking microbiologically tested permitted to be displayed next to human consumables in retail outlets long shelf life 5 weeks refrigerated frozen indefinitely low volume of packaging waste Eight varieties: chicken and vegetable: fresh chicken, bran, vegetables, rice, egg, garlic, herbs and vitamins chicken and cheese: fresh chicken, bran, vegetables, rice, egg, garlic, herbs and vitamins chicken and fish: Fresh chicken, fish, bran, vegetables, rice, egg, garlic,herbs and vitamins chicken and rice: fresh chicken, bran, rice and garlic lamb and vegetables: chicken, lamb, bran, selected vegetables, rice, egg, garlic, herbs and vitamins lamb and rice: chicken, lamb, bran, selected vegetables, rice, egg, garlic, herbs and vitamins beef and vegetables: chicken, beef, bran, selected vegetables, rice, egg, garlic, herbs and vitamins kangaroo: chicken, kangaroo, bran, selected vegetables, rice, egg, garlic, herbs and vitamins Storage: Complex packaging and an accurately controlled cooking process gives EcoPet rolls a long refrigeration shelf life. EcoPet rolls will maintain their high quality if unopened and refrigerated for 56 weeks. Once opened, EcoPet rolls should be consumed within 7 days, covering the exposed area between servings. For long-term storage, EcoPet rolls can be frozen whole or cut and wraped into meal size portions. Available in our fridge in store only.

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  10. A laminated fish identification poster covering the fish of Australia.

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  11. The AFN Fishing Guide to South Australia will appeal to locals and visitors, experienced anglers and new anglers. In fact, anyone who enjoys wetting a line will find this book an essential reference.

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  12. Therapeia Australia Vegan Fish Oil (Marine Algae DHA/EPA) 60 vegecaps

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  13. This indispensible field guide - the most comprehensive of its kind - covers nearly 1,100 fish species from the tropical seas around Australia. Each has a photo and concise written account. The book summarises information on marine fishes living...

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  14. Autumn is upon us, and as the seasons change a new variety of fish species and fishing techniques come into play for the sportfishers. Monster GT’s make for one of the toughest combatants an angler could ask for, and John Cahill can’t get enough of these bruisers. Logan Dixon gives some of his top tips for targeting bream on the flats in areas such as Moreton Bay in Queensland, while Simon Cardone ticks off a long held dream to fish the stunning Kimberley Coast with a few of his mates. Surface fishing is often associated with slashing strikes and surface disturbances, but Mark Gercovich changes tack and suggests a gentler approach can often be the key to obtaining a bite. For close to a decade Bryn Mathew has traveled thousands of kilometres across the top of the country in his quest for saltwater barramundi, from the remote upper reaches of wilderness creeks and rivers to the well-known congested boat-to-boat thoroughfares. In this article however, his first trip to Rockhampton was something special. Trevor Hawkins explores 3 Victorian trout streams over 3 days with the AFN film crew in tow, and discusses a few of his hints to fishing remote and overgrown wilderness creeks. All that and more can be found in this issue of Sportfishing Australia magazine!

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  15. Our landmark 150th issue of Freshwater Fishing Australia Magazine, we have gone back over those 150 issues & looked at freshwater fishing in Australia, the changes of techniques & tackle that have occurred & been written about in this magazine over that time. We note our staff, past & present, contributors & readers, all of whom have in some way contributed to reaching our 150 issues. The Upper Macquarie River remains a wild river at heart according to Joe Brennan, & he reckons the fishing & history on this iconic river are best experienced from a canoe. Colby Lesko predicts a huge future for Tullaroop Reservoir, with early signs suggesting big trout are on the cards for those that take the time to work out this waterway over the winter period. Nige Webster recounts his relationship with Freshwater Fishing Magazine, & its creator, Bill Classon, & looks back at much has changed in the freshwater fishing scene over the past three decades. Dean Norbiato casts back 30 years & traces the evolution of lures used to lure the mighty Murray cod, our largest freshwater native fish. Braving the icy winds, & cold temperatures of winter in search of freshwater laviathans can test even the keenest of anglers, but the real possibility of encountering huge greenbacks during this time of the year makes it almost impossible to avoid explains Dan Nogare.. Trevor Hawkins gives an overview of the ‘golden’trout waters of the Ballarat region in central Victoria, & makes a case for it being the epicentre of stillwater trout fishing on mainland Australia. Shanks pony or low range 4WD are required to access the middle section of the Eucumbene River between the highway bridge at Kiandra & the Denison camp area to the south, & Trevor Hawkins gives us a taste of this stunning section of river. There’s plenty more of course, including more columns, gear reviews & other content you’ve come to expect & realise from FWF magazine, more in fact than you can poke a fishing rod at!

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  16. Daiwa Tanacom 1000 Electric Fishing Reel The Tanacom 1000 is the slightly lower cost version of the Daiwa tanacom bull 1000. Daiwa has managed to achieve vital cost savings by developing the Tanacom 1000 to be smaller than its predecessor. As a result, the Tanacom is a lighter and smaller electric fishing reel that is actually easier to use than competing products. Daiwa has managed to pack an astonishing amount of performance into the small shell of the Tanacom 1000. Powered by 12v (power supply not included), the Tanacom gives you a maximum continuous value of 22kg instant winding pressure. When you pair that with a 130m per minute retrieval rate, the Tanacom 1000 electric fishing reel suddenly capture your attention. Power is easily adjustable because Daiwa has added a special power lever to give you instantaneous control over power and retrieval rate. There’s also a digital readout to measure the amount of line currently in the water and amount of line retrieved. Daiwa has included an auto-stop feature that can be programmed to kick in when the lure or bait reaches the surface of the water. You’ve also got an auto-jig function that can be programmed to work the lure or bait. All you need to do is pull in the catch once it reaches the surface. Features and Specifications 12-volt DC Operation (acceptable range of voltage 12-16.8V) Power supply not included Automatic jigging function Digital readout measurements Electric current usage: No load – 3 amps, Stall – 10 amps, Max – 30 amps Gearing made out of brass and aluminium Manual winding option Power cord included -approx 2.5 metre length Power lever gives instant control of winding speed and power Programmable auto-stop feature Sealed electronics for a washable design Approx Line Capacity (Braid)PE 6 (approx 60lb)/1000m, PE8(approx 80lb)/800m, PE12(approx 120lb)/600m Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Selection Guide Daiwa Tanacom 1000 Fishing reel is primarily designed for targetin

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  17. Daiwa Aird X Fishing Rods For Sale Daiwa Aird X rods provide your average angler with the sort of feel reserved for higher end rods attracting a far less accessible price tag. The spin rods listed below are all about feel. And the range below covers a good range of applications from finesse, to the anglers chasing something a little larger and casting heavier lures. The performance starts with the Braiding X blank technology. They are super light, incredibly responsive and have a sensitivity that must be felt to be believed. The blanks are fitted with Fuji O Ring guides, lightweight and incredibly sensitive. EVA grips collect every ounce of feeling from the waters floor to the angler’s hand. The Daiwa Surround Hold Reel Seats command a vice like grip, ensuring all power is delivered, every crank. These fishing rods are versatile. They can be fished from land based positions or from your boat or kayak. River, creek, Harbour bay and estuary, your Daiwa Aird X Fishing Rod will become your go-to inshore companion. The fast tapers make them an excellent lure rod. This feature is well supported by the fantastic sensitivity. The Daiwa Aird X Rods for sale now is a sleek piece of engineering, looking every bit as good as it performs. Choose your model, and slap one in your shopping basket. You’ll stand proud in your brag shots. Features and Specifications ModelTypeLengthSectionsActionTaperCast WeightLine Weight 702ULFS Spin 213cm 2 Ultra-light Fast 2 - 10gm 2 - 4 kg 702LFS Spin 213cm 2 Light Fast 4 – 12gm 3 - 5 kg 702MHFS Spin 213cm 2 Medium Fast 7 - 28 gm 5 - 9 kg Braiding X Blank Technology Daiwa Surround Hold Reel Seats EVA grips Fuji O Ring guides 2PC section rods Note: price is for 1 rod only. Please choose the model you require when ordering. Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Suggestion Guide Aird X rods are primarily intended for inshore fishing styles, in rivers, lakes, bays and the likes. They are fine for both fishing in freshwater or saltwate

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  18. Daiwa Saltist Fishing Reel Level Wind LW-20HA High Speed Daiwa Saltist Fishing Reels Level Wind feature 4 + 1 ball bearings, a Rugged all metal construction with rigid one piece aluminium frame, Powerful high strength alloy gears plus more. The Daiwa Saltist Fishing Reel Model LW-20HA has a gear ratio of 6.1:1 and has a line capacity of 380 metres of 12lb or 320 metres of 14lb fishing line. Note: This model of Daiwa Fishing Reel is ordered from Daiwa Australia upon confirmation of an order on our website. Please allow an extra few days for delivery of this Daiwa Fishing Reel. // var google_tag_params = { ecomm_prodid: '453', ecomm_pagetype: 'product', ecomm_totalvalue: '299.00', }; // // var google_conversion_id = 966760817; var google_custom_params = window.google_tag_params; var google_remarketing_only = true; // // //

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  19. Daiwa Saltiga Expedition Fishing Reel – Model 8000 Daiwa Saltiga Expedition Fishing Reel features a long list of incredible benefits, which are often not seen in other reels. The reels are not only dust proof, but water proof as well. The design is innovative and the features are revolutionary. All these combine to provide you with the smoothest rotation and the best water sealing technology which you have ever seen in a spinning reel. Daiwa has prevented water intrusion by placing Mag Sealed bearings in all key points, resulting in a smooth rotation. Plus, the life of the product also increases since the bearings are well protected because of the new seal. The bearings also prevent water, salt, and other minerals from entering into the roller system and the gearbox. As for the rotor, it features a hollow construction which encourages airflow through the entire rotor system. Thus, dust, sand, salt, water, and other particles cannot accumulate, making the Daiwa Expedition 8000 reel resistant to corrosion. Inspired by NASA, Daiwa has incorporated the very same technology with which they fuel space ships, in their new Saltiga Expedition fishing reel. The reel design contains a magnetite based liquid, which generally takes a helical shape. When subjected to magnetic force, the liquid gets the power to change its shape. In the process, it attaches itself to any metal and forms a strong, protective steal. This technology provides the Expedition fishing reels with out-of-the-class lubrication, preventing friction among parts. Dust can also not affect the product in any way. So with both water and dust intrusion features, the life expectancy of Daiwa Saltiga Expedition reel is significantly improved. Features and Specifications Model – Saltiga Expedition 80f00 Spool Capacity: PE Braid 6/540 m, 8/400 m, 10/300 m Innovative design based on magnetic liquid Zaion air rotor Mag seal bearings and line roller Gear ratio: 5.7 Bearings: 13 + 1 Weight: 875 g Max Drag Pres

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  20. Daiwa Millionaire S Baitcaster Fishing Reel S250 Daiwa Millionaire S Bait Caster Fishing Reel. A Classic shaped baitcaster with today’s most advanced performance features, yet at a price that any angler can afford. The Daiwa Millionaire S Baitcaster model Millionaire S 250 has a gear ratio of 5.0:1, 2+1 Ball bearings and a line spool capacity of 280 metres of 12lb, 230 metres of 14lb or 200 metres of 16lb Fishing Line. // var google_tag_params = { ecomm_prodid: '466', ecomm_pagetype: 'product', ecomm_totalvalue: '112.00', }; // // var google_conversion_id = 966760817; var google_custom_params = window.google_tag_params; var google_remarketing_only = true; // // //

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