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  1. DALI Loudspeakers Zensor 5 Speaker

    The ZENSOR 5 front baffle has the exclusive ZENSOR high gloss lacquered finish, while high grade vinyl adds an inviting and smooth look to the cabinet made of medium density fibreboard, incorporating soundproof material and internal bracings. the ZENSOR 5 highlights a line of prominent such as removable front grille, steady aluminium base, front mounted bass reflex port, and a single wired connection input of premium quality.

  2. DALI Loudspeakers Zensor 3 Speaker

    DALI ZENSOR 3 is the latest member of the award winning ZENSOR series. The ZENSOR 3 is developed and built to sound much larger than it actually is. Using a 7inch woofer based on the technology from the ZENSOR 7 and the tweeter module from the ZENSOR 1, the ZENSOR 3 is able to recreate the high frequencies, the mid range and the low bass in the best possible way. The soft dome tweeter module has over and over again proved its ability to deliver a rich and detailed sound.

  3. DALI Loudspeakers Zensor 7 Speaker

    The DALI ZENSOR 7 loudspeaker is a very strong and fine hi-fi floor standing speaker with a beautiful finish. The ZENSOR series are affordable quality loudspeakers with origin in DALIs high end heritage. Being the Magnum Opus of the series, only ZENSOR 7 is equipped with 14inch woofers. The larger cone area on all ZENSORs compared to market standards ensures a highly effortless and authentic reproduction of musical dynamics.

  4. DALI Loudspeakers Rubicon 5 Speaker

    RUBICON 5 is the first of the floorstanding speakers within the family. Combining that bigger internal capacity with our unique ribbon or soft dome hybrid tweeter module, the RUBICON 5 extends and widens higher frequencies to deliver a flawless soundstage of impeccably crisp detail and perfectly precise bass response to bring your music to life. RUBICON 5 is a floor standing speaker. It expands the sonic performance of the RUBICON 2 by adding a hybrid tweeter and a larger cabinet offering more of everything.

  5. DALI Loudspeakers Opticon 8 Speaker

    The OPTICON 8 is the pinnacle of the range. A towering floor stander blessed with the best in DALIs cutting edge technology. With a capacious cabinet, 16 inch low loss Wood Fibre Woofers to render the deep bass joined by a 6 inch low loss Wood Fibre Woofer to handle the mid range and our trademark Hybrid Tweeter with a Soft Dome and Ribbon Tweeter, the OPTICON 8 is capable of filling even the largest rooms with utterly immersive audio.

  6. DALI Loudspeakers Opticon 1 Speaker

    The DALI OPTICON 1 is a compact stand mount speaker, designed to be placed close to the wall or mounted on it. It combines its almost 5 litres of air capacity with a rear mounted bass port, a 4 inch low loss Wood Fibre Woofer, a 26 mm ultra light Soft Dome Tweeter and gold plated terminals and what the DALI OPTICON 1 delivers is the perfect balance of clear, detailed midrange and an impressive tight bass that belies its size.

  7. DALI Loudspeakers Epicon 2 Speaker

    EPICON 2 produces an astonishingly large and accurate three dimensional sound that will impress even the most rigorous demands of true audiophiles. The two channel speaker has a 6inch bass driver and a soft cone dome tweeter. In fact, the technological breakthroughs designed for the larger EPICON 6 and EPICON 8 models have been channelled into EPICON 2 to create a speaker that performs way beyond its size expectations.

  8. DALI Loudspeakers Epicon 6 Speaker

    Allow sensational musical moments to live on in the comfort of your own home with the revolutionary EPICON 6. Designed to make a lasting impression, the exterior of the loudspeaker is as captivating to the eye as the sound is to the ear. The backbone of EPICON 6 is DALIs new driver technology. It has two 6inch bass woofers, the unique Linear Drive Magnet System as well as the breakthrough ribbon or soft dome hybrid tweeter the sound breaks with traditional loudspeaker conventions.

  9. DALI Loudspeakers Epicon 8 Speaker

    The absolute pinnacle of the EPICON series, the EPICON 8 delivers dramatically rich and detailed sound that will blow your mind and captivate your senses. The loudspeaker is the result of a passionate, tireless quest to reach perfection.DALI EPICON 8 woofers are not only developed. The Hybrid Tweeter Module has an extremely smooth and wide horizontal dispersion one of our sound design trademarks. Even the detailing of the faceplate of the tweeter module is designed for optimal horizontal dispersion.

  10. DALI Loudspeakers Opticon 5 Speaker

    Just under 90cm in height, the physical presence of the OPTICON 5 hardly dominates a room, but the almighty sound it is capable of emitting will demand every last iota of attention from the listeners inside it. The Wood Fibre Woofer and Hybrid Soft Dome or Ribbon Tweeter combined produce a seemingly effortlessly transparent image that reflects the passion and energy of a live performance across a staggering soundstage that extends across the entire room with a coherent and open mid range both epic and intimate.

  11. DALI Loudspeakers Fazon F5 Speaker

    FAZON F5 is nothing like the vast majority of loudspeakers on the market. It is the genuine mixture of craftsmanship, performance, and aesthetics to fulfill the dream of a new eras loudspeaker. Technology is inherited from the MENTOR series with characteristics such as undistorted performance, open sound, and extraordinary resolution. The oversized dome tweeter, integrating perfectly with 10inch woofers or midranges, allows dynamics and even the finest musical details to flourish.

  12. DALI Loudspeakers Rubicon 8 Speaker

    The floor standing flagship of the RUBICON series, the RUBICON 8, will provide you with a mind blowing large soundstage and an impressive deep, physical bass. The RUBICON 8 has no less than three drivers that all kick in at different frequencies.The RUBICON 8 is for those seeking the extraordinary in size and sound. Upping the audio ante to the extreme, the RUBICON 8 is quite simply stunning in terms of the epic soundstage it presents. The trio of woofers work by kicking in at different frequencies, making the RUBICON 8 the pinnacle of your entry into the world of high end audio at a mid range price.

  13. DALI Loudspeakers Opticon 2 Speaker

    The OPTICON 2s 6 inch woofer and the more voluminous cabinet make this speaker a true 2 way compact performer. The size of the woofer is matched with a large 28 mm soft dome tweeter to bring out every detail in the audio signal. Expect nothing but a dynamic, well defined and powerful audio reproduction from his speaker. Available in striking White Matt Satin, Black and Walnut finishes and with high gloss white or black front baffle, the OPTICON 2 is small in scale but big on performance perfection.

  14. DALI Loudspeakers Opticon 6 Speaker

    DALI OPTICON 6 is a master of music that delivers thunderous bass and perfectly pitched mids and highs in unequalled equilibrium. OPTICON 6 has all the virtues of the OPTICON 5 with the added power of an extra 6 inch woofer. The twin 6 inch low loss Wood Fibre Woofers complete with our unique SMC magnet motor system, assisted by our combined Soft Dome and Ribbon Tweeter module, delivers audio with wow factor.

  15. DALI Loudspeakers Rubicon 2 Speaker

    The RUBICON 2 stand speaker is the perfect blend between compact size and large sound performance. With the solid MDF cabinet, the RUBICON 2 has a perfect working environment for its ultra light 29 mm soft dome tweeter, 6.5 inch wood fibre low loss driver, and gold plated terminals. It is rich on detail with an impressive soundstage and has surprisingly large bass reproduction with both precision and timing.

  16. The centre loudspeaker covers an essentially important sound zone since this is where the majority of dialogue in movie soundtracks is to be found. ZENSOR VOKAL is engineered to cover this zone thereby establishing a truly realistic voice and surround experience. Description Features Specifications The sonic integration of ZENSOR VOKAL which should ideally be placed on a shelf below your TV screen is highly convincing as is the voice matching to the other models of the range. For high-powered surround solutions ZENSOR VOKAL including a front mounted bass reflex port is a perfect match to the DALI SUB E-12F. At best when watching a magnificent movie you tend to forget time and space and find yourself absorbed by the characters plots and music. ZENSOR VOKAL is created to complete just that sonic illusion of being there yourself. With a clear heritage from our high end series the lightweight dome tweeter offers best in class resolution. It features timing due to the position of the tweeter minimised compression and increased power handling thanks to the vented voice coil former. The damping material under the dome minimises reflections from the pole piece. Both the 5.25 woofers feature 4-layer voice coils for maximum control of the wood fibre cone. The low loss construction is ensured by a rigid metal basket and meticulously optimised cone. The result is bass authority well-controlled reproduction of micro-detail and great transient capabilities. CNC machined MDF board dressed in a top-of-the-class laminate forms the framework of the speaker. In order to optimise timing the ZENSOR s are fitted with acoustic damping material internally along the sides top and bottom - but not on the rear side of the front baffle as this creates a more direct contact between woofer and bass port. The audible result is a more precise bass and increased attack in the midrange. Frequency Range -3 dB Hz 47 - 26 500 Sensitivity 2 83 V 1 m dB 88.5 Nominal Impedance ohms 6 Maximum SPL dB 109 Re

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  17. RUBICON 6 is a floor standing speaker that features two 6 inch woofers. The RUBICON 6 is able to deliver more physical bass to fill a larger room especially thanks to the woofers. The woofers perfectly team up to move a lot more air and reach even lower into the deep bass area. The driver construction of the RUBICON 6 makes it even more powerful than its smaller siblings with an enhanced and controlled performance. ROSSO IS A DEMO UNIT ONLY Description Features Specifications RUBICON 6 is a floor standing loudspeaker that features two 6 inch woofers each sporting its own bass port gold-plated bi-wiring terminals and our innovative ribbon soft dome hybrid tweeter module which also was used in the EPICON series.The RUBICON 6 is able to deliver more physical bass to fill a larger room especially thanks to the woofers. The two woofers work together to move much more air delivering more powerful bass and pumping out audio excellence that fills the room. The driver construction of the RUBICON 6 makes it even more powerful than its smaller siblings with an enhanced and controlled performance.The RUBICON 6 can be matched with the RUBICON 2 or RUBICON LCR the RUBICON VOKAL and the SUB M-10 D to create a surround setup. SMC MAGNET SYSTEM With a pole piece constructed entirely from SMC surrounded by a slitted copper cap and enclosed within a large ferrite magnet the effect of the SMC is focused and maximised and reduces distortion as never heard before. HYBRID TWEETER MODULE The hybrid tweeter module is a DALI trademark and for the RUBICON series it is build in Denmark. The hybrid tweeter module combines the dome tweeter with the ribbon tweeter for an amazing rendering of the high frequencies. CABINET CONSTRUCTION Dividing the mid-range and basse drivers into separated chambers enables us to individually tune every driver to its specific frequency range to maximise the woofer output. WOOD FIBRE CONES Using a wood fibre cone gives the in-house build woofer a light rigid and ran

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  18. It is with great pleasure that we introduce the DALI MENUET - a small yet powerful speaker that reveals great musicality that will set new standards for sound and performance from a compact speaker. SALE IS ON DEMO UNIT ONLY Description Features Specifications Conceptually DALI MENUET is a compact bass reflex loudspeaker measuring only 25 x 15 x 23 cm 9.8 x 5.9 x 9.0 . Even though it is only based on a 4.5 woofer and a 28 mm 1.1 soft dome it more than makes the grade. Listen to these brilliant tiny loudspeakers and you will hear plenty of clean undistorted bass open and dynamic midrange and detailed crisp highs. For optimum performance DALI MENUET should be positioned in a bookshelf or mounted on the wall using an optional wall bracket. With two threaded inserts on the rear of the cabinet it is prepared for easy installation of the wall bracket without any hassle. The bracket is designed to ensure optimal clearance between the wall and the bass reflex port. The neat and clean design - makes it very easy to place the tiny DALI MENUET anywhere around the house. Alternatively combine them with other speakers in the acclaimed RUBICON series for a high-performance stereo set-up or home cinema system. Either way you re in for an experience. INTEGRATED BASS PORT With the bass port integrated in the terminal tray the DALI MENUET provides the brilliant option for an on-wall- or near wall placement. CABINET DESIGN The compact cabinet construction of the DALI MENUET optimizes the volume of the cabinet and the round shapes creates the perfect finish. DOME TWEETER In spite of the compact size the DALI MENUET is produced with an oversized dome tweeter creating a perfect fusion with the woofer. WOOFER The low loss woofer is fitted with an extra-strong magnet system enabling the woofer to create a huge sound performance. Frequency Range -3 dB Hz 59 - 25 000 Sensitivity 2 83 V 1 m dB 86.0 Nominal Impedance ohms 4 Maximum SPL dB 105 Recommended Amplifier Power W 20 - 100 Crossover Fr

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  19. Wireless audio is incredibly convenient but the DALI KUBIK FREE s talents don t stop there. Whether you re after the best possible sound quality or simply want to hook up some older equipment you ll find that we ve equipped the system with the most comprehensive selection of cable inputs. Description Features Specifications By working with many of DALI s well-known speaker technologies like the soft dome tweeter wood fibre cones low-loss rubber surrounds and a glass reinforced polymer basket the KUBIK system is clearly a true DALI speaker at its core. Adding a 4 channel stereo Class D amplifier into the mix only underlines the development team s dedication to making the KUBIK system a real Hi-Fi speaker. The KUBIK system consists of two elements the KUBIK FREE and the KUBIK XTRA. The two components can be setup in three different ways. Using the KUBIK FREE alone as a standalone system using the KUBIK FREE and the KUBIK XTRA together in a stereo system or using the KUBIK FREE and KUBIK XTRA together in a two room standalone system. Grille colours The standard out of the box grille colours for the KUBIK FREE and KUBIK XTRA are the classic DALI red black or white. On top of that you have 6 optional stylish colours for the interchangeable covers. The essence of the DALI KUBIK FREE is connectivity. This elegantly designed active speaker enables you to enjoy music from a wide variety of sources. The broad range of connectors ensure that any device will connect to the KUBIK system at the best possible quality. BLUETOOTH Bluetooth is a wireless standard with almost 20 years of use in mobile and portable devices. By adding Bluetooth ver. 3.0 to the KUBIK FREE system DALI stays true to the goal of making an active speaker for everybody and by offering the Apt-X protocol on top even the most demanding of listeners get the best possible transfer of audio. OPTICAL TOSLink amp IR LEARNING When connecting an external speaker to a flat screen TV using an optical connection TOSLink

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  20. If you dream of fantastic sound experiences the EPICON 2 is the perfect escape. Don t be fooled by the size of the speaker the most diminutive in the EPICON family. Sitting gracefully upon its custom-made stand EPICON 2 produces an astonishingly large and accurate three-dimensional sound that will impress even the most rigorous demands of true audiophiles. RUBY MACASSAR IS DEMO UNIT ONLY Description Features Specifications Turn your living room into a world-class movie theatre. Experience every word shout or whisper in ultimate clarity with the movie star of the DALI EPICON family the VOKAL centre speaker - effortlessly reproducing human voices and delivering audio tracks with stunning realism and accuracy.We have developed an uncompromising center speaker for all of you multi-channel fans - the DALI EPICON VOKAL. Incorporating 2 x 6 woofers along with the hybrid tweeter module this speaker promises the same level of transparency and timbre matching with the rest of the series.The EPICON VOKAL will match any of the three main loudspeakers and it will benefit any setup where the realism and realistic sound pressures are required. Common to all the EPICON loudspeakers is that they work well in both 2.0 2.1 5.1 or other multichannel systems.50 of the acoustic energy in a normal movie comes from the center channel. The EPICON VOKAL is up to the real challenge. Meticulous timbre matching and the same ability to render finer details exactly the way they were recorded is an EPICON trademark. Here e.g. the effortless reproduction of human voices is what sets DALI EPICON VOKAL apart. SMC TECHNOLOGY Advanced Soft Magnetic Compound SMC which eliminates variation of flux strength in the magnet gap. It reduces distortion to a minimum compared to conventional drivers. HYBRID TWEETER Optimized for the EPICON series. Featuring an extremely smooth and wide horizontal dispersion. GOLD PLATED TERMINALS Engineered by DALI for ultra low contact resistance durability and mechanically stu

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