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  1. new-jw-dexter-the-elephant-dog

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  2. MARNELLFeatures: Style: Skateboard Deck Colour: Marnell Construction: Traditional Maple Resin-7 Shape: Popsicle Style: Street/Park Lewis Marnell Pro Model Artwork by Jean Jullien Size Guide: Width: 8.0' Length: 31.6' Wheelbase: 14.25'

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  3. CORALFeatures: Style: Cruiser Skateboard Complete Colour: Coral Construction: Resin-8 Hard Rock Maple 6.0' Slant trucks 60mm 78A wheels ABEC-7 bearings Mellow concave with kick tail Pattern printed grip tape Size Guide: Width: 8' Length: 36' Wheelbase: 21.5'

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  4. 31-Inch x 7.5-Inch Double Concave All Maple Deck is ideal for the apprentice rider. Great for learning and doing tricks. Best suited for riders ages 8+. Punisher skateboards uses only the highest quality components from world class manufacturers. We literally travel the globe to find the most durable and highest quality parts from the deck, wheels, trucks and base. You will not be disappointed. All Punisher Skateboards use world-class components from the finest manufactures in the world. Attention to detail is stressed on every board from lowest to highest priced included printed cushions with out company logo. Punisher Skateboards prides ourselves on function and form. In over three years we have not had one defective component or failure.31-Inch Maple with Concave DeckABEC-5 Bearings5-Inch V-style alloy trucks and base54x36 PU injection molded wheelsPE Riser Pad with PU Cushion

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  5. No this isn't something we want to take anyone around the back of, it is our nice happy place where we get to use sharp hand and power tools. We love the woodshed! when it was time to make more of a rugged board that could take some abuse and skate anything, we ventured to the woodshed can came back with this. If you want to see what's behind the woodshed, then that's up to you.Constructed with: 7 piles of cold pressed Maple, tablespoon mold, top mountDimensions: 32.875" length x 8.75" width x 14.75" Wheel-BaseRiding style: commuter, CarvingDeck only

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  6. Glide and groove across the pavement with sick style on a Tahwalhi Classic Cruiser Skateboard. A primo option for getting around town, the Cruiser Board features a surf style single kick design engineered for easy manoeuvrability through the streets. The combination bamboo and maple deck ensures a durable ride with a natural look; while heavy duty aluminium trucks and wider wheel base ensure a smooth and stable feel at high speed. Roll through the streets in style and enjoy the coolest commute in town on the Tahwalhi Cruiser Skateboard. Bamboo top provides lightweight feel and natural look 8 ply Chinese Maple deck ensures great durability and strength Manoeuvrable single kick Cruiser style is perfect for getting around town Wider wheel base provides a sturdy and stable feel Heavy duty 7" aluminium trucks offer lasting performance ABEC 7 bearings deliver a smooth ride Chevron graphic highlights a cool and contemporary style

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  7. Execute epic tricks and take flight on the Tony Hawk Ramp Skateboard. A superb choice for new and experienced skaters, the Tony Hawk Ramp Skateboard features a durable 9 ply Chinese Maple Deck designed to handle your aggressive approach to big trick skating. Heavy duty trucks ensure a stable balance and easy turning for cruisy manoeuvrability; while ABEC 5 wheel bearings let you glide across the concrete with smooth acceleration. Follow in the footsteps of the legendary Tony Hawk and get creative as you accent the streets with kick flips and ollies on the Tony Hawk Ramp Skateboard. Quality 9 ply Chinese Maple board delivers a sturdy strength for reliable performance Textured grip tape top ensures superior foot grip for a stable ride Durable heavy duty aluminium trucks deliver essential balance and easy manoeuvrability ABEC 5 high speed bearings generate smooth speed PU injected 52 x 32mm wheels deliver a responsive ride Cool deck graphic highlights urban style Great choice for beginners and experienced riders

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  8. OVAL SHAPE 8" 9-PLY MAPLE SKATEBOARD - DRAGON This skateboard is easy to maintain and will stay in control even at a high speed. The skateboard has a robust 9-ply maple wood construction and a platform with grip tape for you to place your feet. The 50 mm wheels offer good contact with the road even in rainy weather or other bad conditions. Ball bearings of the ABEC 5 standard will reduce rolling resistance to a minimum for effortless cruising with the skateboard. Bring it home, and bring yourself and your children lots of fun. FEATURES Construction: 9-ply maple wood Deck design: Dragon (see pictures) Length: 78.7 cm Width: 8" / 20.3 cm PVC wheel size: 50 x 36 mm (Φ x Thickness) Grip tape: Black, high-tensile grip, tip to tail Heavy-duty truck Bearings: ABEC 5 Aluminum alloy with PP steering behavior WARNING: Not suitable for children under 36 months. Protective equipment should be worn. Not to be used in traffic. PACKAGE CONTENTS 1 x Oval Shape 8" 9-Ply Maple Skateboard - Dragon Note: This order will be dispatched from our Sydney/ Melbourne Warehouse. This item may arrive in a separate delivery to the rest of your order. Usual dispatch time is 1-2 business days from order.

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  9. RETRO SKATEBOARD WITH BLACK TOP BLUE WHEELS 6.1" This skateboard is easy to maintain and will stay in control even at a high speed. It has a robust metal construction padded by durable polypropylene for you to place your feet. Its corrugated surface enhances the friction force. The 45 mm PVC wheels offer good contact with the road even in rainy weather or other bad conditions. Bring this retro skateboard home, and bring yourself and your children lots of fun. FEATURES Material: Metal trucks and PVC wheels Length: 57 cm Width: 6.1" / 15.5 cm Wheel size: 45 x 55 mm (Φ x Thickness) Black top and blue wheels Cool retro and old school design Fabric: Polypropylene: 100% WARNING: Not suitable for children under 36 months. Protective equipment should be worn. Not to be used in traffic. PACKAGE CONTENTS 1 x Retro Skateboard with Black Top Blue Wheels 6.1" Note: This order will be dispatched from our Sydney/ Melbourne Warehouse. This item may arrive in a separate delivery to the rest of your order. Usual dispatch time is 1-2 business days from order.

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  10. Features:Fibre-reinforced high-tech polymerInclined 360° caster trucksPivoting deck / rubber-padded steel torsion barCharacterised by bright coloursSuitable for 8 years and above / maximum weight: 65 kg

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  11. Drop Mount Girl Freerider Series 36" Skateboard

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  12. The Friendship skate decks are constructed with 7 pieces of Canadian maple and bonded together by 6 layers of epoxy making them super strong and super light. Product Features Limited supply! Some classic Seinfeld decks! 8.5" Condition: New

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  13. RESIN CONSTRUCTION + STIFFER, LONGER-LASTING: Epoxy resin is used to press all of Globe's boards which make them lighter, stronger and longer lasting than normal water-based decks. SLANT STANDARD TRUCKS + GUARANTEED FOR LIFE: Standard trucks typically used on models less than 34" long. PERFORMANCE WHEELS + FASTER SMOOTHER GRIPPER: Globe’s high-rebound urethane formulas are abrasion resistant, smoother, faster, and provide excellent grip. SUPER HIGH-REBOUND BUSHINGS + VERSATILE PERFORMANCE: Globe's high-rebound 92a durometer bushings are used in a variety of shapes across the line to match the functionality of each board. From stability at high speeds to carving with responsive turning, they’re chosen to appropriately fit styles from fast downhill lines to cruising, carving, and street skating. ABEC 7 BEARINGS + LESS PUSHING, LONGER ROLL: Standard on every Globe complete, Globe Abec-7 bearings spin faster and longer which means less effort and enables getting up to full-speed faster.

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  14. Stay visible while cruising on this retro polypropylene skateboard with LED wheels!

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  15. This skateboard with a robust 9-ply maple wood construction and a large platform is easy to maintain and will stay in control even at a high speed.

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  16. Adrenalin Carver Drop-Thru Street 38 Skateboard Adrenalin has crafted the Carver Drop-Thru Street 38 to deliver unbeatable performance while deep carving on big-time hill runs. Virtually every design feature of the longboard helps you to maintain near-total control at high speeds and during difficult turns. The most obvious of the design features is Adrenalin’s choice to drop the trucks through the deck. In terms of performance, this dramatically lowers your centre of gravity and in turn improves stability and responsiveness through high-speed turns. Another feature that is easy to spot is the unique cut-away shape of the 38-inch deck. The design breaks from tradition so as to maximise the pivoting ability of the trucks. As a result, dangerous wheel scrub is eliminated during sharp turns. You can maintain a smooth action without worrying about scrub halting your progress. ABEC7 chrome bearings have been used to fix the wheels to the trucks for a smoother ride at high speeds. The inclusion of solid wheel hubs makes it even easier to reach those speeds. Amazingly, the Adrenalin Carver Drop-Thru Street 38 delivers on the promise of elite speed. Dished wheels with 78A hardness make it possible to harness that speed by giving you balance and grip. And just to make sure, the extra-wide pivot trucks cut out death-wobbles to enable even sharper turns. Features and Specifications 38” length 66mm x 52mm dished wheels in fluorescent green 7” extra-wide pivot trucks ABEC7 chrome bearings Convex deck Cut-away deck shape eliminates wheel scrub Solid wheel hubs Trucks dropped through deck Benefits Sunken trucks lower your centre of gravity and improve stability and responsiveness while you sharply carve turns. Adrenalin has designed a unique cut-away style for the Carver 38-inch skateboard, so as to eliminate wheel scrub during sharp manoeuvres. Carve out sharper turns with the aid of the extra-wide 7” pivot trucks. Enjoy a smoother ride at high speeds with

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  17. Adrenalin Telstar-X Ramp and Cruise Skateboard Designed as a hybrid skateboard, the Telstar-X can be used for various challenges. From dropping down a steep hill and pulling tight turns to riding in the bowls of your local skate park, the Adrenalin Telstar-X Ramp and Cruise has your back. Measuring 32 inches in length, the Telstar-X is short and compact for executing tight turns at speed. A concave profile in the deck ensures extra stiffness while also letting you gain toe and heel holds when riding in bowls. The five-inch Aluminium alloy trucks are rugged and will stand up to pressure. Super-sized wheels give you the grip required for racing down steep hills but also offer PU progressive cushions. ABEC5 chrome bearings are incredibly smooth and will give you a seamless ride. Turning is then improved with the aid of a wedge spacer positioned between the trucks and the base of the Canadian maple deck. This will vastly improve your turning ability when cruising down hills at speed. Features and Specifications 32” single-kicker deck 62mm x 52mm PU dished wheels ABEC5 chrome bearings Aluminium trucks Canadian maple deck Dome kingpin PU progressive cushions Rubber riser pad-deck graphics with clear grip tape Superior grip-deck Wedge spacer under trucks Benefits Being a 32-inch single-kicker deck, the skateboard is the perfect crossover between riding in skate parks and on the streets. The large wheels are great at carrying speed and turning in a variety of scenarios. Springy Canadian maple enables you to pop the Telstar-X to reach impressive heights. Ride smoother and with more fluency thanks to the ABEC5 chrome bearings. Wedge spacers have been used between the trucks and the board to improve turning. Turning is then made even smoother by PU progressive cushions. You really can have it all! The Adrenalin Telstar-X is a 32-inch skateboard that excels at both ramps and cruising. Purchase yours now and be ready for both challenges! // var google_tag_params = { ecomm_

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  18. **NOTE** Enter Compare10 on checkout for 10% discount on orders above $2000. Whether you’re having your morning coffee or snacking during a movie marathon, Dexter White Coffee Table meets all of your needs with quirky modern style.

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  19. **NOTE** Enter Compare10 on checkout for 10% discount on orders above $2000. Go bold with your style and opt for the retro-inspired Dexter White Side Table to create a chic and colourful modern living space in your home.

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  20. Dexter's not lazy, he's just misunderstood. This soft old donkey's been around the block a few times. He's looking for a simple companion who loves him for who he is. With his gorgeous striped neck-tie, Dexter believes in resting when you need to. He's the softest, most loyal donkey there is. So loyal, in fact, that he would never leave your little one's toy box, even if he could be bothered!

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