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  1. Glam Mini Disco Ball s- 6 Disco Balls Large eye catching mirrored disco ball. Add some funk to your party! Size: 6cm You receive 6 balls

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  2. Large Glam Disco Ball Large eye catching mirrored disco ball. Add some funk to your party! Size: 20cm

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  3. Disco ball string light, perfect for lighting up any party! Product is 10 connected mini glass disco balls (each measuring approx. 5cm in diameter) that reflect the built-in ambient light into a classic disco pattern. Turn on the attached battery pack (batteries not included) and each disco ball will light up either red, green, yellow or blue (shown in second image.) Approx measurements: String of lights measures approx. 2.5m in total length. Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included.)

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  4. Rotating disco ball, perfect for creating a fun and funky party atmosphere! Disco ball has 21 different coloured lights on a 360 degree rotating base and measures approx. 16cm in total height (including base) - ball itself measures approx. 10cm in diameter. Instructions for use included. Disco ball is cord operated and requires a powerpoint. For ages 12+, coloured flashing lights may cause seizures in epileptic people.

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  5. petface-disco-cat-ball

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  6. jw-insight-disco-ball

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  7. YouOKLight RGB Bluetooth LED Disco Ball Light DJ Stage Lighting AC85 - 265V

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  8. LT - Mini 5W DJ Disco Magic Ball RGB LED Stage Light

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  9. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Disco Ball

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  10. Black rotating disco ball Blue, orange, pink, green and red circular lights Makes any room a disco!

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  11. Fast, Same Day Dispatch. Free 365 Day Returns. 2000+ Amazing Gifts!

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  12. Fast, Same Day Dispatch. Free 365 Day Returns. 2000+ Amazing Gifts!

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  13. Windmill with Disco Ball, Pink, Light Up, 28cm / 11in

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  14. Disco Ball String Lights Only from Mighty Ape

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  15. Metallic Disco Balls Plastic Scene Setter Decorations (2 x 79cm) - Pack of 2

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  16. Disco Ball Hanging Decoration Whirls (91cm x 10cm) - Pack of 5

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  17. JW ACTIVITOY DISCO BALL Ideal for parakeets, cockatiels and similar birds of small size, the JW Activitoy Disco Ball encourages your bird to play and improve their motor skills as well as their health. Covered in reflective squares and kaleidoscopic glitter, the shine and shimmer will instantly grab your bird’s attention and release them of their boredom (not that you would let them be bored for too long!) Adding to the enjoyment is also a little bell because why not stimulate more senses? Hang this anywhere in their wire cage by simply hooking the curl at the top around a bit of wire of the cage and then it’s boogie boogie boogie city from there on out. Dimensions:20.32cm x 13.34cm x 5.72cm

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  18. SIMPLY COLOURED GLITTER UV/LED GELS DISCO BALL Simply Coloured Glitter gels allow you to create dynamic 'bling' overlays or unique nail art designs on both acrylic or gel nails. Simply glitter gels are self-levelling and easy to apply. Use a flat nylon nail brush for a full-cover design or a liner brush or marbelling tool for more detailed work. Some gels will feel different depending on the size of glitter used. Mix gel before use. Recommended Curing Time UV/LED - 60 secUV – 2 minutes

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  19. Insight Activitoys Activate your bird's body, mind and soul! The Insight Activitoys range is designed for small sized birds such as Parakeets and Cockatiels. These Activitoys provide stimulation for the bird's mind as well as its motor skills. They keep the bird vigorous and healthy. Made of a tough plastic with a unique securing nut, making it easier to secure the toy to the cage.

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