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  1. Genuine PetSafe Citronella Spray Refills for all PetSafe, Innotek, and Multivet spray collars. Each Citronella refill holds approximately 300-400 sprays. Includes 2 FREE 6V Batteries.

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  2. N.O.-Xplode XE Edge Extreme Energy Pre-Workout! The new N.O.-Xplode XE Edge by BSN, now stocked at Genesis, is your favourite BSN pre-workout turned up to 11! Supercharged with a unique blend of botanical ingredients to help deliver an intense pre-workout formula that will have you crushing it in the gym. Ingredients such as Guayusa, an Amazonia super leaf, Yohimbe, from the West African evergreen and Macuna a tropical legume have been combined with generous doses of Caffeine, Beta-Alanine and Citrulline to support extreme energy, feel and laser-like focus in a single scoop. Get the edge over your workout with BSN N.O.-Xplode XE Edge! Key Points: Unique Blend of Botanical Ingredients & Caffeine Super Leaf Extracts Increased Mental Focus Extreme Energy & Pump Single Scoop Formula Our thoughts: After their hugely popular pre-workout N.O. Xplode, it's hard to believe that BSN have raised the bar once again with N.O.-Xplode XE Edge. With a new botanical formula more focused on improving energy levels, pump, concentration and physical endurance from just 1 scoop, the team at have been blown away by BSN's latest pre-workout. Definitely Genesis-approved! Directions: Mix 1 scoop with 4-6 oz. of cold water and consume immediately. Stir. Do not shake. For best results consume 10-20 minutes before training. To ensure the best consistency possible, mix together using one of our Protein Shakers.

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  3. Reality TV: An Insider's Guide to TV's Hottest Market is a no-nonsense read that doesn't sugarcoat the realities of the process or the ethical gut-checks that writers and producers often experience in trying to deliver an engaging end product. This newly updated 2nd edition includes new exercises, information about the Global Reality TV Market, and the latest information about Reality TV.

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  4. Every year, more than 200,000 people go to see Britain's leading psychic medium, Colin Fry, whose TV show "6ixth Sense" is in its 7th series. This compelling read, full of extraordinary stories from his life and work, is a major publishing event.

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  5. Reality TV: An Insider's Guide to TV's Hottest Market is a no-nonsense read that doesn't sugarcoat the realities of the process or the ethical gut-checks that writers and producers often experience in trying to deliver an engaging end...

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  6. Number 96 was one of the most groundbreaking and controversial TV shows in the history of Australian television. It was not only the first show to feature on-screen nudity, it portrayed gay, transgender and interracial relationships with...

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  7. Suitable for Canon i250 i255 i320 i350 i355 i360 i450 i455 i470D i475D Imageclass MP360 Imageclass MP370 Imageclass MP390 Imageclass MPC190 Imageclass MPC200 Multipass F20 Multipass MP360 Multipass MP370 Multipass MP390 Multipass MPC190 Multipass MPC200 PIXMA iP1000 PIXMA iP1500 PIXMA iP2000 PIXMA MP130 S200 S200SP S300 S300SP S330 S330SP Smartbase MP360 Smartbase MP370 Smartbase MP390 Smartbase MPC190 Smartbase MPC20012 x CCB24B (Canon BCI-24B)12 x CCB24C (Canon BCI-24C) Includes 24 Canon ink cartridges!

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  8. Canon BCI-6BK Photo Black Compatible Ink Cartridge Bulk Pack.Suitable for Canon S800, S820, S820D, S830D, S900, S9000, i865, i950, i950D, i965, i990, i9100, i9950, PIXMA iP4000, PIXMA iP4000R, PIXMA iP5000, PIXMA iP6000D, PIXMA iP8500, PIXMA MP750, PIXMA MP760, PIXMA MP780,Contain:12 x Canon BCI-6BK Photo Black Compatible Ink Cartridge

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  9. Number 96 was one of the most groundbreaking and controversial TV shows in the history of Australian television. It was not only the first show to feature on-screen nudity, it portrayed gay, transgender and interracial relationships with honesty that was way ahead of its time. It was also a technical innovator, writing, filming and marketing at a pace that saw over a 1000 episodes, a movie, numerous books and spin-offs created in the space of five years. This is the story of the magic and mania of Number 96, told by the people who made it. Number 96 created characters and stories that have stood the test of time. So powerful was the show’s influence that after forty-five years it still commands a devoted cult following and continues to attract new fans who can scarcely believe what Number 96 was able to get away with.

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  10. Charlotte Crosby is one of the nation’s best loved and funniest TV stars.Here in BRAND NEW ME Charlotte talks us through an incredibly busy year, making us laugh as ever with her funny moments (like when her mum woke up on Christmas morning to find her passed out naked by her new swimming pool) but also opening up about the difficult months surrounding her shock departure from Geordie Shore, betrayal and her heartbreaking ectopic pregnancy. After working through her loss by bravely speaking out, she is now an ambassador of the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust, helping raise awareness of the symptoms so other women can get early treatment and help.So welcome to BRAND NEW ME, the next chapter in Charlotte’s life: businesswoman, TV presenter, charity spokesperson, stronger than ever, inspiring us with her work ethic, smashing it with her style and still making us wet our pants laughing.

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  11. SC REGENERATION TECHNOLOGY ABSOLUTE PROTECTION; ULTIMATE FILTRATION The slimline design allows for in-line insertion behind space challenge wall mounts. Is ideal for attaching to these wall brackets with the whole product no larger than a 3 pin plug used to power these devices. Great for projectors, Televisions, Point Of Sale equipment and even computers, Tablets and Laptops. Perfect for positioning behind a Wall Mounted TV or above a Ceiling Mounted Projector. The STViQ uses a patented technology that revolutionizes power protection. A standard power board may survive 1 or 2 exposures to 6,600V. The STViQ was exposed to 100 strikes at 6,600V within 1 hour and was performing like new with absolutely no signs of stress or damage. Specifications Product Dimensions: 160mm (L) x 25mm (H) x 25mm (W) Supply voltage 240/V AC 50Hz Maximum current rating 5amps/1200 W (VA) Clamping Voltage 275VAC Reaction speed less than 1 nanosecond EMI/RFI noise reduction filter In-line protection application operating conditions Indoor AC/Mains Operating temperature -10C/+60C Cable length 1.2m Model no. STViQ/3

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  12. This product is designed to direct the output from a HDMI device (such as an xBox, etc) to one of two HDMI TVs. You can only have one TV switched on at a time, as this splitter acts as a signal router as opposed to duplicator. This is particularly useful where you have a TV in two separate rooms, you can have a TV on in one room and when you want to switch rooms, just switch the one off that you are not using and switch the other on, and bingo! The signal is routed to the TV in the other room. NOTE: this product cannot be used to connect 2 HDMI devices to one HDMI TV. This is not suitable for Sky+ HD or Virgin HD.

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  13. The highest-rated scripted show on TV, The Big Bang Theory (CBS) often features Sheldon, Howard, Leonard and Raj wisecracking about scientific principles as if the rest of us should know exactly what they're talking about. THE SCIENCE OF TV'S THE BIG BANG THEORY lets all of us in on the punchline by breaking down the show's scientific conversations. Covering every angle, author Dave Zobel maintains a humorous and informative approach and gives readers enough knowledge to make them welcome on Sheldon's couch.

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  14. Prepare yourselves, M*A*S*H fans, for the most comprehensive book on the show ever written. Written by fans and for fans, this book covers material never covered in previous books. Aside from an astounding amount of researched info for nearly every episode of the series, this book covers every aspect of the show from the opening theme to the production codes, including a season by season analysis. But even more importantly, there is fresh commentary from over 45 MASH alumni who were contacted just for this book with never-before published experiences and anecdotes. With a foreword and all new M*A*S*H dialogue by Larry Gelbart, a "History of MASH" with commentary by William Self and even more interviews and commentary from most major players, the original producers, writers, directors, guest stars, a technical adviser for William Christopher's character and even a stunt man, we think you'll find this to be "The B*E*S*T Book Anywhere"!!

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  15. Premiering in 2006,Ugly Betty, the award-winning US hit show about unglamorous but kind-hearted Betty Suarez (America Ferrera),is the latest incarnation of a worldwide phenomenon that started life as a Colombian telenovela,Yo soy Betty,la fea, back in 1999. The tale of the ugly duckling has since taken an extraordinary global journey and become the most successful telenovela to date. This groundbreaking book asks what the Yo soy Betty,la fea/Ugly Betty phenomenon can tell us about the international circulation of locally produced TV fictions as the Latin American telenovela is sold to,and/or re-made-officially and unofficially-for different national contexts. The contributors explore what Betty has to say about the tensions between the commercial demands of multimedia conglomerates and the regulatory forces of national broadcasters as well as the international ambitions of national TV industries and their struggle in competitive markets. They also investigate what this international trade tells us about cultural storytelling and audience experience,as well as ideologies of feminine beauty and myths of female desire and aspiration.TV's Betty Goes Global features original interviews with buyers and schedulers,writers,story editors and directors,including the creator of Yo soy Betty, la fea, Fernando Gaitan

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The TV has been the centre of the modern family's audio-visual entertainment for generations. The concept of the TV remained the same for several decades of its existence, going from monochrome to colour, and then becoming slimmer, lighter and now even curved, with matching improvements in picture quality. They went from boxes to flat screen TVs, plasmas, LCDs and OLED displays. Today's 'smart' TVs offer high-definition 1080p or 4K (aka UHD) picture quality and provide access to the internet, apps and online streaming video. The big four television makers are Sony, Samsung, LG and Panasonic and with high-end sets now offering excellent colour and contrast ratios, UHD resolutions and HDR support, they still remain the entertainment hub of many a household.
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