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  1. Bardinet Napoleon Brandy is a traditional French brandy, distilled and matured in oak, giving it a delicate aroma and mellow taste. It's the perfect winter warmer if you prefer to drink it neat, or why not try a brandy cocktail, such as a classic Brandy Alexander.

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  2. Made with to the highest level of quality and purity, St Agnes VSOP Brandy is aged for 5 extra years, giving it an even smoother, silky texture and intensity of flavour. Sit back and savour every drop.

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  3. Aged in small oak barrels, Chatelle Napoleon Vsop is a smooth, premium brandy with a generous serve of fruit, spice and oak flavours. Made only with the finest selections and put together by a master blender, there's no denying this is a quality brandy.

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  4. For an authentic French brandy that is fantastic value for money, it's hard to go past Napoleon 1875 Brandy. A soft and mellow brandy that has hints of citrus and spice flavours. A great addition to your liquor cabinet. Try it in a Brandy Alexander for a truly sumptuous cocktail.

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  5. This St Agnes VSOP Brandy is aged for 5 years to ensure a smooth palate whilst intensifying this already silky Brandy. Savour a glass on the rocks, neat or in a cocktail.

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  6. Fanstastic value authentic French Brandy. Showing typical soft and mellow flavours of citrus fruit with a hint of spice.

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  7. Variety: Blend Region: Cognac ABV%: 40%Widely regarded as one of the greatest Cognacs, Hennessy has a tradition of producing Cognacs of the highest quality. The VSOP from Hennessy is the epitome of balance and class and is a blend of 60 different eaux-de-vie aged up to 15 years. Every aspect of this Cognac is perfectly proportioned and demands to be drunk slowly, unadulterated and savoured.

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  8. Give your James Scott collection a beautiful update by adding this James Scott Whiskey Decanter. Made of thick and luminous European Made -crafted glass. A classic shape, and a large glass geometric stopper, this decanter is attractive enough to keep on display when not in use. Pair this decanter with your other James Scott pieces, to give your collection the rich James Scott look. Bring instant elegance to your bar area or kitchen using the .Pieces like this decanter are crafted by a master-cutter; this decanter has a simple, chic look that pairs well with both transitional and contemporary decor.

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  9. Bardinet VSOP French Brandy is distilled with care and matured in oak casks to give it a delicate aroma and a smooth, mellow taste which is enjoyed by lovers of fine brandy around the world.

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  10. Born in the heart of the French vineyards, Bardinet French Brandy is patiently distilled and matured in oak casks. Its delicate aroma and mellow taste are highly appreciated by connoisseurs.

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  11. Selected and blended with the greatest care, Chatelle Napoleon is aged in small oak barrels under the supervision of a master blender.This smooth, premium brandy offers a generous medley of fruit, spices and oak.Every effort is made to include a gift box with delivery, however this cannot be guaranteed

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  12. Born in the heart of the French vineyards, Bardinet French Brandy is patiently distilled and matured in oak casks. Its delicate aroma and mellow taste are highly appreciated by connoisseurs.

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  13. Meukow VSOP Superior takes a classic cognac to the next level. Enjoy the subtle flavours of ripe fruits, nuts and vanilla, with a backdrop of spices that'll deliver a great taste. Enjoy a glass of this straight, or add a splash of water.

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  14. Remy Martin VSOP Cognac is matured for longer to bring out a brilliant balance of floral notes and fruity flavours. You'll love the silky smooth texture and lingering finish, with plenty of depth of flavour with every sip.

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  15. Hennessy Cognacs are thought of as some of the world's best, and the VSOP from Hennessy is all about class. Aged for 15 years, this is a beautifully balanced cognac. Drink it neat, slow and savour every drop.

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  16. Martell Medallion VSOP is a quality cognac that'll impress even the most discerning of drinkers. It's complex palate leaves plenty to savour, with a smooth body that slides over the tongue with ease. Serve up as an aperitif when you're hosting to impress your guests.

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  17. Courvoisier VSOP Cognac is one of the finest around. With its spicy aromas and a hint of oak this cognac offers a warm flavour and body, with an incredibly deep palate that'll set your taste buds tingling.

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  18. St Agnes XO will win over even the most discerning of brandy drinkers. Barrel aged for a minimum of 15 years, the finished result is a silky smooth brandy with a complex palate of flavours that'll linger on the tongue long after finishing.

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  19. For a traditional style brandy, Black Bottle is distilled using the double pot process, and aged for over two years in oak casks to give it a smooth, rich character with hints of vanilla flavour.

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  20. Chateau Tanunda Brandy is a deliciously rich and smooth tasting choice that serves as a great introduction to brandy. Enjoy it neat for maximum satisfaction, or work it into your own cocktail recipes as a brilliant backbone.

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