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  1. :Ideal Gift Pack for Kids Are you looking for an ideal gift to give to kids during a birthday party, kids party, or any other special day. Our Super pack of 12 pull back construction vehicle toys does not disappoint. You get a colourful variety of realistic toy vehicles that are used in everyday construction situations, with an easy pull back mechanism. This is a fantastic gift idea if you’re looking to keep kids busy and occupied while you read a book or do something else. You can also join in the fun and share a joyous moment with toddlers. Diversified, Functional Pack of Construction Trucks Looking for the perfect construction vehicle toys for kids. The AOSILEY super pack of 12 pull back vehicles simply rocks. Each toy vehicle has realistic features and is friction-powered. Order your construction vehicle toys from AOSILEY risk-free with our premium today!

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  2. Take no-mess learning activities wherever kids go with this assortment of three Water Wow! activity books. Each book includes four reusable pages of activities (Colours and Shapes, Fairy Tales, and Animals) and a refillable water pen that stores in the cover. Use the pen and watch details and vibrant colour appear with every stroke! Let the page dry to erase the pictures and fill it in again and again. Water WOW! books make ideal travel activities for kids.From classic wooden toys to crafts, pretend play, and games, Melissa and Doug products provide a launch pad to ignite imagination and a sense of wonder in all children so they can discover themselves, their passions, and their purpose. Since the company’s founding more than 25 years ago, Melissa and Doug has consistently delivered innovative products that inspire open-ended thinking, encourage kids to see new possibilities, and offer Countless Ways to Play. It’s part of a bigger vision to Take Back Childhood. Because by giving children a true childhood with the space and freedom to explore their world, we give them a path to realising their full potential!

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  3. Perfect for matcha, teas, lemon water, fruit infusions or as a shakerHigh-Temperature Borosilicate glass interior and Strong protective plastic exteriorPortable - never worry about broken glass again100% BPA FREEDo not microwave. Hand-wash only.

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  4. Follow that garbage truck...to the landfill to see how trash keeps piling up...to the incinerator to see how trash can be turned into energy...to the recycling center to see how a soda bottle can be turned into a flowerpot. This classic picture book is a fascinating exploration of what happens to our trash. Now rebranded with a new cover look, this picture book is filled with fun charts and diagrams to explain how we deal with the problem of too much trash. Activities throughout the book empower kids to help the environment, whether it's by separating trash from recycling or using a lunch box instead of a paper bag. Both text and artwork were vetted for accuracy by Robin Woods, formerly of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Dr. William Rathje, founder of the Garbage Project and professor emeritus at the University of Arizona, and Thomas Frankiewicz. This is a Level 2 Let's-Read-and-Find-Out, which means the book explores more challenging concepts perfect for children in the primary grades and supports the Common Core Learning Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. Let's-Read-and-Find-Out is the winner of the American Association for the Advancement of Science/Subaru Science Books and Films Prize for Outstanding Science Series.

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  5. Made of 100% Natural Smooth Birch wood- Non Toxic: no plastics or harmful chemicalsEco-Friendly Product, Compostable and Biodegradable, A great alternative to plastic, Better for the Health and the PlanetMeasure 5.1cm - 1.9cm in Length- Perfect for tasting Spoon, Gelato, Ice Cream, yoghurt, Hummus, Butters, Jams etc and just about anything, Art project for stamping or paintingDisposable Strong and Sturdy Spoon, Unique ShapeGreat for Art project, Painting, Stamping, Crafting, and Scrapbooking

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  6. Why is forgiveness so hard? People who refuse to forgive often sabotage their future and create an emotional cancer that spreads into every other aspect of their lives. Even those who genuinely desire to forgive often struggle to get beyond their wounded emotions. In Forgive, Let Go, and Live, Deborah Pegues provides specific guidelines to help us better understand what forgiveness is and what it's not how to overcome seemingly unforgivable hurts when to restore, redefine, or release a hurtful relationship how it's possible to forgive without forgetting why learning how to forgive is a process Pegues showcases the triumphs of famous and everyday people as well as biblical characters who decided to pursue forgiveness and also the tragedies of those who chose to wallow in anger and revenge. If you've been wounded by another, this book will empower you to find joy, freedom, and peace as you let go of your desire to avenge the wrong and make a commitment to release the offender from his debt.

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  7. 100% NaturalNo MSG or PreservativesGoes with Everything SauceGochujang Sauce is a Korean culinary secret made with a cultured soy-bean base combined with red pepper powder, fresh garlic and onions to create this unique blend of savoury, spicy and sweet. This sauce is really versatile so use it as a dipping sauce, condiment, marinade, grilling and basting, or just use your imagination! Directions Shake well. Refrigerate after opening. Free Of MSG, preservatives. Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.Sauce is made with a special korean misoUnique and complex flavourChilli pepper paste is added to give the right amount of spice

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  8. :AUTO TRANSFORMING BETWEEN AUTOBOTS AND BUMBLEBEE RACING CAR: After turning on the single switch, this beautiful Cameron Style Racing Car will not only start running and chasing, but also auto transforming into the Transformers Action Figure! With lights and sounds everywhere, the toy will surely get your kids excited!

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  9. Click here to see description.

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  10. :Jessica Shortall is a mother of two with a career dedicated to business and doing good. During her breast pump years, Jessica was the director of giving for TOMS Shoes. She holds an MBA from Oxford University.

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  11. Now Susan,' Mother said, 'And you too, John. No night sailing. No going outside the harbour. And back the day after tomorrow. Promise.'But promises can't always be kept. Within twenty-four hours John, Susan, Titty and Roger find themselves fighting a night gale in the treacherous waters of the North Sea, adrift and in the main shipping lanes. Suddenly, it's real adventure and only their sailing skills can help them now.

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  12. Praise for The Successful Leadership Development Program Byrne and Rees share their direct experience to provide a highly practical guide for organizations seeking more self-managed approaches to learning in leadership development programs. It will stimulate and encourage all concerned who ask how they can better align the learning needs of individual leaders with those of their organization. ?J. Herman Gilligan, principal, GC International Consulting Group I have seen the results of the process outlined in this book and have found them to be very powerful and effective. This is a must read and a great guide for anyone responsible for leadership development in an organization. ?Marchita Marino, senior vice president, human resources, Wuesthoff Health System, Inc. Everyone concerned with growing leaders must read this book. The mapping out of a set of practices for leadership development is the most results-oriented that I have read about in decades. Every possible detail is addressed. ?Robert C. Preziosi, director, Leadership Impact Lab, Nova Southeastern University This is a unique book essential to any leader or potential leader responsible for bottom-line performance. An experienced based how-to book, the reader will learn how to prepare, obtain approval, and implement a program that will develop leaders and thereby improve and maintain financial performance. ?Allen C. Minor, financial consultant; and adjunct professor, department of health administration and human resources, University of Scranton

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  13. :√We're committed to developing fun, innovative, high quality products for children of all ages.1.Material: sturdy ABS + alloy 1.Mate: 21cm . Bulldozer + 17cm . Tractor with a detachable trailer + 9.1cm . Dumper + 9.1cm . Cement mixer toys 1.Mators: show as pictures 1.Matlicable age: more than Package inclued: *1pc Dumper(9.1cm x 6.6cm x 7.1cm ), rotating car hopper can discharge the building materials conveniently. *1pc Bulldozer(21cm x 6.6cm x 8.1cm ), the arm of the bulldozer can move up and down, each joint of it can move flexibly to form differently. *1pc Tractor with a detachable trailer(17cm x 6.6cm x 7.1cm ), Fun cartoon driver will amuse your baby, the carriage can be jointed to the main body to carry small items, and the rear door can be opened or closed exercising the flexibility of baby's hands. *1pc Cement mixer(9.1cm x 6.6cm x 7.1cm ), The mixer can rotate up and down and discharge the cement, letting kids know the principle of mechanical automation, cultivating their creativity and manipulative ability. √4-WD system: all trucks runs on push-and-go power. Just hold the truck, push it forward several times, then let go and watch it 1.Math slightly, Go faster than other sellers.√Tips from early education experts:Baby after old is sensitive about small things and focuses on observation. Besides, they can remember the diffirence between subtle things. For example, distiguish the difference of car models, car emblems and clothes pattern.√All trucks runs on push-and-go power. Just hold the truck, push it forward several times, then let go and watch it roll.Any kid who loves trucks will love this sets. Let's enjoy Limited childhood time with our lovely boys and girls at once!

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  14. Are you a runner, cyclist, swimmer or rower? Do you want to up your game and ensure you're getting the very best from your diet? To help with her own training, Kate Percy - a keen marathon runner and cook - has developed a range of delicious, carbohydrate-rich recipes that will complement any training programme, whether you're training for a marathon for the first time or an experienced athlete. Go Faster Food contains: over 100 delicious recipes, approved by a nutritionist; an overview of health benefits and a detailed breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and proteins for each recipe; practical nutritional advice, 'Go Faster Tips' and meal planners for each stage of your training. With a unique combination of tasty recipes and nutritional advice all geared towards enhancing your sports performance, Go Faster Food will help you achieve your full potential.

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  15. A New York Public Library Best Book of 2017 Perfect for aspiring coders everywhere, Girl Code is the story of two teenage tech phenoms who met at Girls Who Code summer camp, teamed up to create a viral video game, and ended up becoming world famous. The book also includes bonus content to help you start coding! Fans of funny and inspiring books like Maya Van Wagenen's Popular and Caroline Paul's Gutsy Girl will love hearing about Andrea Andy Gonzales and Sophie Houser's journey from average teens to powerhouses. Through the success of their video game, Andy and Sophie got unprecedented access to some of the biggest start-ups and tech companies, and now they're sharing what they've seen. Their video game and their commitment to inspiring young women have been covered by the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, CNN, Teen Vogue, Jezebel, the Today show, and many more. Get ready for an inside look at the tech industry, the true power of coding, and some of the amazing women who are shaping the world. Andy and Sophie reveal not only what they've learned about opportunities in science and technology but also the true value of discovering your own voice and creativity. A Junior Library Guild selection A Children's Book Council Best STEM Trade Book for Students K-12

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  16. Popular nutritionist Nora Gedguadas returns with advice that may sound counterintuitive: eat fat to burn fat. In Primal Fat Burner she explains the benefits and science behind a ketogenic (or fat-burning) diet, which switches your metabolism from a dependence on sugar to running on healthy fats. As Gedgaudas reveals, numerous studies in recent years refute the long-promoted anti-saturated fat and anti-cholesterol agenda. Now Gedgaudas explains the science that fat isn't a 'no-no' but rather a 'yes-yes' - if you know the right kinds of fats to eat. In her accessible, enjoyable style, she also lays out a practical meal plan with recipes. When you follow a ketogenic diet, you consume fewer calories overall! Author of the bestselling Grain Brain, Dr. David Perlmutter writes in his foreword that Primal Fat Burner is 'wonderfully actionable, compassionately taking the reader from why to how.' On this diet, you efficiently and effectively metabolise fat (ketones and free fatty acids) as your primary source of fuel, rather than glucose from carbs, starches and sugars. Because fat is so satisfying, you naturally wind up eating less - without feelings of hunger or deprivation. And natural dietary fat is ultimately key to optimum health and longevity. Gedgaudas communicates a real appreciation for and understanding of the central role that dietary fat plays in your body and brain, and explains how you can eat to feel better, look better, think clearer and live longer.

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  17. This Electric Racing Motorbike is the next toy you will want for your child’s toyboxInteresting attractive gift toy for boys and girls ages 3 and upBump and Go Function The GPTOYS Motorcycle is an autonomous toy, it changes direction when bumped into an obstacleMusic and Light Our motorcycle toy combines music,flash Led headlight and back light,will attract your child’s attention and make endless fun for them!Learning by Play This is a highly beneficial early educational toy that will give your child hours of entertainment and engage their senses and skills. It's a positive, learning experience for growing kids baby toddlerKids' Dream Toy Children are curious and love to move. This toy will delight them as they can run with the motorcycle. And the music and light also stimulate their senses,excite their interest.Develop Practical Abilities and Motor Skill The toy operated via 4*AA batteries(Not Included),can keep your child play for hours. As an added bonus, it can also help with baby’s practical abilities and motor skill. As they attempt to walk or run with the motorcycle,this is not ony a fun toy but has an exercise aspect as well.

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  18. :A unique travel mug to be treasured by you, or who it’s given to. High quality white porcelain travel Mug. Spill-proof firm seal flip lid. Keeps hot and cold liquids at perfect temperatures. Porcelain is a safe alternative to plastics as they don't contain harmful elements such as BPA. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

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  19. Product Overview: The Alagoo Aeroplane toy with super bright lights and really authentic take-off sounds. When you get the Alagoo planes, you can let your child to assemble the plane, rebox it, and then wrap it so he could play with it immediately upon opening it.It is authentically styled and has a real, spinning propeller, it comes alive with sounds and phrases, so kids can create realistic adventures. The sounds and phrases and moving propellers are easy to activate too. Best Christmas and birthday gift for children. More Features: ♦Looks like a ture airbus A380, just smaller. ♦Be made of ABS plastic, and includes a powerful mechanism which enables aeroplane toys airbus a380 plane toys to glow and produce sounds. ♦Aeroplane toy bumps into things, turns around and runs on, bring much fun to your children. ♦Best gift toys for 3 year old up boys and girls. ♦Excite the little kids' aviation-enthusiast and keep him or her engaged for hours with our pick-of exclusive and innovative electric bump and go model aeroplane toy. Specifications: ♦Type: A380 Airliner ♦Material: ABS plastic ♦Function: Colourful lights flashing ♦Control Way: Universal wheel ♦Size:17 x 45cm x 8.1cm ♦Weight: 400g ♦Powered: 3 AA batteries(Not Included) Package includes: 1* Alagoo Toy Aeroplane Airbus Welcome to choose Alagoo A380 Airbus Toy! If you have any puzzle about the item, We are waiting here to help you. Thanks a lot and best wishes.

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