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  1. To achieve the desired system performance it's sometimes necessary to alter of the audio signal from it's pre-amp or post-amp waveform. DD offers a full line of passive and active solutions allowing you to bend those frequencies to your will. The DSI-1 is a feature-rich Active/Pre-Amp audio signal processor that allows users to precisely tune the acoustics of their car audio system to maximum listening pleasure. It's able to be integrated into OEM systems or used in conjunction with aftermarket systems to realise the full potential of audio components. The tuning software included with the DSI-1 was designed with ease of use in mind, the functions cleanly laid out in a single window allowing the user to quickly access all DSI-1 functions without switching between multiple screens. The DSI-1 was also designed to work in conjunction with an optional remote control* (sold separately). The remote control allows easy access to the USB port for PC connection, the ability to select from up to four custom tuned presets, input source selection and master volume control. Key Features: GUI (graphical user interface) Adjustable Time Alignment: 0-168.2ms Input Summing Capability Adjustable Crossovers (LPF,HPF, BPF: 6dB, 12dB, 24dB, 36dB) 10 Band Parametric EQ (20Hz-20kHz +/- 15 dB, Q-Factor 0.5-10) Phase Adjustment: 0-180 degrees AUX 2 Channel analog input SPDIF Digital Optical Input Specifications: Input Voltage Sensitivity - .05-22 | Upto 25 watts Input Channels - 6x Low or High Level Output Channels - 8x Low Level Output Voltage - 3 Dimensions (mm) - 202x119.4x43.5

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  2. Compatible with GBA, DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS and PSP 1000/2000/3000Professionally crafted and shieldedCable length: 6 feet

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  3. "Enjoy the sun with our designer Adidas Originals AOR016 DSY.070 sunglasses! These iconic Grey Round Adidas Originals shades are made of high quality Plastic and are available at Vision Direct for a discounted price. Fashionable Adidas Originals sunglasses will protect your eyes 100% whilst expressing your individuality. We offer amongst others Top-sellers, Trends and Classics. Lens color: Purple. Lens material: Plastic. Collection: Women 2017. Size: 49 . Condition: new. Adidas Originals AOR016 DSY.070 Frame type: . At Vision Direct we embrace Adidas Originals luxury sunglasses reflecting the beauty of italian craftsmanship. All Adidas Originals designer eyewear is delivered in authentic packaging and comes with a certificate of authenticity directly from the manufacturer. Warranty: 24 months. Returns: 100 days. UPC: 8055341226789. Authenticity guaranteed!

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  4. Lowrance Mark-5x DSI Sounder (SB, 455/800kHz, 4000W) is an affordable, powerful depth sounder with DownScan Imaging - capable of returning photo-realistic images.

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  5. Lowrance Mark-5x DSI Portable Sounder (SB, 455/800kHz, 4000W).

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  6. DISCOUNTED OPEN-BOX STOCK, IN GREAT CONDITION. INCLUDES: UNIT & POWER CABLE ONLY ONLY. CHECKED BY: KRISTJAN (SYDNEY). The Prophet Rev2 desktop module is just as powerful and easy to use as its counterpart, the Prophet Rev2 keyboard. The module has the same controls with the same ease of use as the keyboard version. Best of all, it sounds just as awesome, because it’s exactly the same on the inside — Dave Smith’s reimagining of his now-classic Prophet ’08 poly synth. The Prophet Rev2 retains all of the key features of the Prophet ’08 and expands on them. It has twice the polyphony, twice the mod matrix, waveshape modulation on all waveforms, digital effects per layer in stacked or split voice mode, a polyphonic step sequencer per layer, and more. The result is a true analog powerhouse. You can download any of the many existing libraries of Prophet ’08 sounds and they will not only sound identical, but can be enhanced with the new features. With 16 voices to play with, you have the freedom to allocate them as you wish. Play two-fisted chords via your MIDI controller, stack two 8-voice sounds for massive, complex textures, or split your controller into two completely separate 8-voice Prophet Rev2 instruments. An 8-voice version of the desktop module is also available, which, like the Prophet Rev2 keyboard, can later be expanded to 16-voices with the Expander Kit if desired. The Prophet Rev2 gets its bold, punchy sound from its 2/4 pole, low-pass, resonant Curtis filters per voice. These are the same filters used not only in the Prophet ’08, but in many classic instruments of the 70’s and 80’s. A separate Audio Mod control adds additional harmonic complexity and movement. A powerful new feature unique to the Prophet Rev2 is waveshape modulation. You can now vary the “pulse width” of any of the four waveforms (sawtooth, saw+tri, triangle, square). Using the Shape Mod control, you can manually dial in a

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  7. DSi/ DS Lite Stylus Pen 4-Pack (Silver) - Tomee Perfect for any game and software on your DS Lite or DSi, the Tomee Stylus Pen 4-Pack comes with four styluses, ready for any situation. These can replace lost or broken styluses, fitting perfectly into your handheld console's stylus slot.

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  8. USB Charge Cable for New 3DS/ New 3DS XL/ 2DS/ 3DS XL/ 3DS/ DSi XL/ DSi - Armor3 The Armor3 USB Charge Cable for New 3DS/New 3DS XL/2DS/3DS XL/ 3DS/DSi XL/DSi is the only power solution on the battlefield.

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  9. Lowrance Skimmer Transducer with Temperature (Mark & Elite DSI Series).

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  10. Lowrance DSI Skimmer Transducer 15 ft Extension Cable.

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  11. 3DS/ DSi XL/ DSi USB Power Cable Quick Overview: The Nintendo DSi USB Power Cable connects to any PC Laptops, Desktops, gaming consoles with USB ports and recharges your DSi battery. Charge DSi with any USB port Compact in size for easy transport

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  12. Moshi Monsters Moshlings Earphones - Blingo (3DS, 3DS XL, DSi, DSi XL)

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