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  1. At 140 decibels the Hornit is loud enough to be heard by drivers of cars, trucks, vans and buses and pedestrians. It gives cyclists much greater control over their safety. Here's why. Cyclists are reliant on other road users looking properly which, as we all know, does not happen as often as cyclists would like.The piercing Hornit dB140 sound causes drivers and pedestrians to look up and to see the cyclist and once they've been seen they're safer. The remote trigger design makes it easy to use while braking and riders will find that the Hornit dB140 makes cycling much less stressful as they can very often predict the dangers in advance (cars pulling out of junctions, changing lanes, turning without signalling, pedestrians stepping into the road) and then prevent them from happening. Risk free trial: once you try a Hornit dB140 we know you will always want one on your bike so we offer a full, no quibbles refund for any reason within 90 days of purchase. Sound Road Mode 140 decibels Park Mode 130 decibels Dimensions and Weights Main Unit 97mm(l) x 48mm(w) x 36mm(h) Trigger 94mm(l) x 18mm(w) x 7mm(h) Batteries Type 2 x AAA batteries Durability Batteries will typically last 6-12 months with normal use Total Weight 96g Ingress Protection Rating IP Rating IP44 - Protection from splashed water and solid objects greater than 1mm in diameter

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  2. Size: 64 x 33x 33mm Battery: AG13 x 3 (buttton cell) including batteries Fit for 26mm Diameter. Weight:50g

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  3. Aseako Tourney dual suspension electric mountain bike offers a great hill climbing ability and a comfortable ride. Great for commuting, recreational on-road and off-road riding and RV tag along.

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  4. The Aseako Alto Electric Bicycle features our unique and convenient semi-step thru frame design. Excellent for those difficult hills and a perfect multipurpose electric bike model.

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  5. The Leitner electric mountain bike, model CrossX, comes with a stylish full suspension frame for extra comfort. Like all Leitner electric bicycles it comes with a range of extras like mudguards, lights Kenda tyres, a comfort seat by velo and no license is needed.

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  6. The Leitner electric folding step-through bike ebike bicycle can be folded in seconds to fit into most car boots. Like all Leitner electric bikes it comes with a full range of extras like mudguards, lights and suspension and no license is needed.

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  7. A Step-by-Step Guide to Building an Electric Bicycle From the Ground Up Filled with do-it-yourself project, this hands-on manual gives you all the technical information and easy-to-follow instructions you need to assemble and customize an electric bike. Build Your Own Electric Bicycle gets you on the road on a reliable, economical, environmentally friendly ride. Inside, you'll find complete coverage of every component, including motors, controllers, batteries, and frames, as well as details on soldering, electrical wiring, safety, and other essential skills. The book covers commercially available electric bicycles and shows you how to make modifications and upgrades for improved power, speed, range, and safety. Pictures, diagrams, and charts illustrate each step along the way. With this how-to guide on hand, you'll be riding your own tricked-out electric bike in no time!BUILD YOUR OWN ELECTRIC BICYCLE COVERS: Energy savings and environmental benefits Electrical, battery, and road safety Long-range, folding, and high-power bikes Hub motor kits Motors, controllers, and batteries Electrical connections and wiring Brakes Troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair Performance and safety modifications

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  8. An electric bicycle is, quite simply, a normal bicycle with an added battery and electric motor that just about double your pedal power - able to waft up hills and into headwinds, they take the sweat out of cycling, and give you supercharged legs! How long does the battery last? Are they expensive to run? Do you need a licence and insurance?This book is a complete buyer's guide to electric bicycles, and it answers all of these questions and more. Outlining the advantages (and pitfalls), with an overview of the types of bike available, what to look for, and why you should buy one, you'll also find useful contacts such as importers, websites and magazines, with advice on where you can ride and the law, including new legislation coming in 2017. Battery charging and maintenance is described, as well as some basic cycle maintenance, and there's an analysis of running costs and a look at the world of easy cycling they open up - electric bikes are not just for holidays.

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  9. The Strada The Strada Electric is a new take on electric bikes in the UK market, it takes urban commuter bike credentials and opens them up to anyone looking to get on a bike. The stylish Aluminium frame, lightweight carbon fork and centre mount motor make the bike agile and balanced so you can navigate through traffic nimbly and with confidence. The Strada is equipped with the fantastic Shimano STEPS motor system, which is quicker off the mark that some of the other systems in Raleigh'srange so it's great for pulling away from the lights at speed or conquering hills quickly. The key to the Shimano STEPS system is the integration of the gears, motor and controller to produce a quiet, powerful and efficient riding experience and the new large Shimano computer provides you with the information you need to enjoy your ride. Shimano STEPSsystem For the Strada Electric theyhave combined the STEPS motor with Shimano's Alfine Di2 electronic hub gear, allowing you to shift gear using buttons rather than levers for a fast, smooth and precise change. This system also gives you the choice to set the bike to automatically shift gear based on the speed you're travelling and how fast you are pedalling to make sure you are always in the right gear. Torque, speed and cadence are monitored to automatically and smoothly shift to the right gear. The 400wh battery boasts a range of between 40 and 125km* dependent on the level of assistance selected. Shimano Hydraulic Brakes Shimano hydraulic disc brakes with a 160mm rotors on both front and rear, offering high stopping power for tracks that you might not normally hit up. Built, Tuned and Tested Rest assured that each bike is fully built, tested and tuned by Wiggle's team of qualified bike mechanics to ensure your bike arrives in perfect condition. Find out which size fits you by clicking the size chart tab. Important Please be aware that this bike is regulated in line with existing Electric Power Assisted Cycles regulations. Any modific

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  10. The Osprey Ultralight Packing Cubes are designed to keep your stuff organised. The cubes can be used to individually keep things like work shirts neat and tidy as it allows you to safely separate them from other items such as shoes and equipment. The siliconized nylon materials used allows you to easily slide the cube in and out of your travel bag. Also comes with a wide opening zip which allows you to pack the cube to capacity with ease.

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  11. The Aseako Cruiser II Electric Bike is an easy to get on and ride step-thru design built for comfort. Popular with both men and women, it has an upright riding position and a low seat height.

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  12. Aseako Rossa II is an upgraded version of popular standard Tourney mountain bike. It features improved shocks, LCD screen and NuVinci continuously variable gear system.

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  13. Aseako Citte electric bike is your classic urban commuter & errand bike, comfortable for both short and long rides. A unisex design it has easy to use 3 speed hub gears and full rear pannier rack.

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  14. The Zoco Ultra 250W/500W Dual power mode Electric Bike is one of our two top of range models. It features our unique on-road/off-road power selection with the NuVinci variable gear system.

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  15. Aseako Aventi II is an upgraded version of our unisex standard Alto Electric bicycle. It features improved front shocks, LCD control screen and the NuVinci continuously variable gear system.

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  16. The Zoco Xtreme 250W/500W Dual power mode Electric Bike is one of two top of the range models. It features our unique on-road/off-road power selection with the NuVinci variable gear system.

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  17. Design or build a battery-powered electric bicycleFor much of the world, bicycles are a transportation mainstay. Electric bicycles—powered by a rechargeable battery pack—are proven to deliver the highest possible energy efficiency, even compared to pedal bikes. A transportation alternative to fossil fuels, electric bicycles are fast catching on, in part because they don't require factory assembly. End-users can easily construct them with available components.The text reveals important techniques, data, and examples that allow readers to judge various propulsion setups—used in both home- and factory-made bikes—and estimate speed and travel distance for each. Numerous charts clearly present the costs, benefits, and trade-offs between both commercial and user-converted models.Key features include:Estimating motor-performance for wind, hill, and cruising power requirementsEstimating battery capacity and a thorough description of battery chargingMotor and motor-control optionsEvaluating motor-to-wheel coupling optionsPlacement of propulsion componentsConfigurations and performanceHow systems-engineering techniques can produce electric-bicycle designs that have long travel range and low life-cycle costTestingDevelopments to watchA comprehensive resource for harnessing innovation, Electric Bicycles is the definitive practical guide to taking full advantage of this exciting alternative energy technology.

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  18. The Leitner electric folding, dual-suspension bike ebike bicycle can be folded in seconds to fit into most car boots. It has dual suspension for extra comfort and like all Leitner electric bikes it comes with a full range of extras like mudguards, lights and suspension and no license is needed.

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  19. Powerful Electric motor for maximum drift fun without hills. Low noise - drift without disturbing the neighbours! Australia-wide delivery.

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  20. The Leitner electric straight-bar bike ebike bicycle comes with a stylish straight-bar frame. Like all Leitner electric bikes it comes with a full range of extras like mudguards, lights and suspension and no license is needed.

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