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  1. Electrolux EBE5107SDL Refrigerator

    Hinge Position: Left. - Energy Rating (Stars): 3.5. - 349L Fridge capacity. - Mark-resistant stainless steel door finish. - Adjustable Spillsafe glass shelves. - Drinks chill alarm. - Quick freeze function. - Internal electronic touch controls. - Flat bread drawer. - Professionally inspired European styling. - Freezer temperature alarm. - LED lighting. - Adjustable door bins. - 2 Adjustable front rollers & 2 rear rollers. - Full length designer bar handles. - Door bin with twist bottle holder. - Stylish flat stainless steel doors. - Door alarm on fridge & freezer. - Eco mode to reduce your energy use.

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  3. SUITS ELECTROLUX & WESTINGHOUSE MODELS; EBE5167SD RH 925042860, EHE5107SB 925042815, EHE5167SB 925042816, WHE5100WA 925042848, WHE5160SA-D 925042855, WBE5160SC 925042861 **PLEASE NOTE MANUFACTURERS INSTRUCTIONS; FOR MODELS EHE5107SA ML01, ML02 & EHE5107SB ML00 & WHE5000SA-R ML00, ML01, ML02 & WHE5100SA-D ML00, ML01, ML02 & WHE5100WA-D ML00, ML01, ML02. SOFTWARE VERSION HGAY000B ***For ELECTROLUX must use USER INTERFACE 1462176 SOFTWARE VERSION 4FAA0025_AS00358001 ***For WESTINGHOUSE use USER INTERFACE 1458936 SOFTWARE VERSION 4FAA0025_AS003D8102 NEW & GENUINE ELECTROLUX PART 1459325Used In: EBE5167SD, EHE5107SB, EHE5167SB, WBE5160SC, WHE5100WA, WHE5160SA-D,Appliance: Bottom Mount - Model Num: EBE5167SD - Model Version: 925042860 - Model Part: Other Items

    + Shipping: $12.95
  4. SUITS MODELS; RJ532T, RJ532T, N520H*05, C520H*05, N520F, N520F*02, RJ522K*6, RJ522M, RE521M, RE521K, RJ532S, RJ522Q, RJ522BQ, RE521S, RJ533S, RJ533S*06, RJ533T, N520SH*05, RE501D, RJ502D, RJ503D, RJ505EA, RE501E, RJ536T, N520SF, N520SF*08, N520SH, RJ532T, RE521T SPECS SIZE; 764mmx1106mm REPLACES PART NUMBERS; 1444231K, 1438438K, 144234K, 1407305, 1439669K, 1434543, 1434543K, 1413974, 1430309, 1435041K NEW & GENUINE ELECTROLUX PART 1444231Height: 495mm Width: 25mm Depth: 870mm Weight: 1kgUsed In: C520F, C520H, N520F, N520H, N520SF, N520SH, RE501D, RE501E, RE521K, RE521M, RE521S, RE521T, RJ502D, RJ503D, RJ505EA, RJ522BQ, RJ522K, RJ522M, RJ522Q, RJ532S, RJ532T, RJ533S, RJ533T, RJ536T,Appliance: Top Mount - Model Num: C520F - Model Version: C520F*00 - Model Part: Seal / Gasket

    + Shipping: $12.95
  5. SUITS WESTINGHOUSE/HOOVER/WHIRLPOOL MODELS; RS625M, RS662V, RS663T,RSP184, RS652K, C32UF 6ED25DQXFB00, 6ED0GTKXQ00, FA33BM, 6ER9GTKXKS, 6ED20TKXFW01, 6ED20TKXDW00, 6GD22DCXHW01, 6ED22PKXFW03, 6ED20PKXBW00, 6ED20PKXBW00, 6ET19DKXFW0, HE383TF, HE430TF, HE480TF, HE513TF, HE325UF, HE365UF, HE423UF, HE505UF *REPLACES 50101970, 8201703 NEW & GENUINE ELECTROLUX PART RFN003Used In: HE325UF, HE365UF, HE383TF, HE423UF, HE430TF, HE480TF, HE505UF, HE513TF,Appliance: Bottom Mount - Model Num: HE325UF - Model Version: HE325UF - Model Part: Other

    + Shipping: $12.95
  6. SUITS SOME NO FROST WESTINGHOUSE, KELVINATOR & ELECTROLUX FRIDGES REPLACES PART NUMBERS 1438327, 1450360, 1448765 NEW & GENUINE ELECTROLUX PART 1443632KHeight: 60mm Width: 50mm Depth: 160mm Weight: 0.129kgUsed In: BJ383V, BJ385V, BJ433V, BJ435V, BJ513V, BJ515V, EBE3800SA, EBE4300SA, EBE4300SC, EBE4300SE, EBE4307SD, EBE5100SA, EBE5100SC, EBE5100SD, EBE5100SE, EBE5107BA, EBE5107SD, EBE5167SD, EHE5107SA, EHE5107SB, EHE5167SB, ERE6100SV-XT, ERE6100SX-XPH, ERE6100SX-XSA, ERE6100SX-XT, ESE6077SA, ESE6077SC, ESE6077SF, ESE6077SG, ESE6078WA, ESE6107SA, ESE6107SC, ESE6107SF, ESE6107SG, ESE6108WA, ESE6977SC, ESE6977SF, ESE6977SG, ESE7007BA, ESE7007SC, ESE7007SF, ESE7007SG, ETE3900SA, ETE4200SB, ETE4200SC, ETE4400SA, ETE4402SB-RE, ETE4402SB-RT, ETE5200SA, ETE5200SB, ETE5200SC, ETE5202SB-RE, ETE5202SB-RT, HSE6070SB-XE, N390SEJ, N420SEJ, N440SEJ, N520SEJ, N640G, NB380SEJ, NB430SEJ, NB510SEJ, RJ393V, RJ395V, RJ423V, RJ425V, RJ443V, RJ445V, RJ523V, RJ525V, RS643T, RS643V, RS645T, RS645V, SB926WK, WBE4300SB, WBE5100SB, WBE5100SC, WBE5160SC, WDU903SA, WHE5000SA, WHE5100SA-D, WHE5100WA, WHE5160SA-D, WSE6070PB, WSE6070SA, WSE6070SB, WSE6070SF, WSE6070WA, WSE6070WB, WSE6070WF, WSE6100PF, WSE6100SA, WSE6100SF, WSE6100WA, WSE6100WF, WSE6970PA, WSE6970SA, WSE6970SE, WSE6970SF, WSE6970WA, WSE6970WE, WSE6970WF, WSE7000PA, WSE7000SA, WSE7000SF, WSE7000WA, WSE7000WF,Appliance: Dishwasher - Model Num: WDU903SA - Model Version: 91194626806 - Model Part: Motor Parts

    + Shipping: $12.95
  7. SUITS ELECTROLUX, WESTINGHOUSE, KELVINATOR, SIMPSON,& SOME FISHER AND PAYKEL ** ELECTROLUX;RS643V *10, RS645V *10, RS643V *05, RS645V, RS662V, RS663V, RS663V*05, RS643VWSE6100SA, WSE6100WA, WSE6100PA, WSE6070SA, WSE6070WA, WSE6070WA*4, WSE6070SA*4, WSE6070PB, WSE6070SB, WSE6070WB, WSE6070PB *06, WSE6070SB *06, WSE6070WB *06, WSE6100PA *03, WSE6100PA*07, WSE6100WA*07, WSE6100SA *03, WSE6100WA *03, WSE7000PA, WSE7000SA, WSE7000WA, WSE6970PA, WSE6970SA, WSE6970WA, WRM4300SA, WBM5100PA, WTM4200PA, WTM5200PA, WBM5100SA, WBM3700WA, WBM3700SA, WBM4000WA, WBM4000SA, WFM3600SA, WTM5200SA, WFM3000PA, WTM2900WA, WTM3300WA, WTM2900WB-X, WTM3300WB-X, WTM3900SB*07, WTM3900WB*07, WRM3700PA, WTM3900SB, WTM3900WB, WTE4200SB, WBM5100PB, WBM5100WB, WBM4300PB, WBM4300WB, WRM3700PB, WRM3700WB, WBM3700PB, WBM3700SB, WBM3700WB, WFM3000PB, WFM3000WB, WTE5200SB, WBM400WSB, WBM4000WB, WRM4300SB, WRM4300WB, WTM4400WB, WTM5200PB, WTM5200WB, WBE5100SB, WTM2800PB, WTM2800WB, WFM3600SB, WFM3600WB, WBM4300PB*07, WBM4300WB*07, WBM5100PB*07, WBM5100WB*07, WTM4400WB*07, WTM3000PB, WTM3000WB, WTM3300PB, WTM3300WB, WBE4300SB, WTM4200PB, WTM4200WB, WTM4200PB*07, WTM4200WB*07, WTM5200PB*07, WTM5200WB*07, BJ383V *10, BJ433V *10, BJ513V *10, BJ515V *10, BJ383V, BJ385V, BJ514V, BJ434V, BJ513V, BJ515V, RP432V, BJ433V, BJ435V, BJ384V, SB380C, SBM3800WA, SBM4300WA, SBM3800MA, SBM5100MA, SBM5100WA, SBM3800MA*3, SBM3800WA*3, SBM5100MA*3, SB510C, SB430C, SBM4300WA*3, SBM3800MB, SBM4300WB, SBM3800WB, ETE4400SA, ETM5207SA, ETM5200WB, ETM5200SB, ETM3600WB, ETM3900WB, ETM3900SB, ETM4407SA, ETM4200WB, ETM4200SB, ETE5200SB, ETE4200SB, ETM5200WA, ETM5200SA, ETE5200SA, ETE3900SA, ETM3600WA, ETM3900WA, ETM3900SA, ETM4400WA, ETM4400SA, ETM2800WA, ETM3000WA, ETM3300WA ** WESTINGHOUSE; RJ522V, RJ526V, RJ422V, RJ442V, RJ446V, RJ523V *10, RJ525V *10, RJ393V *10, RJ423V *10, , RJ362V, RJ392V, FJ362V, RJ523V, RJ525V, RJ393V, RJ395V, RJ423V, RJ425V, RJ443V, RJ445V, FJ302V, RP372V, RJ282V, RJ302V, RJ332V, ESM6470WA, ESM6470SA,

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  8. SUITS ALSO WESTINGHOUSE, SIMPSON & SOME WHIRLPOOL MODELS *ELECTROLUX MODELS; ESE6078WA 925042633, ESE6078WA*4, ESE6078WA*05, ERE6100SV-XE 920404150, ERE6100SV-XT 925042157, ERE6100SX-XPH 925042427, ERE6100SX-XSA, ERE6100SX-XE 920404149, ESE6077SA*06, ESE6077SA, ESE6107SA, ESE6108WA*03, ERE6100SX-XT 925042156, ESE6108WA, HSE6070SB-XE 925042566 *WESTINGHOUSE MODELS; WSE6070WA, WSE6070SA, WSE6070PB, WSE6070SB, WSE6070WB, WSE6070WA*4, WSE6070SA*4, WSE6070PB*06, WSE6070SB*06, WSE6070WB*06, WSE6100WA, WSE6100SAWSE, 6100WA*03, WSE6100SA*03, WSE6100PA*03, WSE6100PA *SIMPSON MODELS; SSM6100WA, SSM6100MA, SSM6100WA*3, SSM6100MA*3 SPECIFICATIONS; 240 VOLTS, HAS TWO SMALL TERMINALS ATTACHED TO LEADS, SIZE; 225mm WIDE X 340mm LONG NEW & GENUINE ELECTROLUX PART 1449675Weight: 5kgUsed In: ERE6100SV-XE, ERE6100SV-XT, ERE6100SX-XE, ERE6100SX-XPH, ERE6100SX-XSA, ERE6100SX-XT, ESE6077SA, ESE6078WA, ESE6107SA, ESE6108WA, HSE6070SB-XE, SSM6100MA, SSM6100WA, WSE6070PB, WSE6070SA, WSE6070SB, WSE6070WA, WSE6070WB, WSE6100PA, WSE6100SA, WSE6100WA,Appliance: Side By Side - Model Num: SSM6100WA - Model Version: SSM6100WA*00 - Model Part: Other

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  9. GFTA-A101CBFE Vege Case Door Electrolux fridge. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

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  10. 1450206 Fridge Handle mount Electrolux WSE6100PA. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

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  11. 1445703 Fridge Dairy Door Electrolux Wse6070Wa. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

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  12. 1441805 Dairy Cover Electrolux Fridge ETM4200SC. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

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  13. 1448022K Fridge Bin IDP Clear Electrolux ESM6470WA. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

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  14. SUITS MODELS; RS643V *05, RS645V, RS643V, RJ523V, RJ525V, RJ393V, RJ395V, RJ423V, RJ425V, RJ443V, RJ445V WSE6100PA, WSE6070WA*4, WSE6070SA*4, BJ383V, BJ385V, BJ513V, BJ515V, BJ433V, BJ435V**ELECTROLUX ESE6108WA, ESE6078WA, ESE6078WA *4, ESE6107SA, ETE4400SA, ETE5200SA, ETE3900SAN420SEJ, N520SEJ, N390SEJ, NB380SEJ, NB430SEJ, NB510SEJ, N440SEJ NEW & GENUINE ELECTROLUX PART 1448797Height: 138mm Width: 132mm Depth: 61mm Weight: 0.571kgUsed In: BJ385V, BJ433V, BJ435V, BJ513V, EBE3800SA, EBE4300SA, EBE5100SA, EBE5100SB, ERE6100SX-XT, ESE6078WA, ESE6107SA, ESE6108WA, ETE3900SA, ETE4200SB, ETE4400SA, ETE5200SA, ETE5200SB, N390SEJ, N420SEJ, N440SEJ, N520SEJ, NB380SEJ, NB430SEJ, NB510SEJ, RJ393V, RJ395V, RJ423V, RJ425V, RJ443V, RJ445V, RJ523V, RJ525V, RS643V, RS645V, WSE6070SA, WSE6070WA, WSE6100PA,Appliance: Bottom Mount - Model Num: EBE5100SB - Model Version: EBE5100SB*00 - Model Part: Other Items

    + Shipping: $12.95
  15. SUITS MANY SIMPSON/KELVINATOR/WESTINGHOUSE/ELECTROLUX MODELS *WESTINGHOUSE; ETM5202PB-RSA 925042630 ETE5202SB-RE 925042541 ETM5202PB-RE 925042543 ETE5202SB-RT 925042540 ETM5202PB-RT 925042542 ETM5202PB-RPH 925042476 EBM5100SC N520J N520SJ ETM5200WB ETM5200SB EBM5100WB EBM5100SB NB510J NB510SJ ETM5200SC EBE5100SC N520SEJ NB510SEJ ETM5200WA ETM5200SA EBM5100WA EBM5100SA EBM5107SC EBM5I07SA ETM5207SC EBE5100SB*01 EBE5107SD-R 925042813 EBE5107SD-L 925042812 ETM5200SD 925042824 925042825 925042842 925042843 925042841 925042840 925042803 925042804 EBM5107SA ETE5200SC EBE5107BA 925042860 ETE5200SB*01 EBE5100SA ETE5200SA EBE5100SB EBE5100SE EBE5100SD-R 925042808 EBE5100SD-L 925042807 ETE5207SD-L 925042828 ETE5207SD-R 925042829 ETE5200SB ETM5207SA *ELECTROLUX: EBE5100SB *01, EBE5100SA, EBE5107BA-R, EBE5100SB, EBE5100SC, EBM5107SA, EBM5100WB, EBM5100SB, EBM5100WA, EBM5100SA, EBM5100SD, EBM5107SC, EBM5100SC, ETE5200SB *01, ETE5200SB, ETE5200SC, ETE5200SA, ETM5207SA, ETM5200WB, ETM5200SB, ETM5200SC, ETM5207SC, ETM5200WA, ETM5200SA *SIMPSON 360 LITRE MODELS: SB510C, SR520C, SR520B*01, SBM5100MA*3, SBM5100WA*3, SBM5100MA, SBM5100WA, STM5200WA*3, STM5200MA*3, STM5200MA, STM5200WA *KELVINATOR: KBM5100MA*06, KBM5100WA*06, KBM5100WB, KTM5200MB *06, KBM5100MB, KBM5100WB*07, KBM5100MB *06, KBM5100WB *06, KTM5200WB *06, KTM5200W*07, KTM5200WB, KTM5200MA*06, KTM5200WA*06, KTM5200WB*07, KTM5200MB, N520SEJ, N520J, N520SJ, NB510J, NB510SJ, NB510SEJ NEW & GENUINE ELECTROLUX PART 1441804Height: 325mm Width: 170mm Depth: 120mm Weight: 0.21kgUsed In: EBE5100SA, EBE5100SB, EBE5100SC, EBE5100SD, EBE5100SE, EBE5107BA, EBE5107SD, EBE5167SD, EBM5100SA, EBM5100SB, EBM5100SC, EBM5100SD, EBM5100WA, EBM5100WB, EBM5107SA, EBM5107SC, ETE5200SA, ETE5200SB, ETE5200SC, ETE5202SB-RE, ETE5202SB-RT, ETE5207SD-L, ETM5200SA, ETM5200SB, ETM5200SC, ETM5200SD, ETM5200WA, ETM5200WB, ETM5202PB-RE, ETM5202PB-RPH, ETM5202PB-RSA, ETM5202PB-RT, ETM5207SA, ETM5207SC, N520J, N520SEJ, N520SJ, NB510J, NB510SEJ, NB510SJ, S

    + Shipping: $12.95
  16. 1450970 Westinghouse & Electrolux Fridge Water Filter. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

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  17. 1438545 Westinghouse Electrolux Fridge Water Filter. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

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  18. Electrolux EBE4507SAR Refrigerator

    Mark-resistant and durable stainless steel adorns the Electrolux FreshZone 450L Bottom Mount Fridge, providing the stylish, classy touch as well as the needed durability for daily use. Multi-function electronic controls for this fridge lets you make the needed setting changes to fit your particular needs.An intelligent airflow system for the Electrolux FreshZone 450L Bottom Mount Fridge helps disperse air inside evenly, keeping it at optimum temperatures for longer-lasting and fresher goods.Strong odours like cheese and seafood are absorbed by the FreshSense deodoriser integrated on this bottom mount fridge, ensuring you have a clean and fresh smell inside.A FlexStor design lets you switch around and make adjustments on the refrigerator’s interior compartments, letting it easily handle different item sizes when needed.FreshPlus cooling technology helps offset temperature changes when the Electrolux fridge’s door is opened, replacing the lost cold air once the door is closed.

    $1446 - $1699
  19. Electrolux EBE5367SA Refrigerator

    The Electrolux FreshPlus 530L Right Hinge Bottom Mount Fridge features a FlexStor design for its interior, letting you easily configure the layout to adapt to your particular needs.A convenient through-door water dispenser is included, ensuring rehydration is quick and easy with this Electrolux fridge.Featuring FreshZone technology combined with double-insulation, the crisper of this Electrolux fridge delivers better temperature stability and humidity levels to keep food fresher for longer.A MultiZone Deli compartment is included, ensuring you have proper space to keep your cured meats, artisanal cheeses, and other deli items within the Electrolux refrigerator but away from other ingredients.Thanks to its frost-free design, you don’t have to manually defrost the FreshPlus fridge, saving you precious time.A multi-flow delivery system is utilised by this refrigerator, helping disperse air inside and ensuring temperatures are kept at optimal levels.

    $1849 - $1929
  20. Electrolux FreshPlus EBE5307SAL Refrigerator

    Add a practical presence to your kitchen with the Electrolux FreshPlus 530L Left Hinge Bottom Mount Fridge. Multiple features are included to help ensure you have ample storage space inside this bottom mount fridge to accommodate wide variety of food and drinks.

    $1529 - $1774
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