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  1. SUITS MODELS; EWF1074, EWF1083, EWW1273, EWF1282, EWF1481 SPECIFICATIONS; SILVER IN COLOUR FOR PORTHOLE RIGHT SIDE WHEN FACING MACHINE NEW & GENUINE ELECTROLUX PART 147146400Used In: EWF1074, EWF1083, EWF1282, EWF1481, EWW1273,Appliance: Front Load - Model Num: EWF1481 - Model Version: 914900163 - Model Part: Other

    + Shipping: $12.95
  2. SUITS FRONT LOAD ELECTROLUX, AEG, SIMPSON, WESTINGHOUSE MODELS; *ELECTROLUX MODELS; EW1055F 914513071, EW1265F 914513527, EW880F 914792710, EW1280F 914517506, EWD1477 914603111, EWF1074 914900157, EWF1087 914900049 914900099, EW1080F 914517016 914900045, EWF1083 914900156, EWF1090 914900044, EWF1092 914900075, EWF1282 914900162, EWF1470 914513617, EWF1481 914900163, EWF1495 914900097, EWF10831 91490029000, EWF12821 91490029100, EWF14811 914900292, EWW1273 91490022900 *AEG MODELS; L62800 91452515900 914525159, L86800 91452533200, LAV62800 914016358, LAV72630-W 91400220801, LAV74800 914016359, LAV86800 914016360, LF652D 914515401, LF651D 914515400 *SIMPSON MODEL; 45S558E 914900077, 45S710E 914900078,45S708E 914900038, 45S557E 914900037 *WESTINGHOUSE; LF652D 914515401, LF651D 914515400 REPLACES PART NUMBER: 3792030425, 1249675115, 1585317 NEW & GENUINE ELECTROLUX PART 1249675-13/1Height: 20mm Width: 77mm Depth: 105mm Weight: 0.093kgUsed In: 45S557E, 45S558E, 45S708E, 45S710E, 72630-W, EW1055F, EW1080F, EW1265F, EW1280F, EW880F, EWD1477, EWF1074, EWF1083, EWF10831, EWF1087, EWF1090, EWF1092, EWF1282, EWF12821, EWF1470, EWF1481, EWF14811, EWF1495, EWW1273, L62800, L74800, L86800, LF651D, LF652D,Appliance: Front Load - Model Num: EWF12821 - Model Version: 914900291 - Model Part: Switch

    + Shipping: $12.95
  3. 147146400 Door Handle Electrolux Front Load washer. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

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  4. TP-Link AC1900 Touch P5 Router

    The Touch P5, with its responsive touchscreen, makes this possible today. In addition to adding to the beauty of your router, the integrated touchscreen also dramatically revolutionizes the way you set up and interact with your network. Just tap, swipe and connect. The responsive touchscreen allows you to set up your Touch P5 in just one minute, using only your fingertips and with no need for a separate PC, smartphone or tablet.

  5. Electrolux EWF12753 Washing Machine

    Vapour refresh.Time manager.Woolmark apparel care.Eco inverter motor.Add clothes function.Jetsystem.Number of spin speeds 4.

    $645 - $789
  6. Electrolux EWF12763E Washing Machine

    The Electrolux 7kg Front Load Washing Machine has 8 built-in wash programs, allowing it to adapt to different types of loads easily. Thanks to its time manager function, this Electrolux washing machine lets you set variable wash times depending on your laundry loads. To help minimise fabric stretching during a wash cycle, this front load washing machine a stainless steel, gentle drum. This washing machine has an extra-large door opening, allowing you load or unload garments without hassle. With easy access to the interior drum, the door opening also lets you enjoy better visibility inside it. Ideal for the family home, this Electrolux Front Load Washing Machine operates quietly at 52 dbA.

  7. Polaroid Snap Touch Digital Camera

    Polaroid continues to offer the fun of an instant camera plus the advancement of digital photography with this black Snap Touch Instant Digital Camera. It offers the convenience of digital capture with the ability to produce a physical instant print, thanks to ZINK Zero Ink Technology. The Snap Touch includes a photobooth and burst mode as well as the ability to edit pictures through filters, borders, and digital stickers. An automatic timer in conjunction with the built-in selfie mirror allows you to take a confident selfie without the need for a retake. A microSD card slot allows you to use a microSD card up to 128GB for image transfer, and a micro USB port and cable makes it easy to charge. Additionally the camera is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity.

    $235.3 - $339.95
  8. Electrolux EWF12853 Washing Machine

    Vapour refresh.Time manager.Woolmark apparel care.Eco inverter motor.Add clothes function.Jetsystem.Number of spin speeds 4.

    $798 - $948
  9. Electrolux EDV6552 Dryer

    Extra large 6.5kg load capacity, Sensor Dry. Efficient Reverse Tumbling Action. Ideal temperature settings. Clean Filter Indicator. Wall mount option with reversible control panel decal. Durable stainless steel drum. Child safety device on door. Delay start option.

    $485 - $566
  10. Electrolux EWW14013 Washing Machine

    Washdry, Enjoy a gentler clean with ultra mix technology, Load sensor, Vapour refresh, Time manager, Eco inverter motor, Add clothes, Aqua stop, Auto sense, Jetsystem, Gentle drum, Anti allergy program, Everyday program, Extra large door opening, Function available, Door lock indicator, time remaining, fault diagnostic display, prewash, time manager, child lock indicator, maximum load capacity indicator, extra silent, cold water, load weight, spin speed indicator, save favourite, temperature, delay start, dryness level.

    $1430 - $1699
  11. Electrolux EWF12832 Washing Machine

    Enjoy the incredible quality of this Electrolux washer. This is a front-load washer. The capacity of 8 kg is great for busy families. This washing machine has a steam option and uses 12 different washing functions, which is excellent for customized washing. With a quick wash function, you'll be able to quickly freshen up small amounts of linens. It has a timer delay option, which is perfect for scheduling your chores perfectly. The 4 star energy rating enables trimming down on your annual power bills and lowering CO2 emissions.

  12. Electrolux EWW12753 Washing Machine

    WashDry 60 Designed to wash and dry a small1kg load in just one hour.  AutoSense Water and wash time are adjusted in proportion to the load size ensuring exceptional care for any load, minimising energy consumption. Add Clothes With our Add Clothes function, you can quickly add those forgotten items. It can only be used when the water level is below the door and on programs where the water temperature is less than 60 degrees Celsius. Gentle Drum More smaller holes allow water to pass in and out of the drum quickly, while also helping to reduce pulling of your clothes during high-speed spinning.

    $986 - $1120
  13. Electrolux EWF14933 Washing Machine

    The 5 energy star rated, 9kg washing machine comes with UltraMix that gives you a gentler clean, at lower temperatures. The premium features include Vapour Refresh, Time Manager, EcoInverter motor and Woolmark accreditation. Add clothes function, jetsystem, Gentle drum, Everyday program, Extra large door opening, Vapour refresh, Time manager, Eco inverter motor.

    $924 - $1290
  14. Electrolux EWF14013 Washing Machine

    The 5 energy stars rated, 10kg washing machine comes with the UltraMix feature to give you a gentler clean at lower temperatures. The premium feature includes Load Sensor, LED drum light, Vapour Refresh, Time Manager, EcoInverter motor and Woolmark accreditation. Add clothes function, Save your favourite program, Jetsystem, Gentle drum, Anti allergy, Everyday program, Extra large door opening, Vapour refresh, Time manager, Ecoinverter motor.

    $1166 - $1428
  15. Haier Twin Tub XPB60-287SWH Washer

    This washer features a top opening. This is a twin-tub washer, which allows for washing and efficiently spinning clothes almost completely dry. With a capacity of 6 kg, any busy family will enjoy this product.

  16. Hollister Hollister Wave 100ml EDT Men's Cologne

    Even since the company was founded in 2000, Hollister has made great strides in creating fragrances young people can enjoy. Hollister Wave is no exception, and it is an excellent fragrance for men to wear who want a woody aroma surrounding them all night long. This particular cologne launched in 2016, and the aroma starts off strong with top notes of grapefruit, yuzu and bamboo leaf.

    $46.95 - $62.88
  17. Hollister Hollister Wave 2 100ml EDT Men's Cologne

    Hollister Wave 2 For Him by Hollister is a Aromatic Fougere fragrance for men. Wave 2 For Him was launched in 2017. Top notes are bergamot, white pepper and ozonic notes. Middle notes are geranium, lavender and sage. Base notes are sandalwood, musk and woody notes.

    $51.95 - $78.37
  18. Bose SoundTouch 30 Speakers

    Press a preset … and listen. You’ll hear why this is our best Wi-Fi music system before you reach the bridge of the very first song. A high-power woofer reproduces the soul of bass notes with depth and clarity. Two precisely positioned drivers tackle the midhigh range notes with crisp, vibrant definition. Exclusive waveguide technology is also key to delivering the stout performance that pours from the SoundTouch 30 system. Make it your main audio system, and let the power of your music shine through.

    $645 - $680
  19. Bose SoundTouch 20 Speakers

    Yes, it's compact. But rest assured, the SoundTouch 20 system delivers sound way beyond its size. Custom-designed transducers produce surprisingly clean mid and high frequencies so vocals and instruments sound lifelike, while an advanced ported enclosure gives the sound sufficient punch to easily fill a room. Meanwhile, proprietary digital signal processing keeps the performance evenly balanced, whether you crank the volume or play it at late-night bedside levels. Go ahead and compare it to any other Wi-Fi speaker this size. We think you'll find there's no comparison.

    $425 - $449
  20. Electrolux EDV5552 Dryer

    Sensor Dry. Efficient Reverse Tumbling Action. Ideal temperature settings. Clean Filter Indicator. Durable stainless steel drum. Wall mount option with reversible control panel decal. Child safety device on door. Delay start option. A reminder to clean the filter, keeping your dryer running in optimal condition saving time and energy.

    $395 - $449
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