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  1. Specification: Frequency: 280-868 MHz AM/FM Working frequency range (Mhz): 300, 306, 310, 315, 315.5, 330, 360, 390, 418, 430.5, 433.42, 433.92, 868.35, 286-361, 284-400. Number of channels: 4 Material:Plastic Power supply: 3V battery, type CR2032 (Battery included) Button color: Blue Dimensions: 69x40x13.5mm Code: fixed,rolling Works with these rolling code remotes: ACM: TX2, TX2 COLOR, TX4 Adyx: TE4433H BLUE, 433-HG BRAVO AERF: COMPACT, HY-DOM, MERCURI B, MERCURI C, SABUTON, MARS, SATURN, ST3/N, TERRA, TMP-1, TMP-2, UNITECH ALLMATIC: BROWN, BROWN RED, BRO.OVER, PASS, MINIPASS, TECH3 Aperto TX02-434-2, TX02-868-2 BLUE, 4025 TX02-868-2, 4022 TX02-434-2, 4020 TX-03-868-4, 4013 TX03-434-4 APERTO (Sommer) : 4020-TX03-434, TX02-434-2, TX02-868-2 Aprimatic TR2/TR4, TM4 ATA: PTX4 BLU, PTX4 PINK Avidsen: 104251, 104250, 104250 OLD, 104250 RED, 104257, 104350, 654250 Beninca LO.T2WMR, T2WV/T4WV, TO.GO2WV/TO.GO4WV, Cupido, IO.2WV, Apple, LOT2WCV - video tutorial Bft MITTO (Mitto2/Mitto4, Mitto B RCB 02 R1 2CH/Mitto B RCB 04 R1 4CH, Kleio2/Kleio4, RB, Ghibli) - video tutorial Cardin: TRQ S449, TRQ S449 GREEN (PRECODE) TXQ S449, TXQ S449 GREEN, TRQ S486, TXQ S486, S437 TX, XRADO Casali: JA33 AMIGO, GENIUS/CASALI A252RC Chamberlain/Liftmaster: 94330E/94333E/94334E/94335E, 84330EML/84333EML/84335EML CLEMSA: MUTANCODE, T, T-8, E-CODE N MASTERCODE MV ( uniquement en code fixe) DASPI : ZERO RC Dea TR2/TR4, Genie 273, Gold 288/Gold 289 Ditec GOL4, BIXLP2, BIXLP2 RED, BIXLG4 - video tutorial DOORHAN: TRANSMITTER 4 DOORMATIC: MILENY, MILENY-EVO Ecostar RSE, RSC, RSZ ERREKA: IRIS, ROLLER 2, ROLLER 433, ROLLER 868, SOL433, SOL868, VEGA 433, VEGA 868 Faac LC (T4 433 LC / TE4433H, XT4 433 RC, XT4 433 RCBE) Faac TML2 433 SLR, TML4 433 SLR Faac 433 SLH (XT2 433 SLH/XT4 433 SLH; TML2 433 SLH/TML4 433 SLH, T2 433 SLH/T4 433 SLH) - *master - video tutorial Faac 868 SLH (XT2 868 SLH/XT4 868 SLH, TML2 868 SLH/TML4 868 SLH, T2 868 SLH/T4 868 SLH, DL2 868 SLH/DL4 868 SLH) - *master - video tutorial Fadini Jubi, Jubi Small GENIE: GITR-3, GIT, GICT390, GIFT390-1, G3T-BX, G1T-BX, GM3T, GICTD, GIFTD Genius Bravo TE4433H, Echo Genius Amigold2/Amigold4, JA332 (Amigo TX2 868) JA334 (Amigo TX4 868) KILO TX2 JLC, KILO TX4 JLC - *master - video tutorial GiBiDi: AU1600, AU1600 WOOD, AU1680, AU1680 WOOD, DOMINO Key TXB-42R/TXB-44R, SUB-44R - video tutorial King Gates CLIPPER, STYLO 4 Life: VIP2/VIP4, VIP2R/VIP4R, FIDO2/FIDO4 Mhouse TX4, GTX4, Moovo MT4 - video tutorial MERLIN 2.0 :E945M, E943M, E940M MERLIN/PROLIFT: C945, C940, C943, M842, M844 Nice FLOR (Flo1R/Flo2R/Flo4R,Very VR, One1/One2/One4/One9, One1E/One2E/One4E/One9E, Inti1/Inti2) SMILO (SM2/SM4) - video tutorial Novoferm Novotron 502/Novotron 504 Somfy Telis 1 RTS, Telis 4 RTS Prastel: MPSTLE, MPSTP2E, TCE, BFOR, TRQ-P Somfy Keytis 2 NS, Keytis 4 NS, Keygo 4 RTS, Somfy 433-NLT4 beige, Somfy 433-NLT2 RTR, Somfy TX2 433 MHz Sommer 434 MHz, 868 MHz - video tutorial Stagnoli: KALLISTO, VENUS AV223 Tau 250 SLIM RP, 250 T4 RP TELCOMA:FM400E, FM400 TOR LIFT:TORMIT4 V2:TSC, TXC, TRC,HANDY, PHOENIX, PHOX 433 VDS:ECO-R, TRQ P Master your original remote conrol must be in a master version. How to recognise a master/slave transmitter: master: if you press any key of a master transmitter, the LED flashes before becoming steady. slave: if you press any key of a slave transmitter, the LED goes on immediately with steady light. This garage door remote can be a replacement for remotes with fixed code also: Beninca: LO.T2WMS, T2WK/T4WK, TO.GO2WP/TO.GO4WP Bft: TEO2, TEO4 Came: TAM 432 SA, TOP 432 NA/TOP 434 NA, TOP 432 SD, TOP 432 EV/TOP 434 EV - video tutorial Dea: TD2/TD4, Genie 263, Gold 238, Gold 239 Faac: TM1/TM2/TM3 433 DS, TM1/TM2/TM3 868 DS Hormann: remotes with o frequency of 868,3 MHz (except BiSecur version) Key: TXB-42, TXB-44 Marantec: remotes with o frequency of 433,92 MHz and 868,3 MHz Nice: FLO1/FLO2/FLO4, Very VE Package Included: 1 X Garage Door Remote Control

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