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  1. Buy Feliway Diffuser and Feliway Spray 60ml for your pet,shop online with VetSupply today.

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  2. Buy Feliway Diffuser and Feliway Spray 60ml for your pet,shop online with VetSupply today.

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  3. The Feliway Diffuser and Refill is a cat appeasing pheromone emitting diffuser recommended for cats and kittens with fear and/or stress related behavioural issues. The Feliway Diffuser and Refill naturally calms and reassures kittens and cats in times of stress. The Feliway Diffuser and Refill lasts for up to 4 weeks when plugged in to power point and used continuously. The Feliway Diffuser and Refill should remain in close proximity to the cat for effectiveness. The Feliway Diffuser and Refill comes with a 48ml vial plus an additional 48ml refill vial.

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  4. Feliway Cat Diffuser Refill 48ml x 3

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  5. Feliway Cat Diffuser Refill 48ml

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  6. Feliway Diffuser Refill 48ml

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  7. Lets face it, change can be stressful, and cats dont really like change. When a cat's anxious, it can lead to urine marking, vertical scratching, loss of appetite, reduced desire to play or interact. Feliway helps control and avoid Feline anxiety caused by: Moving house Introducing new pets or family members to the home Surgery and visits to the vet New neighbourhood pets or children General anxiety Multi-pet households Advantages of Pheromone Use on Cat Behaviour It's easy - plug the diffuser in and turn on the power point. Ten seconds of work for one month of therapy; No side effects - it's safe for YOU and YOUR PETS; Scientifically proven to be effective for behaviours relating to anxiety, fears, and establishing pets into new territories. Did you know? * Covered litter trays may increase bullying in some multi-cat households. * Single cat-sized sleeping perches have been shown to help reduce individual cat stress in multi-cat households. * Placing a bell (or several bells) on the aggressor cat in the household can be useful as it provides a warning to the other cats that the aggressor cat is coming, giving them the chance to get out of the way. * After a visit to the vet, other pets may not recognise their friend as they may smell and look different (bandages, elizabethan collars etc) PS. You will need a Feliway Diffuser to use this refill, which is available separately through Lucky Pet.

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  8. Introducing the Ceva Feliway Diffuser & Refill Set. This product offers constant comfort and calming at home. Studies have shown that the use of Feliway is 90% effective in helping reduce or eliminate scratching and urine spraying. A significant reduction in these behaviors is usually seen within 7 days. Each diffuser refill lasts about 4 weeks. It covers an area of 50-70 sq m. You can replace the vials every 4 weeks by buying a Feliway Refill. Key Features & Benefits: Aids in alleviating signs associated with fear and stress in kittens and cats. Helps you nurture your relationship with your cat/s, by creating a loving environment for them. How to Use: Just screw the vial onto the diffuser unit and plug it into an electric socket. Then leave the diffuser switched on continuously to keep your cat relaxed and friendly. Specification: Set: 1 x Diffuser and Refill 48ml Note: Do not plug in the diffuser under shelves, behind doors, curtains, or furniture. The diffuser should be totally unobstructed for proper diffusion. For best results, replace the diffuser every 6 months.

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  9. Forget cat psychiatrists, Gregorian chants and wandering around the house miaowing at your cat. If you want to communicate with your cat, you need to know about pheromones. When a cat feels at ease in its environment, it produces a specific pheromone that operates like a kind of cat-language. If your cat is showing signs of stress, Feliway may be able to help. Feliway Cat Diffuser discretely releases a synthetic version of cat pheromones – odourless to humans and other animals - that mimics the natural pheromones of your cat and helps to promote a sense of calm. It might sound a little far-fetched, but the findings are scientifically based – and remember, Jumbo Pets only stocks APVMA-registered products. Product details discrete plug-in releases synthetic cat pheromones to enhance feelings of familiarity and security in fearful or stressed cats assists cats in challenging situations such as moving house or renovating comes with handy refill

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  10. Feliway Diffuser and Refill for Cat Anxiety, 48mlA Feliway diffuser can help your cat to deal with new or stressful situations. This can be anything from trips to the vets or a new home environment. cats exhibit certain behaviour such as scratching, meowing, toileting inside and shying away from contact.Whilst a certain amount of apprehension is normal during a stressful environment, extreme anxiety can have a negative effect on your cat. Moving houseor a fear of fireworks and thunder can lead to a cat with fearful aggression or anxiety. Feliway uses a synthetic form of the feline facial pheromone, which has a calming affect on cats.The feline facial pheromone is a scent (undetectable to humans) that signals to cats that an area/territory is safe.How to use the pheromone diffuser for catsPlug in the diffuser in the room where your cat spends most of their time.The pheromone will be diffused through the room.Replace the vial with a refill after 4 weeks.UsesSettling a cat into a new homeLitterbox trainingTravellingTrips to the vetSeparation problemsFears like thunder and fireworks

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  11. FELIWAY DIFFUSER ANALOGUE OF FELINE FACIAL PHEROMONE Need a calm cat? A pack containing an atomising diffuser complete with a 48ml feliway refill vial. Useful for helping cats and kittens to feel at ease. Feliway aids in alleviating signs associated with fear and stress including urine marking, vertical scratching and loss of appetite caused by traumatic events like separation, hospitalisation, moving house and new arrivals. Feliway is released into the air via the diffuser an acts as a cat calmer. NOTE: THIS PRODUCT IS FLAMMABLE AND CANNOT BE SHIPPED OUTSIDE AUSTRALIA DUE TO AIR FREIGHT REGULATIONS.

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  1. Prevent your pet from dehydration by making sure they always have fresh, clean drinking water. Provides a reliable source of fresh water for your animals Large 3.5 litre storage capacity Easy to refill and clean Made with BPA free materials Dehydration is one of the most common causes of severe illness in pets, especially during the hot Australian summer. This Automatic Pet Water Feeder from Pawever Pets provides a clean water source for your pets while you’re out of the house, meaning you have one less worry while at work or away for the weekend. Unlike large water bowls which can easily become dirty or get knocked over, the Automatic Pet Water Feeder keeps water fresh and enclosed until your pet is ready to drink it. Compatible with the Pawever Pets Replacement Bottle with Valve for Automatic Pet Water Feeder. Highlights: Gravity assisted water replenishment system Stable base that’s very difficult to knock over Easy to clean and refill

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  2. Ensure your pet stays healthy and happy with this incredible value feeder bundle which includes the Pawever Pets 10L Automatic Pet Feeder and Automatic Pet Water Feeder. Keep your pet cared for even when you are away from home Manage your pet’s diet in advance with programmable feeding times Portion control your pet’s meals to ensure they are getting adequate nutrition Suitable for pets of all sizes and eating habits Record personal messages for your pet Made with BPA free materials Pawever Pets 10L Automatic Pet Feeder The Pawever Pets 10L Automatic Pet Feeder keeps your pet well fed even when you are away on travel. Whether you are gone for 1 day or 99 days, the programmable portion sizes and feeding times will ensure your pet will always be fed the right amount at the right time. You can even record personal messages on the food feeder, making it easy to let your pet know it is feeding time. Easy to read LCD screen with built-in clock Holds up to 45 cups (10L) Feed your pet from 1 to 99 days Pawever Pets Automatic Pet Water Feeder Prevent your pet from dehydration by making sure they always have fresh, clean drinking water. Unlike large water bowls which can easily become dirty or get knocked over, the Automatic Pet Water Feeder keeps water fresh and enclosed until your pet is ready to drink it. Provides a reliable source of fresh water for your animals Large 3.78 litre storage capacity Easy to refill and clean Made with BPA free materials

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  3. Control feedings while away with the 5.5L Programmable Automatic Pet Dog Cat Feeder. Equipped with an easy-to-use and easy-to-read LCD screen the large transparent container allows you to observe the level of food remaining to give an idea of when its necessary to refill. This battery operated pet dispenser also features voice recorded programming allowing you to program up to 3 feedings per day. This programmable pet bowl is great for those with growing puppies or kittens as it allows you to adjust the portions as needed. Ideal for busy pet owners this automatic cat and dog food dispenser is a must have for any home

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  4. An aviary paradise for your pet bird. This Bird Cage is designed to let your fine-feathered friends have a truly wonderful roost that they can call home sweet home.Made from high quality wrought iron the durable metal cage uses a non-toxic powder coated finish for total eco-friendliness to man and bird. Every feature is also thoughtfully included to let the natural instincts of your pet flourish. Such as the colourful pecking toys with an ascent ladder wooden perches and a flexible ladder for a bit of added hopping and gripping fun. More importantly theres also ample space to flutter and spread their wings now and then.Taking care of them is made easy too with one large access door and two side doors to reach inside the five food and water bowls and take them out for refills or cleaning. Cleaning is hassle-free with the slide-out top and bottom tray that can also be removed. And your feather friends will feel extremely safe too with a set of secured locks to keep prying predators away. Including that nosey parker feline from next door.With sturdy legs and lockable wheel castors the Cage is very mobile and steady wherever it is placed. Not least the round and smooth edges make this Bird Cage safe for anyone who works with it.

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  5. Keep your pet happy and healthy when you cant be there with this highly functional and useful programmable Pet Feeder with Message System. This Automatic Pet Feeder ensures they are always fed at the right time so you never have to worry if they are going hungry when you arent at home. Manage your pets diet by setting the timer in advance before you leave. Always have the right amount of food for them. You can even record your own voice so they know its feeding time or record your voice to call to them Comes with LCD display and keypad onboard for easy programming. Large enough to hold up to 90 meals and extremely easy to use. Pet proof lock to prevent accidental spills or your pet getting access to it. Anti-jamming design with a built-in smart sensor to ensures overloading in the feeding tray doesnt occur. See through design makes it easy to see when a refill is needed. Storage bin is detachable for easy cleaning. Unit comes with built-in microphone and speaker. Unit operates on 4 x D batteries not included.

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  6. This automatic drinking bowl and water feeder is constructed from stainless steel and features two floats. Provide a continuous and reliable source of fresh water for your animals with our automatic stainless steel water trough. This drinking bowl comes equipped with a plastic float mechanism. Constructed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Automatically refills to float level. You can control the amount of the water in the feeder by adjusting the float mechanism to meet your needs. The design of the water bowl slopes back to front which allows easy access for animals. The sloping design also allows for effortless cleaning and maintenance. The water bowl is wall mountable and has a hinged cover to protect the float mechanism. Features: -Rust resistant stainless steel construction.-Wall mountable (bolts not included).-Float mechanism protected by hinged cover.-Automatic fill to desired float level.-1/2' BSP fitting allows mounting on left or right side.-Please note that the water bowl is not designed with a drain.-Automatic Water Trough Stainless Steel Bowl.-Material: Stainless Steel.-Distressed: No.Dimensions: -Overall Product Weight: 2.

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