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  1. Uglystik Kayak Fishing Rod – Choose from either Model USG-SP36A or USG-SP40M Fishing from a kayak is already huge. Manufacturers are bending over backwards to supply the market with the sorts of products kayak anglers are demanding. Ugly Stik is famous for its feel, robust construction and super high performance but they are also leaders in innovation and meeting the needs of an ever-evolving sport. Uglystik kayak rods are the result of creative thinking meeting a practical demand. Kayaks are confined spaces, and standard length rods, even really short ones, can be very awkward to manage. At a touch over 3 and a half foot, the 36a answers this problem with classy simplicity or there is also the slightly longer 4ft model. Shortening the rod to this extreme doesn’t sacrifice an ounce of Ugly Stik performance, it just makes it a heck of a lot easier to fish from a kayak. The famous Ugly Stik composite blank is built to handle the toughest conditions and the toughest of anglers. But you won’t lose an ounce of touch as sensitive blank-through-handle construction provides superb feel, and amazing feedback, you can nearly see your lure, swimming through the strike zones by feel alone. Uglystik kayak fishing rods are for sale now, grab yourself one. You can be rigged and ready for whatever fish wind or tide comes your way. Features and Specifications Howald process blank Fuji guides Fuji winch mounts Kayak Fishing Rod Note: Price is for 1 rod only. Choose which model when you order. Price also varies depending on which model you choose to purchase. About Model USG-SP36A Length: 3ft 6 inches Pieces: single piece fishing rod Line Class Rating: 1 - 3 kg Action: Light Rated 1 to 3kg, you will be chasing Bream, Whiting, Flathead, Bass, Yellow Belly and the like from the estuaries and rivers. It is an ideal finesse rod, with reels 1000 to 2500 balancing perfectly. A great idea would be to have a couple of 36a’s rigged differently to meet changes of target

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  2. Kayak Motor Jarvis Marine Watersnake T-24 (24lb Thrust) If you dream of lazy days trolling around the water and catching fish then the Jarvis Marine T-24 Kayak Motor is for you. Small enough that it can fit a kayak or other pretty small boats, it is the the second smallest of the Water snake electric motors available. Don’t let the size throw you off though, this little motor still packs a wallop. The Jarvis Walker Watersnake T-24 Kayak Motor is suitable for both fresh and saltwater making it a truly universal motor. The smallness of the motor belays its ability, this little guy can put out up to 24 pounds of thrust, has an adjustable transom-mounting bracket with anti-impact clip system, two speed controls, and a two blade weedless propeller. Everything a fisherman could ask for in a kayak motor. Features and Specifications 24 lbs of thrust Standard 12-volt motor (Battery Required - Sold at battery retailers - Not included) 2 speed controls in high and low with forward and reverse switch Adjustable nylon transom mounting bracket Anti-impact clip on the mount Weedless dual blade propeller 24 inch stainless steel shaft Fully encapsulated electrical circuits and connectors Functional in both fresh and saltwater Amp Draw: Min: 9 max: 20 Approximate weight of motor : 3.3kg Note: Image for reference only - parts may vary If you choose to purchase the motor with the optional upgrade complete with kayak mounting kit option you DO NOT get the Standard white C-Clamp as well, the white C-Clamp is removed. Benefits The impressive 24 lbs of thrust is more than enough to send you and your kayak sailing across the water. Fast but not too fast for trolling. Get this motor going, cast a few lines in the water and watch as you catch your limit in record time. Two speed controls means you get to dictate the speed that works best for you. Depending on what you’re fishing for this makes a big difference. Being able to adjust your speed means being able to catch more fish. T

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  3. In this second edition, Cory Routh has added locations and strategies on kayak fishing in: California, Washington, Loisiana, Lake Michigan, and Canada. Routh covers everything you will need to know for safe, fun, and successful kayak fishing.While written for beginers, but includes information for those already into the sport. This book covers all of the bases and is a must read for anyone that is getting ready to plunge into the world of kayak fishing whether it be in fresh or saltwater. Routh gives all the necessary guidance on all the subjectst from kayak & paddle types, safety gear, what to wear for the different seasons, paddling lessons, fishing gear, fishing spots, how to fish in a kayak and safely land a large fish, and tips on what food to take and how to pack it.. Included is information on kayak clubs, and organizations.

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  4. Love the great outdoors. Want to explore the lake or river near you? Then stop procrastinating! You don't need a roof rack for your car or oodles of space in the shed to store this kayak because it's inflatable! Simply screw the inflation valve and within minutes you'll have the kayak pumped up and rearing to go. It even features grab ropes along the sides to make it easy to get back on board. Adjustable seats and two removable centre fins for added manoeuvrability. Great for fishing, exploring or relaxing in all year round, all you need now is a watery destination! Features Inflatable 2-person kayak Easy set up Comfortable cockpit with high support and inflatable adjustable PVC cushion seats Includes two 2.77m aluminum two-bladed paddles Safety valves Heavy-duty reinforced PVC material Anti-UV and seawater fabric Integrated valve in floor Bungee deck lacing Foot brace system Safety rubber handles on bow and stern I-beam inflatable PVC hull and deck Rubber handles on bow and stern Comes with foot pump amd carry bag Great for river, lake or lagoon fishing or exploring Specifications Capacity: 2 person Air chambers: 2 + 1 Maximum payload: 155kg Drain valves: 1 + 4 self bailing Fin system: 2 centre fins Product weight: 13.5kg Dimension: 412 x 83cm Colour: As shown as in picture Package Content 1 x Aqua Marina Betta Inflatable Kayak 2 x Kayak Paddle 2 x Inflatable Seat 1 x Carry Bag 2 x Centre Fin 1 x Repair Kit 1 x Pressure Gauge 1 x Foot Pump 1 x Foot Brace

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  5. This great sized fishing gaff is fixed length, with measurements along the handle for quick measuring. Comes with float attached to prevent accidental lose. Total Length: 62cm Colour: Cerise

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  6. Designed specifically for kayak use, but can be used with other vessels. Includes attachable float. Easily tripped with a line attached to the top of the chute. 1000 mm Width (flat) 650 mm Diameter (deployed) 840 mm Side Length

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  7. Constructed of extra strong virgin polyethylene, this blue sit-on-top kayak is built to last. Its professionally designed hull ensures a smooth and stable ride.

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  8. For those who love fishing on a kayak - the Gone Fishing kayak package has it all! Includes an accessory frame where you can attach more rod holders or a fish finder. Love to fish? Love to go kayaking? Want a kayak that will do both really well, AND pack away into a bag? You might think that hooks, knives and fish wouldn't go well with an inflatable kayak. However, Advanced Elements were up for the challenge and designed the StraitEdge Angler as a custom inflatable fishing kayak. Not only is it durable, comfortable and stable as a fishing kayak, it also paddles straight and fast if you want to use it for regular kayaking. The basis of the Gone Fishing kayak package is the StraitEdge Angler inflatable kayak and as a bonus, we have included a kayak anchor for free! So you can sit back and reel them in when you find a good fishing spot.

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  9. Kayak Motor - Watersnake ASP T18 Transom Mount Kayak / Small Boat Electric Motor (This is the saltwater safe version) Thinking of going fishing? Hoping to get lucky this time and catch a whopper? Want to give your Kayak the extra oomph it needs for the largest catch ever? If yes, then Jarvis Walker 18lb, Watersnake Electric Motor is a good option for you. Power your kayak with this electric motor and enjoy a fantastic fishing experience. With this electric motor, you don’t have to waste all your energy rowing your boat kayak to the fishing area. This Watersnake electric motor is designed for stealth and performance. Sneak on the fish and catch them before they swim away. Jarvis Walker electric motor is light weight and exclusively built for kayak and inflatable boats. It has transom mount fittings. fits on the boat smoothly and effortlessly in a few minutes. By adding Jarvis 18lb electric motor in your kayak boat, you don’t have to worry about how you will chase the fish and can even take a break from paddling. It has two built in high & low speed controls, giving you the power to speed up your boat kayak anytime you want and say goodbye to slow kayak troll paddling speed. Features and Specifications 18lb Thrust Standard 12-volt motor (Battery Required - Sold at battery retailers - Not included) 24 inch” Shaft 15 Amps Steering fixed tiller High and low speed controls 2 weedless blade propeller Reverse and forward switch Anti-impact clip system Transom Mount Adjustable fitting Encapsulated connectors and electrical circuits Available in 2 versions:Suitable for freshwater and saltwater Approx Weight (3.1kgs) Note:Image for reference only - parts may vary, If you choose to purchase the motor with the optional upgrade complete with kayak mounting kit option you DO NOT get the Standard C-Clamp as well, the C-Clamp is removed and has instead been installed with the kayak bracket housing. Benefits Transom mount feature offers easy adjustment and attac

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  10. Kayak Motor Mount Bracket – Jarvis Walker Watersnake While many people might find it fun to tinker about and design custom mounts for electric motors, there’s probably more of us who would like a simple and easy solution that gets us out on the water faster. The Jarvis Walker Kayak Motor Mount is a brilliantly designed, universal mount that will fit most kayaks and canoes. Fabricated with quality fittings and supplied ready to fit, the innovative new design has a bracket that allows you to quickly and easily connect your electric motor to your kayak. The fitting instructions are comprehensive and easy to follow. One you’re fitted, you are set to mount your motor. The Jarvis Walker Kayak Motor Mount for sale now is a brilliant upgrade for those who already own a Jarvis Walker ASP Motor. Simply remove the old mount, transom or custom, and fit the purpose designed Kayak Motor Mount. The Kayak Motor Mount fits hand in glove Watersnake ASP T18 and T24 Electric Motors, but will fit motors of other brands with up to 34lb of thrust, and a shaft diameter of up to 25mm. Make mounting your electric motor a cakewalk. These sorts of procedures should be simple and inexpensive. With the Jarvis Walker Kayak Motor Mount, it’s just that, inexpensive and simple. Grab yours now, mount up, and get motoring. Remember, efficient kit, means more fish. Features and Specifications Innovative new design Bracket that allows you to attach a motor to a kayak quickly and easily Suits most kayaks and canoes Fits a motor with a maximum shaft diameter of 25mm Suit motors up to 34lb thrust providing the shaft diameter is not more than 25mm Suited for Watersnake T18 and T24 Electric Motors Benefits Universal design makes the mount suitable for most kayaks and Canoes An innovative, well designed product that means you no longer have to fashion or fabricate you own mount from scratch. Ideal for the kayak angler that already has a Jarvis Walker ASP Motor and wishes to upgrade mou

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  11. Lowrance kayak transducer mount (Scupper Hole Mount) For Fishfinders. Fishing from a kayak is not exactly new. Indeed, it can be traced back a very long way. It’s fair to say, however, that the kayak trend in contemporary angling circles, is enjoying a prolific uptake that, interestingly, seems to have occurred in concert with the unprecedented surge in Lure fishing, not to mention the appearance of the incredible kayaks now available on the market. While trying to ascertain why kayak fishing has gained such popularity might be tricky, it’s not hard to see that the technique has become a category of fishing in its own right. Evidence for this is provided by the sheer volume of product that is targeted specifically at the kayak angler. The fishfinder is just one of those products. Mounting a fish finder on your kayak has, traditionally, been a messy affair. Duct tape, gaff tape, messy adhesives and counter intuitive holes, led Lowrance to come up with a solution for how to mount a transducer in a kayak that would allow for seamless installation and operation of portable fish finders. The mount was the key and the boffins at Lowrance saw tremendous potential in the Scupper holes. Essentially, all you do is select the most appropriate scupper hole on your kayak, and fit it through that scupper hole.The only tool you will need is a set of pliers, or strong scissors. The best scupper hole will be determined by the position you like to mount the head. The mount will fit most sit-on-top kayaks and is very affordable. You can leave the mount in situ or remove it after each session. The Lowrance Transducer Scupper Mount System ensures maximum Sonar-signal Sensitivity and is a must have for all kayak fishing enthusiasts with a fish finder. Features and Specifications Suits Lowrance dual-Frequency 83/200 kHz Skimmer and 455/800 kHz DSI Transducers Suitable for Lowrance HDS, Elite, Mark and DSI series only Maximum scupper circumference 38 mm Minimum scupper circumfe

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  12. Mini T18 - T24 Replacement Propeller prop for Jarvis Marine T18 & T24 Kayak Watersnake Electric Motors Jarvis Walker Replacement Propeller for Watersnake Electric Motors. It is strongly suggested you carry a spare propeller at all times. Please note this replacement propeller blade is suitable for the Jarvis Marine T18 and T24 Mini Kayak electric motors. // var google_tag_params = { ecomm_prodid: '1572', ecomm_pagetype: 'product', ecomm_totalvalue: '19.95', }; // // var google_conversion_id = 966760817; var google_custom_params = window.google_tag_params; var google_remarketing_only = true; // // //

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  13. Rhino Compact 320 Single Swag For Sale Simple is often the best and this is genuinely the case of the Rhino Compact 320 Swag. Ideal for most temperate and tropical climates the Rhino Compact is your key to lightweight, no fuss outdoor adventure. It is also your connection to the traditional essence of camping. Sleeping under the stars with a full uninterrupted view of the Milky Way. While it has a head awning, it is only required when the weather turns difficult. On the nights of clement weather it’s all about the view from your bed. The Rhino, as the name implies, is built very tough to handle Aussie conditions. Rip Stop canvas will handle the rocks, dirt, dust and hard edges. The HDPE open cell foam is 5cm thick and designed for a comfortable sleep out on the ground without the swag being reduced to a heavy cumbersome lump. This is the sort of swag that will be great for the motorcycle adventurer. It will strap easily to your ride. It will fit nicely in the boot of even the smallest vehicle, so ideal for the car camper. It’s ideal for the angler looking to spend the night out at their fishing spot without having to take a trailer of camping equipment. For all intent and purpose the Rhino Compact swag is made in the tradition of the classic Aussie swagman. This is affordable camping at its absolute minimalist best. Features and Specifications Dimensions: approx 2m long x 0.75m wide x 0.3 high Approx weight: 5kg Top and bottom fabric Rip stop cotton polyester cotton polyester with 800mm waterhead rating. Super Tough Ripstop Canvas Mattres: Open Cell Foam – 5cm thickness and removable for easier cleaning Simple to set up Included head awning Full length side zipper Ropes and tent pegs are included with the swag package Benefits An affordable way to remain in touch with the tradition of outdoor adventure. This is true camping. The high density foam mattress remains light and easy to transport yet very comfortable. The Ripstop canvas is perfect for th

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  14. Designed for the kayaker, this model has a collapsing handle and attachment leash. The rubber mesh means less hook-ups on lures and jigs. Net Size: 45cm x 55cm (WxL) Frame Size: 112cm fully extended (handle tip -> net end) 79cm with handle collapsed (handle tip -> net end) Storage Size: 65cm length (if handle detached) x 47cm width

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  15. Perfect for paddling and fishing, the StraitEdge Angler inflatable kayak features two rod holders and an inflatable lumbar support. 12 month manufacturer's warranty. The StraitEdge Angler inflatable fishing kayak is for the serious kayak fisher! Great for paddling as well as fishing! So many people were fishing out of the StraitEdge inflatable kayak, Advanced Elements decided to add a few features to make this the ultimate fishing kayak. As a bonus, it paddles pretty well too! So if you are looking for a comfortable, compact fishing kayak that can also, handle your dog, track straight for a leisurely paddle, and is suitable out on the ocean or down a river (up to class III), the StraitEdge Angler inflatable kayak is an excellent choice for you. Great for Kayak Fishing: The extra high back seat with inflatable lumbar cushion supports your back and the inflatable floor cushions your bum so you can relax in comfort Velcro straps on the sides allow you to stow your paddle whilst fishing, or stow your rod whilst paddling The accessory frame is included, so you can attach additional rod holders, an EPIRB, a fish finder, go-pro etc. Comes with 2 rod holders behind the seat The wide flat hull means the kayak is very stable so you can focus on fishing and relaxing The sit-on-top style means you can swing your legs over the side to help reel in a big catch from any angle The PVC tarpaulin covers on all the main chambers give you the confidence to handle knives, hooks and fish There is plenty of space on board for gear, such as a tackle box, an esky, lunch etc. You can open the ports down the sides to allow the kayak to self bail if you get swamped whilst fishing Optional Anchor System if the fish are biting and you want to stay where you are Suitable for Mild Whitewater, Lakes, and Open Water: The aluminium frames in the bow and stern allow you to paddle straight on flat water and cut through chop on coastal water - no waggling when you paddle You can close the ports down the

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  16. Maximum Family Games Rapala Fishing Pro Series PS4 Playstation 4 Game

    Welcome to Rapala Fishing Pro Series Rapala is looking to sponsor the next great angler to be part of their Pro Series team, do you have what it takes Compete in world class tournaments, weekly challenges all to improve your skills by earning bonus money to climb the ranks and become a professional angler for the No.1 fishing brand in the world. Build your reputation, gain sponsors, battle for awards and trophies as you try to catch the top 24 species of fish from Large Mouth Bass to Northern Pike in some of the most iconic fishing locations in North America. Unlock and choose from 100s of authentic lures and equipment combinations as you try to outsmart your competition. Navigate the waters in official Ranger boats equipped with Mercury motors to locate your secret hots spots.

  17. Maximum Family Games Euro Fishing Collectors Edition Xbox One Game

    Euro Fishing immerses you deep into the adrenaline packed action, fun and beauty of Europe's most famous lakes. Master your rod, line and tactics, and refine your technique to become a top angler. This is the closest you can get to real fishing from the comfort of your own sofa. Start by learning the basics of casting with in game tutorials, or dive straight into one of the five unique European locations included, such as the famous St John's Lake at Linear Fisheries and Digger Lakes, each posing their own unique challenge to land the big catch.

  18. Watching fish and other marine creatures floating graciously past you in a fish tank is a wonderful past time. Ensuring your fish have sufficient air and filtration can be more of a challenge, but not any more with this 10000 litre and hour aquarium filter. Great for large aquarium of up to 2500 litres, this filter provides 3-stage filtration system. Easy to install yourself, set your decorative pond or aquarium with your fish up for a better and longer life today! Features Efficient 10,000L/H water flow Multi-stage filtering system: biological, mechanical control Built-in UV-C light sterilizer Easy to set up and maintain Waterproof Good performance of insulation Easy to monitor with dirt indicator BONUS Bio Balls Specifications Voltage: 220V/240V Frequency: 50Hz Maximum water flow rate: 10,000L/H Filter volume: 25L Suitable size for pond with fish: 10m³ Suitable size for decorative pond: 30m³ Strainer surface: 12m² UV-C power: 11W Outlet/ Inlet hose adaptor: 3/4" - 1 1/2" Power plug: Australian Standard Package Content 1 x Giantz Cannister Filter 1 x Spiral Stepped Hose Adaptor 1 1/2" Transparent 2 x Spiral Stepped Hose Adaptor 1 1/2" Black 1 x Spiral Stepped Hose Adaptor 1 1/2" Threaded Black 4 x Union Nuts 1 1/2" 1 x Glass Seal Cover 46 x Bio-Balls 4 x Flat Seal 1 x User Manual

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  19. nutrafin-nutramatic-automatic-fish-feeder

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