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  1. red-sea-testing-kit-reef-foundation-pro-multi

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  3. Shimano Ocea Offshore Boat Rods Shimano Fishing Australia is not only known for their impressive range of reels but also for their quality fishing rods and the Ocea Rod range is no exception. Ideal for boat fishing they have a number of rods available in the Ocea Offshore range and we will detail a little on each model below. Then when you are ready to order simply select the model you like and add it to the cart. A couple of the standout features of the Shimano Ocea Fishing Rod is that they are made with TC4 Graphite (or T-curve Torquay 4 wrap graphite) which provides you the angler with a rod that is strong, a rod that is responsive and a rod that is built to perform in the highest degree to target many of species that lurk beneath the ocean’s surface. They feature Fuki K series guides for brilliant resistance against wind knots and these guides are made of alconite so they are ideal for those who fish with braided lines. Main Features and Specifications Series: Ocea Offshore fishing rod Suitable for ocean boat fishing offshore TC4 Torquay graphite rod blank Fuji Alconite K series rod guides Full length Eva Rod Grips Shimano Ocea Custom Reel Seats Note: Price is for 1 fishing rod only – choose the model that suits you best when ordering - Images for illustration only - some differences may occur depending on model chosen Model Specific info Model 691 Spin Heavy Line Class: 40-80lb Length: 6ft 9 inches Piece construction: 1 Cast weight: 40-90 grams Application and reel size recommendation: Ideal for all-round boat fishing be it bottom bashing or trolling with spin gear. This rod will generally take a spin reel size of 6000, 8000, 10,000, 14000, 60, 80. For heavy fishing this is a great rod. Even a Swains Reef Special. Model 701 Heavy Snapper Spin Line Class: 40-50lb Length: 7 foot Piece construction: 1 Cast weight: 15-60 grams Application and reel size recommendation: Ideal for targeting snapper and other reef dwelling species. Also great for hard fight

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  4. Fin-Nor Offshore SPIN OF 75 Fishing Reel Plus Bonus 300 yards Braid When you’re battling big fish offshore! You need a reel that can withstand the extreme pressures of fishing heavy line as being able to put some serious hurt in to a fish. Fin-Nor's Offshore OF 75 spinning reel with its powerful gear ratios and solid drag is the perfect weapon for controlling the battle out in the deep blue. The super strong aluminium body and double shielded bearings of The Fin Nor Offshore OF 75 provides the solid foundation for the battles with big fish. While The stainless steel drive and pinion gear in conjunction with the solid stainless main shaft and multi stack drag washer system provide the workhorse power to reel in that big one. The Fin NOR OF 75 is the big warhorse of the models designed to do battle with big hard fighting fish. So if you target kings, samson fish, mackerel, jewfish, red emperor, snapper or anything else that is big. The Fin Nor Offshore OF75 can handle it. Specifications ModelLine Cap MonoLine Cap BraidLock Down Drag (Max)Gear RatioLine Retrieve OFS7500 460yds/20lb 365yds /65lb 60lbs (27kg) 4.4 : 1 101cm Features Strong aluminum body, sideplate and rotor Stainless steel drive and pinion gears Stainless steel center shaft 4 Double-shielded stainless steel bearings Forged aluminum spool 11 Disc Stainless and Carbon Fibre Drag System Powerful 4.4:1 gear ratio Benefits A Super Strong Aluminium body side plate and rotor to handle the extreme pressure from fish and the harsh saltwater environment. Stainless Steel Drive and Pinion Gears - No need to worry about your gears corroding 4 Double Shielded Stainless Bearings – Extra protection from the saltwater environment. 11 Disc Stainless and Carbon Fibre Drag System – the multi drag stack is ultra smooth and extremely durable Fishing Rod Recommendations The Fin Nor OF75 can be matched with rods ranging from 1.5m jig rods to 4 plus metre surf rods rated from 8 – 37kg. Check out our easy t

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  5. Introducing the Red Sea Reef Foundation ABC+ in a 5kg size. This product is a blend of all of the corals foundation elements of coral skeletons: calcium, magnesium, strontium & carbonate, with the addition of potassium, bromine and iodine in the unique ratio required by corals. All of these elements need to be available in balanced proportions for positive coral health and growth. Reef Foundation ABC+ should be dosed on a daily or weekly basis according to the aquarium type and according to a measured uptake of calcium. Over time an imbalance may occur between the foundation elements. If dosing daily, you should test all of the foundation elements weekly and make adjustments with the individual A, B & C supplements. If dosing weekly you should test all of the foundation elements monthly and make adjustments with the individual A, B & C supplements. Key Features & Benefits: Uniquely formulated powder supplement containing all of the elements of Foundation A, B & C, Plus Red Sea’s Coral Colors A & B (potassium, boron, iodine & bromine). Formulated in the exact ratio as found in the coral skeleton. Specification: Size: 5kg powder Note: 1g will raise the Ca level of 100 liters by 1.5ppm

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  6. Introducing the Red Sea Reef Base Pink in a 10kg size. This product is a premium aragonite for marine & reef aquariums. It is prepared by being exposed to air & UV light, screened, and mechanically washed. A second washing results in a cleaner substrate.The truly renewable pure calcium carbonate oolitic aragonite sand material is formed naturally through precipitation and sedimentation in the Bahamas. Key Features & Benefits: Premium aragonite for marine & reef aquariums. Premium quality, natural aragonite high in essential elements. Promotes stability of pH and alkalinity (KH) levels. Easy to use, ideal for all marine fish and corals. Specifications: Size: 10kg Grain size: 0.5mm to 1.5mm

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  7. Light up your aquarium in style with these LED light bulbs. Not only will the blue and white light help coral spawning, you’ll also have a beautiful night light in your room thanks to the innovative design on the reflector, which helps distribute light evenly through the entire aquarium . Easy to mount with its hanging legs, you will also have full control of brightness using the double switch control. Thanks to the LED technology, the light emit low heat and does not require any cooling unit. Features White & Actinic blue colour lighting Even distribution light rays Aluminium exterior Rust resistant & Splash proof Suitable for marine, fresh water plants & fish C-tick, CE approved Specifications Input voltage: 240V Frequency: 50Hz Output voltage: 12V Output Power: 46W Length: 120cm Product Content 1 x Aquarium LED Lamp 1 x User Manual

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  8. Dr Tims Eco Balance 240ml Probiotics for Core System Health treats 980l Dr Tims Eco Balance Probiotics for Core System Health promotes optimum water quality Dr Tims Eco Balance is a probiotic designed to out compete bad bacteria and enrich water conditions with supportive bacteria to maintain a balanced environment. Specific Probiotics against Vibrios and is 100% Natural Description Eco Balance brings back the balance in an aquarium where in a system that becomes unbalanced can allow unfriendly bacteria and algaein your aquarium. Use Eco Balance to restore and maintain clean, balanced healthy aquarium. Use Eco-Balance on a weekly basis to restore and maintain a clean, balanced, healthy aquarium. Maintains a balanced, healthy aquarium environment Blocks out unfriendly bacteria Promotes optimal water quality 100% natural The normal processes in an aquarium cause the system to become unbalanced, allowing unfriendly bacteria and algae to dominate and negatively impact water quality. Eco-Balance uses friendly, 100% natural, probiotic bacteria to help reduce the numbers of bad bacteria in your aquarium. Direction for use: Caution: When using for the first time consider a half dose as the potent bacteria in Eco Balance may cause oxygen levels in the water to temporarily drop. For best results turn skimmer and UV off for 8-12 hour, if the water turns cloudy turn on as soon as possible. Shake well before using. Maximum dose is 10ml (1 capful) per 38 litres. Use once a week as a natural way to keep your aquarium healthy, clean and in balance. Do not use two or more bacteria products on the same day.

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  9. Red Sea Reef Foundation B - Buffer Supplement 500ml Carbonate & buffer complex for balanced formation of Coral Skeleton Calcium, Magnesium, Strontium and Carbonate are the basic foundation elements of coral skeletons. All of these elements need to be available in balanced proportions for coral health and growth. Reef Foundation B is a complex of carbonate and other buffers present in seawater that maintain proper alkalinity and pH, and is part of Red Sea's complete Reef Care program. For best results dose according to a measured drop of alkalinity and in conjunction with Reef Foundation A and C. Contains: Sodium Carbonate and Potassium Carbonate Dosage: 1ml per 100l will raise 0.1dKh (0.036 meq/l) Alkalinity

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  10. KAZOO REEF ROCK WITH CORAL & PLANTS - LARGETransform your tank into the Great Barrier Reef with this range of ornaments from Kazoo.Ornaments can inspire your fish and create a more inviting environment for them. If you've been looking for a way to decorate their aquarium then ornaments are the easiest and best way to make it look top notch. Better still, this particular ornament features a splash of faux greenery and coral for a colour contrast. They look amazing under LED lights.Made from non-toxic materials.SizeLarge21cm tall approx.

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  11. KAZOO REEF ROCK WITH CORAL & PLANTS - MEDIUMTransform your tank into the Great Barrier Reef with this range of ornaments from Kazoo.Ornaments can inspire your fish and create a more inviting environment for them. If you've been looking for a way to decorate their aquarium then ornaments are the easiest and best way to make it look top notch. Better still, this particular ornament features a splash of faux greenery for a colour contrast. They look amazing under LED lights.Made from non-toxic materials.SizeMedium14cm tall approx.

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  12. A beautiful laser cut steel metal wall art. Expertly manufactured in Australia from mild steel. The stunning finish is acheived by allowing the surface of the steel to rust naturally, before being sealed to preserve the metal. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery, as each piece is manufactured on demand. When exposed to outdoor weather conditions, the natural rusting process will slowly continue to affect the surface appearance of this item. To preserve your item and prevent deterioration of the metal, we recommend spraying the item with Penetrol every six to twelve months. Please be aware that the natural rusted finish of this item may mark light coloured surfaces. Dimensions (width x depth x height): 90 x 1 x 60cm. 36" x 0.25" x 24" inch. Please Note: all dimensions are approximate and may differ slightly from actual product.

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  13. This nature guide makes an excellent introduction to coral reef fishes found around the world. The guide comes in an updated paperback format with an eye-catching new cover.

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  14. The comprehensive guide to fishing and boating on the Sunshine Coast and surrounds.

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  15. Although Sophie is blind, her disability is no hindrance when it comes to catching a fish large enough for everyone to share for dinner! This story reinforces how Sophie uses her other senses - hearing and touch.

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  16. A story about two friends going fishing together.Text type: Narrative

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  17. The new edition includes 2,000 species with 2,500 photographs of fishes in their natural habitat. The user-friendly guide groups species in 20 color-coded identification groups based on similar physical or behavioral characteristics. Multiple photographs for many species show variations in color and markings, life cycle phases and gender. Accompanying species accounts include common and scientific names, family, size, visual descriptions, geographical ranges and distinctive characteristics, making the visual identification of a particular species easier than ever before.

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  18. This buyer’s guide to reef fishes presents fact-filled, colour-illustrated profiles of 180 specimens that marine aquarium hobbyists can select to stock a truly fascinating and beautiful tank. Author Phil Hunt, an expert on reef aquariums, tells how to set up and maintain a reef aquarium, and guides his readers with detailed advice on coping with common problems. The fishes profiled in this book range from those suitable for virtually every reef aquarium to others that should be kept with a restricted selection of corals. The fishes shown and described in this title include – Damselfish and Clownfishs, Tangs and Surgeonfish, Angelfish, Hawkfish, Wrasses, Basslets, Dartfish, Tilefis, Blennies, Butterflyfish, Gobies, Triggerfish, and many others. Each profile includes details on what the fish eats, its compatibility with other fish and invertebrates, its hardiness, its needs in relation to the tank environment, and a general guide to its retail price.

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  19. The Fishing Trip by Beatrice Rodriguez Only from Mighty Ape

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  1. AFN Reef Fishing Tactics Fishing DVDFishing a reef is not as straight forward as you might think. While a cast and hope approach may well see you getting amongst the action it’s by no means a guarantee. Moreover, if you really want to get out there and target a species, casting something at whatever , is a sure fire way to put all the cards on the side of lady luck. If you set out to a reef with a purpose, if you want to employ strategy to increase your chances, if you have a species in mind that you really want to hook into, then you need to get yourself a copy of the AFN Reef Fishing Tactics Fishing DVD. You’ll join the AFN resident expert pro, Nigel Webster as he, and a lucky bunch of select friends hit some hot Aussie reef in search of some of our most famous reef species. The DVD is as fun and exciting as it is instructional. You’ll enjoy watching the team pull in some fabulous scaly predators all set against a magnificent Australian blue water backdrop.Nigel will provide you with detailed insight to hard body fishing lures as well as the latest soft plastics. You’ll look at flesh baits and appropriate rigging techniques. You’ll look at water depths, boat positioning and reading sounders. All the latest cutting edge tactics, hints and tips are combined with the proven methods for catching our favourite reef species. Our pristine Aussie reefs are absolute hot beds of marine activity. A reef, to a fish, is like a city to a human. This is the place they congregate in dense populations. The reef is a city of fish, holding all species from our big pelagics to our deep water monsters. If you want to get the most out of your reef fishing expeditions, you need to get yourself a copy of the AFN Reef Fishing Tactics Fishing DVD.

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