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  1. GAME OF GNOMES – GARDEN GNOME It’s the game of Gnomes, they’re protecting your petunias and slicing away viciously at the slugs when any of them try and enter the almighty quad. Wild fungus and Mushrooms will be left lifeless in their tracks and the Roses will be left blooming all throughout spring. Protect your veggie patch and let your front porch flowers rise to the sun without the threat of deadly enemies. With Gnome, the unfriendly looking chap with eyes glaring there to protect them no enemy dare trespass. FEATURES He holds a spade, sitting atop his throne Gnome of your kingdom A great gift SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions Height: 23cms Width: 18cm Made from weatherproof ceramic and hand-painted

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  2. THE GNOMINATOR - GARDEN GNOMEHe may have been sent back through time but that doesn’t make him frail. There’s a time and a place for intruders to munch to your roses or children to tramp across your veggie patch. This is not the time! Introducing the Gnominator and he is no pushover. While fighting enemies of backyard brilliance and protecting your Basil and Parsley, there’s no room for allies. Hasta la Vista to slugs and snails.FEATURES Weatherproof for any battle Hand painted Cool for a veggie patch or backyard SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: 22.5 x 12.5 cms Material: Ceramic

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  3. Stealth. Agile. Dangerous. A little overweight. The best of both worlds: ninja and gnomes. Both hang out in the bushes, dissappear into their surroundings, and have mystical powers. We're can safely assume both like German beer and chicks, too.

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  4. This little guy will look great on your lawn, in the house or even at the office. Say hello to my little friend, the Angry Little Gnome. What a great way to intimidate those coming toward your comfort zone! With a look straight out of Scarface, this gnome is ready to tear things up when he's angry! Measures 15 x 10.5 x 23.5 cm.

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  5. Papa Gnome Garden Figurine

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  6. Following the success of Susan Irvine’s books, ‘Rose Gardens of Australia’ and ‘The Garden at Forest Hall’, her readers will be happy to know that ‘Garden of a Thousand Roses’ was the book that started it all, and it is now back in print in a new, improved edition.

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  7. Grand Designs Australia: Outdoors #1 contains a fabulous selection of projects and ideas. From small courtyards to vast spaces and everything in between. The is so much to consider when creating an outdoor area. This publication is created to inspire you to consider options you may not have thought of to create a space for entrainment, relaxation and communing with nature to sooth you soul and calm your mind.

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  8. This oil is meditative and stabilising.

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  9. With their long, white beards, rosy cheeks and friendly expressions these gnomes could have walked straight out of a fairy tale. Imagine how cute they’ll look peeping out from a flower bed, next to the pond or welcoming guests at your front door! 33 cm tall they have each been crafted from weather-resistant polyresin in a different pose. Jaunty caps and smartly-belted red, blue and green jackets complete the appealing, traditional look. -Only $9.90 delivery and insurance for delivery within Australia per order, regardless of how many products you order.

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  10. A toadstool house in a beautiful setting – this paradise for gnomes is also a magical feature for your home or garden. The tree trunk base is 37cm in diameter and total 28cm tall and comes with plants, a decorative bridge, a table – and seven delightful little gnomes. The whole set is beautifully crafted from polyresin and you can arrange and rearrange the individual pieces to have fun creating your own unique display. -Only $9.90 delivery and insurance for delivery within Australia per order, regardless of how many products you order.

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  11. Garden gnomes may be small, but their problems are often very big. They have issues with snowmen, magnets, bubblegum, and mimes. They really enjoy romance, skinny-dipping, and paper airplanes, but they have major issues with watermelons,...

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  12. Organic Gardening in Australia is an essential reference, now in a compact paperback, for all gardeners committed to a natural, safe and healthy approach. The book sets out organic guidelines, together with advice on where to begin, whether you're...

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  13. The Great Garden Gnome Massacre Garden Gnome. Durable cast poly resin withstands the elements. Approximately 9"/23cm tall. Hilarious take on the conventional garden gnome. The gnomes are under attack Straight out of a monster movie, the Great Garden Gnome Massacre.

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  14. A small colourful rush / up to 40 cm - suited for the cultivation in the garden, tub or flower box The wild flowers of this seed mix only grow 40 cm at the most and are, therefore, nicely suited for tub cultivation or in front of other plants in a flower bed. Natural Place: Cultivation: Cultivate your wild flowers in a pot, tub or flower box, or plant them in your garden. The most wild flowers do with an even less-nutritious soil and are happy in a full sunny place, where they can develop a rich blossoming. The best time for seeding would be between March and May. If you intend to plant in a former grass field, you should prepare the soil beforehand. An existing sod can be peeled of with a sharp spade, and then removed. After that, you may dig up the soil a little and break up bigger lumps of earth, before leveling off the area with a rake. Now, you can widely spread the seeds with about 5 to 10 grams per m², and rake them just a few millimeters into the earth since most of the seeds will need sufficient light to germinate. After planting, the soil should be solidified a little bit, for example with a wooden plank, so that the seeds are firmely be embedded in the earth. Shower the potting compost with water and keep it consistently moist over the next few weeks. Place: Care: Wild Flowers are rather carefree in cultivation. In dry weather conditions and especially immediately after sowing, you should water the flowers regularly. About ten months after sowing is a good time for mowing the lawn for the first time, whereby leftover weeds will be cut and the new planted flowers will grow even more dense. Withered flowers should be removed timely to ensure the proper growth of late bloomers. During Winter: The most Wild Flowers are annual plants. Some flowers might multiply themselves during autumn, but to develop the same rich blossoming than the year before, you better sow a new seed mix than reseeding the lawn, which means, the efforts of planting new seeds every year

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  15. All you need to know about companion gardening and planting from garden design to selection of plants, and from mulching to plant behaviour.Good and bad neighbours: over 200 garden plants and their preferred companions. How many of us really know the value of the plants around us? When you see a dandelion in your lawn, do you see a weed spoiling perfection or do you see a wild salad herb, bursting with vitamins and minerals? There are plants that flourish when neighbours and others that suffer. Some exhaust the soil in which they grow others make a contribution. In this tried and true, practical handbook, Judith Collins will inspire and inform all gardeners beginners through to those who are more experienced.About the AuthorJudith Collins is an experienced gardener (now based in southern New South Wales) and has regularly appeared on ABC radio around Australia.

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  16. Whatever the season, Gardening Through the Year in Australia is one book that no gardener should be without. This accessible reference book is your authoritative guide to a full 12 months of gardening tasks. Good gardening depends on timing – when to plant and when to prune, when to feed and when to water, when to build and when to maintain. With more than 1000 full-colour photographs of star plants for each month, step-by-step photographic sequences of garden projects and illustrated tasks, Gardening Through the Year in Australia is the garden reference book that not only tells you what to do when, but also shows you how to do it. Whether you are a green-fingered guru or are just starting out, enjoy 12 months of satisfying and successful gardening.About the AuthorIan Spence was Gardener's World presenter Geoff Hamilton's right hand man. As Head Gardener at Barnsdale he prepared weekly projects for the programme and today he continues to demonstrate many gardening techniques for BBC Gardener's World magazine. Ian writes plant profiles for The Daily Telegraph's Weekend magazine. He lives in Rutland.

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  17. We'll show you everything you need to create your own family-friendly garden with spaces for fun, food and friends - no matter how many legs they've got! You'll learn how to pick the right plants, grow-your-own tasty tucker, and be inspired by some great garden projects for all ages. Whether you're a little seedling starting out or the oldest tree on the block we're sure to have something to get you growing!

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  18. Kitchen Gardens Of Australia Book

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