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  1. Key Features...Easy to use fish finder detects fish up to 100m45-degree sensor with adjustable sensitivityWorks in lakes, rivers, oceans and even on the iceLCD display provides information on the fishes’ depth and sizePortable Fish Finder With this portable fish finder, you’ll never again return empty-handed from your upcoming fishing trips. Using sonar technology, this fish finder is capable of telling you the exact location of any fish in the area. This outdoor gadget comes with a 7.5m cable thanks to which it brings along great usability. You can attach it to your boat, a pole, or even use fishing floats. This fish finder is suitable for any type of fishing and even works through the ice. Simply attach your sonar sensor to the display and you’ll always be up to date on the fish located around you. Featuring highly sensitive sonar technology, this fish finder can track animals up do a depth of 100m. The sensor has a 45-degree angle to make sure not a single movement stays unnoticed. This fish finder can easily be carried around on all your trips thanks to its compact design. It is powered by 4 regular AAA batteries (not included) that bring enough juice to get you through a day’s worth of fishing. Whenever your portal fish finder detected fish in your area it will sound an alarm. Not only will you be informed about the fishes’ presence but also about the depth on which they are located and even their size. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to distinguish between different types of fish. If you are looking for only a certain size of fish, you are able to manually adjust the sensor’s sensitivity. This portable fish finder is a great gadget for both professional and hobby fishers. It can be used in a river, lake, and ocean – meaning it works in any water that might hide fish. This fish detector comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale electronic gadgets.

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  2. With this fish finder that uses sonar technology, now you can see exactly on an LCD screen if there are any fish in the area Did you ever spend hours at a river bed, or a lake side just waiting to catch a fish and nothing happens, then you go home empty handed? Well, with this Fish Finder, you won't have to spend countless hours just to wait for a bite any more. Designed for amateur and professional fishermen alike, this fish finder helps you find out the location of fish including the depth of water. It can be used in an ocean, river or lake: any water that might hide fish The Fish Finder uses sonar to locate and define structure, composition, as well depth below by sending a sound wave signal. It then uses the reflected signal to interpret the location, size, and composition of an object, and display all the information on the screen for you. You can then decide where to drop your bait to catch the biggest fish A cool gadget for professional fishermen and fishing enthusiasts alike, the CVJH-OG03 Fish Finder is in stock now and available at a direct from factory wholesale price. Order now and we will ship out within one day. Brought to you by the leader in factory direct wholesale electronics, Chinavasion. AT A GLANCE... * Easy to use * Floating Wing Nut * Great for amateurs and pros alike * 9 Meter cable with sonar sensor (over 25 feet).

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  3. Reef Finder Book - BYO Guide This book if a great book to help identify various fish, sponges, worms and much much more - perfect for the person into marine Description: Reef Finder Winner Whitley Award 2015 With the Reef Finder you can identify anything by choosing what it looks like! The world's first searchable field guide that you can take underwater. What does it do? It answers the fundamental question: "What kind of thing is that?" "¦while you are diving. How does it work? By searching a Visual Index for easy to understand shapes (e.g. fingers, spines, spirals), textures or concepts (e.g. holes, tentacles). You can even search by "sediments". Who is it for? Everyone! "“ recreational divers, dive instructors, dive boats and businesses, snorkelers, reef walkers, students, naturalists, scientists. Why should I buy it? It's a smart, interactive, searchable dive slate that identifies anything at a fantastic price! There is nothing else like it.

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  4. The book is written with the aim of "keeping it simple" so that it is clear and easy for a range of readers to follow and understand. It aims to inform those who have little or no experience with echo sounders and also to provide new insights to more experienced echo sounder users who are seeking to broaden their knowledge and skills.

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  5. North Australian Fish Finder 12 is the latest edition of Australia's fishing 'bible', released for 2017/18. This book is essential kit if you are chasing the NT's Million Dollar Fish (MDF), as it contains the most detailed Northern Territory fishing maps available anywhere. MDF will run again in the 2017/18 wet season, with dozens of $10,000 tagged barramundi to be caught in NT waters.

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  6. Feeder Twin Rod Tip Fish Bell Alarm Fishing Tackle

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  7. Plastic Long Tail Fishing Bobber Buoy Carp Fish Eye Alarm Float Tackle Float 15PCS

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  8. Jackall Bro’s TN 60 Jackall Lures The Jackall TN60 Fishing Lure is part of the exciting TN range of lipless crankbaits from Jackall Bros. The Jackall TN60 fishing lures are extremely versatile lures that can be fished a lot of different ways, they cast very well making them perfect search baits over flats and weed beds. There are endless possibilities for vertical presentations as they vibrate both on the lift and drop. The Jackall TN60 fishing lures can also be cast into snags and will vibrate on the drop and also on a slow to medium retrieve. Jackall TN60 Fishing lures have a tungsten metal weight on the outside lip which allows for more body room for the lure to make its unique and irresistible rattling vibration. Jackall TN60 Fishing lures are designed to have the ultimate balance so the lure can swim at the very slowest retrieval speeds for especially challenging conditions. Jackall TN60 Fishing Lures cast like a dream due to its 13 gram weight and is a bite sized 60mm in length. The Jackall TN60 lure is specially designed with a weight system that makes it possible for the lure to stand straight up at the bottom. This amazing feature will mean less snagging than other types of lipless crankbaits. The Metal chin guard will also help to protect the Jackall body from damage when knocking against timber and rocks. The Jackall TN60 is dynamite on array of species with the most commonly targeted species being Bass, Redfin, Murray Cod, Small Barramundi, Saratoga, large Bream and the Jackall TN60 has a reputation as the number one lure for Golden Perch and has long been a tournament winner! Features and Specifications Length 60mm Weight 13 grams Quality split rings and trebles Amazing line up of proven colours Balanced for the slowest of retrieval speeds Metal chin to protect lure against hard knocks Weighted to stand up straight on the bottom to reduce lure loses Irresistible rattle and vibrating action Can be fished vertically and horizontally Benefits The Jac

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  9. Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight Reels For Sale Despite everything, modern, touchy feely, society tries to tell us, sometimes there is just no substitute for size. The Daiwa Dogfight fishing reel is where big is joined in marriage to technological brilliance. The Dogfight allows you to tackle our fiercest, most belligerent fish species, whether you do it from land or aboard your favourite vessel. The inclusions in the Dogfight are second to none. Daíwa’s best and most famous technology including MagSeal, Twistbuster II, Tough Air Bail and ABS II, make the Daiwa Dogfight a force to be reckoned with in any application. Casting prowess is outstanding. You’ll find the Saltiga Dogfight absolutely perfect on the rocks and for punching well out to the last line of breakers on a windy beach. Boaties will also enjoy casting their lures well away from the fish spooking hull. There are two model options with the Saltiga Dogfight. The 8000 is built for cranking. Perfect for bottom bouncing and pulling monsters up from the deep. The 8000H is your ideal weapon from casting big slices, minnows and poopers at super-fast pelagic species such as tuna or GT Giant Trevally. Whatever your application, you have the newest of Daiwa drag technology in the ATD, or Automatic Tournament Drag. This technology gives you the smoothest possible drag from the moment of strike. The drag starts very smoothly, and in just seconds, defers to the pre-set drag strength, all but eliminating bust ups from the moment of strike. It is technology like ATD that puts the Saltiga Dogfight fishing reel at the pinnacle of large spin reel performance. There really is nothing to compare. When you want big, when you want refined performance, you need to get the Saltiga Dogfight, there is no equal. Features and Specifications Choose from 8000 or 8000H When ordering (8000H is high speed) Gear Ratio: 8000/4.3:1 or 8000H/5.6:1 Ball Bearings: 13+1 Weight: 850 grams Max Drag: 30KG Braid Line Capacity: PE 6 (appro

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  10. Grab the mates stock the cooler amp hit the water with this Fishing Rod Holder Rocket Launcher 6 Rod This rocket launcher conveniently holds your fishing rods meaning your days on the water will be filled with good old fashioned fishin stories. Catch them all big or small with fishing rod holder. Its easily rear-frame mounted and is suitable for most boat bimini tops with a rear support pole. The aluminum is rust-resistant and the nylon holders amp fittings are UV-resistant too meaning you wont have to worry about your rocket launcher holding up season after season. The launcher holds six rods securely giving you both free hands and free time while out on the water. This stress-free fishing accessory is a must-have for serious sport fisherman as well as beginner anglers. With this handy rod holder youll be sure to catch the limit

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  11. This 2x Fishing Rod Holder with Adjustable Swivel is the perfect little tool for hands free fishing while out on the water this year With this rod holder made of PE material you could easily and flexibly control your rod in any direction. Simply stick it on any of your boats or kayak to get the most out of your experience and time on the water. This is something that every fishing enthusiast needs to have in his kit. If you spend a lot of time fishing you know the importance of having all the right tools and accessories you need. Get your 2x Fishing Rod Holder with Adjustable Swivel and enjoy a fishing trip today

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  12. 120 hours minimum run time on quality D-cell battery (battery not included) 2 speed pump 0.6-0.8 LPM (litres air delivery per minute) Water proof switch O ring seal case Hose length: opx 69cm Air-stone included Detachable Bucket clip Battery Type: D size (Bucket not included)

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  13. Four solid Bank Rod Holders Made from top quality Italian Plastic from world leading Panaro Plastica. With this Panaro fishing rod bank holder, you can rest your rod and your arms. Open Length : 34cm Folded Length : 23cm Spike Length : 17cm Just like a rod holder on a boat This holder is built to hold your rod when fishing from a river bank or estuary. Simply push into the ground to hold your rod and free up your hands. For extra convenience and space, this rod holder folds in half

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  14. Setting off on a fishing trip with the mates is fun and makes for a great day outing. However, after holding a heavy rod for hours with aching arms and catching nothing, you may start wondering why you agreed to go. Make your outdoor trip relaxing, fun and enjoyable with this professional fishing rod stand. It is made from aluminium and plastic and is strong and durable. The stand has a classic tripod shape and can be adjusted to the height you want between 58cm and 123cm. The sharp points on the base of each leg allow the stand to be firmly placed into the ground or beach sand where it remains in place. The rod rack features holders for up to six fishing rods. Set it up at the best position and leave it be while you enjoy a cold beer and work on your sun tan. Keep an eye for movement and then grab the rod and wind in the big one! Features Brand new Materials aluminium and plastic Colour silver and blue 6 Fishing rod holders 2 stage adjustable legs Height can be adjusted between 58cm and 123cm This fishing rod stand is portable and lightweight, ideal to take to the beach, on a camping trip or a day outing.

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  15. Brand new Quantity: 12 pcs (assort design, randomly ) Size : apx 3.5-4cm Artificial fish add fun lifelike to the fish tank

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  16. Rechargeable Buzzing Fishing Lure

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  17. Organise and store your tools or tackle in the ultimate sturdy storage box, featuring four removable and adjustable tackle trays, a lockable top and twin hinged doors. Store your growing collection of tackle or tools Easily store the box in boats, tinnies, kayaks, cars and more Adjust each tray to your requirements and preferences Rest easy knowing the box is sturdy and durable Lock the top to keep your equipment safe Keep all your tackle, tools and equipment safe in the durable and sturdy Komodo Heavy Duty Fishing Tackle/Tool Box. This box includes four individual tackle trays with adjustable dividers to allow you to customise the compartments to your own requirements. A bulk storage area at the top of the box gives you the perfect space for larger items. Take the box wherever you go, as the strong plastic construction is durable and easy to carry. Place it in the compartment of your boat, tinny, kayak, car or truck. Features: Strong and durable – all plastic construction Plastic carry handle 4 removable tackle trays with adjustable dividers Bulk Storage Area in top of tackle box with drainage Lockable top 2 hinged doors

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  18. This Dynamic Power 16 litres all in one STARFIRE aquarium is a must have item if you are new to having fish as pet. It comes with a very bright and energy efficient 6W RGB LED light with ON/OFF timer as well as 3 colour mode. 3W water pump with filter, and an intelligent touch control panel with temperature and time display. It is a very user friendly fish tank and from beginners to advanced specialists will love this product! The tank is made from ultra-clear low iron STARFIRE glass with 5mm thickness and this is much more scratch resistant and clearer than acrylic fish tanks. This special glass is much clearer than conventional glass and it gives your aquarium extra clarity to trully bring your fish colour! The fish tank will look even more beautiful with your decoration inside because the RGB LED light combined with the clear glass will enhance the colour of your aquarium environment. The 3W, 250L/H super efficient filter with pump is easy to clean and it has a water flow adjuster in order to adjust the water flow according to your needs. It comes with a spray bar in order to circulate the water more evenly and clean the water more efficiently. The aquarium suits both freshwater and saltwater fish/water animals. The size will suit many places, including space limited apartments. Grab this amazing aquarium and add to your living room a touch of beauty and fun! Features Capacity of 16L 5mm STARFIRE glass aquarium Starfire glass is much clearer than conventional glass and it gives your aquarium extra clarity to trully bring your fish colour! Advanced 6W RGB LED light for the right brightness and environmentally friendly energy consumption The RGB LED light has an inbuilt ON/OFF timer so you can set the timer when travelling or if you are busy 3 Colour Mode: Only Blue and white, white, and mix colour (blue tone) 3W water pump with water filter with very quiet compressor and low vibration to keep your environment comfortable The tank is made from ultra-clear STARFIRE

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  19. HAMMER - 12 IN 1 MULTI TOOL Featured in the Living Room! It's a hot! An absolute essential in any tool box has to be the humble hammer. However, there’s nothing simple about this stainless steel mega multi tool. Not only is this hammer heavy duty, robust and super strong, but in includes 11 more impressive functions that are right on top of Bear Grylls’s most desired list. Functions include: Claw hammer, pliers, wire cutters, knife, saw, flat screwdriver, file, can opener, hex wrench, Phillips screwdriver, fish scaler and hook remover. FEATURES Robust hammer with real wooden grip Includes 11 more tools for camping, fishing and everyday use Perfect for the outdoors, handy man in your life SPECIFICATIONS Made of stainless steel with wooden grip 12 tools in 1

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  20. FABULOUS FISHING FUNNIESPrioritising your fishing rods over your wife, naming giant fish ‘codzilla’, and skipping weddings to go fishing are concepts only a fisherman understands. Over 189 funny fishing cartoons have been put together for this collection.This cartoon collection is by Jonny Hawkins, a popular cartoonist, whose work has appeared in Reader’s Digest, Forbes, and the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ book series. If you’ve laughed at yourself or somebody else fishing, this book is your next catch. FEATURES Funny fishing cartoons By the legendary Johnny Hawkins (Reader’s Digest, Forbes) You’re sure to catch a laugh SPECIFICATIONS By cartoonist Jonny Hawkins 18.4 cm x 18.4 cm x 2 cm 192 pages

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