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  1. The TI-84 Plus graphing calculator offers three times the memory, more than twice the speed and a higher contrast screen than the TI-83 Plus model. It's keystroke-for-keystroke compatible, too. Count on TI calculators at exam time. You can use this TI graphing calculator on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT co

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  2. The ClassPad series continues to evolve as the next generation machine is optimised for use in the classroom. The new fx-CP400 is the first ClassPad model to boast a 4.8 inch colour display. The fx-CP400 offers intuitive stylus and finger touch operation. It also supports horizontal screen view. Sim

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  3. The FX-9750G11 is a modern dynamic graphic calculator, capable of quick graphing and analysis of conic expressions in rectangular, polar and parametric formats. The calculator also has a built in catalogue of functions to help find unfamiliar commands.

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  4. The fx-9860GII contains all the functions you'd expect from a modern graphing calculator. It's fast, powerful and incorporates natural textbook display, spreadsheet function, large backlit screen, USB connection to a PC and a huge 1.5 MB memory. Additional features USB mass-storage A USB mass storage function allows for quick and easy transfer for data. USB cable supplied. Direct projector connection Compatibility with data projectors enables the fx-9860GII display to be easily projected up onto a screen. Data logger connection A variety of experimental data values in classes can be analysed through the connected sensor.

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  5. Texas Instruments Nspire CX-CAS Graphic Calculator with Touchpad

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  6. Texas Instruments TI84PLUS - Graphic Calculator USB technology

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  7. Stay mobile, continue learning - transfer class assignments from handheld to computer. Complete work outside of school using student software. On the desktop at home or a laptop on the bus, at the library, coffee shop... wherever.

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  8. 64KRAM/800K flash memory, with fast CPU. TVM functions, spreadsheets, power of a complex number, dynamic geometry, fraction display within a matrix, view a derivative in a different way, logarithms, and much much more. USB connectivity to PC included with calculator. 2 Year Warranty.

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  1. Highlights Sharp Calculator 12 Digit Semi Desktop Tax Dimensions: 1cm x 1cm x 1cm Weight: 3.0kg

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  2. Highlights HP 10bII+ Financial Calculator with Calculator Quick Start Guide batteries protective sleeve Dimensions: 2.4cm x 24cm x 18cm Weight: 0.2kg

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  3. Highlights HP F2215AA 35s Scientific Calculator 100 Functions – 14 Digit(s) – LCD – Battery Powered – 0.7” x 3.2” Dimensions: 5cm x 18cm x 24cm Weight: 0.3kg

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