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  1. The TI-84 Plus graphing calculator offers three times the memory, more than twice the speed and a higher contrast screen than the TI-83 Plus model. It's keystroke-for-keystroke compatible, too.Count on TI calculators at exam time. You can use this TI graphing calculator on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT college entrance exams and AP tests and the IB exam.

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  2. With the CAS technology, students can see different representations of a problem for a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. NavPad cursor controls for easy �mouse like� pointer movement and selection. Keypad with individual letter keys for fast entry. Colour screen. Electronically upgradeable graphing technology allows you to have the most up to date functionality and software applications. 320(w)x240(d)mm pixel grey-scale display. 2 Year Warranty.

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  3. HP 50g Graphic Calculator F2229AA Only from PBTech

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  4. Includes all the functionality of and is fully compatible with the TI-83 Plus. Connect all units (student and teacher models) to the ViewScreen panel or TI-Presenter via the TI-84 Plus Presentation Link. Contains a USB Computer Cable for computer connectivity. Stores up to 30 Apps. 11 pre-loaded: Cabri Jr., CBL/CBR, Conic Graphing, Inequality Graphing, Probability Simulation, Science Tools, StudyCards, TimeSpan, Topics in Algebra Chapters 1-4, Topics in Algebra Chapter 5, Transformation Graphing. 2.5x the speed of the TI-83 Plus. Memory available to user: ROM = 480 KB, RAM = 24KB.

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  5. Highlights HP 50g Graphic Calculator F2229AA Dimensions: 5cm x 22cm x 29cm Weight: 0.6kg

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  6. Highlights HP 50g Graphic Calculator F2229AA Dimensions: 5cm x 22cm x 29cm Weight: 0.6kg

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  7. 64KRAM/800K flash memory, with fast CPU. TVM functions, spreadsheets, power of a complex number, dynamic geometry, fraction display within a matrix, view a derivative in a different way, logarithms, and much much more. USB connectivity to PC included with calculator. 2 Year Warranty.

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  8. The ClassPad series continues to evolve as the next generation machine is optimised for use in the classroom. The new fx-CP400 is the first ClassPad model to boast a 4.8 inch colour display. The fx-CP400 offers intuitive stylus and finger touch operation. It also supports horizontal screen view. Simply switch the display between vertical and horizontal screen views by a touch on the icon panel. Main features include: 4.8" colour display, Finger or stylus touch operation, Horizontal screen view and Simple, intuitive user interface. Hardware Specification: 4.8-inch Full-Color LCD Display 320 x 528 dots 65,536 Colors Four AAA-size alkaline batteries (LR03) Large, Touch panel operation with Stylus Software Specification: Powerful Graphing functions Natural Textbook Display Algebra / Statistics / Calculus / Geometry Spreadsheet Financial Application Differential Equation

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