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  1. Free Delivery Worldwide : Target Sites for Herbicide Action : Hardback : Springer Science+Business Media : 9780306438462 : 0306438461 : 31 Oct 1991 : The dramatic growth of herbicide research that followed the wartime discoveries of the auxin-type herbicides (phenoxyalkanoic acids) resulted in a whole range of compounds and mixtures which are used to eliminate broad-or narrow-leaved weeds from agricultural, horticul- tural, or forestry crops.

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  2. Gardeners tend to assume that any product or practice labeled as organic is automatically safe for humans and beneficial to the environment. And in many cases this is true. The problem, as Jeff Gillman points out in this fascinating, well-researched book, is that it is not universally true, and the exceptions can pose a significant threat to human health. To cite just two examples: animal manures are widely viewed as prime soil amendments. When properly treated, they are; but if they are insufficiently composted, they can be a source of harmful E. coli contamination. Even more dangerous, potentially, are organic insecticides like rotenone, which is every bit as toxic as the synthetic compounds it is meant to replace.Gillman’s contention is that all gardening products and practices – organic and synthetic – need to be examined on a case-by-case basis to determine both whether they are safe and whether they accomplish the task for which they are intended. When gardeners are well informed about the precise nature and consequences of what they use and do in the garden, they are in a much better position to make responsible, effective choices.If you’ve ever wondered about the merits of a specific insecticide, herbicide, or fungicide, or debated whether practices such as planting cover crops or companion plants are worth the trouble, you’ll find the answers you’ve sought in these pages, along with a clear, careful, and good-humored analysis of benefits and drawbacks. Ultimately, Gillman concludes, organic methods are preferable in most situations that gardeners are likely to encounter. After reading this eye-opening book, you will understand why, and why knowledge is the gardener’s most important tool.

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  3. Free Delivery Worldwide : Herbicides and Plant Metabolism : Hardback : CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS : 9780521344227 : 0521344220 : 26 Jun 2004 : This volume provides a review of the most important areas of the biochemistry of herbicide action.

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  4. Free Delivery Worldwide : Herbicides and Plant Metabolism : Paperback : CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS : 9780521050340 : 0521050340 : 24 Mar 2008 : This volume provides a review of the most important areas of the biochemistry of herbicide action.

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  5. Free Delivery Worldwide : Advances in Agronomy: Volume 58 : Hardback : Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc : 9780120007585 : 0120007584 : 06 Dec 1996 : Contains seven reviews covering topics on crop and soil sciences, such as biodegradation of soil pollutants, modelling of solute transport in soils, the analysis of soil salinity, herbicide resistance, silicon and rice production, the use of tissue cultures for crop improvement, and crop water relations.

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  6. Free Delivery Worldwide : Advances in Agronomy: Volume 54 : Hardback : Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc : 9780120007547 : 0120007541 : 25 Apr 1995 : Contains seven reviews covering topics in the crop and soil sciences, such as the impact of agriculture on subsurface microbial ecology; herbicide-resistant crops; microbial reduction of iron, manganese, and other metals; nitrification inhibitors; and, apomixis in cultivar development.

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  7. Free Delivery Worldwide : Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry: Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry Critical Review of the 1996 Literature Preceded by Two Chapters on Current Heterocyclic Topics Volume 9 : Hardback : ELSEVIER SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY : 9780080428017 : 0080428010 : 08 Aug 1997 : A survey of the important original material reported in the literature on heterocyclic chemistry in 1996. It reviews the synthesis of oxazoles from diazocarbonyl compounds and the heterocyclic chemistry associated with the herbicide glyphosate.

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  8. Description : Red maple leaves will gradually change it's color from green to yellow, golden and orange. Suitable for garden potting plant. Growth Habit : Germination Temperature : 18-20 Growth Temperature : 18-28 Sowing Time : March to April Environment : Warm, Sunlight, Moisture Soil pH : 5.5-7.5 Days of Germination : 15-20 days Seedling Method : Remove the wing of seed, soak it about 12 hours with warm water. Mix seeds with three times wet sands, and stir them evenly, then place it indoor. About 50% seeds bud after sown. Sprout for 5 days, 60% seeds sprout after remove the straw, keep the soil wet. When the bud grow up about 10cm height, spread leaf fertilizer or small amounts of urea every 10 days. Pull the weeds in time, don't use herbicide to weed. Sowing Way : Threw the seed evenly into soil, covering depth1-1.5cm. Cover with straw, to keep the soil wet. Package Include : 1 x 10pcs Red Maple Seeds

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