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  1. Aten 2L-5305UU Comparison Basket (0)5M USB 2.0 KVM Cable with 3 in 1 SPHD and Audio Only from PBTech

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  2. Self-perception and behavior do not occur in a social vacuum: who we are, and what we do, is often a function of what other people are and do. Others can inform us of who we are ("I am the only sane person here"), or where we stand ("I am quite intelligent compared to him"); others can inspire us ("I want to be like her"), or discourage us ("I can never be like her"). In effect, social comparison is a fundamental process of self-conception through the perception of others-self, as it is identified with others. Social Comparison Theories: Key Readings offers a core and comprehensive collection of readings that focus on the motivations and mechanisms underlying social comparison effects, the role of social comparison processes in everyday life, the similarities and differences between interpersonal and inter-group social comparisons, and the strategies people employ to disregard detrimental social comparison outcomes. This volume of works shows the wide range of topics that concern social comparisons researchers and also the shared beliefs that bind them together.

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  3. For the first time ever, a comparative survey of 95 percent of the fiberglass pocketcruising sailboats ever built Author Steve Henkel has researched hundreds of cruising sailboats less than 26 feet long–pocket cruisers–to create this definitive gallery and handbook of the small cruising sailboats built in the last 45 years. With detailed plans, specifications, performanceindexes, and commentary for every model the authorcould find (360 in all!), The Sailor's Book of Small CruisingSailboats is your ideal core reference for the used and new boats you see on the water.

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  4. What's the difference between small, smaller and smallest? Have trouble finding just the right words? This flash deck from Wilco will help, with 40 illustrated cards. Give your child a visual reference for different sizes, and make learning fun. Also available in the All About Flashcard range: Alphabet Baby Animals Birds Colours Farm Animals First Words Fruits and Vegetables Good Habits and Safety My Body Nursery Rhymes Phonics Tell the Time Numbers 1 to 20 Shapes Opposites Addition Division Multiplication Subtraction

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  5. Geographic Comparisons: Earth's Extremes - Atlas of the World Only from The Chart & Map Shop

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  6. Highlights Aten 2L-5305UU Comparison Basket (0)5M USB 2.0 KVM Cable with 3 in 1 SPHD and Audio Dimensions: 3cm x 10cm x 12cm Weight: 2.0kg

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  7. Perfect for the social media age, You are Enough explores why we have become so worried about what other people think of us, and what our infatuation with comparison can cause on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. In a down-to-earth, relatable style, Cassie helps the reader understand and acknowledge that they are innately worthy, aside from their accomplishments or how they think others perceive them. Includes an ‘Energetic Toolkit’ which includes exercises to help clear energetic blocks, release stress, tips on using journaling, crystals and healing energetic essences. For anyone who is sick of striving, or feeling like a perfectionist comparer, You Are Enough offers practical tools for getting out of the comparison trap, so that you can learn to accept yourself as you are, and revel in the sense of peace and ease that this brings.

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  8. Highlights Aten 2L-5305UU Comparison Basket (0)5M USB 2.0 KVM Cable with 3 in 1 SPHD and Audio Dimensions: 3cm x 10cm x 12cm Weight: 2.0kg

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  9. One of the most significant and enduring texts to have survived from Ancient Greece is Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans, written by Plutarch in the first century AD. In the work, the man known as the 'Father of Biography' paired off the most...

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  10. Muslim and Christian Beliefs: A Comparison - Book Free Shipping Only from The Nile

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  11. A cross-disciplinary examination of democratization, as seen in different attempts at it across the globe.Democracy is not in steady state and democratizations are open-ended processes; they depend on structures and functions in systemic contexts that idiosyncratically evolve in tone, tenor, direction, and pace. They affect and are affected by scores of determinants, both perceived and hypothetical. In interlinked chapters that span a number of disciplines, this volume reexamines the basic traits, the comparable outcomes, and the self-defining dynamics of some of the more widely attempted versions of democracy across the world. It discusses some of the controversies that can speed up or slow democratizations (depending on systemic structures, functions, processes, and contexts at play inside, outside, and across political boundaries). The crucial question these chapters address is whether democratization is possible without an understanding of what is expected from a mode of citizenship inseparable from an ethic of freedom.

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  12. 2011 Reprint of 1902 Edition. The Jefferson Bible, or The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth, as it is formally titled, was Thomas Jefferson's effort to extract the doctrine of Jesus by removing sections of the New Testament containing supernatural aspects as well as perceived misinterpretations he believed had been added by the Four Evangelists. Using a razor, Jefferson cut and arranged selected verses from the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in chronological order, mingling excerpts from one text to those of another in order to create a single narrative. Thus he begins with Luke 2 and Luke 3, then follows with Mark 1 and Matthew 3. He provides a record of which verses he selected and of the order in which he arranged them in his "Table of the Texts from the Evangelists employed in this Narrative and of the order of their arrangement."

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  13. In this major theoretical and methodological statement on the history of religions, Jonathan Z. Smith shows how convert apologetic agendas can dictate the course of comparative religious studies. As his example, Smith reviews four centuries of scholarship comparing early Christianities with religions of late Antiquity (especially the so-called mystery cults) and shows how this scholarship has been based upon an underlying Protestant-Catholic polemic. The result is a devastating critique of traditional New Testament scholarship, a redescription of early Christianities as religious traditions amenable to comparison, and a milestone in Smith's controversial approach to comparative religious studies. "An important book, and certainly one of the most significant in the career of Jonathan Z. Smith, whom one may venture to call the greatest pathologist in the history of religions. As in many precedent cases, Smith follows a standard procedure: he carefully selects his victim, and then dissects with artistic finesse and unequaled acumen. The operation is always necessary, and a deconstructor of Smith's caliber is hard to find." Ioan P. Coulianu, "Journal of Religion ""

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  14. Originally published in 1978, this report summarises the results of a workshop on why energy consumption is much higher in the United States than other industrialised countries with similar living standards. The papers included in the workshop make interesting comparisons between countries such as Japan and the United Kingdom and the United States, raising interesting questions about environmental policy-making. This title will be of interest to students of Environmental Studies.

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  15. Designed to serve as either a graduate-level text or reference book for experimental design, this book should be of use in psychology, education and statistics departments. The book promotes a model comparison perspective rather than the more traditional variance partitioning approach. This approach offers several advantages. Firstly, it better prepares students to understand the logic behind choosing the best technique for a particular design. Secondly, focusing on definitional versus computational formulae allows for a heavier reliance on statistical packages to perform the actual computations, freeing the reader to spend more time on the conceptual understanding versus the number crunching. Finally, the model comparison approach allows for the introduction of more complex topics, generally omitted from other books.

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  16. Drug Facts and Comparisons provides up-to-date information on over 22,000 Rx and 6,000 OTC products grouped by therapeutic category for ease of comparison. Drug Facts and Comparisons answers questions about actions, indications and contraindications, warnings and precautions, drug interactions, adverse reactions, administration and dosage, and pregnancy and lactation. Comparisons include drug to drug, dosage forms, and name brands to name brands and generics. Biologicals and antiparasitic drugs, IV solutions, and therapeutic ophthalmic preparations are also included. Key Features: -Over 22,000 Rx and 6,000 OTC products, including generic and trade names -More than 3,000 easy-to-read charts and comparative tables

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  17. Pentecostal and Postmodern Hermeneutics seeks to explore the relationship between Pentecostal hermeneutics and Pentecostalism's ability to connect with and evangelize North American youth. As a Postmodern ethos makes its presence increasingly felt in the Western world, no Christian movement should be better positioned to bring the message of Christ to youth and young adults eager to experience the God of miracles and wonders. Recent trends in Pentecostal hermeneutics, however, may actually make the task more difficult. No historical movement has thrived in the long term that has not carefully considered the place of youth and young adults in the vision for the future. While Pentecostalism has been at the forefront of youth ministry in the last several decades, we must also connect Pentecostal academia with evangelism efforts among youth and young adults. This work calls Pentecostal scholars to thoughtfully consider the implications of their work for future generations. Bradley Truman Noel is the Director of Pentecostal Studies and Assistant Professor of Christian Ministry at Tyndale University College, Toronto.

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  18. Religion has regained political prominence in the twenty first century and not least for the manner in which it intersects with ethnicity. Many ethnic conflicts have a strong religious dimension, and religion appears as a powerful force for mobilisation, solidarity and violence. Religion and ethnicity can each act as a powerful base of identity, group formation and communal conflict. They can also overlap, with ethnic and religious boundaries coinciding, partially or completely, internally nested or intersecting.This volume maps the different forms of intersection: cases where religion is prioritised in private life and ethnicity in public, where each coexists in tension in political life, and where the distinctions reinforce each other with dynamic effects. It maps the different patterns with case studies and comparisons from Ireland, Northern Ireland, France, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Malaysia. It shows how ordinary people construct their solidarities and identities using both ethnic and religious resources. This opens up analysis of the socially transformative, as well as politically antagonistic, potential of religion in situations of ethnic division.This book was published as a special issue of Ethnopolitics.

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  19. International comparison of health system performance has become increasingly popular, made possible by the rapidly expanding availability of health data. It has become one of the most important levers for prompting health system reform. Yet, as the demand for transparency and accountability in healthcare increases, so too does the need to compare data from different health systems both accurately and meaningfully. This timely and authoritative book offers an important summary of the current developments in health system performance comparison. It summarises the current state of efforts to compare systems, and identifies and explores the practical and conceptual challenges that occur. It discusses data and methodological challenges, as well as broader issues such as the interface between evidence and practice. The book draws out the priorities for future work on performance comparison, in the development of data sources and measurement instruments, analytic methodology, and assessment of evidence on performance. It concludes by presenting the key lessons and future priorities, and in doing so offers a rich source of material for policy-makers, their analytic advisors, international agencies, academics and students of health systems.

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  1. Free Delivery Worldwide : Comparisons and Contrasts : Paperback : Oxford University Press Inc : 9780199732517 : 0199732515 : 19 Aug 2010 : Comparisons and Contrasts collects eleven of Richard Kayne's recent articles in theoretical syntax, with an emphasis on comparative syntax, which uses syntactic differences among languages to probe the properties of the human language faculty.

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