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  1. The Gro-Clocks glowing screen shows images of stars and sun to communicate sleep and wake-up time. Includes beautifully illustrated bedtime storybook. Stars go out one-by-one during the night to show the passing of time. Key-lock option so children can't adjust settings. Option to set two separate wake-up times, weekday weekend or night-time day-time nap. Adjustable screen brightness. Silent operation. Optional audible alarm feature. Mains powered, adapter included. Suitable from age 2.

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  2. Anyone who has been woken up at 5am with their kids thinking it's morning will appreciate how the Gro-Clock could help. For children who are too young to read an ordinary clock, the Gro-Clock has a glowing screen showing images of stars and sun to communicate the difference between sleep and wake-up time. The small stars go out one by one during the night to show the passing of time. The changing images encourage children to stay in bed longer as they learn to 'stay in bed until they see the sun'. Silent operation enables the child to continue sleeping as the display changes, and adjustable screen brightness allows you to choose the best amount of light, making it the perfect nightlight. There is an optional digital clock and audible alarm feature, so you can use it as a normal clock as your child grows up. This updated model has a new educational feature allowing parents to choose whether or not to display the digital clock during the usual 'stars to sun' countdown. So for older children, they can now start to learn digital time, as well as look for the arrival of the sun. Mains powered (adapter included). The Gro-Clock comes with a 'Sleepy Farm' story book, beautifully illustrated by leading childrens artist Mike Terry. Sleepy Farm tells the tale of a very tired pig, to help reinforce the message of the importance of a good night's sleep. Suitable from age 2 years.Please note that the primary function of this product is to help you teach your child when to wake up, and not to function as an actual clock. The Gro-Clock has two wake up options, the night time mode and day time nap mode. You do not set a go to sleep time just the wake up times for both functions. If you are just using the night time mode we recommend that you set both night time and day time nap mode to the same time.Technical Details:Helps children who are too young to read an ordinary clock to understand when it's time to get upGlowing screen shows image

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  3. Diecast metal robot clock with poseable limbs Functional alarm clock

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  4. How do you get your children to understand when it@s time to get up? SIMPLE @stay in bed until you see the sun!@ This updated version of the Gro-clock uses fun images of the stars and sun to communicate when to go back to sleep and when it@s time to get up. Due to popular request, this 2010 version of the Gro-Clock has a new feature allowing parents to choose whether or not to display the digital clock during the usual @stars to sun@ countdown. So for older children, they can now start to learn digital time, as well as look for the arrival of the sun! The Gro-clock also comes with a beautifully illustrated book which helps to encourage children to stay in bed longer, which means more sleep for them and more sleep for you! @No more getting up at 5am!@. It is this combination of the simple glowing images and the bedtime story book which has already made the Gro-Clock a phenomenal success

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  5. Gro Company Gro Clock Toddler Sleep Trainer Including Book The friendly sun and star graphics help children understand when it is bed time and help to prevent early morning wake ups. Once set at night time, the displaybegins counting down through the use of stars, until the sun comes up.

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  6. *Glowing screen shows images of stars and sun to communicate 'sleep' and 'wake-up' time *Includes fun bedtime story book *Stars go out one-by-one during the night to show the passing of time *Key-lock option *Option to set two separate wake-up times (wee

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  7. Get your little one into a bed time routine with a Gro Clock!

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  8. Stop shooting off emails and start shooting hoops with the desktop basketball set Complete with a mini hoop and backboard with mini basketballs, shoot the ball from the platform by pressing the lever Also great for lunchrooms and parties

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  9. Alloy Australia AMS-48T4S4SFP Networking Switches

    The ALLOY AMS-24T4S4SFP is a Layer 2+ Gigabit Ethernet switch. With 44x 101001000Base-T RJ-45 copper ports, 4x GbE Copper(100M1000M) SFP ports and 4x 1Gb10Gb SFP+ ports and a Switching Capacity of 136Gbps, this high performance switch is ideal for server aggregation applications, as a departmental switch, or to support Gigabit Ethernet to the desktop for power users. With the added flexibility of supporting both 100Mbps and 1000Mbps SFP Modules plus 1Gb and 10Gb modules in the SFP+ ports this switch can be integrated quickly and easily into your existing networking infrastructure. The SFP slots on the switch support all types of Fast Ethernet, Gigabit and 10 Gigabit SFPSFP+ modules - 1000Base-T copper UTP as well as multimode, singlemode and WDM network connectivity over fibre optic cable - enabling copper or fibre uplinks. With a huge list of Layer 2+, QoS and Security features the AMS series switches are the ideal solution at the edge or aggregation layer of medium to large…

  10. Alloy Australia POEFE24TV2 Networking Switches

    The POEFE24TV2 is a rackmount switch featuring 24x 10100Mbps Fast Ethernet PoE ports, fully compliant to the IEEE 802.3at and af Power over Ethernet standards. All ports are auto-sensing, auto MDIX, allowing easy connectivity to your existing switching infrastructure and PoE Powered Device (PD) such as IP Phones, Wireless Access Points and IP Video Cameras. All ports support up to 30W of power, with the switch supporting up to 220W watts total power - 9W per port at full load. The switch itself is powered by an internal power supply. The POEFE24TV2 is the ideal solution for adding low cost, high reliability PoE capability to support PoE powered devices for larger workgroups. The POEFE24TV2 is a model from the POE-ATS Series of Layer 2 Unmanaged POE+ Power over Ethernet Switches.

  11. Oricom TCR10 Clock Radio Phone

    This telephone/clock radio from Oricom fits easily on any bedside table. Small and compact, it is a welcome addition to any bedrrom. The Oricom TCR10 allows you to store and quickly dial 10 numbers and a backlit keypad for operation in low lit conditions. There is also a visual indicator for when the phone is ringing, where a red light flashed to alert you of an incoming call. This makes this product great for noisy environments or the hearing impaired. The Oricom TCR10 has a digital AM/FM tuner for clear radio reception and is hearing aid compatible. The phone uses an inbuilt inductive coupler to give hearing aid users clearer sound. Just switch your hearing aid to the “T” setting to use this function.

  12. UIG Entertainment Animal Life Australia Nintendo DS Game

    In Animal Life Australia you wil take a fascinating journey ino the land of Kangaroos and Koalas. Along your way you will get to learn many interesting facts about the animal kingdom, solve tricky puzzles and play exciting games. The more you learn the more the puzzles and animals you will get to see. Collect all the stars to become a real pro in the field of Australia research.

  13. Alloy Australia POEGE3T1PD Networking Switches

    The POEGE3T1PD is specialised, IEEE802.3af compliant Gigabit PoE Desktop Switch designed to remedy a common limitation of converged networks supporting both data and VoIP telephone applications. Typically, organisations that have implemented a VoIP telephony system save on cabling costs by 'daisy chaining' a staff members PC from the second port on that workers IP phone - thereby running both IP phone and PC from a single connection to the office network. However - most IP Phones offer only Fast Ethernet ports; if the applications used on the PC require Gigabit bandwidth, the IP phone is imposing a significant bottleneck. The POEGE3T1PD removes this bottleneck. The switch provides a 101001000Mbps Gigabit PoE PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) port to support the IP Phone, and two standard 101001000Mbps ports, one of which can be used to connect the PC on a 1000Mbps link. The switch itself is a very compact, light device, easily placed on a user's desk. It is powered from a central PoE…

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  14. Alloy Australia AS5128P Networking Switch

    Alloy Australia AS5128P Networking Switch The AS5128P switch provides IEEE 802.3af and the latest 802.3at PoE Power over Ethernet. With all standalone RJ-45 ports supporting PoE+, devices such as IP Phones and Wireless Access Points can now be connected directly to the network with data and power supplied over a single UTP cable, reducing deployment and maintenance costs and making it much easier to install devices exactly where they are required. With the support of 802.3at PoE+, up to 30 watts of power can be supplied per port, so power hungry devices such as Pan Tilt Zoom IP Security Cameras can be connected directly to the network.

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  15. Amazing Animals of Australias National Parks : Winner of the Children's Book Council of Australia Eve Pownall Award for Information Books 2017

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  16. These stylish and functional clocks will look beautiful in almost any room in your home. XL Scandi Monochrome Clock Colour : Monochrome Material : Mdf Dimensions : 60x5.5x61cm Delivery 1-2 Weeks

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  17. Australia's Best Camping takes the guesswork out of finding a great campground in this beautiful country. Author Kerryn Burgess travelled the length and breadth of Australia, personally visiting hundreds of national parks, state forests, beaches and beyond to identify the most memorable settings, the widest range of activities and the most incredible Australian experiences. Australia's Best Camping is smart and opinionated, packed with carefully selected camping spots for families, couples and groups travelling with a tent, a caravan or a campervan. Organised into state or regional chapters, and featuring colourful photos and maps, you'll find the ideal campsite for your next camping trip anywhere in Australia. About the Author Kerryn Burgess is an experienced travel writer who has previously worked for Lonely Planet and Australian Gourmet Traveller magazine. To research this book, Kerryn camped at every one of the campgrounds described, plus hundreds more that didn't make the cut. She drank the water, walked the walks, swam in the swimming holes and paid the camping fees, driving tens of thousands of kilometres and boarding more than a dozen flights. Australia's Best Camping is the result of Kerryn's passion for Australia's incredible outdoor experiences and her desire to help readers discover them for themselves.

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  18. Hunter. Worker. Legend. The untold story of the dog’s role in building our nation. Everyoneknows Australia rode on the sheep’s back. But do they know just how much those sheep depended on the dog? Working dogs made a huge contribution tothe success of the Australian wool and beef industries. Indeed, they provided the means to feed a starving colony; guard fledgling colonial agricultural enterprises; and extend a sheep and beef industry that fed the world. Never hasAustralia had a workforce that asked for so little and yet produced so much. The Dogs That Made Australia is a vividand meticulously researched history of Australia told through the story of thedingo, the dogs that were imported and bred here, and the humans who loved, feared and worked them.

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