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  1. Start cooking for free with retained heat!The Billyboil Thermal Cooker cooks your food using retained heat, for up to 8 hours. There is no energy requirement after the initial heat-up phase on your existing stove top. This means you can save up to 80% of your cooking energy usage!The Billyboil Thermal Cooker has an internal capacity of 3.5 litres which is enough to cook for up to six people. It is made up of a stainless steel inner pot (roughly 20cm wide and 14cm high) and an insulated outer pot with carry handle.A slow cooker, without the energy consumption. Slow cookers are great because:•They lessen the chance of food burning or boiling-over,•They allow for better distribution of flavours,•They can save time with ‘one pot’ cooking.BUT regular slow cookers still need a continuous supply of energy, just like regular stove-top cooking. If you enjoy the benefits of a slow cooker but want a simple, yet highly energy efficient cooking solution, then the Billyboil Thermal Cooker is for you.Here’s how the Thermal Cooker works:Step 1 – Use the stainless steel pot just like you would normally, bringing your food to the boil, or heating-up as required.Step 2 – Rather than leaving it on the stove-top for the required cooking time, you can now switch off your stove and place the ‘inner pot’ inside the insulated ‘outer pot’ and close the lid. The Billyboil Thermal Cooker will continue to cook the food for several hours using the retained thermal energy in the already heated-up food.Step 3 – Remove the inner pot from the unit when the cooking time has elapsed or later, when you’re ready to eat.Thermal Cooker BenefitsThe Thermal Cooker concept was originally developed for those travelling in caravans, motor-homes or when camping.We think it’s an ideal solution for everyday cooking in the home. Here’s why: •No boiling-over and no burning of food possible.•Zero energy consumption after the initial heat-up phase which you do on your regular stove.•Keeps food at safe (high) temperat

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  2. If you haven’t got time to stand there, checking on your meal every five minutes, the Primus 7L Thermal Cooker will do all the work for you. This stainless steel insulated cooking pan retains heat and doesn’t require a constant heat source. This cooker is lightweight and has an easy read display, while the inner pot is compatible with electric, gas, induction and infrared cooktops. You just place your ingredients in the inner pot and bring to a boil on one of the above-mentioned cooktops. Then transfer it to the dual layer thermal insulted pot, cover it up and the retained heat will continue to cook your meal while you get on with the day. This cooker will also keep food warm for up to 8 hours so you can tuck in when you’re good and ready. Along with the stainless-steel cooking pot, this cooker also comes with a stainless-steel cake tin with a lockable lid and a trivet for cooking a variety of dishes. Come back to a hearty meal after a long day of adventure with the 7L Thermal Cooker from Primus. Lightweight and convenient to use Easy to read temperature display Keeps food warm for up to 8 hours Suitable to use with electric and gas stovetops, induction cooker and infrared stove

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  3. Primus thermal cooker for camping cooking Slow cooking is enjoying a renascence in contemporary kitchens. Diners cooks and foodies have become reacquainted with this ancient technique that releases flavours, richness, creates tender meets and fabulous, delicious dishes. Now you can do it when you’re camping without the need of your heavy old camp oven and the perfectly managed camp fire. Increasingly, many of the places we choose to camp have restricted fire policies with more and more locations banning open fires all together. Slow cooking in the outdoors requires a decent fire and cast iron camp oven, at least traditionally. With the Primus thermal cooker however, you no longer require either of those things. The conductive and heat retention properties of the Primus Thermal cooker allows you to heat using minimum heating resources, remove from the heat then allow the cooker to do the rest. Simply add the ingredients, heat per instructions, remove from the heat then go about your leisure pursuits while the cooker takes care of dinner. Once off the heat source, you can leave it to go fishing or bushwalking knowing you will return to a delicious hot meal. The meal will be perfectly cooked and the heat retained for up to 8 hours. It is suitable for use with either electric or gas stove tops, induction cookers and infrared stoves. Use it wherever you are for the perfect, flavoursome slow cooked meal that will see your diners coming back for more. They’re priced accessibly and proving very popular. If you close your eyes, you can nearly smell the perfect stew cooking in your Primus thermal cooker. Features and Specifications Approximate dimensions: 28.5cm Long x 27.5cm Wide x 26.5cm High Weight approx: 4.25kg empty Thermal properties: Outer wall is insulated and inner pot base is compressed copper and steel construction Extremely easy to use Light weight and easy to carry around Easy to read temperature display Convenient glass lid maximises heat retention

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  4. The Primus 7L Thermal Cooker is convenient and easy to use anywhere, it does not require any power or electricity. Food remains warm for hours, ready to eat when you are. The insulated outer pot retains the heat stored in the ingredients and the compressed copper/steel base of the inner pot allows the meal to cook gently, releasing flavours and producing tender and delicious dishes. Cooking using retained heat has been used for centuries and requires minimal fuel to prepare foods that would otherwise require hours of simmering. In addition, a meal may be left to cook without any additional attention or fuel use, enabling you to return to a well cooked meal. It is suitable for use with electric and gas stove tops, induction cooker and infrared stove. The included cake tin is specifically designed for use with the Primus Thermal Cooker. It is ideal for cakes, quiches and a variety of other savoury dishes and desserts. Use the cake tin in conjunction with the trivet to add variety to your cooking.

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  5. Ilve T906WMP 90cm Titanium Upright Cooker

    Features: -Giant 110 litre oven capacity -Select 10 multifunction oven -Turbowave Quickstart preheating -Pizza and bread mode -Electronic programmable digital clock -Rotisserie -Cool touch athermic door handles with cooling fan -Triple door glazing for safer cooler door temperatures -Warming and storage compartment Oven 90cm: -Select 10 multifunction electric oven cooking modes -New turbowave Quickstart preheating function 0°C 180°C in 8 minutes -Pizza and bread mode -Electronic programmable digital clock -Giant 110 litre oven capacity -Rotisserie -Cool touch athermic door handles with cooling fan -Triple door glazing for safer, cooler door temperatures -Warming and storage compartment -Removable door with dismountable inner glass for easy cleaning -Easy dismantling of oven interior -Precision thermostatic control -Stainless steel fan fat filter -Catalytic cook and clean side liners -Turbowave cooking, lower temperatures, less food shrinkage and spatter,…

  6. Philips HD4937 Induction Cooker

    Making cooking quick and efficient: 2100W of heating power, reaches temperatures as high as 280°C in an instant. Portable design provides superior convenience. Safety features guarantee worry-free cooking.Key Features:Induction Cooker BlackSensor TouchFull glass panel is easy to clean1 to 120 mins cooking time settings for most menus; 600 mins for slow cooking menuFull glass panel is easy to cleanUser friendly 24 hour preset functionFast cooking with high power (2100w) to instantly seal nutrition.Reaches as high as 280°C for variety cooking demands.Power: 2100 WPrefix Programs: 6Stand by power: 2WAutomatic shut-offLED displayNon-slip feetOn/off switchPreset cooking functionReady signalTemperature controlTime controlVoltage: 220VCord Length: 1.2mFrequency: 50HzMaterial of manin body: Full glass panel - A gradeDimenasions & Weight:Dimensions of product (LxWxH): 290x365x68 mmWeight: 2.58 KgWarranty:2 YearsPlease allow 3-5 working days for dispatch.

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  7. Brother MW-145BT Portable Thermal Printer

    The MW-145BT is the flagship model of the MPrint mobile printer family. Printing hard copy while on the move is now even easier with the new Bluetooth version of MPrint; the world's smallest self-contained mobile printer. Paper Handling: - Paper Size: 74mm x 105mm (A7) - Standard Paper Capacity: - A7 Thermal x (50 sheets/cassette) - A7 Carbon copy(2ply) x (30 sheets/cassette) -Printable Area: - C11, C12: 69 x 100mm - C51: 62 x 95mm Printer: - Printing Method: Direct Thermal - Print Speed: Ave.: 15 sec./page or 4.4 mm/sec.(under our standard environment) - Print Resolution: 300 x 300dpi - Paper Feeding: Pulse feeding control by stepping motor - Emulation: 3 command (Brother original command, MPrint ESC/P command, P-touch template printer commend) System Requirements: - Operating System: - Windows PC: Windows 2000 Professional / XP / Vista - Windows Mobile: WM5 / WM6 - Software Development Kit: Pocket PC2002/2003, Windows Mobile 5 / 6,…

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  8. Kenneth Cole Reaction Thermal 100ml EDT Men's Cologne

    The scent, described as warm, comfortable and sexy, was inspired by the waffle-weave, body-hugging fit of a long-sleeved, cotton thermal pullover... The juice opens on notes of tangelo, Tunisian artemisia and Ceylonese cardamom, leading to a heart of musk, nutmeg and lavender. The base is a blend of Tonka bean, vanilla and woods.

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  9. Kenneth Cole Kenneth Cole Thermal Reaction 100ml EDT Men's Cologne

    Thermal Reaction Cologne by Kenneth Cole, A light, fresh fragrance for men that is a later version of the best-selling reaction . This is a wonderful masculine scent with slightly sweet musky notes and mellow woody notes.

  10. FREE Delivery & Removal as well as Price Matching*! Best value is guaranteed when you buy the Breville LSC650BSS the Searing Slow Cooker from Appliances Online. Trusted by over 350000 customers - Appliances Online Legendary Service!

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  11. Half Yearly Sale Clearance on Now -Whether you’re whipping up meals for two or catering to a festive family get-together, the Fisher & Paykel 900mm Freestanding Gas Cooker helps make tedious cooking tasks a thing of the past. Flexible and efficient, it offers a multi-burner cooktop for preparing several dishes at once and a convection oven for making succulent roasts and baked treats. Key Features Offering variable burner power and controls, the Fisher & Paykel 900mm Freestanding Gas

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  12. GREE Latest 1.8L Computer Rice Cooker Stainless Steel Pot No Teflon

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  13. Gree 10 Cup Computer Rice Cooker Think Durable Pot Steam Slow Poridge Soup Cake

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  14. Bring the art of precision cooking to a whole new level with Eurochef Sous Vide Immersion Heater Circulator for tender succulent and delicious restaurant quality meals every time.Sous vide is a classic cooking method of professional chefs that is surprisingly simple to do with the right tools for incredible results. A controlled low temperature water bath slow cooks food in a sealed bag through and through while retaining all of its delicious flavor and juices. Pre-set the time and temperature then simply walk away leaving your food to simmer - its that simple. Perfect for busy people who still want to prepare delicious meals at home without being tied to the kitchen.Cooking with the Eurochef Sous Vide Immersion Heater Circulator is simple and straightforward offering precise and even results. Its large bright display is easy to view while its strong sturdy stainless steel clip mounts safely and securely onto a pot or container. You can cook your favourite food in temperatures up to 90 degrees. The sous vide immersion heater circulator features a stainless steel body with a slender profile design and an easy to use digital control panel. The powerful 800 watt heater quickly heats water to the desired temperature then circulates it evenly to cook your food efficiently requiring less energy to operate saving electricity costs.This sous vide machine packs a lot of power for such a low cost product and its all done with minimal effort It cooks everything from all types of meats fish and vegetables to soups desserts and grains.

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  15. Upgrade your kitchen appliances with the Heller 6L Electric Digital Slow Pressure Cooker. This pressure cooker is ideal for cooking rice porridge congee soup cake meat chicken beef beans vegetables and more all with a simple menu selection.Easy to use and clean with its dishwasher safe stainless steel inner pot this electric pressure cooker is great for any kitchen.

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  16. When cooking is complete the SR-DF101 automatically switches to Keep Warm Mode and the rice is maintained at the perfect temperature. CLEARANCE SALE NOW ON

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  17. Using a micro-computer and fuzzy logic technology, this simple rice cooker is able to automatically adjust power for more precise and consistent results. CLEARANCE SALE NOW ON

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