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  1. Haier HCG604WFCG1 Kitchen Cooktop

    Haier HCG604WFCG1 Gas Cooktop has Electronic ignition, Natural gas or lpg convertible, Quick connect gas valve, Small pan support,  Spill containment 0.7L, Auxiliary burner (lpg/natural gas), 3.6MJ/h, Semi-rapid burner (lpg/natural gas) 6.3MJ/h, Semi-rapid burner (natural gas) 6.3mj/h, Wok burner (lpg) 13.68mj/h. Haier cooking appliances are good looking, reliable, and fit comfortably with both contemporary and traditional kitchens.

    $479 - $549
  2. Haier HCG604WFCX2 Kitchen Cooktop

    Haier HCG604WFCX2 Kitchen Cooktop has Spill containment .7L, Small pan support, Wok stand, Cast iron trivets, Semi-rapid burner (lpg/natural gas) 6.3mj/h, Wok burner (lpg) 13.68mj/h, Wok burner (natural gas) 13.68mj/h, Auxiliary burner (lpg/natural gas) 3.6mj/h. Haier cooking appliances are good looking, reliable, and fit comfortably with both contemporary and traditional kitchens.

    $249 - $309
  3. 750 Watt Antec HCG-750M High Current Gamer Modular Power Supply

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  4. Antec High Current Gamer HCG-620M Modular Power Supply

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  5. Antec High Current Gamer HCG-520M Modular Power Supply

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  6. Antec HCG-750-GOLD High Current Gamer HCG-750W Gaming PSU 80+ Gold Fully Modular Power Supply

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  7. Antec HCG-850-GOLD High Current Gamer HCG-850W Gaming PSU 80+ Gold Fully Modular Power Supply

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  8. Antec High Current Gamer HCG-850M 850W Modular Power Supply

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  9. Conceive Well One Step HCG Urine Pregnancy Test contains 2 self-testing test. Other Benefits: - Simple one step only - Easy to read - Quick results - 99% Accuracy* * From the day after your period is due Precautions: Store Between 4C & 30 C, do not freeze

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  10. Antec High Current Gamer Modular HCG-750M in Black & Red

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  11. Antec HCG-650-GOLD High Current Gamer HCG-650W Gaming PSU 80+ Gold Fully Modular Power Supply

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  12. Weight-Loss Apocalypse : Emotional Eating Rehab Through the Hcg Protocol

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  13. Hcg Diet 800 Calorie Protocol Second Edition

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  14. According to the company philosophy, Omron has developed a new home monitoring device. The new HeartScan HCG-801 ECG Monitor senses the heart waveform and indicates potential ECG abnormalities. The Omron HeartScan HCG-801 is: Portable Compact Cordless Single-channel Simple Fast Discrete The Omron Heartscan is designed and intended for situations where conventional ECG equipment is less suitable. 12-Channels ECG devices used in hospital give more information and are used for detailed investigation. These devices are not practical in outdoor situations where transient symptoms require a fast and mobile solution. When compared to existing mobile solutions the Heartscan offers the possibility of long-term monitoring where 24-hour Holter systems normally have difficulties recording an actual event. In situations where further examination is required, a non-invasive event recorder would be an alternative. The continuous measurement requires inconvenient electrodes and wires for the patient. Implanted reveal devices are currently getting more popular but require a minor invasive procedure and are therefore more expensive. Because these products are invasive, not all patients are in favour of this solution. The Omron HeartScan offers an alternative to the above mentioned procedures: The Omron Heartscan is intended for screening and self-monitoring of cardiac events. (under professional supervision) The device can record about 30 seconds of heart rhythm and waveform each time it is activated. After recording, the automatic evaluation software will check the collected data. Directly after completing the measurement the recorded rhythm strip can be reviewed on the LCD screen. For further detailed evaluation the data can be transferred to a PC screen with the ECG-viewer software. The SD memory card can store up to 300 recordings offering sufficient space for long-term monitoring. The HeartScan is very simple to operate. The OMRON Heartscan ECG has been approved for use in the f

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  15. Antec 520W High Current Gamer Power Supply, 80 PLUS Bronze, 135mm Quite Fan, 2x PCI-E, 6x SATA, 6x Molex, 1x Floppy, High Current +12V Rail(s)

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  16. Antec 750W High Current Gamer Modular Power Supply, 80 PLUS Bronze, 135mm Quite Fan, 4x PCI-E, 9x SATA, 6x Molex, 1x Floppy, High Current +12V Rail(s)

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  17. Antec 620W High Current Gamer Power Modular Supply, 80 PLUS Bronze,135mm Fan,2x PCI-E,6x SATA,6x Molex,1x Floppy,High Current+12V Rail,Modular Cabling

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  18. I have been on a diet since third grade. That would really be funny if it were not so sad. It really wasn't that I was obese as a child; it was just that I was built so differently than my siblings. I always thought of myself as enormous. I now understand that it is not normal for a young child to have such body awareness. That is all so dark and disturbing and not at all what this book is about. I am down right giddy about my weight loss and excited to share it all with you. This is also not a religious book, but you need to know I cannot separate my faith from my success on this diet. Many have prayed for me and for that I have a very grateful heart.

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  19. Find out the pros and cons of using the hCG protocol to lose weight. Read this unbiased information to learn the benefits, the warnings, the off-label usage, the contradictions, the side-effects, and the contraindications (health conditions for which the hCG protocol could be harmful). Discover the answers to: What is hCG? How does hCG work? How is it used in a program to lose weight? What are its other uses? What treatment modalities work most effectively? What are the specifics of the hCG diet protocol? What are the side effects? How can I do the diet safely? What else do I need to know to take the weight off and keep it off? This book includes a detailed guide to doing the hCG protocol. Learn how to prepare yourself to do this powerful weight-loss protocol safely, taking every possible precaution to avoid problems. This is the fifth book in the series, Bioidentical Hormones, bringing you the latest information from cutting-edge anti-aging physicians, supported by research presented in medical journals.

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  20. This book was written to start a new conversation about how Dr. Simeons' protocol has relevance, not only as a hormonal therapy, but as a means to end our national eating disorder. Instead of continuing to apply the protocol as a short-term diet, it shoulder be discussed as a real solution --a tool to end irrational eating for emotional fulfillment. This country is dealing with a crisis: an addiction to eating emotionally, and the obvious result is the overwhelming increase in obesity. Think about the number of people in our culture who eat without hunger. When you observe our nation's behavior with food, it's very clear that fat isn't what we should be obsessed about, and weight shouldn't be the target of the problem. We need a genuine desire to eat less, one that isn't dependent on weight loss as a reward. This requires each of us to be accountable for our own emotions, and find happiness in life not centrally stimulated by food. Finally a book that credibly answers the questions every doctor, patient, and skeptic needs to know about the hCG protocol. - Dr. Heidi Anderson, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine I've been prescribing hCG for weight loss for over four years, and nothing I've read comes close to having this level of expertise. Without question, this is the most informative and enlightening book about Dr. Simeons' hCG protocol available. - Dr. Ed Hagen, OB/GYN Robin's approach to the hCG protocol is ingenious. Using the protocol as a way to heal the mind and body as an emotional and physical therapy is exactly what this country needs. - Becky Crowther, Registered Dietitian, Life Coach

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