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  1. Looking for an affordable Home Gym packed with features and built to high structural standards? Why choose between saving money or having a quality Home Gym when you can have both? The JX-DS925 offers a variety of stations and allowing for up to 3 different users on the machine at once. The JX-DS925 allows the user to complete exercises that would normally require multiple different machines and all in a compact unit. On one side you have a fully functioning Seated Chest Press and Pec Deck (simply adjust the pins). Above you head is a Lat Pull Down Bar to work a variety of muscles and in front of you is a 40 degree Adjustable Leg Press (to suit people of all sizes). As id that wasn’t enough the JX-DS925 also includes a Chin Up Bar, fully adjustable Functional Trainer and a Smith Machine for those wanting to train safely with free weights. With these three additions you can perform just about any exercise you want! Specifications: Download User Manual

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  2. SPECIFICATIONS: Model: JX-1125N Dual independent weight stack: 2x 148lbs stacks (296 lb vinyl weights in total (28 pcs X 10LBS +2 Pcs X 8LBS) Cables: 2000lbs tensile strength aircraft cables Tube: 70x50mm heavy duty contrucion tube Max user body weight: 150kgs Assembly Size: 3320×2440×2300 mm G.W/N.W: 307Kgs/284Kgs Out Ctn Size BOX1: 2195X505X230 mm BOX2: 1960X565X195 mm BOX3: 1830X395X175 mm BOX4: BOX7:375X335X190 mm Features: Dual-function leg developer with pivot point that properly aligns with the knee joints Dual-function press arm performs chest pressing and pec fly exercises High and low pulleys for upper and lower body exercises Overhead lat station for back, abs and tricep exercises Adjustable preacher curl bicep pad for isolated bicep exercises 296 lb. selectorized weight stack Oversized foam roller pads offer comfort while performing leg exercises Suspended weights behind a protective weight stack provide a safe workout Durable powder coated finish Includes: With Lat Pull Bar And Ankle Strap , Power tower Dual-function leg developer Download User Manual

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  3. Build up your muscles and engage in a comprehensive body workout with the Inspire BL1 Body Lift Home Gym. It uses your own body weight as resistance and is adjustable from 10% to 150% of your weight, making it an adaptable solution for burning calories and improving metabolism. Shop with Confidence, Quality Products from Leading Brands

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  4. The Power Tower is a versatile piece of fitness equipment that will allow you to do a variety of exercises for both your upper body and lower body. And its compact footprint means it won't take up too much space. What can you do with the Power Tower? Chin-ups (closed grip and wide grip) and pull-ups thanks to overhand and underhand grip positions. Vertical knee raises. Triceps dips. Even push-ups thanks to lower grips. And the Power Tower is constructed with a heavy-duty, commercial-grade steel along with long feet for extra stability. Arm pads, back pad and grips are padded for your comfort. Get your fitness done the right way. Pick up the Power Tower at a great price today. - Heavy-duty steel construction - Great for chin-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, dips, raises and more - Arm pads and back pad have extra padding for your comfort - Multiple grip positions

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  5. Enjoy the comfort, convenience and safety of our home gym flat bench. Your workout routine is not complete without our home gym flat bench. Add strength and enhance toning with this sturdy exercise bench. With its solid tube metal construction it can stand up to the most rigorous exercise routine. The supportive frame is capable of a maximum load of up to 110kg. There is no fear of slipping or of damage to your floor. The feet of the bench are capped with protective ends that will keep you from slipping and sliding and will eliminate scuffs and mars to your floor. Maximum workout comfort is provided by the padded support. You can achieve total body workout - exercise your arms and back and tone your upper body in comfort and safety. Whatever your routine, this versatile flat bench will be a reliable source of support. Please note: Minor assembly is required. Barbells and dumbbells are not included. - Metal frame construction - Study design - Metal tube legs - Feet capped for floor protection - Comfort designed with padded support - Maximum capacity: 110kg Bench dimensions: 110 x 52 x 43cm Padded support width: 30.5cm Feet width: 32 - 52cm Package dimensions: 123 x 45 x 11cm Package weight: 9kg

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  6. A handy and highly-versatile workout companion, the Inspire M3 Multi Gym offers a multitude of exercise options, letting you tone your muscles, shape glutes, or burn calories in the comfort of your home. For smooth operation that requires minimal maintenance, its parts pivot on Oil Impregnated Brass Bushings. Shop with Confidence, Quality Products from Leading Brands

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  7. Sculpt the body you want in just a few minutes a day with this brilliant gym. You can tone your abs, obliques, arms, chest, shoulders and legs and even massage your spine yet it’s so easy to assemble and use you don’t even need tools! Ruggedly made from steel tubing with high-density foam for protection and comfort, it measures 68H x 47W x 61.5D cm, and folds to 15.5H x 100W x 60D cm for easy storage. -Only $9.90 delivery and insurance for delivery within Australia per order, regardless of how many products you order.

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  8. Setting up your home gym couldn't be easier with the highly functional and space-efficient Gold's Gym XR55 Gym. Featuring a combination chest press/butterfly arms station, high and low pulleys and a lat bar, adding power and definition to your upper body has never been easier. Adjustable seats make this equipment perfect for multiple users while an included exercise chart is there to help you along the way on your fitness journey. Offering up to 150kg of resistance the Gold's Gym XR55 Gym will give you a challenging workout every time. 57kg weight stack 150kg maximum resistance Precision pulleys Precision bushings Combo chest press/butterfly arms Multi-press hand positions 4 Foam leg developer Adjustable seats and preacher pad Row plate Lat bar helps you develop upper body strength High and low pulley Safety shroud Ankle strap with handle Exercise chart to help you on your fitness journey

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  9. Ankle or wrist injuries can really set you back in everyday life and are not limited to elite sports people. Whether you have strained an ankle or sprained a wrist it is imperative to get back to your former mobility with careful, regular exercise. These weights provide secure, regulated weight training that will carefully develop muscle, ligament and bone strength from the comfort of your own home. Build up the weight and repetitions as recommended by your doctor, physio or personal trainer. Each ankle/wrist weight can be adjusted independently from between 1 to 5kg. The weights can also be securely fastened to each limb with the adjustable d-ring and double strapping for added stability. The weights are also completely lead free for added peace of mind. Features Adjustable weight pack Lead free Develop power and explosiveness D-ring adjustable double-strap Fine stitching and construction for long lasting use Specifications Weight pack adjustable from 1-5kg Overall dimension: 47cm (L) x 19cm (W) Colour: black Product Content 1 pair x 5kg Ankle weight

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  10. Bouncing is a great workout and can tone your legs and hips. Twisting works on your waist and upper body – and, together, they create a great all-round workout! Easily assembled, the Twist & Bounce measures just 53.5 x 38cm and you can wheel it from room to room. It’s safe and easy to use, ruggedly made from steel tube and plastic and the handle extends from 85-118cm for comfort. Exercise can be fun! Features: • Great workout • Adjustable height handles. • Wheels around easily • Cushioned handle grip-Only $9.90 delivery and insurance for delivery within Australia per order, regardless of how many products you order.

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  11. Get fit and stay fit with the superb functionality of Xbike Fitness Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike. The tension control knob allows you to alter the resistance of the pedals. With 8 level magnetic resistance, 7 adjustable saddle heights, 7 computer functions, high torque three-piece crank system and so much more, there's no better way to get the shape you want in your own home, every time. The magnetic exercise bike offers numerous health benefits, it can improve your physical fitness, tone muscles and in conjunction with calorie controlled diet help you lose weight. An 8 level Magnetic Tension control system, with a 5kg flywheel allows you to enjoy a smooth silent ride while easily adjusting your resistance for easier to more difficult workout. Key Features Unique, Space-Saver Design : Very easy to get on and off the bike, providing a more effective and comfortable workout. The space-saver design allows the bike to fold for storage. Adjustable Heights : The adjustable knob allows 7 different levels of seat heights Leg Stabilizers : Extended leg stabilizers to prevent any movement or tipping when exercising. Tension Resistance : Tension control knob allowing a range of resistance. An 8 level Magnetic Tension control system with a 5kg flywheel, allows the user to adjust the tension level for an easier or more difficult workout. Computer Functions : An easy-to-read large LCD display indicates Scan, Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie and Odometer. Crank System : Three-piece high torque cranking system provides a smooth and consistent pedaling motion. Quiet : The precision-balanced flywheel and V-belt drive provide a smooth and quiet operation. It will not interfere with watching TV or listening to music. Safety : Larger pedal design with safety strap prevents any foot slippage when exercising. Seating Comfort : A large seat cushion sits people of any size. The bike is easily adjustable to fit user heights between 53 and 61. Dimensions: 80cm x 43cm x116cm Colour: Re

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  12. The Fitpal Sport Dual Motor Whole Body Shaper Vibration Machine is the only vibration machine that offers a full range of motions , including up and down, left and right and a combination of both. Engineered for optimum strength and toning results in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional exercise methods, it produces muscle-contracting vertical vibrations using a side alternating rocking movement. It is the perfect piece of equipment to position in the lounge room and watch TV while you exercise. With unique multiple 3D motion selection and 2 powerful motors adjustable over 99 speed increment levels, it is truly the ultimate vibration platform that strikes the perfect balance between fitness and relaxation. Begin to benefit from all of the various benefits of the lastest vibration technology; and it is sleek and modern perfect for everyone in the family to enjoy, any age! Burn fat and Relieve tension Highlights: Suitability for all ages and fitness levels. Innovative sleek and slim line design Dual Motor and 3-dimentional Motion Full range of 3D motion selections : Up & Down Motion Left & Right Motion Combination of Up & Down and Left & Right Motion Low speed and High speed modes for intensity adjustment. Large coloured high-tech LED screens with lights Remote control with speed adjustment, 3D motion selections and program functions Bonus resistance bands and nutrition plan 12 Month Warranty Specifications: Power: Dual Motor - Full Motion Capacity: 150kg Size: 83cm x 46cm x 15cm CE approved SAA approved Complies with AS3191:1996, AS/NZS3112: 2011, AS/NZS3120: 2011 Some of these great health benefits may include but are not limited to : Help improve blood circulation Assist with weight loss and body toning Increase flexibility and strength Help tone and lengthen muscles Help relieve tension, relaxing and massaging Through extensive worldwide research, Whole Body Vibration has shown to have far reaching health benefits. With whole body vibr

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  13. Get in shape with the multi-function Tri-Fold Exercise Floor Mat-Black Great for floor exercises yoga aerobics or any workout this mat folds easily for storage or transport. Lay it flat for a full length of 180cm a width of 60cm and a height of 5cm. This lightweight exercise mat also features a set of handles making it easy to change your workout location Great for personal trainers yoga instructors or those who are determined to stay in shape anytime anywhere

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  14. PILATES BALANCE BOARD This plastic wobble fitness and balance board will bring your Pilates workout to a whole new level! Enhance your balance and coordination during your Pilates workout with our new plastic wobble fitness balance board. The unique wobble design strengthens ankles while leaving you free to enjoy a full range of movement. Simple to use… all you have to do is hop on board and work at keeping the board horizontal and the edges from touching the floor. With minimal stress on joints, the balance board is ideal for rehabilitation by helping you in rebuilding and strengthening targeted muscle groups. The balance board is a perfect training device for athletes who must perfect their balance control. Use it at home or at the gym. It is compact and easily transportable. Wherever you go, toss the balance board on the floor and get a quick low-stress workout! FEATURES Improves balance and coordination Minimum stress on muscles and joints Easily transportable Ideal for sports training and rehab therapy Convenient and easy to use Strengthens muscles Enhances Pilates workout 41cm x 8-10cm Package weight: 1.1kg Package dimensions: 41 x 41 x 10cm Measurements are approximate PACKAGE CONTENTS 1 x Pilates Balance Board

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  15. FOAM ROLLER - YOGA/PILATES Let this in-home gym foam massage roller help you get in shape and tone up in your own home or at the gym! This EVA foam massage roller comes in blue and its 45 x 15cm compact size will allow you to use it at home or take it to the workout. Not only will this attractive fitness enhancer help you tone and strengthen, it will serve as your very own personal masseuse. This foam massage roller is ideal for yoga and Pilates classes, fitness routines and even for rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Our EVA massage roller is a great companion in massage therapy and self-myofacial release as well as elements of basic training routines such as balance training and stretching. Regular use will promote flexibility and core strength. The design of our EVA 15cm massage roller is much more than meets the eye. Your own body weight is used to provide the appropriate amount of pressure to get the most out of your workout. Whether sitting or lying down, rolling your muscles along this amazing device will help build muscle power while simultaneously stretching your muscles and diminishing the spasms and knots that naturally form when you challenge your body. The EVA massage roller won’t give your muscles the chance to get sore. It’s truly a workout and massage all in one! The massage roller allows you to target the muscle group you need to focus on. It’s great for the lower back and eases the soft tissue tightness of the legs, hamstrings and glutes. By stretching your muscles during workouts, you will increase blood flow and circulation to the soft tissues. Constructed from high-density EVA foam, this must-have massage roller features a textured and dotted surface that is soft to the touch yet brings comfort to even the most rigorous workout. This top-grade material helps maintain the roller’s shape and ensures its long-lasting durability. FEATURES 45 x 15cm Comes in blue High-density EVA foam construction Light-weight and mobile For the home or gym workout PA

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  16. Use Randy & Travis' fantastic interlocking floor mat set and you’ll work out in comfort with no worries about damaging the floor! This tough and sturdy floor mat set has long-lasting durability. The floor mats are light in weight and easy to transport. You can instantly turn anywhere you go into your private gym or kids’ playroom. Connected together the mats are generous in size, covering a 1.5m square area. The interlocking mats allow you to link additional sets making your workout area as large as you need. There are four separate pieces to each set and assembly is a snap. The mats are 1.3cm thick and can stand up to the heaviest home gym equipment including ellipticals, treadmills, stationary bikes and weight benches. And, there won’t be one mark on the floor when you’re done! These versatile floor mats are perfect for the home gym, martial arts training and for temporary play areas for kids. - Four interlocking EVA rubber floor mats - Provides comfort while protecting your floor - Portable and easy to store - Water resistant non-skid foam - Versatile - connect up multiple sets Package weight: 1.8kg (approximately)

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  17. A huge range of gym-quality exercises right at home? It's possible when you purchase the Home Power Rack today. There are over 50 reasons why the power rack is sure to be your all-in-one home workout solution. This unit has everything. Lat pulldowns. Low row. Dip handles. Band pegs. Hooks and safeties for barbells. Assisted pull-ups. Resisted push-ups. It's all here, adding up to over 50 distinct muscle-toning, strength-building exercises in a single compact unit that's designed to fit in the home. This is the everything-in-one king of workout equipment. Try everything else, then try the Power Rack. The power rack features easy assembly and is practically maintenance-free. Get that gym body you've always wanted. If you choose only one piece of strength equipment, choose the Power Rack. - Heavy-gauge steel for maximum toughness - 50+ muscle-building exercises possible, all in a single unit - Fully adjustable band pegs for even more workout variety - Multi-grip chin-up bar and multi-grip push up bar - Wide range of vertical as well as horizontal adjustments for a more effective session - Numbered increments make adjusting hooks on the fly quick and easy 4 barbell hooks (fully adjustable) and 2 barbell safeties included - Integrated pulley system accepts all standard weight plates - Assembly required; all tools and instructions included Dimensions of rack (WITHOUT band pegs or dip handles): 210 x 126 x 115 cm Dimensions of rack (WITH band pegs and dip handles): 210 x 213 x 160 cm Weight load capacities: Barbell hooks: 272 kg / 600 lbs Barbell safeties: 363 kg / 800 lbs High and low pulleys: 363 kg / 800 lbs

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  18. This home gym fitness equipment is great for building strength. This multi-station workhorse provides health club quality strength training for up to three people simultaneously. Specifications: Traditional press bar is bio-mechanically designed for maximum chest concentration and outstanding muscle development. Leg developer station features the Smooth Glide Bearing System™ with bio-mechanically accurate pivot point and integrated CAM to prevent resistance drop-off at the end of the exercise movement. This provides consistent resistance throughout full range of motion. Self-aligning, contoured leg extension cuffs automatically adjust throughout the exercise movement. Perfect Pec™ station features range of motion adjustment that allows beginning stretch preference. Telescoping, chrome plated, gas-assist adjustable seat posts for quick, smooth adjustment and proper body positioning. High-density, top grade DuraFirm™ pads with lumbar support provide ultimate comfort and prevent lower back strain. Two 95kg selectorised weight stacks. 1000kg tension strength, military spec, steel aircraft cables with swiveling ends provide durability and low maintenance. 110mm pulleys are impact resistant fiberglass reinforced nylon with precision machined steel ball bearings. 50mm x 100mm, 11-gauge mainframe construction assures maximum strength, function and durability. Tough, durable, electrostatically applied powder coat finish. Includes Leg Press / Calf Press station with 2:1 ratio for maximum resistance of 190kg Dimensions (LxWxH): 89" x 76" x 84" NOTE: Includes Leg Press / Calf Press station with 2:1 ratio for maximum resistance of 420 lbs. Also includes revolving lat bar, revolving straight bar, ankle strap, ab / triceps strap, Total Body Workout™ DVD, full size exercise chart and convenient water bottle and towel holder.

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  19. Versatile yet space-saving, the Inspire M2 Multi Gym accommodates both fixed pressing exercises and free motion routines to let it serve as a convenient and all-around fitness machine even in limited spaces. This compact and adaptable design makes it an ideal choice for various home gyms. Shop with Confidence, Quality Products from Leading Brands

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  20. The comprehensive home strength training solution. Only the Force USA Monster G3 has all of these features. Assembled Dimensions: 1300mm(W)1400mm(D)2200mm(H) The trainers choice. Rated for use by high performance athletes. Perform over 75+ different exercises.Height positions to perform Shoulder, Arms, Chest Back, Core and Legs exercises. Fluid cable movement. Includes cable attachments. A functional trainer / cable crossover packed with additional features. Comfortable and safe lock and release of the bar. Guide rails provide ultra smooth movement. Safety catches so you can max out your training load without needing a spotter. Weight Rating: 350kg High end quality J-Hooks and Safeties designed to handle heavy loads whilst also protecting your barbell. Westside hole spacing for ideal positions when performing bench press, squats and overhead presses. Weight Rating: 450kg Ergonomic multi-grip chin up / pull up station. Perform wide-grip, close-grip and ergonomic pull-up variations. This bar can easily be replaced with the G3-CHIN01 option which includes 32mm and 50mm bars for grip training. Weight Rating: 450kg Keep your training space tidy. The G3 includes built-in storage for your barbells, weight plates and cable attachments. The G3 comes with band pegs and loaded with positions for resistance or assistance. Training with bands can boost your 1RM and take your powerlifting to the next level. Beware of imitators! Make sure it’s Force USA for the best quality AND compatible with all future Force USA expansion items. The G3 also includes the Core Trainer attachment. Extremely heavy gauge structured rolled steel tubing. Only the best grade steel is used in every component to ensure your Monster G3 is the highest quality and built to last. Eco-friendly commercial grade powder coat followed by a clear coating. Durable and long lasting protection. Top of the line 6.2mm nylon coated mil spec aircraft quality cables tested to 2000lbs! Steel alloy thimbles end in machine se

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