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  1. The Hoover Gladiator Twin Tank Carpet Shampooer is a premium carpet shampooer that uses heated water and spin-scrub technology for a thorough and hygienic deep clean, this twin tank wonder has a separate tank collecting dirty water to ensure a thorough clean with every run. With dual v-shaped nozzle extending the width of each advance and the ability to adjust the level of clean by selecting how much chemical you add from its own tank, this powerful and easy to maintain machine is an excellent choice for the accident-prone family.

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  2. The Twin-Tank Multi-steamer is ideal for anyone who likes to clean but has limited storage. There is no need to have a mop, iron, steam cleaner and window cleaner - the multi steamer can help you clean your home and press your clothes as well! Never worry about dirty floors again - the Hoover Twin Tank disinfects and kills or removes 99.99% of harmful bacteria. The swivel head design allows you to mop your floors effortlessly and get under furniture and around corners in one easy motion. Hate dirty windows? Then the Multi-Steamer is for you. The squeegee easily attaches and eliminates soap scum from shower doors quickly. The twin tank multi steamer will have your clothes looking professionally cleaned. The steamer makes light work of removing wrinkles from your clothes as well as freshening them up. The hand steamer attachment can also be used to clean your upholstery and mattress. Other great features of the Hoover multi steamer include scrubbing brush, grout cleaning tool, scraping tool, elbow nozzle and wand with hose and 3 extensions. The Hoover Twin Tank Multi Steamer is versatile steam cleaner saving you time, space and money. For added peace of mind it comes with a full 2 year warranty. You may also like to read our blog article A Guide To Steam Cleaners for more information.

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  3. The multiple accessories make steam cleaning easy. This Hoover model includes a large Surface cleaning tool is designed to quickly clean countertops, tables, mirrors, tile walls and much more, leaving sparkling results every time. The Twin Tank Steamer also includes a window squeegee/garment steaming tool, small and medium scrubbing brushes, a scraping tool, a grout cleaning tool, and several more handy attachments. The Hoover Twin Tank has three easy settings for your control - Steam Only, Spot Clean, and Tough Stains. With the two higher settings, the Hoover will release additional cleaning solution which mixes with the steam to clean and sterilise your surfaces - in fact at the top setting this hand steamer will kill 99.99% of Salmonella bacteria in your home! This hand steamer can be used for many applications, and is a very handy tool to have in the home. Includes a full 2-year Hoover warranty! You may also like to read our blog article A Guide To Steam Cleaners.

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  4. LG TWIN171216T Washing Machine

    The LG Twin Wash 16kg/9kg Front Load Washer and Dryer Combo with 2.5kg Mini Washer gives you the flexibility to wash multiple load of washing at the same time. Smaller, more specialised loads can be washed in the TWINWash MINI underneath the main unit, allowing you to save time and energy when it comes to your washing. The unique dual washer system of the LG Twin Wash Front Load Washer and Dryer lets you do 2 loads of washing at the same time. The 16kg Front Load Washer Dryer handles your regular loads, while the 2.5kg TWINWash MINI handles lightly soiled speciality loads in cold water. This LG Twin Wash system saves you space in the laundry when compared to conventional side by side combo units by placing the main 16kg washer on top of the 2.5kg TWINWash Mini.

    $3,499 - $3,599
  5. Hoover HH7220 Vacuum

    The Hoover HH7220 Vacuum is lightweight, easy to use and store. This Handivac is great for use in the bathroom and the kitchen due its ability to clean up water and other liquids. The Handivac will save time in cleaning windows. Attach the squeegee for dry streak free windows. It has different options like Dual Chamber Bagless technology0.5L dry use capacity, Permanent washable filter, Metallic Painted finish, Squeegee for vacuuming up small wet spills, Crevice tool for tight spaces, Brush attachment for car cleaning and general surface cleaning, Unique vertical charging base and blue LED charging light.

  6. Hoover HC2003WD Vacuum

    The Hoover 15L Wet and Dry Workshop Vacuum is designed to be a heavy duty domestic machine. The Hoover Workshop 15L is a perfect vacuum for the garage or the shed. With the ability to clean up both wet spills and dry dust and dirt, this vacuum is built to last and is perfect for those who want a reliable vacuum in the garage. This unit is multipurpose so that it can be conveniently used for liquid spills as well as dry dust particles.

  7. Bugaboo Donkey Classic Plus Twin Stroller

    Timeless elegance comes to the multi purpose stroller with the all new Bugaboo Donkey Classic plus Navy Blue. The Bugaboo Donkey is designed for parents who want to be ready for today and prepared for the future. Its easy access side luggage basket plus expandable underseat storage give you enough space to carry everything you need, whatever your day brings. If you’ve got plans for a bigger family, the Bugaboo Donkey can transform into a side by side double stroller in just three simple clicks. The Bugaboo Donkey Classic plus comes with a navy blue sun canopy, bassinet and seat fabric. A matching navy blue side luggage basket, aluminum chassis and black hand stitched leather look handlebar and carrycot handle complete the look.

  8. Bumbleride Indie V2 Twin Stroller

    You've got double the fun. Indie Twin, the versatile all terrain double stroller is here to make your life a little easier to get out and do what you love. Bumbleride's narrow side by side design provides a smooth one hand push and offers quick access to both kids. The fully adjustable backrests, footrests and handle create a customized fit for you and your little ones. Whereas before there were two (easy) steps required to fold the Indie Twin, it is now just one Release the lever and the stroller folds in one motion. The one step fold is facilitated by the ingenious geared hinge which gently folds the frame for you.

  9. Babylove Twin Odyssey Stroller

    5 position recline for each seat Fits through standard doorway Lightweight side by side stroller Lockable front swivel wheels Adjustable leg rest for each seat Infant head snuggler and shoulder pads Ergonomic foam handles Individual canopies with viewing windows 3 step fold for ease of use 17kg seat capacity (each seat) 12.2kg stroller weight

  10. Joie Aire Twin Stroller

    The Joie aire twin is a light weight twin stroller.It is one of the lightest fully featured twin strollers available.It is made from high quality aluminium to ensure your stroll is stable at all times.It features two reversible seat liners to keep baby cushioned and your stroller protected. It has an extra-large shopping basket, wheel suspension, one hand fold and multi position reclines.

  11. Hoover Heritage 5210 Vacuum

    Redefine clean with this Hoover handheld vacuum. The unique range of functions of this featherweight vacuum will complement the capabilities of your large vacuum. It is battery powered, which enables easily maneuvering around furniture and hard-to-reach spots without any restricting cords. This is a bagless vacuum, so it doesn't require replacement bags.

    $169 - $199
  12. Square Enix Dragon Quest Heroes II The Twin Kings and the Prophecys End PS4 Playstation 4 Game

    DRAGON QUEST HEROES II is a hack-and-slash, field-roaming Action RPG that sends players on a new adventure to restore order in a once peaceful world filled with hordes of monsters and battles of epic proportions. Up to 4 players can band together in cooperative multiplayer to conquer swarms of enemies and defeat challenging boss monsters. There is also a cast of many playable characters each with unique moves and abilities – including a host of familiar faces from the DRAGON QUEST series and four brand new heroes that must team up to defeat an unknown threat looming over the Seven Realms

  13. Turbo Twin Turbo 3500 Hair Dryer

    Twin Turbo 3500 Ceramic & Ionic Hair Dryer is smaller than every With 2000 watts of power, 4 temperature settings and 2 speeds, all covered under a 12month warranty! The new Twin Turbo 3500 "Compact" Ceramic Ionic Hairdryers is the latest, innovative hairdryer from Italian brand Parlux. Measuring only 7" by 8.5", the 3500 is the size of a travel dryer, but packs the punch of a powerful professional dryer. This high performance Professional Hairdryer features a powerful 2000 watt motor including ceramic and ionic technology. The combined effect of ceramics and negative ions radiates heat inside the hair without damaging the hair. Drops of water are transformed into micro-molecules which are absorbed by the hair, leaving it soft, shine and healthy.

  14. Turbo Twin Turbo 2600 Hair Dryer

    Dry your hair fast with the Twin Turbo 2600 hair dryer. This power hair dryer has 1500 watts of drying power with four unique temperature settings

  15. iTech FreeStereo Twins Head Phone

    The first true wireless Bluetooth music headset FreeStereo Twins, proudly presented by i.Tech, is officially launched. As the name suggests, it is a pair of matching stereo headset “twins” that set the users free from traditional technical limitations. This revolutionary product is ahead of its time not only does it redefine stereo wireless technology, but also enable music playing and call communication. It can even be converted into two independent mono-sound channel headsets to suit your needs in different scenarios.

  16. Hoover DXA175AH1 Washing Machine

    This front loading washing machine has a 7.5kg capacity and an easy to use Dynamic Next digital display. It has 15 programs, eight options, a stylish chrome door and Hoover's unique All-in-One Washing System created in response to customers need for rapid washing programs. This washer's world-class washing programs allow you to do a full load of mixed fabrics in under an hour. It performs powerfully and extremely quietly thanks to the inverter motor, and the Anti overflow and Foam Control give you the ultimate in safety and control.

  17. Hoover DXA385AH1 Washing Machine

    This front loading washing machine has an 8.5kg capacity and an easy to use Dynamic Next digital display. It has 15 programs, eight options, a stylish chrome door and Hoovers unique All-in-One Washing System created in response to customers need for rapid washing programs. This washers world-class washing programs allows you to do a full load of mixed fabrics in under an hour. It performs powerfully and extremely quietly thanks to the inverter motor, and the Antioverflow and Foam Control give you the ultimate in safety and control.

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