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  1. Bissell BS1292U Bagless Vacuum

    Say goodbye to dust. This vacuum features a low profile. This is a bagless vacuum cleaner. Measurements: 370 width x 230 depth x 254 height.

  2. Kogan Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum

    Forget gimmicky vacuum cleaner advertisements with bowling balls — the Kogan Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum Cleaner will pick up dust and dirt which regular vacuum cleaners won’t. Features: 1600W Motor Turbo Brush Head HEPA Filter

    $59 - $59
  3. Hoover Heritage Vacuum CleanerFeatures: 1 x Genuine Hoover combination floor tool means you can clean carpets and hard floor 1 x Genuine Hoover air driven turbo brush to help you give your capets a deeper clean Includes full range of attachments: 1 x telescopic rod, crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool Ergonomic handle design HEPA filter Efficient 1250watts of power 2 year warranty Hoover Heritage Vacuum CleanerAdvantages: TheHoover Heritage'shigh-efficiency bagless design creates strong suction without the need for vacuum bags The air driven turbo brush will lift your carpet gently to achieve a more thorough clean and leave spectacular results The ergonomic handle coupled with the hoover heritage light weight rod will have you manouveringyour floor tool around your house like a pro With clean lines and an amazing compact design, the Hoover Heritage is a visually appealing vacuum along with being practical. It is easy to store, and being lightweight allows you to easily move around the home A 2 year warranty means you can be confident when purchasing the Hoover Heritage

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  4. The Hoover Paws & Claws includes a combination floor tool which easily switches between carpet cleaning and hard floor cleaning with ease. Also included is a mini turbo brush to clean up pet hair from upholstery as well as easy to access crevice tool and a dusting brush to provide multi surface cleaning. With an efficient 1200w motor, HEPA filtration and cyclonic technology the Hoover Paws & Claws is perfect for family with pets.

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  5. This Product: For Hoover vacuum cleaners 3 different filters, pre-motor, exhaust, and the cone insert Genuine for superior quality Replaceevery 3-6 months or when needed

    + Shipping
  6. This Product: Single HEPA Exhaust filter Filters out fine particles and even some odours while vacuuming Great for allergy and asthma sufferers In normal usage filter should be changed every 6 - 12 months Genuine Hoover vacuum filter for superior quality

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  7. This Product: ForHoover vacuum cleaners Single premotor vacuum filter Replaceevery 3 - 6 months or as needed

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  8. This Product: For Hoover vacuum cleaners Single vacuum belt Your belt may have stretched up to 25% longer than its original length in normal use Belts that have snapped may be 30% longer than their original length Manufacturer's original vacuum belt for best performance Replace every 6 months or when needed

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  9. This Product: For Hoover vacuums Single replacement roller brush assembly Includes 2 end caps & bearings Manufacturer's original Replace when needed

    + Shipping
  10. Hoover Hoover Supreme 3111 Upright Hepa Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum A fantastic compact and lightweight Upright vacuum cleaner! The Hoover Supreme 3111 Upright Hepa Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum Cleaner features a powerful 700w motor that provides powerful suction. Features Dust bin release button Flexible Hose Exhaust filter grill Cable storage hook Detachable wand Brush bar roller Comes With Upholstery Tool Dusting Tool Crevice Tool 12 Months Warranty Product Specification Brand: HOOVER Model: Supreme 3111 Capacity: 1.6 L Wattage: 700W Noise Level: 78dBA Power Cable Length: 6M Weight: 4.56Kg Hose Length: 2.4M

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  11. Hoover HH2012 Vacuum

    Your house will be changed with a Hoover vacuum cleaner. This is a handheld vacuum. This is great for cramped areas. This bagless vacuum lasts 12 minutes, which enables cleaning up larger spills without stopping to recharge, and is battery powered, made for unrestrained vacuuming.

  12. Hoover HC2003WD Vacuum

    The Hoover 15L Wet and Dry Workshop Vacuum is designed to be a heavy duty domestic machine. The Hoover Workshop 15L is a perfect vacuum for the garage or the shed. With the ability to clean up both wet spills and dry dust and dirt, this vacuum is built to last and is perfect for those who want a reliable vacuum in the garage. This unit is multipurpose so that it can be conveniently used for liquid spills as well as dry dust particles.

  13. Hoover HH7220 Vacuum

    The Hoover HH7220 Vacuum is lightweight, easy to use and store. This Handivac is great for use in the bathroom and the kitchen due its ability to clean up water and other liquids. The Handivac will save time in cleaning windows. Attach the squeegee for dry streak free windows. It has different options like Dual Chamber Bagless technology0.5L dry use capacity, Permanent washable filter, Metallic Painted finish, Squeegee for vacuuming up small wet spills, Crevice tool for tight spaces, Brush attachment for car cleaning and general surface cleaning, Unique vertical charging base and blue LED charging light.

  14. Hoover Prestige 7010 Vacuums

    This Hoover model uses modern bagless technology to help remove the need for vacuum bags. Washable filters enable you to reduce costs further, and the powerful Turbo Hand Tool is ideal for cleaning up after your furry friends! Technical Specification SKU : 11120732 Brand : Hoover Model : JCV 8008 Capacity (l) : 1 Wattage (W) : 2200 Warranty : 1 year Cord Length (m) : 4.7 Pet Hair : Yes Lightweight : Yes Compact : Yes What's In The Box : Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, Combination Floor Head, Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Flexible hose, Instruction Manual, Turbo Tool Suits Floor Types : Carpet, Hard Floors, Stairs, Tiles

  15. Hoover Air Stick Pro Vacuum

    The Hoover Air Stick Pro is a powerful cleaning tool that can be used as a stickvac, a handstick or a handvac. It includes a digital brushless motor, which offers high efficiency, low noise output and increased reliability compared to traditional motors. The self propelling power head on the stickvac means that the vacuum glides along your floors, making life easier for those with mobility issues, and is designed with Air Velocity Technology to ensure strong suction on all floor types.

  16. Hoover Ultra Power 21.6V Vacuum

    The Hoover Ultra Power is a lightweight 2 in 1 stickvac that can be used as either a versatile stick vacuum or a powerful handvac. This cleverly designed Hoover unit is compact in nature, and the handle can be easily folded in half so you can store it in small areas. With a powerful 21.6V lithium battery, the Ultra Power will last an impressive 45 minutes on every charge. The motorised powerhead is great for removing pet hair and other deeply embedded dust and debris from your carpeted surfaces, and you can easily see how much battery power is remaining using the LED indicator on the machine.

  17. Hoover Handivac Vacuums

    Say goodbye to dust with a Hoover vacuum. The great portability of this compact vacuum cleaner will perfectly complement the functions of your large vacuum. It has a 20-minute battery lifetime, designed for cleaning up larger spills without needing to recharge. This bagless vacuum cleaner weighs only 1.45 kilograms, which enables vacuuming multilevel homes easily.

    $49 - $95
  18. Hoover ZB1516 Vacuum

    The Hoover Ultra Light Handstick has been designed for those who want the convenience of a powerful cordless vacuum without the heavy weight. Designed with a continuous option so you do not need to always hold the trigger down, the Ultra Light also comes with a motorised powerbrush head for maximum cleaning effectiveness. Easy to use and easier to empty, the Ultra Light is a great tool for those who like to keep their homes spotless without dragging out a big vacuum every time they want to clean.

  19. Hoover Performer 3010 Vacuum

    Hoover will change your concept of household vacuuming. The low profile allows you to vacuum stairs and raised furniture without any hassle thanks to a variety of multifunctional attachments. This is a bagless vacuum, so this vacuum cleaner eliminates the need to replace dust bags. It has a cord rewind feature, designed for quick storage.

  20. Hoover Heritage 5210 Vacuum

    Redefine clean with this Hoover handheld vacuum. The unique range of functions of this featherweight vacuum will complement the capabilities of your large vacuum. It is battery powered, which enables easily maneuvering around furniture and hard-to-reach spots without any restricting cords. This is a bagless vacuum, so it doesn't require replacement bags.

    $99 - $169
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