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  1. Nutririce Veteran Coprice For Working Or Retired Horses Horse Feed Food 20kg

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  2. Founder Guard Granular Feed Additive Virbac Horse Equine 1kg Health Supplement

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  3. Shop from top brand International Animal Health Products at discounted rates.

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  4. Shop from top brand International Animal Health Products at discounted rates.

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  5. A set of two colorful pacifiers packed in our exclusive gem packaging.Our pacifiers are made of non-toxic, hygienically formed, natural bite-resistant materials designed to form naturally in the mouth, satisfying babies need for supplemental sucking and providing parents with peace of mind. These pacifiers comply with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission Title 16 CFR Part 1511 requirements for pacifiers. Our pacifiers do not contain LEAD or PHALATES.

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  6. Hay, straw, carrots and many more this is what makes horses happy. Fun Fact - An adult horse feeds on approx. 10 kg of hay, every day.

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  7. Heavy duty, large plastic feed dipper.

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  8. Rigidly formed heavy gauge galvanised steel scoop. Sold Individually. Very handy and long lasting!

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  9. New Play set from Schleich! Set includes Trakehner Stallion, Trakehner Foal, Carrots, Girl Feeding, Hay Bales and Paddock Fencing. Perfect gift or starter set.Hand PaintedHighly DetailedMade of high quality plasticWith realistic designs, children are able to experience and learn about the wide variety of nature from the famous Schleich figurines.

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  10. A comprehensive guide of the dos and don'ts of equine nutrition–featuring a full-color pull-out chart. A primary concern of all horse owners and caregivers is that their animals receive the proper feed and in the correct amounts. In seeking information about these matters, it's easy for owners and caregivers to be lured in and often misled by advertisements and endorsements for vitamins, alternative medicines, and other supplementary products.Noted equine nutritionist Lisa Preston offers solid and sensible guidance in these and other areas in her wide-reaching Ultimate Guide to Horse Feed, Supplements, and Nutrition. Among the topics she covers are: Formulating a correct dietary routine for your horse, pony, or mule based on such considerations as breed, age, and size, as well as locale, climate, and the activities in which they take part Understanding the horse's digestive system and related organs and the effects of various feeds on them Feed-related diseases and other ailments: their causes, prevention, and treatment The use and misuse of vitamins and other supplements Understanding your veterinarian's diagnoses, tests, and treatments And much moreThoroughly researched using the latest scientific data and featuring dozens of tables, charts, and illustrations, The Ultimate Guide to Horse Feed, Supplements, and Nutrition belongs on the shelf of every horse owner.

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  11. Most horses love beetroots because the little round root vegetables are extremely sweet and tasty. Especially in winter, they offer welcome variety and also boost the horses' immune systems thanks to the many vitamins they contain. In order to give her horse optimum nutrition, the rider also hangs a delicious chew stick in the stall. It contains fruit, vegetables and grains packed with key nutrients. This also prevents horses from getting bored when they have to stay in their stalls because the temperatures are icy cold. Fun Fact: Horses love chew sticks. They keep them busy for hours.

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  12. Horses have been taken from their natural environment and enclosed in paddocks and stables, dramatically changing both life-style and feeding habits. Feeding time has been greatly reduced and cereal and protein concentrates introduced into the diet. As a result, horses are prone to many problems associated with feeding.This book clearly explains the science of nutrition and combines this with the art of feeding to encourage an understanding of how to feed horses to keep them healthy, and allow them to reach their full performance potential. This new edition - the first since 1992 - has been fully updated and extended to include new feeds and feeding practices and explains new advances in scientific knowledge. It provides clear guidelines for feeding competition horses, older horses and problem animals, and explains the role of feeds and feeding in maintaining the immune system and soundness."Horse Nutrition and Feeding" is the recognised text for students studying horses at colleges, for BHS examinations, and for horse-owners.

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  13. Heavy duty two tone mildew-proof poly cord in blue and black. The cord is looped at the top onto a thick poly rope. Small diamonds for horses to get the feed from.

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  14. Rigidly formed heavy gauge galvanised steel. Sold Individually

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  15. Whole Feed Oats 20kg Natural Horse Food Pro Vit Min Feed Animal Clean Filtered

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  16. Cherry Hill's Horse Care for Kids : Grooming, Feeding, Behavior, Stable and Pasture, Health Care, Handling and Safety, Enjoying

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  17. Horse Feed Scoop 21 x 14 x 14cm Plastic iO Horse Equine

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  18. Coprice G Economical Pelleted Anti-Oxidants Omega 6 Fat Horse Feed Food 20kg

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