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  1. The gaited horse–bred and trained to perform smooth-to-ride, ground-covering alternative gaits (not the trot/jog or canter/lope) that can often be sustained long distances and sometimes at astounding speeds–has steadily gained mainstream popularity as a pleasure or trail mount, in addition to its traditional status as a top-notch show-ring competitor. While generations of careful breeding have instilled a natural ability to "gait" in certain breeds, the "smooth saddle gaits" are not necessarily automatic. This means that riders, whether exploring the backcountry or vying for a championship ribbon, need to train their gaited horse to be able to perform, and then school him to perform well, consistently, and without doing damage to his body. "The best person to develop your gaited horse's smooth saddle gaits is you!" writes renowned gaited-horse trainer and clinician Brenda Imus in The Gaited Horse Bible. "You need to learn only a few basic principles to develop and maintain your horse's gaits. As you do, you will build an important relationship with him (as well as saving trainer's fees). It's a 'win-win' situation all the way around." From the simplest, clearest explanation of the "Gait Spectrum" you'll find, to a discussion of gaited horse breeds (their history, characteristics, and uses) and gaits (running walk, rack, fox trot, tolt, trocha, for example), to an in-depth study of conformation, movement, and soundness–it's all in this terrific resources. Year-by-year basic training and advanced schooling, including flexion, collection, and lateral work to improve natural gaiting ability, is followed by a superb problem-solving section that features simple exercises for alleviating common behavioral problems, avoiding and correcting physical issues, and fixing deviations in a horse's smooth gaits. With a summary of bridles, bits, saddle fit and back dynami

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  2. This provocative and ground-breaking film, If Horses Could Speak, is based on the best-selling book Tug of War: "Modern" versus Classical Dressage–a book that shook the equestrian industry upon its initial release around the world. Now, you can take a step further into the examination of the horse's "riding experience" and see just how specific kinds of movement and posture impact the horse's skeleton and musculature. Through the magic of amazing three-dimensional animation–as never-before-seen in an equestrian video of this kind–viewers are shown how the horse's limbs, muscles, and ligaments interact at various gaits. In addition, live-action examples of riding, both good and bad, demonstrate the effect human beings have on their equine "partners." Viewers are sure to be astounded by the direct role their riding has on their horse's physical and mental health and well-being. If Horses Could Speak includes interviews with professional riders, veterinarians, and academics who specialize in the study of the horse's anatomy and how riders can best work with it, rather than against it. Plus, shocking clips from warm-up arenas around the world expose the dark side of competitive horse sport. Altogether an illuminating and eye-opening visual experience, this DVD is not to be missed by anyone who desires to train and ride horses in a way that nurtures and builds them up, rather than wears them out and tears them apart.

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  3. STERLING SILVER CLIP ON CHARM The charm is sterling silver Please Always Check All Measurements for size! Clip on Clasp: 9mm Lobster Clasp for easy attachment to your bracelet or necklace Charm Size: approx 16mm wide x 12mm height, plus the attached parrot lobster clasp. Metal: Sterling Silver Design: 3 Dimensional Clip on charm design

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  4. Wooden toys from Hape are not only beautifully designed but also, excellent for overall development and tons of fun! This cheery natural wood-and-red colour Rock and Ride rocking horse is no different! Its Stylish Styled from gorgeous natural wood with complete attention to detail, this perfectly-balanced ride-on can take kids for a slow-and-steady trot or a rocking gallop. Designed with a wide base, the rocking horse will make children feel safe and confident. The cheery red mane and seat will delight little ones as they rock merrily.Its Unique The unique design features a curved rocker base footrest and is set back for safe rides. This lovely wooden toy boosts coordination, balance, and physical strength. A fun way to encourage role play, fantasy story telling and creativity as they ride to mythical and imaginary places all over.Its Fun Hours of fun rocking and riding in store on this gorgeous wooden rocking horse.Additional Details: Age 10+ Months Dimensions: L: 26.77, W: 11.02, H: 20.67 inch

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  5. Unmatched realism to cuteness ratio! Super soft and cuddly! Fun horse sounds (batteries included) Quality craftsmanship with a 100kg capacity Just screw in the foot pedals and it’s ready! Suitable Ages 5+

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  6. Unmatched realism to cuteness ratio! Super soft and cuddly! Fun horse sounds (batteries included) Quality craftsmanship with a 100kg capacity Just screw in the foot pedals and it’s ready! Suitable Ages5+

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  7. We don't know how many times we've heard our kids say. 'I want a pony'...and we can imagine you've heard it too. This ride on toy pony horse which relies on your childs leg power to move. It is like riding a real pony, as a natural riding motion is needed to get Toby moving forward. This ride on toy horse is available in 2 Sizes - small and large. Size offered in this listing is Large . Actual Size: 78Lx 36W x95H cm Sitting Height: 64 cm Seat to pedal height: 50cm Max Load: 40kgs To make this gift extra special, for a small additional cost have this beautiful ride on ponycycle personalised with your Child's First Name. You can order your personalisation name sticker below Features Handlebars positioned on Toby's head make steering easy Tony can be ridden indoors and outdoors (flat services only) Toby offers physical and imaginative fun Improves motor skills, strengthens legs and abdomen Wheels will not scratch your floors and are locked to not roll back Construction consists of a concealed lightweight frame covered in a fire retardant soft padded plush material Environmentally friendly as no batteries or power supply needed Toby weighs 9kgs and can support a child weighing up to 40kgs Toby is entirely safe and meets Australian & CE Standards Toby is Brown in colour, with a White Mane and Tail Can be personalised with your child's name Suits Ages: 4 - 8

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  8. This Ride On Mechanical Toy Zebra relies on your childs leg power to move. A natural riding motion is needed to get this gorgeous Zebra moving forward. This Ride On Toy Zebra is available in 2 sizes - Large & Small Size offered in this listing is Small size Size: 69L x 29W x 78H cm Sitting Height (from floor): 50 cm Seat to Pedal height: 35cm Max Load: 30kgs To make this gift extra special, for a small additional cost have this beautiful ride on ponycycle personalised with your Child's First Name. You can order your personalisation name sticker below Features Handlebars located on each side of Zebra's head make steering easy This cute Zebra can be ridden indoors and outdoors (flat services only) Offer physical and imaginative fun Improves your child motor skills, strengthens their abdomen and legs Wheels will not scratch your floors and are locked so that it cannot roll backwards Construction consists of a concealed sturdy steel frame covered in a fire retardant soft padding and plush material Environmentally friendly as no batteries or power supply required Weighs 6.5kgs and supports max load of 30kgs Entirely safe and meets Australian & CE Standards Can be personalised with your child's name Suits Ages: 3 - 5

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  9. The new stable building is ready. With its green doors and pink windows, it looks simply incredible. Lissi and the other girls cant wait. The horses are in big stalls. They have bales of straw and feed, but they all want to ride out first. Complete with figures and amazing accessories In combination with the paddocks, the removable roof creates an open-air riding arena Numerous amazing play functions The stable building is made of high-quality plastic No tools required for assembly Detailed modelling with many meticulously crafted elements Stable Size (LxWxH): 56.5 x 39 x 26cm Ages: 5-12

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  10. This sturdy wooden horse will provide hours of fun for your little one to learn to ride, as well as playing make believe - horse riding and cowboy stakeouts anyone? Extra style includes padded cloth mane and a tail of rope tassels.

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  11. From the author of the highly acclaimed The Butchers of Berlin comes a devastating, haunting and brilliant follow up. . . By 1943 Auschwitz is the biggest black market in Europe. The garrison has grown epically corrupt on the back of the transportations and goods confiscated, and this is considered even more of a secret than the one surrounding the mass extermination. Everything is done to resist penetration until August Schlegel and SS officer Morgen, after solving the case of the butchers of Berlin, are sent in disguised as post office officials to investigate an instance of stolen gold being sent through the mail. Their chances of getting out of Auschwitz alive are almost nil, unless Schlegel and Morgen accept that the nature of the beast they are fighting means they too must become as corrupt as the corruption they are desperate to expose. Even if they survive, will it be at the cost of losing their souls? About the AuthorChris Petit has written a trio of acclaimed “beyond black” political thrillers covering a serial killer operating in sectarian Northern Ireland (The Psalm Killer); dirty money in World War II (The Human Pool); and terror, arms trading and the bombing of a civilian aircraft (The Passenger); as well as The Butchers of Berlin which also features the characters Schlegel and Morgen. He is an internationally renowned filmmaker.

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  12. A well-illustrated comprehensive guide to both English and Western horseback riding that stresses an understanding of the horse and developing a solid relationship between horse and rider, and organized to follow the natural progression of a new rider.

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  13. Olympic gold-medal-winner Ingrid Klimke was born under a bright star when it came to fulfilling dreams of equestrian greatness. Her father, the renowned Dr. Reiner Klimke, was an Olympic rider himself, and he instilled his principles of training and riding with the good of the horse in mind in his daughter at a young age. Ingrid has furthered her father’s esteemed legacy, modernizing two of the classic works by her father—the bestselling The New Basic Training of the Young Horse and Cavalletti—and tirelessly championing a balanced, fair, and caring system of training the horse that ensures his physical and mental well-being even while preparing him for the very top levels of international competition. And now Ingrid has written a book of her own, detailing her personal system of bringing a horse along through the stages of progressive development, and providing readers guidelines and exercises to ensure success without stress at each milestone. The result is surely a joyful partnership between rider and horse that will go the distance.

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  14. Throughout history, people have loved, owned, and ridden horses. They fascinate us, and we are drawn to books like The Horse Whisperer, events like The Kentucky Derby, and movies like Steven Spielberg's War Horse. Owners...

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  15. Patagonia is one of the 'final frontiers' on our planet: remote, untamed and much of it inaccessible except on horseback. Though travelled before and sporadically settled, it remains remarkably resistant to human trampling. Divided unequally...

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  16. Ma Corolle Horse Riding Pants Only from Mighty Ape

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  17. Ma Corolle Horse Riding Vest Only from Mighty Ape

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  18. Are you hunting for a perfect birthday or Christmas gift to surprise your kids This Kids Toddler Baby Rocking Horse Ride on Toy w Handles ndash Yellow with vibrant color and modern design will be your ultimate choice. Made of high tech and none toxic PP material this rocking horse is stable and safe enough to sit and play. This rocking horse toy has a smooth handle and seat making it ideal for backyard or home use. Moreover the well-designed seat can prevent kids from falling forward of back while playing. This children desk can support weight of up to 30kg with ease. Assembly is extremely easy. Order your baby rocking horse now and bring endless fun for your little kids.

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  19. Lets face it what kid doesnt want a pony The Rovo Riding Pony is soft plush and lovable and is sure to be the new favourite toy By gently bouncing up and down in the saddle the ponys legs and head move forward and backward propelling it a smooth galloping motion. With a press of the a button hidden in the ear fun sounds ring out that will set their imaginations running wildThe Rovo Pony the ideal way to ensure they use up all their excess energy while honing their motor skills Its the perfect addition to any rumpus room and is designed to be used on smooth hard surfaces as well as short loop carpet.

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  20. Tyrrell Katz Horse Riding Pencil Case Only from Silly Milly Moo

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