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  1. Keeping your chlorinator up and running to standard is not always an easy task! Astral provides excellent performance, a study housing, and a 5 year warranty. Genuine Astral Hurlcon replacement VX9 cell suits all previous series chlorinators in the VX range. New cells have 4 prongs (1 earth, 1 negative & 2 positive) the 2 positive have a connecting bridge so the one output wire conducts both prongs. Will suit all older models and box style Astral Hurlcon Cells with the 3 prong system.

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  2. Restore your pool's chlorine output capabilities, with this self cleaning chlorinator cell. Capable of 35 grams per hour, it's the perfect fit for larger pools & spas Resurrect your chlorinating system with this Zodiac Tri Large chlorinator cell. Over time the scale build-up and damage cause the cell to become overloaded and become less and less effective. Replacing the cell is an easy fix to have your pools chlorinating levels like new.

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  3. Valtera Blue Devil Deluxe Floating Pool Chlorinator Floating Dispenser for 3" Tablet or Stick

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  4. Taylor Chlorine & Bromine DPD 2000 Series Pool Inspector Kit. This kit tests for Chlorine & Bromine DPD (hi range), Cyanuric Acid and pH. Bromine (Total) DPD (1-10 ppm) Chlorine (Free & Total) DPD (0.5-5 ppm) Cyanuric Acid (30-100 ppm) pH (7.0-8.0) Components for Kit Number: K-2007 Component Description Quantity 2004B BOOKLET 1 5136 INSTRUCTIONS 1 7047 CASE 1 7049 CASE HANDLE 1 7294 LABEL 1 8026 KIMPAC 1 9056 2000 SERIES COMPARE, BR & CL 1 9191 BOTTLE, CAL (7&14ML) 1 R-0001-A DPD RGT #1, .75 OZ 1 R-0002-A DPD RGT #2, .75 OZ 1 R-0003-A DPD RGT #3, .75 OZ 1 R-0004-A PH IND SOL, .75 OZ 1 R-0013-A CYANURIC ACID RGT, .75 OZ 6

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  5. Lo-Chlor Chlorine Remover can be used to lower chlorine/bromine levels if they are too high, or to completely remove chlorine/bromine from the water in chlorine-free pools.stip_tags

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  6. Omni Advantage Clear - 4kgstip_tags

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  7. GAME Pool Derby Dolphin Pool Chlorinator # 1002 Features: Holds 3" chlorine tabs Adjustable dispensing rate For pools over 10,000 gallons Expandable basket Dimensions: 8.5" L x 8.5" W x 11.94" H

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  8. GAME Pool Surfin' Shark Pool Chlorinator # 2002 Features: Holds 3" chlorine tabs Adjustable dispensing rate For pools over 10,000 gallons Expandable basket Dimensions 8.5" L x 8.5" W x 11.94" H

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  10. Pool Spa Chlorine Neutralize Test Solution No.4 Refill Blue Devil Test Kit 15ml

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  11. Pool Spa Aquachek 4 In 1 Free Chlorine pH Alkalinity Stabilizer Test 50 Strips

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  12. Generic Hurlcon QX100 / CL400 / GX400 Cartridge Filter Element

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  13. Generic Hurlcon QX150 / GX150 / CL600 / GX600 Cartridge Filter Element

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  14. Generic Hurlcon QX50 Cartridge Filter Element

    + Shipping: $731,631,064,610.00
  15. Generic Hurlcon QX75 Cartridge Filter Element

    + Shipping: $731,631,064,634.00
  16. Generic Hurlcon ZX100 Cartridge Filter Element

    + Shipping: $731,631,064,658.00
  17. Generic Hurlcon ZX150 Cartridge Filter Element

    + Shipping: $731,631,064,672.00
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