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  1. Its time for some DIY renovating and like always youre presented with too many options. Which wood Which finish What brush do you use Unimac presents their new HVLP Series Spray Stations.Its easy to see why HVLP spraying has become so popular. Forget cleaning messy brushes and the effort it takes to make sure every stroke is perfect. These spray stations provide high material transfer efficiency eliminate paint waste and require lower air volume.The 450W model has all the features and grunt to get you spraying in no time. The two piece body is designed to decrease user fatigue with a shoulder strap carrying most of the weight so that you can keep your hands freed for spraying. One of the many benefits of low pressure spraying is that you dont need to lug around a heavy costly air compressor.Perhaps the most rewarding reason for using a Unimac HVLP Series Spray Station is the reduction in damage done to the environment by outdated paint spraying technologies. These same improvements also carry over to the users health. The increased particle size means that less paint ends up in the air therefore less can be breathed in by any passers by.The lightweight ergonomic spray gun is made from strong durable plastic. It includes a metal multi-directional adjustable fluid nozzle. It comes equipped with a one litre tank a hanging hook and smooth trigger action. The base and spray gun are connected via a 1.6m tangle-resistant flexi-hose.

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  2. This professional spray gun is suitable for painting wood and spray painting cars. There are two guns included for larger or smaller surfaces.

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  1. Divided Payment Available-Afterpay/Zippay. If you are in the painting business or planning to do some DIY painting this Dynamic Power 10 Litres Pressure Pot with Spray Gun is the item that you must have for a well done efficient and quality job.The pressure pot is made of high-quality steel with zinc coated and although compact it can hold up to 10 litres of paint so you can work very efficiently. The safe operating pressure is 20-30PSI and the maximum pressure is 58PSI so it gives you a good margin to work with. You will be amazed how flexible this pot is.It also comes with a high-quality air gun with a 1.8mm nozzle. You can also fit nozzles of 1.5-2.5mm not included and due to the universal design it is not hard to find different nozzle sizes. The hoses included with this pot are 3 metres for both air and liquid and it should be enough for most applications. These are made of high-quality soft plastic so it is easy to move around and will not be all kinked or tangled. Another great feature is the gun holder and it makes your work much more convenient so you can keep your gun nice and tidy.A high-quality pressure gauge and adjusting valve are included. This allows you to regulate the desired pressure. It is a great feature if you need to work on a specific pressure. There is also a quick air release valve in case you need to release the air.Please note You will need an air compressor and may need additional air hoses to use this airbrush

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  2. 2-in-1 Nail Gun with a Lithium Battery The nail gun is suitable for a wide range of fastening applications and the heavy duty unit operates on a powerful 20V li-ion battery for cordless operation. Features: Innovative 2-in-1 cordless nail gun Unique air strike design provides big power and fast speed firing Safety mechanism prevents accidental firing Superior fast charge technology 20V lithium-ion battery included Compatible with 18 gauge 15-50 mm brad nails and 10-40 mm staples Suitable for a wide range of fastening applications Quick attach and release stainless steel magazine 100 nails fastener capacity Max. 100 nails/staples per minute Depth-of-drive adjustor Slid-proof and soft-grip gun handle Innovative anti-dry fire system Nail checking window LED warning light: Empty fasteners, Jammed fasteners, Low/ damanged battery 2 LED work lights Single and contact fire functions BONUS: Carry case, spare No-Mar contact tip, 200 brad nails, 200 staples Specifications: Straight Brad Nails: 18ga 40mm Narrow Crown Staples: 18ga 32mm Battery charger: 110V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz Input voltage: 20VDC, 2000mAh Battery: Lithium-Ion Max. firing speed: 100 nails/ staples per minute Max. magazine capacity: Up to 100 nails/ staples Max. length of nails: 50mm 18 Gauge Brad Nail Max. legnth of staples: 40mm 18 Gauge Light Duty Staples Charging time: 45minutes approx. Shots per full charge: 400 shots Overall dimension: 285 × 274 × 96mm Weight: 2.8kg Package Content: 1× 2-in-1 Nailer 1× 20V Lithium-Ion Battery 1x Battery Charger 200× 18ga 32mm Narrow Crown Staples 200× 18ga 40mm Straight Brad Nails 1x Carry case

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  3. Cordless Nail Gun with a Lithium Battery The nail gun is suitable for a wide range of fastening applications and the heavy duty unit operates on a powerful 20V li-ion battery for cordless operation. Features: Innovative cordless nail gun Unique air strike design provides big power and fast speed firing Safety mechanism prevents accidental firing Superior fast charge technology 20V lithium-ion battery included Compatible with 16 gauge 15-50 mm straight finish nails Suitable for a wide range of nailing applications Quick attach and release stainless steel magazine 100 nail capacity Max 100 nails per minute Depth-of-drive adjustor Innovative anti-dry fire system Magazine checking window LED warning light: no nails, jammed nails, low battery 2 x LED work lights Single and contact fire functions Soft-grip and anti-slid handle LED light switch BONUS: Carry case, spare No-Mar contact tip, 400 finish nails Specifications: Straight Brad Nails: 16ga 38mm and 16ga 32mm Battery charger: 110V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz Input voltage: 18V DC Battery: 20V Lithium-Ion Max. firing speed: 100 nails per minute Max. magazine capacity: Up to 100 nails Max. length of nails: 50mm 16 Gauge Brad Nails Charging time: 45minutes approx. Shots per full charge: 400 shots Overall dimension: 285 × 274 × 96mm Weight: 2.8kg Package Content: 1x Nail Gun 1× 20V Lithium-Ion Battery 1x Battery Charger 200× 16ga 38mm Straight Brad Nails 200× 16ga 32mm Straihgt Brad Nails 1x Carry Case 1x User Manual

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  4. This brand new Dynamic Power Airbrush Spray Booth Kit with Exhaust Pipe and LED Lights is perfect to filter toxic paint gas and remove larger particles of paint in the air when doing airbrush spraying work indoors. It can reduce the mess and hazard to people when airbrushing in a confined area. This is especially good for model builder or designer. While the powerful 16 watts fan extracts excess paint spray and odor from air, the removable fiber glass filter sponges help to remove larger particles and paint spray effectively. You can use two filter sponges at the same time or just use one of them if you need stronger airflow out of your spraying area. The fan sends the air out via a aluminium extendable exhaust pipe and the thin pipe end requires only a small opening on your window so the fanned air does not gets blown back inside your room. The 9 Watts LED lights are very handy if you need more light in order to paint difficult to see areas or simply just need more light when painting. The spray booth is quiet (50db), light and compact so it is a handly tool to have at home. Storage also doesn’t take much space since it can be folded in and the exhaust hose retracted. The power cable can also be retracted and with a push of one button, it retracts back in automatically! There is a convenient and durable turn table so if you need to paint the back of your painting object, you can do so by turning the table instead of touching the freshly painted side. If you are passionate about airrusing, the this spray booth is a must have item to add safety when working with often toxic paints! Features Powerful 16 watts fan, 4.3CBM/mim air flow rate Quiet (50DB) Noise Level and compact Can be folded into a compact storage case so it takes less space to store The auto retractable power cord, can be pulled out by hand and retracts automatically by pushing one button Long exhaust pipe so you can use this booth even if windows are not close to your work area Thin and triangular shaped exhaust pipe end in order to minimise window opening and air blow back Specification Brand : Dynamic Power Material : High Quality Plastic Colour : Grey Adapter Input : 240V 50/60Hz Fan Power : 16W Air Flow Rate : 4.3CBM/Min LED Light Power : 9W Product Dimensions : 40 × 45 × 27cm (L x W x H) Turning Table Dimension : 22cm (Dia) Piping Dimension : 12.5cm (Dia) x 240cm (Long) Foldup Dimensions : 40 × 19 × 27cm (L x W x H) Weight : 6kg

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  5. Description: 1.Used for storing lubricating oil, engine oil, etc. 2.Adopts the integrated gun the will never spill. 3.Adopts the new seal structure, increase 30% pressure, increase 30% oil rate, prolong the lifetime to three times. 4.Thick spray to its surface, never rust,comfortable to grasp. Specification: Material: Plastic + Metal Color: Red Capacity: 250ml Package Included: 1 X Autos Oil Pump Action Oiler

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  6. This Industrial Grade Coil Nailer drives around Head Framing Nailer from 32mm to 65mm Length. It Features as Single/Sequential Fire System Adjustable. Economic Air Consumption with Low Noise and this is for Large Capacity. Suit for both Plastic or Wire Collated Nails. It is Ideal for Construction Framing, Pallet, Deck Construction, Roof Decks, Fencing, Sidewall Sheathing and etc. Features Use 15 Degree 45mm – 65mm (1-3/4” to 2-1/4”) Wire Collated Nails and Use 15 Degree 32mm – 65mm (1-1/4” to 2-1/4”) Plastic Sheet Collated Nails. Die Cast Aluminium Body provides more Power to easily drive Nails into hard wood. Comfortable Grip Rubber Handle for Improving Control and during Extended use. Lightweight and Well Balanced for Easy Maneuverability. Single/Sequential Fire System Adjustable. Quick Release System and Plastic Nails Depth Adjuster. Exhaust Port Facing Upward. Economic Air Consumption with Low Noise. You will need an air compressor and air hose to use this nailer *Specification Brand : Dynamic Power Collation Type : 15 Deg Wire Collated Coil Nails, 15 Deg Plastic Sheet Collated Coil Nails Nail Capacity: 400pcs Wire Collated Nail Length : 45-65mm (1 3/4”-2 1/4”) Plastic Sheet Collated Nail Length : 32-65mm (1 1/4”-2 1/4”) Fastener Head Diameter : 5.0mm to 6.0mm Fastener Size : 2.3-2.9mm Operation Pressure : 70-100PSI (5-7bar) Max. Pressure : 120PSI (8.3 bar) Air Consumption : 1L per at 90PSI Air Inlet :1/4” Compatible Fastener: – Bostitch – Hitachi – ITW Paslode – Porter-Cable – Senco Roofing Nails

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  7. For big jobs, A caulking gun and speed cartridge is the fastest way to caulk & seal around the home, factory or office. Simply fit the cartridge into holder, rotate the plunger, trigger and ratchet mechanism delivers the correct amount of sealant or glue required.. - Suits all standard cartridges.

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  8. The new Unimac Electric Grease Gun has landed and are already becoming the most demanded greasing solution by Aussies and Kiwis alike! A must have for tradesman or handyman, this class leading grease gun series offers superior performance which, gives you high pressure delivery - Up to 5 times faster than manual grease guns and inferior products.Unimac Electric Grease Gun = High Pressure Delivery + Precision Flow ControlFully featured with a high torque 12V DC Motor, the Unimac Electric Grease Gun Series is designed with a variable speed trigger, which provides superior flow control with the convenience of fully automatic operation. It delivers a massive 7,500PSI, allowing you to complete your lubrication tasks in half the time traditional units!The Unimac Electric Grease Gun comes with a full range of accessories and is designed to meet the demands of any lube application. Its plated steel barrel with a precision grease follower accepts 400g grease cartridges.Ergonomically designed with a patented pressure relief valve to prevent motor damage, the Unimac Grease Gun series is perfect for Cars, Trucks, Boats, Plant Equipment, ATVs, Garden Machinery, Tractors plus any application requiring uninterrupted grease flow!Unimac products have a proven track record, with unparalleled quality comparable to that of brands such as Dewalt, Makita & Hitachi retailing for more than $400 - a bold statement backed up by an extensive 1 Year Warranty!Stock is limited, and when it comes to getting the job done fast, ther e's nothing like having the best equipment at hand. Make an investment in quality equipment for your business. BUY NOW!Unimac - Engineered for Life!

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  9. This Combo Nailer Drives both Brads and Staples for a wide variety of Practical use. It’s Tool-Free Adjustable Exhaust Directs Exhaust away from you and your work piece. This Powerful Nailer has a Magazine Capacity of 100 Brads or 100 staples. It operates at 60-100 psi, with a thread Fitting Type of 1/4” NPT. It accepts brads from 10mm to 50mm, and it takes staples from 16mm to 40mm. It Definitely has the Burliness of an Industrial Tool. It also features adjustable nail depth by a simple variation of input pressure making it suitable for all types of timber and tasks such as Framing, Decking, Flooring, Crate/Pallet Assembly and much more. Features 2-In-1 Magazine Design, Shoot both Brads and Staples. Touch-strike Security System which is Safe for the Operator. Accepts a wide range of commonly available nails including Senco, Paslode, Bostitch and Compatible. 360-degree Exhaust Port Adjustable Exhaust directs Blow-Back out and Away from the User. Magnesium Housing and Aluminium Magazine result in Lightweight and Well Balanced for Easy Maneuverability. Adjustable Nail Depth by a simple Variation of Input Pressure making it suitable for all types of Timber Long lasting 100 Nail Capacity Comfortable Grip Rubber Handle for Improving Control and during Extended use. Economic Air Consumption with Low Noise. You will need an air compressor and air hose to use this nailer/stapler *Specification Brand : Dynamic Power Brad Nail Length : 10-50mm Staple Length : 16-40mm Fastener Size : 18Gauge(1.25 × 1.00mm)Nails, 18Gauge(1.25 × 1.00mm)Staples Operating Pressure : 60-100PSI (4-7Bar) Max. Pressure : 120PSI(8.3Bar) Air Inlet : 1/4“NPT Dimension : 25 × 24.5 × 5.5cm Weight : 1.5kgs

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  10. Divided Payment Available-Afterpay/Zippay. Get those rivets in easily no stress and no fuss with the Air Hydraulic Pop Rivet Gun. This Rivet Gun is great for auto works and repairs and keeping things together. The gun operates with big power making it perfect for tough jobs. The Rivet Gun has a swivel handle to perform well at any angle. The Air Hydraulic Pop Rivet Gun will get your job done fast

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  11. Super-lightweight and powerful, the pneumatic Unimac Nail & Staple Gun will move in step with you, effortlessly driving 37-50mm nails and 25-50mm staples into both unfinished and pre-finished hardwood flooring at 48Nm. Its ergonomic extended handle makes for a comfortable working position. And it's as easy on the floorboards as it is on your body, featuring a pre-finished floorboard adaptor foot for truly polished results. It has all the makings of a great performance. So, rule the floor and order your Unimac Nail & Staple Gun today!

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  12. TNI-U Hot Air Gun 2000W Power 50degC – 650degC Heat Output Selectable Wind Speed (Low 300 L/Min – High 480 L/Min) Comfort Grip Handle Hanging Hook Mains Powered Specifications Model: TU-2000 Manufacturer: TNI-U Power: 2000W Heat Output: 50 Degrees C – 650 Degrees C Wind Speed: Low – 300 L/Min High – 480 L/Min Handle: Comfort Grip Selectable Switch: High / Low / Off Hanging Hook: Yes Power: Mains Powered Dimensions (W x H x D): 250mm x 210mm x 72mm Cable Length: 1.5m

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  13. Highlights 3M Scotch Adhesive SUPER 77 304g Spray Can

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  14. Description : Garden Water Gun Irrigation Hose Nozzle Sprayer 8 Pattern Adjustable Cleaning Car Washing Sprinkler 1, 8 Pattern Spray Settings : Mist, Shower, Rinse, Flat, Soaker, Cone, Jet and Center, these different modes make this device perfect for washing cars, watering plants, washing pets or cleaning pool and yard areas. 2, Flow Control Knob : By rotating the water regulation knob, you can adjust the flow rate and water pressure for each spray mode. Simply rotate the knob and you can change the spray from a high-powered jet to a gentle shower. 3, Ergonomic Non-slip TPR handle : The handle has been designed ergonomically for your comfort and has been coated in an anti-slip TPR material. It gives you a firm and comfortable grip. 4, Leak Free : Insulated with rubber washers to prevent leakage. 5, Excellent Build-Quality : The nozzle has been made from the highest-quality materials so it's sturdy and robust. It has been built to last and to work hard for you . Specification : Material : ABS + PP Spray Mode : Mist, Shower, Rinse, Flat, Soaker, Cone, Jet, Center Size : 190 x 165 x 60mm / 7.48 x 6.5 x 2.4 Weight : 165g Package Includes : 1 x Garden 8 Pattern Water Gun Product Details :

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  15. Divided Payment Available-Afterpay/Zippay. This industrial grade coil nail gun drives around a head framing nailer from 32mm to 65mm length. It features an adjustable singlesequential fire system. Economic air consumption with low noise levels with a large capacity. Suitable for both plastic and wire collated nails. This nail gun is ideal for construction framing pallet deck construction roof decks fencing sidewall sheathing and more.

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  16. Jam packed with impressive features, the JETUSA Telescopic Pressure Gun is a must have for any tradesmen, commercial operator or handyman. The supersize 5.5m telescopic lance and extension wand allows you to clean walls, buildings and house sidings with ease all whilst maintaining huge pressure to get the job done.This revolutionary accessory is compatible with most HIGH pressure washers, including pressure washers we feature in our store, plus includes adapters to suit your existing washer. Both trigger gun + lance have heavy-duty brass and stainless steel joinery ensuring reliability for years to come!The JETUSA Telescoping Pressure Gun pushes up to 4000 PSI/280 bar of continuous pressure whilst delivering a massive flow of 25 litres/min, ideal for cleaning building sides, houses, trucks, boats, warehouses, external walls, roofs and countless other applications previously out of reach. Simply attach to your washer for a cleaning experience like never before.3-steps 1 minute quick assembly! Connect Hose Connect wand and extension wand Connect spray tip/nozzleOrder your JETUSA Telescopic Pressure Gun today!

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  17. Unimac is proud to present the NEW CLS500 20V Lithium-ion 2-in-1 Brad Nailer and Stapler.  This performance driven, innovative cordless tool offers one of the most versatile fastening solutions for interior carpentry professionals and DIYers.  Compatible with 18 gauge 15-50 mm brad nails and 10-40 mm staples, the CLS500 is suitable for a wide range of fastening applications, such as attaching small mouldings and trim to fine-grain woodworking projects, fastening furniture, carpet, flooring, electrical and construction applications, and much more.  This heavy-duty unit operates on a powerful 20V li-ion battery, allowing you to work without the burden of cords or hoses.  Its output is firm and concentrated for easy penetration into solid woods, but gentle enough to suit delicate installations without splitting wood.  Its quick release stainless steel magazine has a large 100 fastener capacity, catering to an output of 60 nails/staples every minute.The CLS500 comes packed with a range of great features designed to make life on the tools hassle free.  The depth-of-drive adjustor dial gives variation in how deep each nail/staple is driven, which is extremely useful when you're working with different lengths of fasteners and different types of wood.  It’s equipped with a No-Mar contact tip so no dents, scuffs or scratches are left behind on your work.  To prevent damage to the gun itself, the CLS500 features an innovative anti-dry fire system that disables the firing mechanism when no fasteners are detected in the magazine.  To check your magazine is loaded, refer to the magazine viewing window, or look to the LED warning light.  This bulb alerts you if the magazine is empty, the chamber is jammed or if the battery is low.  There are also two LED work lights located at the front of the gun that shine light at your work space, so you can fire with precision even in dark nooks and crannies.  One of the best upgrades on the CLS500 is its single and contact fire functions.  The gun can be operated with steady precision in single fire mode, where driving one fastener occurs by pressing the contact tip, followed by pulling the trigger.  For more fluid operation, contact fire mode allows the user to hold the trigger down and drive fasteners again and again by pressing the contact tip along the line of installation.  Furthermore, its belt clip, soft-grip handle and LED light switch all work in harmony to produce an ergonomically focused and all-round practical tool.This package comes with a BONUS carry case, 20V lithium battery, charger, spare No-Mar contact tip, 200 brad nails and 200 staples so you can get to work straight away.  This is without a doubt one of Unimac’s most advanced power tools on the market.  So why wait?  Take the difficulty and fatigue away from your carpentry projects and order your new Unimac CLS500 20V Lithium-ion 2-in-1 Brad Nailer and Stapler today!

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  18. Divided Payment Available-Afterpay/Zippay. This combo stapler gun easily drives in both brads and staples for a wide variety of practical uses. Its tool-free adjustable exhaust directs exhaust away from you and your work. This powerful stapler gun has a magazine capacity of 70 brads or 70 staples it operates at 70-120 psi with a thread fitting type of 14quot NPT. It accepts brads from 34quot to 2quot and it takes staples from 34quot to 1 12quot inches.

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