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  1. Free Delivery Worldwide : Iga and Koka Ninja Skills : Paperback : The History Press Ltd : 9780750956642 : 075095664X : 01 Oct 2014 : The secret manuals of the oral tradition of the Iga and Koka Ninja, feared and respected across Japan for centuries—now in paperback Through patient and scholarly detective work, Antony Cummins and the Historical Ninjutsu Research Team have unearthed a Shinobi treasure. The 18th-century military historian Chikamatsu recorded the oral traditions of the Ninja and passed on those skills in lectures he gave at his Renpeido school of war in Owari domain during the early 1700s. Chikamatsu wrote specifically...

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  2. Free Delivery Worldwide : Ninja Girls 7 : Paperback : Kodansha America, Inc : 9781935429678 : 1935429671 : 27 Sep 2011 : 100 ARTS... 100 WAYS TO DIE The kunoichi are called back to Iga to attend the Ritual of 100 Arts. The leader-to-be of the shinobi of the Katana clan must go through the Ritual of 100 Arts, a challenge wherein the successor must break the power of all 100 Iga ninja techniquies. Momochi Orochi, the chief candidate, drags Raizo into the ritual without honestly explaining why he's needed. As the ritual goes on, we learn a terrible secret about Kagari's Shintaigo technique and find out exactly whi Momochi...

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  3. Free Delivery Worldwide : The Kouga Ninja Scrolls : Paperback : Random House USA Inc : 9780345495105 : 0345495101 : 15 Apr 2007 : AN EPIC NOVEL THAT TAKES YOU DEEPER INTO THE WORLD AND HISTORY OF BASILISK! To resolve a clash over succession, the shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa has devised the ultimate contest. Two rival ninja clans, the Kouga and the Iga, will meet in a battle to the death. The victor will rule Japan for the next thousand years. But in the midst of this bloody war, an unlikely romance blooms between Gennosuke of the Kouga clan and Oboro of the Iga clan. Gennosuke and Oboro are the next leaders of their clans and their...

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  4. Free Delivery Worldwide : Mucosal Immune Defense: Immunoglobulin A : Hardback : Springer-Verlag New York Inc. : 9780387722313 : 0387722319 : 16 Nov 2007 : This key work in the field draws on a broad spectrum of molecular biologic, biochemical, and immunogenetic approaches in combination with human and murine in vitro cell culture and in vivo model systems to address questions in mucosal immunity. Humans produce more immunoglobulin A (IgA) than all other antibody isotypes combined.

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  5. Free Delivery Worldwide : Essence of Ninjutsu : Paperback : McGraw-Hill Education : 9780809247240 : 0809247240 : 01 Jan 2000 : Looking back almost 1,000 years, the mists of Japan's chaotic past shroud the development of a way of life, an ancient struggle waged against fierce feudal lords who ruled the island nation with swords of steel and a code of death before dishonor. The people of the mountainous regions of what is now Iga prefecture wanted to live in peace, but their lords had other plans-so the people learned the martial arts of self-defense and used their meager farm tools as weapons against the samurai blades of...

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  6. Free Delivery Worldwide : Punisher: Shadowmasters : Paperback : Marvel Comics : 9781302912024 : 130291202X : 17 Jul 2018 : In his relentless war on crime, the Punisher doesn't have many allies. But those he can rely on include...the Shadowmasters! They're the latest in a long line of ninjas, who for centuries served as the protectors of Japan's Iga Province. In the wake of World War II, U.S. Army Captain James Richards and Shadowmaster Shigeru Ezaki forge a friendship in battle. Years later, Ezaki has trained the two men's children - Philip, Sojin and Yuriko - in the ways of the ninja. Together, they must face the reborn...

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