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  1. In Style Sex In The City Style 100ml EDP Men's Cologne


    $9.95 - $17.95
  2. In Style Sex In The City Sharp 100ml EDP Men's Cologne

    Sex in the city sharp 100ml edp sp by instyle parfums.

  3. In Style Sex In The City Exotic 100ml EDP Women's Perfume

    Sex In The City Exotic 100ml EDP SP by In Style

  4. In Style Sex In The City Cosmo 100ml EDP Women's Perfume

    Sex In The City Cosmo 100ml EDP SP by In Style

  5. In Style Sex in the City Soul 100ml EDP Women's Perfume

    Sex In The City Soul 100ml EDP By Instyle Parfums

  6. In Style Sex In The City Fantasy 100ml EDP Women's Perfume

    Sex In The City Fantasy 100ml EDP SP for Women by In Style

    $7.9 - $42.88
  7. This book focuses on Samuel Beckett's psychoanalytic psychotherapy with W. R. Bion as a central aspect both of Beckett's and Bion's radical transformations of literature and psychoanalysis. The recent publication of Beckett's correspondence during the period of his psychotherapy with Bion provides a starting place for an imaginative reconstruction of this psychotherapy, culminating with Bion's famous invitation to his patient to dinner and a lecture by C.G. Jung. Following from the course of this psychotherapy, Miller and Souter trace the development of Beckett's radical use of clinical psychoanalytic method in his writing, suggesting the development within his characters of a literary-analytic working through of transference to an idealized auditor known by various names, apparently based on Bion. Miller and Souter link this pursuit to Beckett's breakthrough from prose to drama, as the psychology of projective identification is transformed to physical enactment. They also locate Bion's memory and re-working of his clinical contact with Beckett, who figures as the 'patient zero' of Bion's pioneering postmodern psychoanalytic clinical theories.This reading of Beckett and Bion is not simply interpretive but a construction that has arisen from a very dynamic process, full of hypothesis and surprise. Far from negating other readings, it adds density to the textured understanding of these two brilliant thinkers, each formally in different lines of work but joined through what Bion himself might call a 'reciprocal perception' of psychoanalysis. It is reciprocal because Beckett transformed psychoanalytic thinking into a literary genre while Bion transformed psychoanalytic thinking into process understanding. Each utilized the same object, but with different attentions to different ends. The structure of the book is divided into two parts. Part I begins with a biographical introduction of Beckett and includes

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  8. By examining the structure of mentor texts, students learn how to use the text structure of each document to create their own essays. The techniques are simple to use and effective, enabling even struggling readers with the tools to understand the methods the writer is using.

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  9. The author, while living in Portugal came in contact with a book describing the events in Fatima, such as the display on the sky which was witnessed by 50,000 people. As a physicist, specialising in lasers, he came to the conclusion that these events were neither of natural nor divine origins, but they had to be prepared by beings of much higher than human intelligence. Following this hypothesis he arrived at a logical conclusion that the intelligent beings had intervened in human affairs from the very beginning of homo sapiens on Earth. His book explains many mystifying events in the history of mankind such as the origins of the first civilisations and the arising of the main religions. Certain events in the 20th century such as the fall of Nazism and communism are elucidated using this approach. The book tries to answer questions: Why the intelligent beings are interfering in human affairs? What are their objectives? and provides an answer to such a timeless question as: "What is the purpose of human life?"

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  10. From the award-winning author of RUDIE NUDIE comes a beautiful, lyrical story about friendship and the power of imagination - now in paperback. Ages: 3+ Bird had been flying for such a long time. Sometimes everything looked the same all over. Nothing different. Nothing at all. Apart from the odd cloud ...A beautiful picture book about how finding a friend can change the shape of a day. Ages: 3+

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