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  1. SELF INFLATING WHOOPEE CUSHION The classic prank is back, and as funny as ever! If you are not inclined to prank, then why not surprise your friends or family with something that is sure to get a couple laughs. Best kept far from public arenas, the Whoopee Cushion, when placed on a chair and is sat on, lets out an enormous ripping fart sound, sure to make the 'offender' blush blood tomato. This whoopee cushion is self-inflating: meaning you can prank again and again without the arduous task of having to blow it up each time.Do not hesitate to take this joke with you to work; this prank joke will have your colleagues rolling over with laughter.FEATURES Makes loud ripping fart noise Inflates on its own! Embarrass your family and friends Bring fun from the past back to the future Packaged in full colour gift-box SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: 2.5 x 12.5 x 3 cms Material: Rubber

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  2. Self-inflating, lightweight and portable, it is the largest, thickest seat cushion Therm-a-Rest makes, offering maximum comfort for those hard outdoor sitting surfaces.

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  3. When space and weight are important factors when packing your backpack but a good night’s sleep is essential the Lifeventure Inflatable Pillow will take up a negligible amount of space, added very little weight but without a doubt will ensure a comfortable sleep. The double action valve allows you to inflate or deflate the pillow in seconds. Now you can lay your head and recharge your batteries wherever you are.Lifeventure Inflatable Pillow (Cushion) Features: Polyester and TPU Bonded Fabric Quick Inflate - Deflate Valve Ergonomically Shaped With a Tough Ripstop Carry Case Weight Approx 77g

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  4. Blue flocked travel pillow Safety pre-tested vinyl Great for long or short trips Comfortable flocked material Size 17.5" x 12" (45cm x 31cm) aprrox Fully washable for extended use Content 1 x Blue Travel Pillow

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  5. Edge Inflatable Travel Back Pillow and Back Cushion ThisInflatable Back Pillowprovides excellent lower back support on long flights and buses to ensure extra comfort on your trip. Made from soft flocked vinyl material, the pillow can also be used as a portable cushion or head pillow. Features: Measures 25cm x 28cm (10” x 11”) when inflated Lightweight and easy to use Includes matching travel pouch for small, convenient storage

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  6. Health & Wellness Premium Inflatable Cushion

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  7. Overview The inflatable air cushion is designed for anyone requiring prosterior support for extended periods. To fill with air, open the inlet valve and inflate using either mouth or air pump. To facilitate process, ensure base of valve is squeezed firmly throughout the inflation process. Once desired firmness is achieved, close inlet valve by pressing inwards. To deflate, simply reverse the process to allow air to escape. Features & Benefits Helps with varicose conditions (such as Haemorrhoids). Assists with circulatory problems

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  8. Travelling doesn't have to be a pain in the neck. Get a Korjo travel pillow, and travel in complete comfort! Just inflate it and pop it around your neck. Then you can sleep or rest on the plane, train, car or bus without arriving with a seriously cricked neck! The Inflatable Snooze Cushion features a new orthopedic design that allows the head and neck to be cushioned in a more natural, comfortable position than traditional horseshoe or "Flat back" style cushions. And being inflatable, you can adjust the firmness of the pillow to your liking, and when it's not in use, you can just fold it up and pop it back in to your suitcase. Plus, the Inflatable Snooze Cushion includes a matching Sleep Mask which will block out the sun during daytime travel and ease you in to a deeper sleep. Don't fancy wandering around with the posture of the Hunchback of Notre Dame? Then look to Korjo's range of travel pillows, and battle jet-lag at the same time! Inflatable Snooze Cushion and Sleep Mask Set features: New orthopaedic design that allows the head and neck to be cushioned in a more natural position. Covered in a lush material that provides a more comfortable feel. Inflate and pop behind your head, so you can rest comfortably on any form of transport. Compact - it's presented in presented in a reusable clear pouch you can use to store the pillow when not in use. Includes a Sleep Mask for an even better sleep during the day, or on transport where lights are constantly switched on. Dimensions: 45 x 31cm.

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  9. The Benross Group, provider of quality items for your home and garden. From the Milestone camping range comes this quick and easy self inflating pillow. The pillow inflates with just the twist of a valve. The pillow is made from high quality foam which provides an extremely comfortable experience The pillow rolls up for easy storage and transportation. A perfect pillow for camping or festivals that inflates quickly with minimum effort.

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  10. Thermarest Travel CushionUsing technology developed for the medical seating industry, the new Travel Seat offers both back and leg support by relieving ischial (seat bone) pressure to make long drives and flights more enjoyable. Self-inflation provides custom, one-handed adjustment, and the cushion rolls easily into a carry-on for life on the go. For even more support, pair a set together with the convenient hook and loop tabs, and you'll be set to take on the worst seats in the world with the confidence of a seasoned traveler.

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  11. Just inflate the larger-than-life Whoopee Cushion Pool Float to have a "blast" in the pool It's over 4 feet wide and made of cushy vinyl. The centre of the float is a comfy seat to keep those squeaky cheeks off the water. It's colour and shape is unmistakable and will really get the pool party moving. Especially with a warm summer breeze.

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  12. TRIXES Navy Blue Inflatable Camping Pillow Soft Blow-Up Travel Cushion This inflatable pillow is just what is needed for camping or travelling. It has a flocked covering to give that extra bit of comfort. Easily stores away taking up little space. Features Dimensions (inflated): W 14/35.5cm x H 4/10cm x D 8.5/21.5cm Ideal for camping or travelling Colour: Navy Blue Water proof flocked fabric Smooth and comfortable Contains 1 x Navy Blue Inflatable Camping Pillow

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  13. This inflatable pillow is made from soft towel coated PVC and is Ideal for long or short Journeys! FeaturesPink flocked travel pillow Safety pre-tested vinyl Great for long or short trips Comfortable flocked material Size 17.5" x 12" (45cm x 31cm) aprrox Fully washable for extended use Content 1 x Pink Travel Pillow

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